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No dial tone cordless phone

Technological amelioration has promoted significant headway in the phone communication sector. The advancements have overseen fascinating upgrades in telephone communication through wireless radio technology, resulting in a modernized and fashionable style of telephones referred to as cordless phones. The use of cordless phones has vastly picked a trend because they lack the oldfangled coiled wire between the base unit and the handset despite utilizing wireless radio technology. As much as it is a highly fancied and convenient telephone style, encountering problems when using cordless phones is typical. For instance, have you dealt with a no dial tone cordless phone? What does this mean, and how can you diagnose this problem?

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The lack of a dial tone on your cordless phone can result from a faulty cordless handset or base jack, interference with the base unit, low battery, and unplugged phone cables or wires.  You should scrutinize the battery and recharge it if it’s running low. You also ought to ensure that the base unit is plugged into a functional electrical outlet while checking on the wires to ensure that the phone line is plugged into the base unit appropriately.

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 For more comprehensive details on how you can tackle a no dial tone cordless phone issue, tag along and get acquainted with all you need to know.

What is a dial tone?

A dial tone is the sound produced on cordless phones just before you dial a phone number. The tone plays a vital role in giving you a clue that the phone is operational and ready to make a call. A telephone exchange sends a signal in a dial tone to an end device like a telephone. In addition, soon after you dial the first number, the dial tone ceases to be heard. Essentially, a dial tone indicates an available line.

Why does my cordless phone have no dial tone?

A cordless phone that lacks a dial tone can be a nuisance and a considerable inconvenience as it influences making or receiving calls. The situation can get annoying when you try to call the affected phone from another handset, and all you get is a busy signal. It could even be much worse when you pick up the phone and try to converse but hear nothing.

 Is there a move that you can make to resolve this frustrating setback? Yes, there is. Broadly, the causes of a no-tone cordless phone are based either outside the house or inside. To save time and money, how about we equip you with all these causes to help you know how to diagnose such phone problems quickly.

No dial tone cordless phone; Causes 

Faulty cordless handset

A defective cordless handset may manifest the problem by having no dial tone. Here is how you can determine if the cordless handset with no dial tone is faulty. Start by plugging in a functional non-cordless handset in place of the suspected cordless one. Test to see if the non-cordless one works. If it works, you can deduce that the suspected cordless handset is indeed faulty.

Batteries that are running low

Failure to adequately charge your cordless phone affects how it works. You should proceed to check the battery status. If the battery is running low, recharge it properly. The low battery in a cordless phone occurs when you forget to return the phone in its cradle after use for recharging. It has also been made clear that letting the batteries run down to condition them once a month is a good maintenance practice.

Faulty phone jack

The phone jack could be the next suspect when you determine that the problem does not lie with the cordless phone itself. You can confirm this, especially when you hear a dial tone on another cordless telephone with a control experiment phone jack.

 First, unplug the affected cordless phone from its phone jack and plug it in a different phone jack. Test to see if the cordless phone works. 

If you confirm that it has a dial tone, then the problem is with the former phone jack. The outcome may be different, however. Test the cordless phone with yet another phone jack if you do not hear the dial tone. If you fail to hear the dial tone, this solidly suggests that the problem is traceable to the cordless unit in question. 

You can also use this phone jack test to determine whether the problem lies with the service providers by checking if the other cordless units in your home lack a dial tone.

Interference to the base unit

At times, having the base unit positioned close to other home appliances affects its operation. Home gadgets like wireless internet routers that emit radio waves interfere with the base unit, whereby it may cause static or sometimes a no dial tone cordless phone. To resolve this issue, try and move the base unit to a different electrical outlet. Do not plug it into an outlet shared with such home appliances.

Wiring Glitches

Unplugged base

The absence of a dial tone on a cordless phone can result from an unplugged base. Check whether the base unit is plugged in. If not plugged, securely plug the base into a functioning electrical outlet to correct the wiring issue.

Unplugged telephone wires

Apart from an unplugged base unit, the telephone line wires could also cause you not to get a dial tone on your phone. You should check the cables to determine if their connection to the base unit is appropriate.

Unplugged phone cable

The phone cable tends to slip out of one’s notice and could be responsible for a no dial tone cordless phone issue. You ought to ensure that you properly plug the phone cable into the wall phone jack. 

Apart from the featured causes based within the house and considered somewhat marginal, other problems are traceable to the outside of your house. You can test these problems in the network interface box located outside your home on the exterior wall of your house.

The network interface box is the section where the inside phone wiring and outside line connect. However, before diagnosing the problems affecting the external lines, you will need to be well versed with the directions and instructions so as not to impose harm on yourself or even cause disruptions. This endeavor can be tricky, and therefore contacting the relevant service providers for assistance is recommendable.

How to troubleshoot no dial tone on your cordless phone

Described below is an elemental stepwise remedy to fix a no dial tone. 

  1. Take the cordless handset and remove the battery while still ensuring that the wire that links the battery to the phone is unclipped.
  2. Leave it for about one minute, after which you will re-install the battery and position the handset on the base unit. Conduct a test by making a call.
  3. If the steps mentioned above will not resolve the problem of a no dial tone, try disconnecting everything from the phone lines and all the phones in your home. If your home phone number was busy previously, try calling the number to determine if it rings.
  4. If it rings, plug in the phone with no dial tone alone and test it out. 
  5. If it fails to ring, plug in one of the other phones after completely unplugging the phone with no dial tone. Test the last plugged phone and see if it works.

These steps should get you sorted, mainly if a phone never actually hung up but instead held your line (referred to as a hung line). If this problem frequents, one of your phones may be defective and therefore might require replacement.

Elaborated below is a test you can use to troubleshoot a no dial tone on your cordless phone;

  1. Disconnect the cordless phone from the wall jack.
  2. Let the cordless phone remain plugged into the electrical outlet.
  3. Test to see if you don’t get a dial tone or even hear static.

If you hear a dial tone which in this case is the desired outcome, you can do a replacement or repair on the cordless phone you just disconnected from the wall jack.

The video below illustrates how to troubleshoot a landline phone with a no dial tone.

No dial tone on my Point-of-Sale Terminal (POS)

Follow the below steps to troubleshoot the no dial tone on POS.

  1. Confirm if there is a power supply to your POS.
  2. In case power is effectively supplied to your POS, restart it and re-test for a dial tone.
  3. If the POS does not produce a dial tone after re-testing, unplug the POS from the power outlet and wait for one minute. Plug your device in and re-boot. Re-test for dial tone functionality.

If the steps do not work, you are advised to call your POS provider. The provider should check for the configuration error on your device and rectify it as it can be the primary reason for the no dial tone in your POS.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why am I not hearing a dial tone?

The lack of a dial tone in your cordless phone can result from an outlet not appropriately wired. Also, the no dial tone in your handset can result when it malfunctions. You need to troubleshoot the issue by unplugging the unit from its power supply for about 30 seconds and plugging it in again. For the cordless handsets, confirm if the battery is charged. If the battery is running low, recharge it and re-test for a dial tone.

Lift the receiver and determine if there is a dial tone. You can also test for the dial tone by making a call and determining whether you and the individual receiving the call can hear one another from either end and that the line is free from the robotic or static noise. The practice will confirm the functionality of your device.

How do I check my dial tone?

Testing for a dial tone involves unplugging the line from the power supply for about 30 seconds or one minute before you plug it in again. Test if it produces a dial tone. If this does not work, unplug your phone from the phone jack and use another handset with the same jack. If the second phone (control experiment phone) produces a dial tone, you shall have determined that the problem lies in the internal setting of the phone. You can call the service providers to check on the potential configuration errors.


Innovations made in the communication sector have made the home experience incredibly grandiose. The use of cordless phones, especially for localized communication, has indubitably established its ground. Cordless phones grace you with the freedom of movement when conversing, making them an ideal option for many households and offices.

The incorporation of the dial tone makes the deal even merrier because it makes communication more practical. You know that several phones can use a similar telephone line in an office or at home, right? The crucial role of the dial tone comes into play whereby it gets rid of confusion if an individual comes picks up the phone and the line is in use elsewhere.

The above statement confirms the indispensable role of the dial tone on cordless phones. Then, if you experience a no dial tone cordless phone issue, you will certainly have a rough ride when using the cordless phone. This piece has provided valuable guidance on this pertinent issue, and I hope it will significantly benefit you.

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