What To Do When Your Cordless Phone Says Line in Use

The field of technology has exhibited rapid advancements over the years, making life easier and more convenient. Among these technological advancements are modern phones that comprise reliable aspects such as cordless designs. These features may be easy to embrace, especially for the tech geeks, but that may not be the case for average consumers. As an average consumer, keeping up with state-of-the-art technological equipment could be overwhelming. Most best cordless phones, for instance, feature LED lights to indicate whether line in use. However, the reliability of this feature may be compromised when the unit malfunctions and LED indicates; the home phone says line in use even when it isn’t, leaving you wondering what to do when your cordless phone says line in use.

When your phone says line in use but it isn’t, turn off all the other handsets and ensure no one else is on a call. One of the most common characteristics of cordless phones is that they are expandable and come with more than one handset for convenience. However, this feature makes it challenging to have all the many handsets under control, and you may be unaware that one of the handsets is occupied. In such cases, the line is held hostage, and the phone indicates that the line is in use.

What To Do When Your Cordless Phone Says Line in Use. The image shows a woman using a cordless phone to make a call ensuring that there is no disruption through an audio assist

What To Do When Your Cordless Phone Says Line in Use; Potential Problems and Solutions

Whenever your cordless phone says “line in use”, it means that the phone is engaged. One of the handsets could be in use, making you unable to make a call. Alternatively, someone might have used one of the handsets and failed to turn it off for the line to be available for use. In some cases, any household member may have accidentally turned on one of the handsets. If none of these cases apply, you may have to consider evaluating other possible sources of the problem.

Disconnection from the power source

Most people often question themselves, “why does my home phone say line in use?” This is particularly when there is no one using the handset. Do not panic. Among the most straightforward explanations why your cordless phone says “line in use” is that it may be detached from the power source. Cordless phones come with a base station whose position should be fixed. The base unit bridges the telephone and the handset, and it’s connected to a power source. If the base unit is accidentally unplugged from the power source, it might fail to signal the handset as the two are synchronized.

In this case, consider checking whether the base unit is correctly plugged into the power source. Consequently, ensure that the power source is on and an adequate power supply to the base unit. Then, secure all the connections and adequately plug in the base unit while ensuring the cables are not defective.

Poor Network Connectivity

Sometimes you can be prompted by line in use message on landline when your handset is appropriately connected to the power source. There are instances when the primary issue is not detachments from the power source. For example, if you live in an area characterized by poor network coverage, there are high chances that network connectivity issues could be the root of the problem. In addition, your home network could be congested or overloaded by a lot of traffic, especially if the network has many users.

If such is the case, consider improving the network coverage by eliminating unnecessary traffic. You can do this by disconnecting equipment that is not in use or prioritizing the important ones.

Faulty Landline

There is also a possibility that your cordless phone is faulty and may need to be repaired. One of the ways to evaluate whether your cordless phone is defective is to try using another phone. Normally, the phone says line in use no dial tone. Once you have confirmed that none of the handsets are engaged, you may have to unplug the base station from the power source for a few seconds, then plug it in again.

At this point, try testing your cordless phone by calling your line using your cell phone or another phone and check whether your cellphone gets a dial tone. If it does, it means the cordless phone has a problem, and you should seek professional help.

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Note: Sometimes, the at&t landline says line in use. If you encounter this problem, also consider the exact diagnostic solutions as with the other cordless handsets. First, you will need to confirm if there is another individual on the line, as when the line in use is displayed, it means the line is currently active on a call. If your home or office features multiple handsets, one of the handsets may be turned on. Check the rest of the handset and turn it off.

Line Problem

In a worst-case scenario, you may be encountering a line problem. If you try using another phone yet still fail to get a dial tone or experience the same issue, this might be the case. You may want to confirm by connecting your cordless phone to a different line. You could do so at a neighboring house or a different house and check whether the problem recurs. If it does, you may have to contact a technician to repair your line.

How to fix line in use problem

The line in use problem can be a frustrating and inconveniencing ordeal, especially when running a business office characterized by thousands of calls every day. In most cases, your cordless phone says line in use even when there is no one on the call, and this can make it unusable for several hours. You can see a line in use message on the phone, and during this time, you cannot receive or make a call. Quite embarrassing! However, you do not need to freight.

To fix the line in use problem, ensure that your base unit has power. Try unplugging the base unit from the power source for about 30 seconds and then plug it back. In some instances, resetting your phone would be a quick fix to the problem. Besides, the line in use message is shown when it is active on a call. Therefore, you must ensure there is no other individual on a call. If that is not the case, you may have numerous handsets in your office, and there is a possibility one of the phones is in use or turned on. Check the rest of your handset and turn it off.

Panasonic cordless phone says line in use

The Panasonic cordless phones are no exemption when it comes to line in use phone problem. However, the diagnosis can be pretty straightforward. Try the following Panasonic cordless phone troubleshooting line in use solutions

  • Check whether one of your handsets is turned on if you have numerous handset at home or office and turn it off.
  • Ensure your base unit has power.
  • Ensure no other individual is using the line. The “line in use” message is displayed when the line is active on a call.
  • Examine whether your phone is producing a dial tone. If it does not, try unplugging the base unit from the power outlet for about 10 seconds, plug it back in, and test it by calling your line using a different phone line. Check whether your dial tone is back.
  • Ensure all connections are secure and plugged correctly from the back of the base unit to the wall or power source.

If you have troubleshot your phone with all these diagnostic processes and the problem persists, you may be experiencing a line problem. You can check for a line issue by plugging your cordless phone onto a different line. For instance, you can visit a friend’s house, plug in your phone, and see if it works. If it works, it means you have a line issue, and you need to call professionals or your phone line providers for assistance.

Common Problems with Panasonic Cordless Phones

Faulty Power Adapter

The faulty power adapter is a common problem with cordless Panasonic phones. If you plug in the power adapter to the wall and main receiver and the phone is not charging even with the new batteries, then the source of the problem might lie with its adapter. The main solution to this problem would be the replacement of the adapter. Also, you should check the power port on the base as it can also be faulty.


Connectivity issues form a significant challenge with the Panasonic cordless phones. The cordless systems have a range through which they operate. For instance, you may experience rough-sounding calls, and you will be forced to move closer due to connectivity problems. However, consider buying Panasonic’s range booster if you want to communicate with your loved ones even as you execute other duties. The booster helps extend the range at which you get clear calls, which will help solve connectivity issues.

The connectivity issue may also result from signal problems. Sometimes you may not experience signals at all while operating your Panasonic phone. The first thing you must consider is checking whether you have all the cords connected in place. Find another telephone jack and connect it to your telephone cable. If your phone works effectively with the other phone jack, the telephone connection is the primary issue. To troubleshoot the signal problem, you should consider replacing the cords, lines, and hardware on your base unit.

Faulty Battery 

The most common problem with cordless phones is faulty batteries. Most cordless phones come with rechargeable AAA batteries. In a case where your adapter is properly plugged in and displays a sign of powering the base, it shows the batteries are faulty and require a replacement. 

You should note that you will need a Ni-MH battery when replacing the original AAA batteries that often come with the phones due to their massive power.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I constantly get a busy signal on my cordless phone?

One primary question individuals always ask themselves is “why does my cordless phone say line in use?”  A busy signal indicates that the call cannot be completed for various reasons. A possible reason for getting a busy signal is that the line you are trying to call is in use or is not available. However, if this is not the case, it could be due to a power outage, disconnection, or poor network connectivity.

In such cases, you may try calling using another phone or hang up the phone and wait for some time before you try calling again.

How do I tell if a landline has blocked me?

Knowing whether someone has blocked your phone number or when phone line not working could help you save time and effort by not constantly trying to call them. If your phone number has been blocked, you will receive a busy tone followed by a disconnection upon calling the number. Consequently, if you call, then the phone rings, and your call goes to voicemail, there are high chances that your phone number has been blocked.

However, if the person you call has activated the “do not disturb” mode, the call may also go to voicemail. The difference comes in if you try several times again for several days and get the same result; the person has most certainly blocked your phone number.

Why is my cordless phone not showing Caller ID?

Your phone not showing the caller ID is one of the phone line problems. A caller ID feature in cordless phones requires batteries and a functional power source to operate effectively. In such instances, consider unplugging the base unit from the power source for a few seconds, then plug it back in. Also, make sure you confirm that all the cords are functioning properly. I would also recommend that you replace the handsets’ batteries with new ones.

However, not all phone numbers display the caller ID. Some callers prefer withholding their numbers, and for this reason, you may not see their caller ID. Additionally, if the call is from a different country, network, or some payphones, the caller ID may not be displayed.

Why can’t I hear the other person on the receiving end of the line?

The most probable cause for failing to hear the other person on the line is inadequate volume. Consider turning up the volume of your device before opting for more technical solutions. If increasing the volume fails to do the trick, consider replacing the batteries of your handset.

In addition, consider plugging another phone into the same power source and check whether you experience the same. If not, you may have to repair your cordless phone or seek technical support.

The video below gives detailed steps on how to reset your VTech or AT & T handsets

Final Thoughts

If you are not a techie, it is normal to be challenged by modern phone technology. However, most of the time, when your cordless phone acts up, the simplest solution may be the way to go. That said, before you start imagining the worst, consider the easiest solution before opting for more technical ones, which could end up worsening the problem.

For instance, when your cordless phone says “line in use”, one of the handsets may be on, or the phone may have been accidentally plugged out of the power source. However, if this is not the case, consider checking for the aforementioned possible causes of the problem. In this way, you will get a head-start on the problem and how to go about it.

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