6 Best Cordless Dremel Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

If you have a metal or a woodworking shop, you must appreciate Dremel’s role. The Dremel refers to a handheld rotary tool that employs numerous accessories and attachments to perform several activities, including sharpening, drilling, polishing, sanding, and even the carving works. Moreover, this tool can be used on several surfaces, including wood, metal, plastic, glass, electronics, and ceramic materials.

With the importance attached to this tool, you must find the best unit to fit your project. The best cordless Dremel provides you with the comfort, convenience, and efficiency integral for any tool. Nevertheless, choosing the most relevant unit for your application can be an unnerving task due to the various Dremel models in the market.

Finding the best unit to help you execute your project with ease should not be a worry anymore. In this guide, I have listed and described the top Dremel models today and provided a buyers’ guide with the primary features that you must consider before making a purchase decision.

A person using the best cordless Dremel to cut a metal material

Best Cordless Dremel Reviews 

1.Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite 4.8-Volt Cordless Two-Speed Rotary Tool

Dremel 7300-N/8 MiniMite Model is a perfect choice if you want to do the sanding, cleaning, and grinding jobs. Despite its power getting limited to 13000 RPM, the unit boasts a higher level of versatility, and it is applicable when handling delicate jobs and results in more exceptional works.

Moreover, this unit operates on two different speeds of 6500 RPM (low) and 13000RPM (high). The speed variation complements this tool’s use on delicate projects as you can lower the speed to get finer output. Besides, the unit is compact and lightweight (1.1lbs), allowing you to maneuver around your area of work and access even the hard to reach places on your working materials. 

The accessories that come with this model are quite outstanding and adds to its convenience. The tool comes with a wrench, battery, and charger. It also has a plastic housing for protection that also adds to its lightweight. Besides, you do not need to worry about possible manufacturing defects. The model is covered by a two-year warranty from the day of purchase to enhance your trust with the tool. 


  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Perfect for intricate or delicate tasks 
  • Variable speed, adding to its versatility 
  • Comes with numerous accessories to add to its convenience and ease of use 
  • Built from high-quality material and has plastic protection to improve its durability 


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks 
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2.Dremel 8050-N/18 Micro Cordless Rotary Tool

The Dremel 8050 model boasts a combination of essential features that makes it perfect for sanding, polishing, and grinding jobs. The unit combines ergonomics, lightweight, and power for enhanced precision, and it is ideal for light-duty DIY projects.

Who does not like working on a well-illuminated surface? This model is integrated with LED project light, a front end light that illuminates your working surface for better visibility. The improved visibility means you can work all day long without the worries of being caught in the dark. Its high capacity rechargeable battery delivers compact power for extended use relative to the projects of application. 

Besides, Dremel 8050 comes with a docking station that will help you access a power supply. This peripheral device will ensure that your tool is fully charged and ready for use, limiting work breakdown instances as you look for power sources. Besides, the battery is fitted with an LED indicator that will help you know when it is due for a recharge.

With this unit, you can choose a speed you desire between 5000-25000 RPM depending on the type of project you are executing. The model is fitted with variable speed with an LED dial that will show the speed achieved. Moreover, its slim and ergonomic design adds to the comfort of using the unit and grip for extended use. 


  • A 2-year warranty covers the unit from the time of purchase.
  •  LED project light that helps illuminate your working surface 
  • The docking station to ensure your device is fully charged and ready for work
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip for extended use without fatigue 
  • Variable speed dial for finer output 


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty 
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3.Dremel 7700-1/15 MultiPro 7.2-Volt Cordless Rotary Tool

Dremel 7700 is an ideal tool for a variety of tasks. Even though it does not have the power for the heavy-duty projects, it is ideal with a two-speed range of between 10000 and 20000 RPM that makes it ideal for use in different materials while also matching the perfect speed you may need for your application.

The unit comes with a 7.2-Volt Ni-Ca battery pack while still giving you the luxury to use additional packs for extended use. The battery charges for 3 hours, and it is integrated with an LED light to show when it is full and when it is due for a recharge. This helps prevent the work breakdown while also allowing you to plan for your projects. 

Moreover, like with the other models, this unit has a compact design, and it is lightweight that ensures more comfortable handling and less fatigue when you use it for a long time. The lightweight ensures you can maneuver around your workstation or to another project without straining your hands. Besides, the units come with 15 Dremel accessories to enhance the efficiency and convenience of using the tool.


  • Variable speed for use in different materials 
  • Lightweight and compact design for maneuverability and secure storage 
  • Powerful battery for its size and application 
  • The LED lights fitted in the battery to determine when it is due for recharge and fully charged 


  • The power output can be inconsistent.
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4. Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary

Dremel 8220 is another beast when it comes to machine performance. The variable speed employed by this tool means you can apply it to a variety of tasks. Its compact design, portability, and a high power provided by its 12-volt lithium-ion battery offer maximum performance and a high run time between 5000 and 30000RPM, the highest speed of all the models I have reviewed.

You will not have any problems working with this model even in the tightest spaces due to its compact design. Added to its lightweight, you can conveniently work with this tool for the most prolonged periods without getting fatigued. You will also benefit from the compatibility of this unit with the other accessories and attachments. The unit can accommodate all Dremel rotary accessories and attachments, which means you can use it in numerous projects. 

It comes with various accessories that may include plastic storage case for protection, charger, one attachment, 28 high-quality Dremel accessories, and the accessory case. All these auxiliaries are integral to enhance the versatility of this machine. Moreover, you can easily change the accessories using a patented EZ twist Nose Cap that makes the accessories’ changes fast and easy without the need for an additional tool. 

The battery of this unit is also removable and always ready with no memory effects. The battery charges faster, taking only one hour to full charge. This ensures that you will not wait for long before you continue with your projects if you have no extra battery. Best of all, the unit is covered with a two-year warranty, which gives you the trust and eliminates the worries of potential manufacturing defects that can compromise its efficiency.


  • Fast charging battery, taking one hour to full charge.
  • The battery is removable and sturdy for extended use 
  • Compact and lightweight for secure storage and prolonged use
  • The unit is versatile 
  • The patented EZ Twist Nose Cap technology for easy and fast accessory changes 


  • Slightly heavy 
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5. Dremel 8100-N/21 8-Volt Max Cordless Rotary

Dremel 8100 is another model that boasts the highest speed of up to 300000RPM while in operation. The unit is fitted with an EZ twist cap that will permit an easy and fast accessory change without applying any additional tool.

Its variable speed ranges from 5000RPM to 30000RPM will help match the speed you need for different projects. This makes it a versatile tool for most of your DIY projects. Moreover, this unit is run from an 8V lithium-ion battery that gives it sufficient power for its application. The battery ensures a longer run time, and this will ensure that you complete most of your tasks just with a single charge. 

The construction of the Dremel 8100 has also taken into account your safety as the user. The unit is integrated with a comfortable grip housing that will ensure a significant control of the tool while also improving your handling. Besides, the organization has placed a two-year warranty from the day of purchase on this product to eliminate your worries of it being defective. This will raise your trust with the Dremel products and boost your confidence in using it.


  • Two-year warranty
  • The EZ twist cap technique for easy and fast accessory changes 
  • Comfortable grip housing for control of the tool 
  • Variable speed for different applications 


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty 
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6.Hitachi GP10DL 12-Volt Peak Lithium-Ion Mini Grinder

The Hitachi model is known for its quality and power. The unit is powered by a 12V lithium-ion battery rated 1.5Ah that will give you a longer run time, supplying a constant and steady power throughout the work process. Besides, the battery adds to the lightweight of the tool due to its compact size.

Hitachi features a variable speed dial that will allow you to control the speed you desire for your application. What’s more, the model reaches the highest speed, unlike most of the models I have covered in this article, and this makes it realize finer works and can also ensure you execute your job within the shortest time possible. The unit has a speed of between 5000 and 35000RPM.

This model’s compact design added to its lightweight if just 1.06 lbs allow you to work even in the tightest spaces and do not get fatigued. Such operations are complemented by the LED light fused in the model that will help illuminate your working surfaces, ensuring that you can work all day long even in the dimly lit areas.

With Hitachi Dremel, you are assured of having full control of the tool while enjoying maximum comfort, thanks to its innovative anti-vibration system that helps improve comfort and control of the unit. The model is also integrated with a slim soft-grip handle that will not cause strain in your hands when operating the unit, also enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue. 


  • Lightweight and compact design 
  • LED lights to illuminate the working surfaces 
  • Innovative anti-vibration system to help improve comfort and control of the tool 
  • Slim soft grip handle for comfort and reduction of strain in your hands 


  • Not appropriate for heavy-duty 
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Best Cordless Dremel Buyers’ Guide

Best cordless Dremel being used for polishing

When to use a Dremel 

 Dremel has numerous applications and thus, you must decide on the unit to buy.  You must first determine where you want to apply it. Such areas include;

When you want to make small cuts and detailing :The Dremel units are easy to maneuver since they are lightweight, hence ideal for small detailing and cuts. With its power and the small weight, it may not be easy for you to realize long, smooth curves, especially since you are using your free hand.

However, you can make numerous straight cuts with this model to get a smooth edge that you may be looking for and then smoothen or even up the edge with the sanding bit. You mustn’t use the tool for massive or long cuts, which would require the use of a larger saw. 

When you want to cut plastics, you can use the best cordless Dremel when you want to cut the plastic material. The plastics are cut through the use of flat saw blades. You must first fit a flat saw blade onto the tool. You must ensure that you put the eye and ear protection when cutting the plastic as a precaution or safety measure.

Secondly, you need to set the speed 4 and 8 to ensure that your tool will produce the needed power, but you must be keen not to burn out the motor. Once you have made the cuts, ensure that the edges remain smooth by sanding them.

Another precautionary measure is to avoid pressing down too hard as you cut the plastic material since this can result in the damage of the Dremel bits. You should also outline the cuts you want to make on the plastic based on the project you want to execute. Such a practice will be essential to ensure that you make precise and accurate cuts. 

When you want to cut metals: Dremel helps secure cutting and smoothing of the cut metal surfaces. However, before you begin cutting using this unit, ensure that you put on the protective wears. Also, for the metals, the power should be set between 8 and 10, and the metal fixed in place.

For grinding purposes: The Dremel is also ideal for grinding the stones that can be fixed to the mandrel/shaft. You need to turn the Dremel on and grind the stone with the tool at a low-speed setting to ensure that it does not overheat or damage the shape that you want to achieve. 

You can use grinding stones, wheels, and the chain to grind of the material, and the chain saw sharpening stones. Unlike cutting plastics where you will need a flat saw blade, grinding will require the carbide bits as they tend to work best on the ceramic, porcelain, and metal materials.

However, for the round grinds, you can use your blades with triangular or cylindrical tips. Moreover, to grind a notch or inside a corner, you should use flat disc-shaped saw blades.

 Dremel can be used for sanding or sharpening projects. For the sanding jobs, you need to choose a sandpaper bit and secure for your tool. You need to turn your Dremel between 2 and 10. Moreover, you should choose lower settings when sanding or polishing woods and plastics. 

As you hold the material secure, you can run the bit across the material to ensure that the sandpaper bit you are using entirely comes into contact with your material and sharpens it or realizes finer sanding.

Factors to Consider when Buying best cordless Dremel 

Size and Weight 

The size of the model you buy is integral as it adds to the ease and comfort of use. A compact or small-sized model is the best choice as it will ensure that you can work with the model even in the tightest places. Also, the small size means reduced weight. The smaller the model’s weight, the easier it is for you to maneuver with your model around your project. 

Also, lightweight models are portable, and this means you can easily transport them from one workstation to the other. Since the units are cordless, you are not limited by the cords that will require an electrical source for operation. Besides, small weight means you can work with the tool for a long time without getting fatigued or straining your hands. It is thus essential that you choose a model with less weight and a compact design. 


When dealing with power tools, your safety is the most crucial element that you should first consider. The power tools can be quite dangerous, especially when you are a first user. The hazard can be extended even to the people around you, and this requires that you know the safety measures of operating the machine. 

Before you buy a Dremel, consider the safety features that will keep you safe from harm or injuries while working at the workshop. It would help if you observed the safety measures associated with your tool upon purchase. For instance, you must have the protective gear in place before you begin operating a Dremel. It is also essential that you read the users’ manual that comes with the tool.

When purchasing the best cordless Dremel, some of the safety measures that you must have in place include the blade brake system, the safety switches, and the automatic shutoff. Moreover, some models come with a plastic cover to help keep your unit safe and enhance their longevity.

Input Power/Battery  

The input power refers to the energy consumed by your unit. For the cordless Dremel, this power is provided from the battery. Some people believe that the input power is often equivalent to the output power. However, this is not true. The input power is always less than the output power as the device consumes the power.

When buying any Dremel version, ensure that you choose a unit with high input power. The high input power means you will buy a unit with a high battery voltage. The higher the voltage, the greater the input power. In this guide, the battery voltage ranges between 4.8V and 12 V. A model of between 6V and 12V will give you the needed power for multipurpose use. However, if you intend to work on small projects within your home, you can go for the models with 6V or less.

Versatility and Performance

The tool’s performance and versatility are the key to any contractor or a DIY enthusiast who wants to purchase any tool. This is no exception to the Dremel models. You should go for a tool that is versatile in its functionality and exceptional performance.

Your ideal tool should tackle every kind of project while still giving an excellent performance without its motor burning out. Also, the efficiency of the tool comes with its performance. The Dremel you are buying should give desirable results and work with near 100% efficiency. 

All the top units of the Dremel I have reviewed in this article boast exceptional performance. However, you should ensure that you lubricate the moving parts to ensure the machine’s efficiency is maintained and that there is no energy lost through friction. 


The longevity of your tool is the essential aspect that you must consider when buying a Dremel. The unit you are buying should be resilient and should also withstand severe conditions in your workshop that can range from breakage to the formation of rust on their surfaces. The unit you buy must be made from the material that is rust and corrosion-resistant.

The Dremel, however, is known for the production of durable power tools. The units are built from long-lasting materials, especially metals, including aluminum, steel, and iron. At the same time, they ensure these constriction materials are protected from rust-through protection by the durable plastic materials. 


The warranty period is another essential element that you need to consider before you buy any unit. Most of the Dremel products have a warranty period of up to 2 years from purchase. The cover is integral because it ensures that you can replace the model you buy if you find it defective. It thus reduces your fear of possibly getting a model with manufacturing defects.

Also, a device with a reasonable warranty period helps boost your trust with the organization and its products. Thus, before you buy any power tool, ensure you check the warranty period and the contact information to reach the customer care in case you find the model defective.

Variable Speed 

Variable speed is an important aspect that you must consider before buying any Dremel product. Most of these models have a variable speed that ranges from 5000RPM to 35000RPM, while some have a speed range of between 10000RPM and 20000RPM. All these speed ranges are perfect for various applications.

You must ensure that you first determine the scale of your work before settling on any speed. Ensure that the model you buy has a speed that will match the different projects you want to apply. High speed is always associated with more excellent results and influences how fast you will complete your work.

Other essential Features 

Other features make working with the best cordless Dremel quite impressive and convenient. For instance, some units are integrated with an LED light that will help illuminate your working surface. The lighting system ensures that you can work all day long and even in the dimly lit areas.

Besides, look for a device with battery light indicators. The battery LEDs help determine when your battery is due for recharge while also indicating when your model is fully charged. This ensures that you do not run out of the charge while in operation, and also you do not leave your battery to overcharge since this can lead to the damage of your battery unit.

The second element that you should also consider with cordless Dremel is the EZ twist cap. This feature ensures an easy and fast accessory change without the application of any additional tool. It ensures a tool-less change of the accessories. You will not need a wrench, and also this comes with the convenience that you need when operating any tool.

Cleaning the Dremel 

The Dremel should be cleaned after every use: After every use of the machine, ensure that you have removed the bit and place them back in the case. This should be followed by wiping down the drill using a cloth after every use. 

Cleaning the drill helps enhance the longevity of the tool. However, before you disassemble the cleaning tool, ensure you consult the manual that comes with the tool. Also, you need to use the compressed air to clean the air vents of the unit. When the air vents are clean, any chances of electrical or operational failure is significantly limited.   

The video below show how to maintain a Dremel tool


A cordless Dremel is an excellent tool and perfect additions to your tool collection. The units have full applications that may include trimming the dog’s nails, cutting metals, sanding wood, or even polishing the piano pedals. This calls for getting the right tool to give you precisely what you are looking for or a tool fit for your application. 

The models I have reviewed in this article are perfect in terms of performance and versatility. My perfect choice is Dremel 8220-1/28 12-Volt Max Cordless Rotary. This unit boasts the most significant speed and power that will allow you to complete most of your work with precision and within the shortest time possible. Moreover, this unit is easy to use and affordable. You will also not need an additional tool to change the accessories due to the EZ twist cap technique. 

However, all the best cordless Dremel models described in this article are perfect for the different applications you may put them to, and I hope you make the right choice from these features.

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