Corded vs. Cordless Blinds- Which Choice is Better?

Are you planning to upgrade from the outmoded draperies or curtains? Window blinds are the absolute upgrade. However, they are now available in two categories; corded and cordless types. Despite fulfilling the primary use of providing privacy and excellent regulation of the amount of light, these two types still vary in many ways. This may false you into a quandary when trying to choose between the two options. On that score, Corded-vs-Cordless Blinds , which option is preferable?

The contemporary cordless blinds are the best. As the name suggests, this type is void of cords meaning that you do not have to deal with the mess coming from tangled cords, and they also promote the safety of your kids and pets. Additionally, cordless blinds appear more stylish and are quite easy to use.

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Follow along to get fully acquainted with more invaluable information on both corded and cordless blinds further below.

Cordless Blinds

What are Cordless Blinds?

These are a type of window coverings that utilize battery power and have cords integrated through the slats. It is through these cords within the blinds that you get to operate a cordless blind. They bear louvers (slats) that can be horizontal and sometimes vertical and are responsible for letting in light when tilted.

Advantages of Cordless Blinds

  • Easy to install – you do not have to particularly call a professional to have this fixed up after purchasing them. The integrated internal spring feature will hold the blind for you.
  • Offer several means of operation – failure to have cords enables them to have various ways in which they can be operated.
  • Cordless convenience – their cords are integrated through the slats meaning that you will not deal with tangled cords.
  • Failure to have hanging cords also means that you will not have any obstruction to a beautiful view.
  • Promotes the safety of your kids and pets – dangling cords can be a potential risk of strangulation. This type will not have dangling cords.
  • Effortless operation – generally, to lower or raise the blinds, you just need to push up or pull the blinds down gently.
  • Most bear the motorized feature – since they utilize battery power, some blinds have been customized to support remote control to raise or lower the blinds. Convenient, right?
  • Great for bedroom use – this is because they effectively block out the light creating a night-like environment that is ideal for people, especially those who work night shifts and sleep during the day.

Disadvantages of cordless blinds

  • They are not appropriate for high/big windows. This is because they have to be within the user’s reach.

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Corded Blinds

What are Corded Blinds 

These are also a type of window treatments made of horizontal slats and are operated with free-hanging cords on their side. Because of this, they can also be operated in several ways, like using the cord to lower or raise the blinds or through a continuous loop that may be braided or in a beaded chain.

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Advantages of Corded blinds

  • Ideal for high windows – unlike the cordless blinds, which become hard to reach after retracting, this type will be easy to manipulate because of the free-hanging cords.
  • They are long-lasting – based on treatment, corded blinds exhibit remarkable longevity as compared to cordless blinds.
  • Eliminate the use of ladders – since they are accessible even when used on high windows, there will be no need to have ladders lying around. Ladders can be potential safety concerns for kids.

Disadvantages of Corded blinds

  • The included free hanging cords are vulnerable to breaking as they tend to get loose over time.
  • Cords are a potential risk as kids or pets may get strangulated.

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Which of the two is better?

Each of the featured types is indubitably excellent for use as a window treatment option. However, cordless blinds tower over their counterparts due to their simplicity and convenience in usage.

By extension, corded blinds have to be solely operated through manual means. On the upside, most if not all cordless blinds feature an ingenious motorized system that allows you to lift or lower the blinds effortlessly.

You obviously want an option that fulfills its primary function at the utmost convenience, right? Cordless blinds will not require you to operate them manually, making them head and shoulders better and more preferred than corded blinds.


How do Cordless Blinds work?

The mode of operation of cordless blinds varies. These variations are explicated further below as following;

  • Motorized system – a motor propels this type of cordless blinds. This makes them congruent with smart devices like smartphones or even support remote control. This means that you can lift, lower, or tilt the blinds at the comfort of your phone or with a remote. Convenient, right?

That is not all. This type allows you to operate a single or the entire blind set simultaneously. You can also customize the blinds to either open or close at a particular time. Lastly, you can program the blinds to reset into different positions throughout the day.

  • Button system – to raise or lower these types of blinds, you either push or pull the integrated tiny button.
  • Spring mechanism – this type bears an internal spring system loaded on the roller. To lift or lower the blinds, you simply just need to push up or pull down the blinds.
  • Panel tracks – these types of blinds have a guiding wand in play. It is this wand that moves the blinds to the right or to the left.

The video below illustrates the operation of the cordless blinds

How do Corded Blinds work?

This type, despite utilizing a cord, also differs in operation. For this reason, an insight into these variations has been given as elucidated below;

  • Those with a beaded chain bearing a continuous loop – this loop facilitates the lifting and lowering of blinds.
  • With a free-hanging cord – this type is more common and has a hanging cord that tends to get longer as you adjust the blinds.
  • Those with a continuous braided loop – this loop is responsible for the lifting and lowering of the blinds and has its length sustained by a pulley style.

It is important to note that the mechanism of operation is also influenced by the orientation of blinds. It has been mentioned earlier that apart from the common horizontal blinds that upon opening are entirely lifted out of the window’s view, vertical blinds exist.

The louvers of these vertical blinds can be adjusted from side to side and, therefore, can be stacked at one of the window’s sides. Alternatively, in the case of big windows, you can divide them in the middle so as to have both sides covered.

The video below illustrates the installation process of the cordless blinds


Whether it is for business premises or your home, window treatments are definitely a fundamental requirement. The avant-garde window blinds are a highly sought option by many.

However, corded vs. cordless blinds decision gets many in a state of uncertainty as both options possess outstanding traits. As much as this piece champions the cordless blind option, there are some instances when it would not be the best choice.

If your home has very high or very wide windows, corded blinds would be preferable. If you’re dealing with standard-sized windows, then cordless binds are far much recommendable. You can agree that it all narrows down to your situation as it will determine the option which will be most suitable for your home.

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