Shark Cordless Vacuum Keeps Shutting Off

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Are you tired of your Shark Cordless Vacuum pulling a disappearing act mid-cleaning? We get it. The frustration is real.

When your shark cordless vacuum keeps shutting off, you may wonder what the problem is, especially when encountering the situation for the first time. Often, the problem could arise from several issues that you must identify and learn how to diagnose.

In this blog, we dive into why your vacuum seems to have a mind of its own, shutting off without warning. We’re here to unravel the mystery from potential culprits to quick-fix solutions.

Say goodbye to uninterrupted cleaning sessions – let’s reclaim the power in your hands!

Reasons Why Your Shark Cordless Vacuum Keeps Shutting Off


If your shark cordless vacuum shuts off following prolonged use, overheating is a probable cause. Shark cordless vacuums feature the motor protective thermostat that automatically shuts off the device upon overheating. While this feature enhances the longevity of the vacuum cleaner, it may cause inconvenience, especially when the vacuum is set to high suction power. Fortunately, if overheating is the problem, resetting the motor should do the trick.


Although shark vacuum cleaners exhibit substantial battery runtime, the battery may be depleted faster whenever you set the device to high suction power. Consequently, leaving the vacuum on when not in use may compromise the battery runtime. On the upside, shark vacuum cleaners are fitted with battery indicator lights to signify if the device needs a recharge. Check whether the indicator light is off to confirm whether the battery is the problem.

It is advisable to charge the device for approximately two and a half hours for optimal performance. Charging the device immediately after use while ensuring that you are not overcharging it could also go a long way. Additionally, ensure you turn off your vacuum cleaner amidst your cleanup tasks to help conserve the battery.

Clogged filters, hose, or wand

This is also among the most probable reasons why your shark cordless vacuum keeps shutting off. Prolonged use of your shark cordless vacuum is likely to cause build-up over time, which could end up damaging the hose and, in turn, altering suction. That said, consider checking the motor air filter and hose for blockages. Be sure to clean the filter and hose while resetting your shark cordless vacuum.

Wrong Setting

Using the vacuum in the wrong setting can result in it shutting off. Shark vacuums have three distinct settings for cleaning. The settings include carpet/low pile, thick carpet area/rug, and hard floor. You should ensure that the settings you choose for your vacuum corresponds with the type of floor you are cleaning. When the settings are not correctly chosen, there can be much suction, making it difficult for you to push the vacuum.

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How to reset your shark cordless vacuum when it keeps shutting off

Turn the vacuum off

Resetting your shark cordless vacuum begins by turning the device off using the power button on your vacuum cleaner. As this is done, ensure that the vacuum is not plugged.

Empty the dust cup

Remove the dust cup and eliminate all the dirt inside to create space for the incoming debris. This also involved the clearing of the hose and filter when required.

Check for blockages

The shark cordless vacuum often features a wand release button that comes into play when detaching the hose and the wand to check for blockages. Also, consider checking the filter, brush bar, and dust canister for debris.

Clean the filters

Shark cordless vacuum cleaners comprise removable and washable filters that should be cleaned at least once a month to maximize the vacuum’s performance. Cleaning the filters entails washing away any debris using cold tap water. Subsequently, leave the filters to dry for at least twenty-four hours before reinstating them to the vacuum.

Clean the hose

Below are steps to clean a shark cordless vacuum hose:

  • Unlike filters, you should rinse the hose using hot water by first filling it and then shaking it thoroughly.
  • Subsequently, pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda into the hose and shake it thoroughly again.
  • Thoroughly rinse the hose again, this time with cold running water, then wait for it to dry before re-installing it to the vacuum cleaner.

 Turn the vacuum back on

Upon completing these steps, your motor should be functional without any disruptions once you resume vacuuming. However, if this fails to be the case, your shark cordless vacuums motor could be faulty. It is, therefore, advisable that you contact the manufacturer for further assistance to avoid invalidating the product’s warranty or, better still, replace your vacuum.

How to Maintain your Shark Cordless Vacuum

Cleaning is a mind-numbing task, and having to perform it with a shark cordless vacuum that keeps shutting off only makes it worse. Acquainting yourself with proper maintenance practices for your shark cordless vacuum could go a long way in enhancing its durability. These practices include:

Cleaning the vacuum regularly

Cleaning the vacuum could come in handy in preventing unwanted clogging that leads to malfunctioning of the device. Cleaning, in this case, entails washing or replacing the filters if need be. Additionally, pay attention to the brush-roll and remove any entangled hair or debris to enhance the functionality of the motor. Fortunately, shark vacuum cleaners feature detachable floorheads for convenience.

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Turning off the vacuum when not in use

Consider turning off your shark vacuum amidst cleanup tasks to help preserve the battery. Consequently, be sure to turn off the vacuum before cleaning it to avoid damaging the wires.

Frequently check for blockages

The hose, airways, and wand are prone to blockages following prolonged usage, and it is advisable to check them for clogs frequently. You can use another vacuum cleaner, if you have one, to efficiently eliminate such blockages.

Clear the dust cup when necessary

Another convenient aspect of the shark vacuum cleaner is the MAX fill line that lets you know when to empty its bin. For this reason, avoid filling the dust cup to the brim to prevent blockages. Once debris reaches the MAX fill line, clear the dust cup for optimal performance.

Allow the vacuum to cool off after prolonged use

Your shark cordless vacuum needs an occasional break following a heavy-duty cleanup exercise. This helps prevent overheating that usually leads to the vacuum shutting off owing to the motor protective thermostat.

A video showing how to unlog shark vacuum cleaner


Addressing the persistent issue of a Shark Cordless Vacuum unexpectedly shutting off requires a strategic approach. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, as outlined in the user manual, is the foundation for troubleshooting and preventing shutdowns.

Regular maintenance, including filter cleaning and proper battery care, proves instrumental in sustaining optimal performance. Emphasizing the significance of user awareness in recognizing and resolving potential issues ensures a seamless vacuuming experience.

By adhering to a structured maintenance schedule and implementing practical tips, users can troubleshoot existing problems and proactively extend the vacuum’s lifespan, promoting efficiency and reliability in their cleaning routine

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