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Can I Use a Higher mAh Battery in my cordless phone?

Communication is an essential aspect of life. You reach out to your friends, families or colleagues using different means of communication. One of the most efficient and surest methods of communication across the world today is the use of cell-phones which utilize different types of rechargeable batteries, and with unique ratings. This has sparked debates on the effect that a higher rated battery to boast the run-time can have on your phone. Can I use a higher mAh battery in my cordless phone? This is a question that most people always attempt to ask themselves when such debates occur. 

 Yes. The higher mAh battery can be effectively used in cordless phones. The mAh ratings will help provide you with a longer run time between recharges. This battery model can effectively get used in the cordless phones as the high rating does not affect the mobile devices. Instead, the high rated mAh battery allows for extended usage. 

About cordless phones and what battery type to use.

 In the past, you would use phone booths that were corded, and you would not carry them along as they got installed in specific places. They were costly and were subject to vandalism from misuse by individuals. With evolution and advancements in technology, there has been the establishment of cordless phones that use batteries.

 For most households, cordless phones have been an ideal choice over the past few years. What makes them a perfect choice is the fact that one can easily walk through the house without being tied to a phone wired to the wall like before. This is much more convenient and relatable

Nearly all cordless phones take rechargeable AAA batteries. However, buyers must buy the recommended rechargeable batteries for their cordless phones.

 To identify a genuine AAA cordless phone battery, one must determine if the battery has a longer positive terminal to connect in the battery compartment. If you are not keen enough to identify such simple things, you may end up buying ordinary batteries that don’t work. 

A time will come for you to replace your cordless phone batteries, and when the time comes, it is essential to ensure that your replacement batteries are rechargeable.

If you decide to replace your batteries with a much higher capacity, you should realize that the high capacity will not affect your phone, instead, it will give you a longer run time and thus the reason mAh batteries are vital for your mobile device. 

You can also resort for a guide when having any trouble with what capacity to use in your cordless phone.

Regardless, always ensure that your batteries initially charge correctly before replacing them and be sure to check the recommended charging time in the user manual.

What you must consider before purchasing a cordless phone battery.


Cordless phone invention has provided the ease to freely move while conversing with our loved ones who might be miles away. It becomes very annoying when your calls get cut amid a very vital conversation or frequent go-off due to low cordless phone battery. Avoiding such hurdles requires you to equip your cordless phone with the right rechargeable batteries highly durable.

Power capacity.

Many people complain about how buying a cordless phone battery is much more complicated than purchasing the instrument itself. Well, the secret is always to identify its power capacity.

The overall battery life cycle.

This is often expressed by the number of charge cycles that the battery can withstand before it entirely loses its ability to transfer energy. Since memory effect, use, and age are important determinants of the unavoidable death of a battery, users must choose a battery with long cycle life.

How often should you replace your batteries?

Since cordless phone batteries have a life expectancy of about 1-2 years, you need to replace the used batteries with new ones to avoid the unnecessary communication interruption over your cordless phone. 

Similarly, if your cordless phone is not working correctly, you should consider the need to change your phone batteries.

See, the general objective for you is for the phone not to fail during a conversation hence the need to reach a compromise, which is always to replace your batteries when needed.

Are batteries with higher mAh ratings superior?

If you love talking with friends for long hours then, having a battery with a higher mAh rating is much better. As they say, hearing the tone of your loved one’s voice helps you get a better understanding of their emotions, and this certainly helps heighten or instead strengthen your relationship. 

Batteries with higher mAh ratings usually are more durable than those with smaller ratings. The milliampere-hour (mAh) generally defines the energy charge a battery can hold and the duration of a device that is prone to last before recharging the battery. This means that a battery with a higher mAh rating is likely to go for more extended hours, giving you the ample time you desire to converse with your loved ones. 

The video below shows how you can change a battery with a high capacity in your phone. A high capacity battery can be an mAh battery to your cordless phone

Wrap up

It is okay for you to use a higher mAh battery in your cordless phone since the mAh rating will undoubtedly give you longer run times between recharge, which is probably what you desire to meet your needs. Similarly, it is key to dispose-off old batteries in a more conducive way.

You can drop them in major supermarket recycle bins as this will undeniably help conserve the environment. Don’t we all need a healthy environment? However, ensure you correctly follow the user guidelines before replacing your rechargeable batteries with a much higher capacity.

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