8 Best Cordless Lawn Edger Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

An overgrown lawn can be irritating to watch and a nuisance. It is even worse when the lawn harbors certain insects or animals that can threaten you and your family when not trimmed to desired heights.  It is your responsibility to provide a finished appearance to your lawn or yard, as this will make them neat, sharp, clear, and free from dangerous organisms.

For a neat and ample looking garden, it is worth investing in the best cordless lawn edger. The tool is perfect for creating well-defined lines that will differentiate your garden, lawn, or yard from the driveways or walkways. The tool will help you reduce the overgrown grass to a pleasant and eye-appealing landscape. The tool is convenient, easy to use, and affordable, relative to its value.  

However, with the benefits attached to the tool and the vast information everywhere, it is challenging to find the most suitable tool for your project. In this article, I have done the legwork for you, listed and described the top cordless lawn mower models today, and provided a buyer’s guide to help you peruse through the top features you should consider before making a purchase decision. 

A man using best cordless lawn edger to trim and edge his lawn

Best Cordless Lawn Edger Reviews 

1.WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger

At the top of my list is the WORX WG163 GT cordless lawn edger. This unit is ideal for use within your garden or lawn, as it can be used both as an edger and a string trimmer. The model easily converts to a wheel edge from a string trimmer in seconds and vice versa, enhancing its versatility for use within the lawn and walkways and driveways.

The unit is fitted with an innovative push-button Command Feed spool system to ensure an instant line feeding, enhancing the convenience of using the machine. Additionally, the tool’s adjustable spacer guide ensures the safety of the other growths such as plants, landscape features, and the lawn ornaments in your garden. Thus, while trimming or making cuts, you are sure that only the unwanted weed will be eliminated. 

The unit has its head tilted at 90 degrees angle. The angle enables you to trim and edge on the sloped terrain. In the process, you will access even the hard to reach places, ensuring no area in your lawn is left unattended to. Additionally, with this unit, you will achieve straighter lines and cleaner cuts as the unit is fitted with rubberized wheels that help support and guide it. 

The unit is packaged with two powerful lithium-ion batteries that add to its lightweight with a Power Share technology that ensures that they can be used in any tool in the WORX Powershare family. This is the only tool that can use the same battery to power both the 20V and 40V tool and thus an exceptional addition to your tool collection. 


  • Power Share technology
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery for extended run time and adds to the lightweight 
  • The unit has its head tilted at 90 degrees to enable trimming and cutting at sloped terrain
  • Compatible battery system 
  • Adjustable D-grip handle 


  • Frequent Spool Replacements 

2.BLACK+DECKER 3-in-1 Lawn Mower, String Trimmer and Edger

With Black + Decker edger, you are getting a lawn edger and a string trimmer and a mower. You can easily convert the edger to a string trimmer and lawn mower and back within seconds, hence versatile for your DIY projects.

Furthermore, with the Black +Decker edger, you are assured of continuous work without bumping or work breakage, thanks to its AFS automatic feed system. The AFS automatic feed system technique works by feeding a new line into the cutting head once you activate it while taking the centrifugal force’s advantage from the spinning motion of your tool to pull and release the line from the spoil. This guarantees continuous work.

 Also, various edger machines can sometimes get bogged down, becoming stuck, and limiting their work efficiency. However, this is not an issue with the Black +Decker as the unit features a power transmission system that helps it prevent it from bogging down. 

 Moreover, you can effectively trim your yard at a convenient height of your choice as the unit has an adjustable height deck and trimmer. The pivoting handle improves the ease of usage. With this tool, you also benefit from a long-lasting battery that charges within 2.5 hours, and this ensures that you will experience limited work breakdown as the unit charges. 

 The unit also comes with two batteries, which ensures that you can work with one as the other charges, which gives you an extended run time. However, the charger is not included in the package, and you may need to spend extra pennies to acquire a charger. 


  • A 3 in 1 machine, hence versatile 
  • The AFS automatic feed system for continuous work and enhanced efficiency 
  • Adjustable height deck and trimmer to improve the convenience of use 
  • Comes with two batteries included for extended run time 


  • Charger not included with the batteries 

3.Makita XRU02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless lawn Edger 

The Makita XRU02Z is known for its high speed that makes it outstanding amongst the best cordless lawn edgers in the market. The unit features a built motor that can deliver a cutting speed of 7800RPM, enhancing its performance. Moreover, the unit is well balanced, with a weight of just 6.4 pounds with the battery. This ergonomic design and the lightweight ensures that you can work with the tool for numerous hours without getting fatigued.

The tool’s compact size makes it perfect for precise edging and the trimming of the lawn. With this unit, you are not only getting a lawn edger but also a string trimmer. This ensures that you do not only edge your lawn but also trim the whole yard to the required size.

The length at which you will work with this model is never a problem regardless of your height. The unit features a telescoping shaft that will allow you to adjust the tool’s length from 48-½ inches to 56-½ inches for you to realize an optimum cutting position, further adding to the convenience of using the tool. 

One drawback of this tool, though not significant, is that the batteries are bought separately. However, the batteries have significant power to give you an extended run time to complete your project.


  • A telescoping shaft to help adjust the cutting positions 
  • In-built motor for high cutting speed and enhanced performance 
  • Compact design and lightweight for extended use and easy maneuverability 
  • Can be used both as an edger and a string trimmer 


  • The battery and charger bought separately 

4.Ukoke U02TE Cordless Electric Power Grass Trimmer & Weed Wacker

 Ukoke U02TE is a powerful tool that is affordable, convenient, efficient, and easy to use. This model is versatile as it can be used for cutting weed, grass, or soft vegetation in the areas that cannot be easily accessed, such as under bushes, on slopes, and shred leaves.

This unit is comfortable to use as its cutting head can be effectively adjusted to different angles to fit your project requirements best. Besides, this unit can be used both for edging and trimming. It can be easily converted to a trimmer from an edger in seconds without an additional tool. 

Moreover, the pivoting head of this model allows for edging and trimming capability with edging wheels. The unit is fitted with a brushless motor to ensure it can operate at high speed of up to 8000RPM. The brushless motors ensure high power is transmitted in the tool as the energy loss through friction is limited.

Besides, this unit is durable and fitted with a safe-dual start protection switch that helps protect you from the dangers of accidental start-up, further complementing the safety of using the machine. The organization adds on a one-year warranty to the tools’ impressive features to help boost your trust in its product.


  • Brushless motors for high energy and enhanced efficiency 
  • High speed for faster execution and completion of work
  • Safe-dual start protection to enhance safety 
  • Adjustable and pivoting head for convenience 
  • Lightweight and compact design to help you work on hard to access areas 
  • Can be used both as a string trimmer and an edger 


  • Battery charger not included 

5.CRAFTSMAN V20 String Trimmer / Edger

One outstanding feature with the Craftsman V20 lawn edger is its two-variable speed settings. The variable speed enables you to select the desired speed to use in your project to either be more power or more run time. The speed you choose can also depend on your lawn’s thickness or nature to realize precise cuttings. However, the unit can be conveniently turned to a string trimmer and back to an edger, hence a versatile unit.

Regardless of your height, the unit comes with an ergonomic adjustable length pole to fit your height and desirable and optimum cutting height. Moreover, it is fitted with a push-button feed that will allow you to control the 0.08-inch twisted line feed with just a push of a button.

There is also an added efficiency of the tool with a 13-inch cutting swath that adds to the tool’s effectiveness. The unit is compatible with the VERSATRACK as it employs the utilization of the integrated hook to hang directly to the VERSATRACK Wall Organization System. The system is, however, sold separately. 

Added to the merits of this unit is a 3-year warranty that runs from the day of purchase. The warranty period is integral as it helps you establish trust with the company and eliminate the possible fears of the manufacturing defects that might characterize the tool.


  • 3- year warranty 
  • VERSATRACK compatible 
  • Two-speed settings 
  • A full cutting area of up to 13-inches 
  • Has an automatic line feeding system 


  • The VERSATRACK system is bought separately. 

6.Ryobi P2052 ONE+ 18-Volt Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

 Ryobi lawn edger is another unit that is perfect, especially for the light-duty jobs and offers up to a 22-inch cutting width. Like with the Makita unit, this tool also features a telescoping shaft that helps adjust its cutting position to ensure you are comfortable when working with the tool, improving its convenience.

Also, the unit is a 2-in-1 tool that means you can quickly flip it from the trimmer to edger and back, and this guarantees that you can do all the edging and the trimming jobs in your lawn with just a single tool, reducing the overcrowding of the tools in your collection.

Ryobi is lightweight, only weighing 5 pounds, and this makes working with the unit secure. For instance, you can easily maneuver around your yard with the lightweight for a long time before you get fatigued. Its compact design means that you can effectively trim or edge even the smallest spaces or hard to reach areas.

Comfort is also another primary feature that the organization has considered in its design. The unit is fitted with a comfortable handle design and an adjustable D-grip that will give you better control as you execute your projects. You will also benefit from the automatic line feed that comes with this model that enhances your work rate.

Like most cordless lawn edgers, this model also does not come with the battery and charger. However, this should never be a problem as the needed batteries are compatible with the Ryobi line batteries. If you already have any Ryobi tool in your collection, you can share their batteries with the edger model.


  • Compact and lightweight 
  • A telescoping shaft for height adjustment 
  • Adjustable D-grip for comfort and maneuverability 
  • Can be used both as an edger and a string trimmer 


  • Battery and charger separate 

7.DEKO Cordless String Trimmer/Edger 

 Deko cordless lawn edger is perfect for the cutting and trimming jobs on whichever orientation. You can alter this trimmer’s head angle to suit your cutting position while its ergonomic front handle offers a comfortable gripping area in all cutting orientations.

The unit does not only boast a massive comfort, but it is also safe for use. The unit features an anti-collision wire that prevents hitting hard objects like stones minimizing possible losses. Coupled with the plastic blade accessories, this unit is lightweight, easy to replace, and adds to the machine’s safety.

The model features an adjusting auxiliary handle that will enable you to adjust both the height and angle. The height adjustment enables you to realize a comfortable cutting height and angle to do your trimming and edging jobs, even in sloped terrain.

The unit uses powerful 20V-lithium-ion batteries that ensure extended usage and enables you to complete the most complicated or most stringent project. The powerful batteries give you the most desirable speed to execute your jobs within your plan. 

Despite the impressive features that give the unit the needed convenience and efficiency in using the tool, this unit is fitted with plastic blades that are not durable, making it ineffective as an edger. Besides, the plastic blades make the unit only suitable for use for light duties.


  •  Adjusting auxiliary handle that will enable you to adjust both the height and angle
  • Compact and lightweight 
  • Anti-collision wire to prevent hard-hitting objects that can cause damages 
  • Powerful battery for extensive use
  • Comfortable handle 


  • The plastic blades are less durable and suitable for light jobs only. 

8.Greenworks 13-Inch 40V Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Greenworks is a renowned organization for producing the most durable, affordable, and efficient tools with safety features to enhance their usage. Even though this unit is perfect for smaller yard works and gardening, it is an excellent choice that you can easily convert from an edger to a trimmer within seconds and back.

Added to its versatility, the unit is lightweight, weighing only 9 pounds. This facilitates easy maneuverability and reduces instances of fatigue or strain on your arm before you are done with your project. Besides, the unit boasts four different pivoting head positions that will allow you to trim and edge at different angles to realize your preferred output. The sturdy edging wheel complements the different angles.

Perhaps, the most impressive feature of this tool is its battery power. The unit is powered by a 40-volt lithium-ion battery system that gives you the needed run time for your projects. Furthermore, the battery is interchangeable with the other Greenworks products, and thus you will have no problem using it on other products from the organizations stocked in your tool collection. This will also ensure that you can easily use other batteries as you charge the other.

The unit is fitted with a push-start button that makes working with it easy and a protective feature to prevent unfortunate injuries. The reduced comfort from the model’s vibration while in use has also been limited by a trigger handle that is cushioned to reduce vibration. The unit also comes with a replaceable spool. However, this spool is prone to tangling, and this is a demerit in using the tool.


  • Compact design and lightweight for secure storage and maneuverability 
  • Four-position pivoting head for angled cuts 
  • Reduced noise and vibration through the cushioned handle 
  • Battery compatible with other Greenworks products 
  • The high battery life of up to 60 minutes 


  • Spool prone to tangling 

Best Cordless Lawn Edger Buyers’ Guide 

Choosing the best cordless lawn edger can be a daunting task, especially when you are a first time user. You must determine the nature of your project before settling on a particular model.

Below is a list of the primary features that will help you make the best purchase decision. The features help enhance the ease of use of the machine, convenience, safety, influence speed, comfort, and efficiency, an essential element for consideration for any tool.


 For the best cordless lawn edger, battery life is an essential element of consideration. Usually, the battery life is determined by its volt rating. The higher the voltage of a given battery, the longer its run time, and this will ensure that you can complete the whole project with a single charge.

When you want to work on an extensive piece or a large lawn, an edger model of 18V to 40V will be the most convenient. However, when you want to work in a small area, you can buy a model with a voltage of less than 18. It would help if you also looked for the run time of the batteries. A model of between 30 minutes and 60 or more with a single charge will be perfect. 

Moreover, you need to consider buying a model whose system accepts compatible batteries from the same organization, such as Greenworks, Black+Decker, and WORX, for more efficiency. This will ensure that you can always use the batteries of the other tools from the same organization as they are compatible.

I recommend that you have an extra battery for your model so that you can use the other one to ensure continued workflow when one charges.

String Feed

The most important part of the edger or string trimmer is the circling string. Most manufacturers supply a spool of extra string because the strings are always destined to wear out or break.

When the string is broken, the new string is automatically unwound, or a bump of feed gets released. In the end, the spool can run out of the string and must be replaced. Therefore, before you buy any model, ensure that you research the availability and the price of the spool that you will replace in your unit. Moreover, you can consider the brands that provide highly durable strings. Like with most models, consider buying the model with automatic feed.

An image of the best cordless lawn edger showing the cutting string

Weight and Size 

Before buying any cordless lawn edger, ensure you consider its weight and size. A compact design will help you work on your yard regardless of its nature. Moreover, it would be best if you chose a lightweight model as this will ensure that you work with the tool for a long time without getting fatigued. 

Moreover, a lightweight model ensures that you can easily maneuver around your lawn as you execute your project. Also, lightweight models can easily get transported from one lawn to another, enhancing the convenience of working with the tools.

Furthermore, you must also consider the size of the lawn you want to work on. As you will be using the edger around any of your sidewalks, driveways, or the perimeter of your guide, you must ensure that you buy a versatile model to help you work on these areas. You thus need to go for a more powerful tool. 

 Edger Blade 

The best cordless lawn edger you choose should allow you to quickly and easily replace the blades. You need a model that can ensure that you get clean, sharp, and neat lines. You need to purchase a model with an adjustable cutting with at least three different blade positions to help you get sharp and neat lines. 

Moreover, the unit you are buying should have a blade disengagement capability. The feature will allow you to stop the blade from turning, an essential feature that helps complement your safety while using the tool. 

Moreover, when buying the tools, ensure that the unit has a blade guard. The guard helps prevent the cut debris from flying and causing damage or injury, another safety measure that will help with the toll’s operation. 

The video below shows how to edge professionally with a best cordless lawn edger


A lawn edger is an essential tool that helps you trim and edge your sidewalks and driveways and helps keep your yard or lawn neat and clean, free from harboring the insects or animals that can be a real threat and the people around you. 

However, choosing the best cordless lawn mower is an easy task. You need to consider numerous features that will make your work easier and improve the efficiency of the machine.

In this article, I have described the top models useful for trimming and edging jobs. At the top of my list is the WORX WG163 GT 3.0 20V PowerShare 12″ Cordless String Trimmer & Edger. This unit is efficient or convenient and has a PowerShare technology that ensures that its batteries are compatible with other WORX units that might be available in your tool collection. The battery can power even other models with 20V and 40V capacity. The unit is easy to use and has an instant line feeding feature that makes it an outstanding model amongst the rest. 

I hope you find the article beneficial to help you make the right purchase decision.


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