9 Best Cordless Grass Shears Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

For your garden, yard, hedges, bushes, or flower bed, a state of elegance is always desired. There are a variety of options to help you achieve this elegance. However, opting to settle for the cordless option is unequivocally the best move as it not only graces you with the liberty of movement during task execution but also environmentally friendly. 

The cordless solution to help you achieve that elegance is equipping yourself with the best cordless grass shear. This is a handy power tool that is used in outdoor beautifying chores like cutting grass, shaping lawn edges, trimming shrubs, hedges, and bushes, tending to your flower bed, walkways, posts, sidewalks, among others.

Powered by a battery, the motor propels the blade that does the actual cutting. Possessing the best cordless grass shears will aid in simplifying your garden routine, making it fast and easy to execute and obtain sleek and admirable results. Further below is an elucidation of this magnificent tool. Read on.

An image of Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10172S 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grass, one of the best cordless grass shears model in use to trim grass in a yard

Best Cordless Shears Reviews 

1.Sun Joe 7.2V Grass Shear/Shrubber Handheld Trimmer

Is it variegation in a tool that you are looking for? This Sun Joe product delivers just that. Despite it being a grass shear, it also doubles up as a hedger. The most amazing bit is that it converts from a grass shear to a hedger and vice versa is a fast and easy process. This product’s multiplicity means that it can be employed in multifarious grooming and cleanup applications.

Facilitating the conversion are two provided blade accessories; a 4″ shear blade and a 6″ hedger blade. This unit is powered by a dependable 7.2V Li-ion battery that brings into being the cordless convenience. You do not have to go looking for a set of these germane batteries as the tool is availed inclusive of the battery and charger.

With a weight of just 2.5 pounds, this unit will not result in exhaustion and promotes use for a long time. Ergonomics are adopted in the making of the handle to augment control, balance, and maneuverability.


  • It is backed by a warranty cover of two years.
  • Safety lock-off button to prevent accidental startups.
  • Battery status gauge installed.
  • Supports immediate start.
  • Long-lasting 7.2V battery provided.
  • Blades made of hard-wearing steel for longevity.
  • Speed scales to 1250 rpm.


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty shearing.
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2.SereneLife (PSLHTM20) Cordless Grass Cutter/Clipper, Trimmer

Coming in second in this review is the phenomenal SereneLife grass trimmer. This unit has an incredible speed that soars up to above 1000 RPM. Such elevated speed interprets to effectiveness in cutting and shearing tasks. However, a power tool in operation at such a high speed can be difficult to handle though this is not the case for this equipment.

It boasts of a considerate weight of about 3 lbs that supplements the tool’s handling and manipulation even at high speed. This tool allows facile single-handed use complemented by the incorporated glide-cut technology enabling smooth and unstrained operation on top of the excellent handling.

The ingeniously crafted handle provides a comfortable and firm grip for security and control purposes. A rugged design is adopted in this unit’s fabrication to make it suitable for a variety of outdoor tasks and endure occasional use.


  • Excellent for fall cleanup.
  • Inclusive of a 3.6V rechargeable battery that is removable.
  • Wall adapter is also delivered together with the tool.
  • Lightweight design (3 lbs) for portability.
  • Comes with a grass shearing blade and hedge trimming blade.
  • There is a fitted blade guard for accuracy and control.
  • Safety lock button.


  • Relatively long recharging time (4 hours).
  • No warranty details are provided.
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3.Scotts (LSS10172S) 7.2V Cordless Grass Shear/Shrub Trimmer

This tool’s versatility cannot go unnoticed. It also doubles up as a 2 in 1 unit, corroborated by the two accessory blades it comes with (a 6.5″ hedge trim blade and a 4″ grass shear blade). The merits do not stop there as the blade changing process is achieved tool-freely, making it effortless and swift.

Another outstanding feature possessed by this implement is the pivoted cutting head that can be adjusted to allow you to reach hard to access areas easily. The handle of this unit is thoughtfully cushioned for comfort in use. Its compact and lightweight design also contributes to its incredible manipulation without causing fatigue.

Reinforcing this deal is the two-year warranty cover provided soon after you purchase this tool. It is fueled by a potent 7.2V Li-ion battery that brags of an exceptional capacity of 2Ah, ensuring you get prodigious power and remarkable runtime per charge.


  • Fast charger included in the deal.
  • Failure to use gas or oil makes it more eco-friendly.
  • The cutting head is pivoted and adjustable.
  • 2 in 1 feature (hedger and grass shear).
  • Provided blades capable of cutting branches with a thickness of 0.5″.
  • Lightweight in nature (1.6 pounds).
  • Toolless blade interchanging.


  • The battery is inbuilt and irreplaceable. 
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4.Earthwise Cordless Shrub Shear and Hedge Trimmer Combo

The Earthwise grass shear unit is quite exclusive. This is because of the small compact size it is crafted with without sacrificing power enough to cut grasses, shrubs, and bushes. Also evincing the small size is its lightweight feature weighing slightly above one pound, making it ideal and comfortable for use.

This package is delivered, including two different blades to select from; a 6.3″ hedge trim blade and a 3″ shear blade. The beauty of this is that you will not require any tool to assist you by switching the blades making it swift and effortless, just in a matter of seconds.

The handle of this implement is padded to ensure a secure and firm grip to avoid slipping. Such a handle will propel and encourage use for a long period. This implement derives its power from a singular 1500mAH 3.6V Li-ion battery that is rechargeable. This power graces you with a convenient runtime of up to 45 minutes.


  • Allows handling in a natural hand position.
  • Toolless blade changing mechanism.
  • Potent 1500mAH Li-ion battery.
  • Ideal for completing touch-ups, beautifying your yard or garden.
  • Battery and charger included.
  • Reliable runtime of about 45 minutes.


  • The top cutting width for the hedger is 5/16″.
  • The battery is inbuilt hence not removable.
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5.BLACK+DECKER (GSL35) Shrub Trimmer/Grass Shear Combo

This is an extraordinary tool in that it allows the addition of a distinctive yet reasonable accessory. It allows the addition of an extension handle that makes the tool more versatile and grants you a longer reach for almost inaccessible spaces.

The multipurpose feature is also not excluded as supported by the two steel blades delivered together with the tool. One blade is the trim blade measuring 6″ suitable for articulate trimming and pruning of shrubs while the other is the shear blade measuring 4″ employed for accurate grass cutting.

This unit is fueled by a mighty 3.6V Li-ion battery that avails an ever-ready power and a remarkable lifespan. Per single charge, this battery graces you with up to 24 minutes of runtime. It boasts of a lightweight and compact feature that enables it to execute applications fast and swiftly.


  • Lightweight design (1.7 pounds).
  • Battery status indicator.
  • Compatible external charger included.
  • Two accessory blades are also included.
  • Allows optional addition of extension handle.
  • Warranty cover of two years provided.
  • Simple release switch for blade changing.


  • The battery is irreplaceable.
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6.Gardena 3″ Cordless Li-ion Grass Shears (8885-U)

The most sui generis feature of this product is its unparalleled lightweight. Without compromising power and cordless convenience, this unit weighs just 550 grams. How tremendously amazing is that? That kind of weight makes it suitable for use by just any individual with ease.

In order for you to assess the battery status, the integrated LED display will help you achieve just that. It is also part of the multipurpose tools that enables you to carry fewer tools to your garden. This is exemplified by its ability to be converted to a shrub shears or to a grass shear. The upside of this conversion mechanism is that you carry it without the aid of a tool.

Despite its extreme lightweight feature, the 3.6V Li-ion battery that fuels this tool is a powerhouse. It is so potent that it graces you with an impressive runtime of up to 80 minutes. Another benefit is that this battery allows recharging at whatever time and is devoid of the memory effect.


  • Handle crafted in relation to natural hand size and position.
  • The handle is pivoted.
  • Toolless blade switching mechanisms.
  • 5″ Shrub Shear blade.
  • 3.15″ is the maximum cutting width.
  • High-quality blades that are non-stick coated.


  • Relatively long recharge time (6 hours).
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7.Makita 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Grass Shear (XMU04Z)

This is one high-grade product in the class of grass shears. It excels at accuracy when cutting courtesy of the integrated system for adjustment of height. The adjustment is divided into three height levels; 9/16′, ¾”, and 1″. With such a system in place, you will be empowered to set a cutting length of your liking and get accurate and imposing results.

Fascinatingly, it utilizes a super-powerful BL1850B battery that brags of having a capacity of 5.0Ah. The battery is so mighty that it graces this tool with a laudable runtime of up to 200 minutes that will see you complete even the biggest workloads.

The motor is so superlative that it propels this tool to speeds of up to 2500 SPM to ensure efficacy in cutting. This implement boasts of being capable of cutting a maximum width of 6-5/16″ for a stellar performance. It also features a tool-free blade changing mechanism for a secure and simplified blade switching process.


  • Provides up to 2500 SPM.
  • Toolless blade changing mechanism.
  • The handle is rubberized.
  • Blades are nickel-plated and non-electrolyzed.
  • Compact design (weighs only 4.1 lbs).
  • Star Protection Computer Controls Technology incorporated.
  • Fast charging battery (45 minutes).
  • Double blade action.


  • The battery is sold separately.
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8.Black+Decker Compact Grass Shears/Shrub Trimmer (GSN35)

The most special feature about this unit from the Black+Decker brand is the battery type it uses. Being a cordless power tool, it is expected that it derives its power from batteries. It deviates from other cordless grass shears in that it utilizes a NiCad battery rather than the typical Li-ion battery.

NiCad batteries enhance portability making the unit easy to tote around. Part of the package is two interchangeable blades; a 6″ trim blade for pruning shrubs and a 4″ shear blade for accurate grass cutting.

The handle is ergonomically designed to provide a comfortable and sturdy grip ameliorating control, yet minimizing the operator’s fatigue. The blades are made of steel for resistance to rusting and also prolong blade life. Also integrated into the tool is a LED display that exhibits the battery status.


  • Lightweight design (weighs 1.7 pounds)
  • Blades constructed from steel.
  • Ergonomically crafted handle.
  • LED display for the exhibition of battery status.
  • A multipurpose tool with interchangeable blades.
  • Utilizes NiCad battery for enhanced portability.


  • Not usable while charging.
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9.RYOBI ONE+ 18V Li-ion Cordless Grass Shear/Shrubber (P2900B)

Closing this review of top-grade grass shears in the cordless class is this high-yielding P2900B shear from the RYOBI brand. It bears a manageable, lightweight of 4 pounds making it easy to maneuver with and use for a significant amount of time.

After purchasing this deal, you are granted the individual tool and other relevant attachments like the shrubber and shear attachment. These attachments heighten the versatility of the tool by enabling it to be applicable for a vast array of garden or yard beautifying tasks.

The 18V Li-ion battery utilized by this implement guarantees you an appreciable runtime and fast recharge period, ensuring there is minimal downtime on the site. Power buttons are brilliantly created, ensuring that there is no premature releasing or sticking that otherwise could pose a safety issue.


  • Lightweight design (4 pounds).
  • It comes with two attachments to optimize versatility.
  • Fast charging battery.
  • It utilizes a powerful battery (High voltage of 18V).
  • Blades are easily interchangeable.


  • Battery and charger are purchased separately.
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Best Cordless Grass Shears Buyers’ Guide

Opting to seek cordless solutions in relation to outdoor power tools is a plausible move. Boons that accompany that move like freedom of movement while working, no extra costs incurred in purchasing gas, and no emissions that are not environmentally friendly, among others, stimulate and add more weight into making the cordless decisions.

Having the best cordless grass shears would be a colossal win for applications related to tending to your yard or garden. For this reason, there are some parameters that you ought to consider when making a purchase decision in order to ensure that you land yourself the best cordless grass shears deal there could be. These include;

Power option

The tools in these classes usually derive their power from batteries, thus forming a vital factor for consideration. Strive to know battery parameters like voltage or capacity, removal, and re-installation, inclusiveness, and recharge time, among others. 

A unit fueled by batteries is planet-conscious as neither gas is used nor hydrocarbon emissions released. Battery voltage or capacity is proportional to power; therefore, a high voltage or capacity translates to high power, thus demanding you to settle for units with a voltage of 3.6V and above.

Consider whether the battery is removable, as this will come in handy when you need to replace the current battery if it spoils. You also ought to consider the battery and charger presence in the purchase package so that the expense of procuring batteries and charger independently does not catch you by surprise.


This can be described as the multi-purposeness of an implement. This factor is a huge boon as it enables you to carry fewer tools to the job site. In this case, consider if your tool of interest doubles up as another tool. For instance, most of the featured products have the 2 in 1 feature whereby apart from being cordless grass shears, they can be converted to hedgers or trimmers.

Pay attention to whether blades facilitating the versatility are included in the purchase package and come in pairs; a shear blade usually measuring between 3″ to 4″ and a trim/shrubber blade measuring between 6″ to 6.3″. A tool featuring both blades can be employed in both shearing and trimming applications.

Blade components

The blade is the structure that executes the actual cutting making it a crucial factor of consideration. Details like blade material and blade changing mechanism ought to be highly regarded. The material used in blade construction, e.g., steel, ought to be resistant to rusting and durable for an extended blade life.

Bearing in mind that most grass shears are inclusive of two blades, the mechanism of switching between the two blades ought to be paid attention to. Settle for units featuring a tool-less blade changing mechanism as it is safe, fast, and easy.


How is a tool user-friendly for you? What features are put in place to make the implement very suitable for use? Features like lightweight design, compactness, ergonomics of the handle, and battery indicators give appreciable examples of factors to consider under ergonomics.

Settle for tools with a weight ranging between 1 and 4 pounds for easy maneuverability. The handle should be ergonomically designed to fit the hand to encourage use at any angle perfectly. Compactness ensures a variety of features are incorporated in a small-sized tool. An ergonomic handle promotes comfortability and firm grip in usage. Battery gauge helps in getting you informed on battery status.


Users always get great assurance when the product they buy comes with a warranty period. The warranty instills faith in the buyers about the build quality of the product and the reliability of the parts that have been used in the product. 

Using the best cordless grass shear is characterized by certain uncertainties, especially with its battery, that requires such an assurance. The risk can result from improper charging schedule or due to manufacturing defects. In such a case, the warranty period will be handy and ensure that you can get a replacement during such an occurrence.

Moreover, to help you save on repair and maintenance costs, you need to find a model with the longest warranty period from the manufacturer. The long warranty period ensures that you will get the needed repairs for free in case of any problem with the unit within the warranty period. All in all, the warranty helps boost your confidence and faith in the manufacturers.

A video showing how to use the best cordless grass shears for hedging


The means of embellishing your flower bed, yard, or ornamental garden is by owning the best cordless grass shears that are most appropriate for you. This tool allows mobility in usage, not restricting you to a particular work area and not dealing with the hassle of cords.

Being a small-sized tool, it is ideal for use for long hours and perfect.

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