8 Best Cordless Bug Zapper Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

The mosquitoes, bedbugs, and other flying insects can be a nuisance and cause annoyance in your house and around your compound. Most of these insects can transmit several diseases caused by infectious agents; bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Th agents result in diseases like malaria, Lyme disease, and various  forms of fever like dengue or yellow fever. Such infections are a threat to the children and even to the adults in your house or compound. 

Winning the war against these insects on their turf needs a useful tool or strategy. One essential tool that can help you to conveniently win this race is the bug zapper.

The best cordless bug zapper will help you attract and eliminate mosquitoes and other flying insects in extensive coverage of up to an acre in size or even more based on the unit you have purchased. The tool operates by attracting or drawing the insects or pests with a UV light wavelength and then zapping them through an electrified grid. You can also include an optional bait attractant in the bug zapper.

Even though all the models can do a great job to ensure your house or compound is free from the dangerous insects, choosing the best model to use and based on your area of coverage can be a dismaying task. In this article, I have described the top cordless bug zappers available in the market and provided a buyers’ guide with the top features to consider when making a purchase decision.

The best cordless bug zapper hanged from the house ceiling to keep the flying insects out of the room

Best Cordless Bug Zapper Reviews 2022

1.Black Flag ZR-7936-L Handheld Fly Zapper

Black Flag ZR-7936-L model boasts an impressive 2750 volts power, capable of killing a variety of flying insects such as biting flies, yellow jackets, fly-killing tools, wasps, and mosquitoes. The model is fitted with thin steel wires positioned perpendicularly to allow you to catch and kill even the tiniest insects such as gnats and midges.

A fascinating feature in this model is its size. The unit is 19.25 inches, and this provides you with a convenient reach. Also, the section of the zapping is 8.6 x 7.2 inches, and this gives you extended coverage that will ensure you do not have to aim at anything. The coverage is efficient to catch all the insects over a significant area.

With this model, you will not have to worry about the positioning or where to hang it, whether in the house or within the compound. It is fitted with a hanging hook that will facilitate its position at various places and spaces. The hook, however, does not compromise its storage.

Above all, the model is the simplest to use. It is equipped with LED lights that will help you know when it is on or off. It has a button at the reach of your hands when you hold it that you only need to press and check the LED light and know when it is on and ready for use. This makes it easy and convenient for use by everyone, children, or adults.


  • LED lights to enhance its use 
  • Hanging hook for easy positioning 
  • High voltage for higher run-time and power to kill a variety of insects 
  • Impressive size for convenient reach hence extensive coverage 


  • None to mention 


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2.The Executioner Fly Killer Mosquito Swatter Racket Wasp Bug Zapper

Perhaps the highly rated and the most sought after Bug Zapper in the market today. This unit is made of ABS plastic, and this ensures its longevity when you want a model to serve you for years without replacement and still does the same work with an equal magnitude.

The model only requires 2 AA batteries to operate, and this makes it quite an inexpensive model. Besides, the company provides a one-year warranty from the time of purchase, eliminating your worries on the manufacturing defects and enhances the success of its use.

Moreover, this unit is longer measuring 50 cm long and has a larger working surface. Its high length and the excellent working surface makes it ideal for broad coverage and can trap more insects within such an area. This makes it a superb tool among the rest. 

Besides, this is a top-quality tool built from long-lasting material. It is even worth your investment since it is fully CE approved and trading standards passed. Purchasing this unit means investing in a model certified for its role and realizing the value attached to its price tag.


  • Easy to use 
  • Extensive coverage due to its long length 
  • Fully CE approved and met the trading standards 
  • Long-lasting, made from the ABS plastic 
  • Inexpensive and works with 2 AA batteries hence do not need cords (cordless)


  • Lacks the protective mesh


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3.ENKEEO 2-in-1 Camping Lantern Bug Zapper

ENKEEO is a 2 -in-1 tool made of a combination of a camping lantern and a mosquito zapper with a 360nm-400nm ultraviolet light offering a 16×16 foot mosquito-free zone. This unit is fitted with a long-lasting rechargeable battery rated 2000mAh. This battery produces a 20 hours run time with a lantern-only feature and 15 hours run time when set to work on a zapper only feature.

The coverage of this model is impressive, especially when you intend to use it within your home. The unit has total coverage of 256 feet of radius, which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

The model is fitted with various other elements that are not only eye-catching but also aims to enhance this model’s efficiency.For instance, this unit is equipped with a retractable hook, plastic cage, and a removable lampshade to improve safety by protecting you from touching the inner wiring that can cause shock.

ENKEEO is waterproof, and this makes it perfect for outdoor placement in your deck or patio. The IPX6 rating makes the exterior of this unit waterproof. This also limits the worries of the changing weather conditions when you place it in your backyard as the inner metal surfaces cannot rust with no water getting into the inner surfaces. The waterproof feature also makes it convenient to be cleaned under running water.

If you are looking for a device that will serve you both as a lantern and a bug zapper, you should look no further than this unit. Added to this, the model is lightweight and thus easy to transport. You can carry it along when going for nature walks or when you go for the camping trip. All in all, the model is much affordable, and this makes it an outstanding model.


  • It can be used both as a bug zapper and lantern 
  • Waterproof hence perfect for outdoor placement 
  • Compact and lightweight, weighing only 0.44 lbs thus relevant for camping trips 
  • Longer run time due to high battery life 
  • Reasonable price 


  • Slightly low coverage 


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4.Stinger Cordless Rechargable Insect Zapper

Stinger Cordless bug zapper is one of the most ideal tools when you want to get rid of the annoying insects or moths in your house or compound. This model features an in-built hook that enhances its positioning. You can effectively mount this model on the ceiling or a tree within your compound.

You do not have to worry about the condition of the atmosphere when you are using this model outside the houses or in damp places. The hook material construction has significantly limited the risks of rust. The hook is made of rustproof metal that will ensure it is not affected by the rusting elements. You can leave this unit outside as long as you wish until you have achieved your mission without having any fears of it getting damaged. 

The model is entirely wireless, as it works on a rechargeable battery. This means that you do not need to worry about the socket positions within your compound to use it. Sometimes you can go camping or on drive out to a cabin in the woods, and this should not be an issue because you can easily carry this model with you to keep the insects away. The batteries have a longer run-time, and you can be sure of service of up to three and a half hours with a single charge. 

However, the primary demerit with this model is its coverage. The model has pretty low coverage. This is not a significant issue since you may only require the zapper to cover your homestead and not the neighborhood. This model can only cover a 0.01-acre radius that I believe is not quite impressive. 

However, I still believe this is the preferable bug zapper when you are considering efficiency. It is one of the top models that can be effectively applied out in the wild, hence an excellent choice for those who want to go for camping trips. Its portability is also an added advantage.


  • It is portable and rechargeable 
  • The hook is made of rust-proof material 
  • In-built hook that enhances its positioning
  • Longer run-time of up to 3.5 hours 


  • Relatively low coverage 


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5.Solar Powered UV LED Bug Zapper & Lantern – Insect Killer

 The world is quickly changing to green technology and investments in other eco-friendly ways to produce electricity. One such method that has been put to place is the use of renewable sources of energy such as solar energy. This model uses solar power which is a renewable energy source and this makes it quite a cheap unit to use as there is no extra energy cost once you have a solar panel.

 This unit is powerful and long-lasting. The UV LED insect zapper setting in this unit helps attract and trap mosquitoes and the other flying insects over a wide coverage of up to 3500 sq feet. The tool utilizes a 1200v grid that ensures that it kills any insect that makes contact with it.

Also, this bug zapper will give you a longer run time of up to 15 hours. It is equipped with a top mounted, 6v/170mA polycrystalline silicon solar panel that charges its 2600mA rated battery that ensures a 15 hours of continuous use on zapper setting and up to 30 hours of using regular light when fully charged.

The settings under which you will work with the tool is not limited. The unit boasts two light modes that will facilitate its operations in a variety of settings. For instance, its UV LED insect zapper mode kills insects and other pests on contact while the normal lantern mode utilizes 8 LEDs to illuminate where you need it the most. Thus, you can effectively work with the model even in the dimly lit places. It will still attract and trap a verse amount of insects.

The design of this model makes it more portable and versatile for use in different situations. Its lightweight means you can go with it camping or in driveways to help keep the dangerous insects away. Your comfort during nature walks even late in the nights is ensured by this model. 

Moreover, you can effectively hang this model from tree branches or hooks in any desirable place where you need it due to its well designed handle with a hook for positioning. Its ground stake is also perfect for positioning of the lantern in your lawn or yard. 

However, one slight drawback with this model is that it can only be used at night. It will turn off when it senses light since it has a sensor used in the solar panel. The sensor technology in the solar panel enables it to charge during the day for use at night. This, however, should be a non-issue as most flying insects are common during the night hours and can disturb your sleep or comfort.


  • Uses solar energy which is eco-friendly 
  • Powerful and long-lasting 
  • Efficient positioning due to hooked handle and ground stake 
  • Two-mode operations hence versatile 


  • Functional at night only 


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6.GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer

The GLOUE bug zapper is fitted with the latest designs that make it one of the most effective and reliable mosquito killer tools available in the market today. The unit features numerous latest technologies with an LED Blue-violet band that emits 365-420nm wavelength. This high range of wavelength is desirable to most insects and has an impressive attraction with insects’ long-lasting stability. Besides, it is not only limited to killing mosquitoes but also other flying insects.

GLOUE produces an extremely powerful voltage that makes it more efficient and reliable for its work. The model attracts insects through the emission of UV light of high intensity. This ensures that the insects will make contact with the high voltage electrically charged metal grid for instant killing. 

This model also ensures the pollution of the environment and the safety of both humans and pests. There are no attractants added to realize its effectiveness. It is thus free from chemicals and therefore eco-friendly. It is versatile and can be used even in places where pesticides are not needed, such as in hospitals and kitchens.

The angle of slope of 45 degrees through which the model is designed makes it even more convenient. The mosquitoes automatically slide off and get trapped. Also, the sloping angle ensures there is no need to clean up the model as it ensues full range multi-cycle mosquito kill. It attracts, kills, and disposes of the dead mosquitoes and other insects.

However, if the physical cleaning is required, make sure the unit is not in use or not charging (unplugged). You then need to brush all the lingering dirt using a soft bristle brush.

Unlike other models that work on single or double modes, this unit operates in three modes and is controlled through a switch control. The first switch activates the regular light and the bug zapper mode. The second switch is used for the light mode, while the third switch is used only for the zapper mode. This implies that you can either choose to use a single-mode (zapper or light mode) or use both the modes through switch variations.


  • Can operate in three different modes through the switch control
  • Has a protective layer 
  • Has a full range multi-cycle mosquito kill 
  • It is convenient for use due to its 45-degree angle slope
  • Compact and Lightweight for easy portability hence appropriate for camping trips


  • Slightly limited lifetime 


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7.Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer

Flowtron BK-400 bug zapper is an excellent insect killer for both indoor and outdoor roles. However, it is efficient for outdoor jobs due to its extensive coverage and high killing power. Furthermore, this model can lure and execute insects in the range of over 1 acre, which gives it the best coverage compared to all other models I have reviewed. 

You do not have to worry about the possible shock from the activated grid when you power it on since a unique grate completely protects this unit. This ensures that you can use it outdoors and position it in your backyard even where the children are playing with less worries of them getting hurt from shock. 

This tool is the most effective for use as animal repellent decoys. If you have animals in your compound and intend to keep them safe at night from harmful insects, this model will ensure their safety from such harm while also providing them with the needed light within that area.

The effectiveness of this model has been enhanced by the free octenol luring substance that improves the attraction of the bugs. However, you do not need to buy any additional attractants that can be made of chemicals as this unit has a UV light that will attract large numbers of insects. I believe this is one model you must consider when buying bug zapper even though it employs cords.


  • Robust working range hence an extensive coverage 
  • It is safe for use within your compound as the surface is protected from kids
  • Can be used as an animal repellent decoy
  • Easy to clean


  • Requires cords to operate (battery not included)


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8.Miady Camping Bug Zapper

Miady Camping Bug Zapper is another model made from the current technological advancements to help boost its efficiency and convenience. The tool is fitted with built-in 6W LED chips with an output of up to 600 lumens and a 4000mA rechargeable battery that gives it the longest-running time. The unit gives up to 72 hours of run-time with a single charge, hence excellent for camping, and during power outages.

The action of this bug zapper is instant. It immediately attracts and kills insects with the slightest contact. The unit is fitted with a unique UV tube that produces a 365nm wavelength attractive to most flying insects as they approach any light source. This makes the zapping grid kill such insects at an instant. 

Miady has quite an impressive coverage of up to 500 sq. feet. The coverage is enhanced by the design of this model that allows it to spread light in all directions and attract insects on either side. 

Furthermore, it is eco-friendly, which is essential in support of environmental conservation by limiting the release of poisonous products into the atmosphere. This unit is non-toxic and pesticide-free. You will not need to add attractant when utilizing it. It is safe for human use and will not harm the pets around it. It can be conveniently used in houses.

Additionally, this unit is easy to clean. You only need to pull it out from the storage box and discard the dead insects, and it would be ready for use again. Its compactness also facilitates its secure storage. 


  • It is eco-friendly as it does not involve pesticides and other toxic chemicals (no attractants)
  • Easy to clean and store
  • Instant action 
  • The extended run-time of up to 72 hours 


  • None to mention 


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Best Cordless Bug Zapper Buyers’ Guide

There are numerous models of the best cordless bug zapper in the market today, and choosing the best, and the most appropriate for your application might be a challenge. Generally, there are three categories of factors you must consider before making a purchase decision for the bug zapper.

  1. The principle of operation- this defines whether the zapper should be operated manually or if it works automatically. 
  2. The area of use; This can be outdoor usage or indoor. It would be best if you considered where you are going to use the model. Other models are multipurpose; that is, they can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  3. The type of insects targeted. The lanterns work effectively to help kill the house flies and other flying insects. On the other hand, the rackets are vital in killing all the types of bugs and thus are multipurpose. However, for the small or tiny gnats, it would be a challenge to use rackets for the same, and therefore the lanterns would be appropriate for such jobs.

In addition to the three crucial considerations, when buying the best cordless bug zapper, ensure you have considered the following vital features;


The area of coverage is an essential element that you must consider when buying the bug zapper. The models I have reviewed in this article have coverage ranging from 256 feet to 1-acre. Based on the area you need to be covered, you can choose the model to buy. 

If you intend to use the model indoors, you do not need to consider a broad coverage. A model that can cover 500 feet and below will be ideal in that case. However, if you excessively want to use the model outdoors, you must consider a model with ample coverage. A model of between 500 feet to 1000 feet coverage radius will be ideal in such a case, and the same applies to the model for use both indoors and outdoors.

Mode of operation

Most of the bug zapper models enjoy a two-mode operation; that is, they can be used to produce regular light (lantern mode) and zapper mode (to attract insects and trap). You must ensure that the model you are buying has at least these two modes. A model with only the zapper mode may be inappropriate for use in some areas, especially in the dim-lit regions, as the lights are used to attract the insects.  

Moreover, other models, such as GLOUE Bug Zapper Light Bulb, are 2 in 1 Mosquito Killer that operate in three different modes. Such a model is equipped by a control switch used to change the modes arranged in order. The first switch is used to activate both the regular light and the zapper modes, second switch light only mode, and the third switch zapper only mode.

Such a unit with three different modes will allow you to use both the light mode and zapper mode simultaneously while you can also choose to use light only or zapper only mode depending on your preference.

Unlike other models that work on single or double modes, this unit operates in three modes and is controlled through a switch control. The first switch activates the regular light and the bug zapper mode. The second switch is used for the light mode, while the third switch gets utilized for the zapper mode only. This implies that you can either choose to use a single-mode (zapper or light mode) or use both the modes through switch variations.

The video below shows the black flag bug zapper in use to kill the mosquitoes


Size is another must-look feature to consider before you buy a given model. The size of any model you purchase will determine its coverage or reach, and this determines how effective it will be in trapping the flying insects.

Most of the models have sizes ranging between 15 inches to 50 inches. A model of 19.25 inch such as Black Flag ZR-7936-L Handheld Fly Zapper, will give you a convenient reach. The most vital aspect of larger sizes is that they limit your efforts on aiming at the insects. Added to the UV wavelength’s attractive qualities, such models will undoubtedly trap more insects at an instant.

Thus, the longer the length of your model, the more insects it can trap at an instant. Once you have considered your working area, you must find the size of your model to give you extended coverage.

Other Important features 

Other essential features may not have huge implications but are necessary for the durability and safety of the use of your model. 

One of the essential features that you must consider is the water-proof and rustproof elements. Such features will ensure that your model is kept free from rusting. This will also help enhance the durability of your model. It will also ensure that you do not worry about the damp conditions when you live your models outside.

You should also look into the hanging hook in these models because they help in the positioning of the model. The hook, however, should not compromise the storage of these devices.

Moreover, some models come with LED lights as added aesthetics. The LED lights are placed next to the switch. They help you determine if the model is on and ready for use. They help enhance the ease of use of the bug zappers.

A unique grate is also fitted in most of the models to help protect you from shock when you touch the activated grid. The protection of the wires also ensures that you can confidently leave your model in your backyard where the children are playing, and you do not need to worry about them getting hurt.


The mosquitoes and other flying insects can be a real nuisance in your home and the compound. Apart from the disturbance that they cause, they are also associated with the transmission of various diseases such as malaria that are very dangerous, especially to the children in your home.

 You should ensure that your family is protected from such insects, and one sure way to have this guarantee is to buy the best cordless bug zapper. The zapper models are designed for operations in different areas. Some are multipurpose and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

 Depending on your preferred area of application, you should ensure that you are well-versed with the purpose of the tool you want to buy.

The multipurpose bug zappers are ideal, and they are lightweight, making them even more efficient and convenient. You can efficiently go camping with these models and never have any problem with the insects and other flying insects. 

In this guide, I have listed and described some of the most sought after models such as the Executioner Fly Killer Mosquito Swatter Racket Wasp Bug Zapper that is multipurpose and has the most extensive coverage. 

I hope this article helps you make the right purchase decision.

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