9 Best Cordless Air Compressor of 2023 [REVIEWS & BUYERS’ GUIDE]

An image of DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Air Compressor, an example of the best cordless air compressor


An image of one of the best cordless air compressor in use to inflate a car tire

In the past decade, most of the used air inflators were corded. However, the best cordless air compressor models have revolutionary taken the top lead. The units are portable, so you can refill your inflatables any time and anywhere. These units also have an LCD system that you use to pre-set and control the air pressure. Some even have LED lights for night illumination. Moreover, if you are an amateur, this is the best device to use. It has an auto-stop mechanism that prevents your inflatable from taking in excess air.

However, how will you know the inflator you want is the best for your application? Below of the top models and a guide for choosing an effective inflator. 

Best Cordless Air Compressor Reviews 2023

1.Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor

The Avid power inflator is highly effective for numerous applications, including inflating cars, motorcycles, and bicycle tires. Besides, you can also use it off-road for implementations such as enlarging life buoys, inflatable boats, sports balls, and other materials that require inflation. However, this air compressor is not ideal for large trucks.An image of Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor, one of the best cordless air compressor you might consider having in your tool collection

Like with its best cordless car tire inflator counterpart, the unit has an automatic stop function that controls the amount of pressure entering your inflatable. You only have to key in the value corresponding to the amount you wish to pump- And this automotive compressor does the rest for you by shutting down when it reaches the pressure set.

In addition to its cordless scheme, this unit has a dual power supply system- That comprises a rechargeable 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery pack and a 12V car adapter to enhance your convenience when operating. Besides that, you can keep an eye on the battery level using the real-time capacity indicator. This device ensures accuracy using its +/- 1psi allowance.


  • This tool has a bright LED light to facilitate your vision when working in the dark.
  • Compact and lightweight at only 3.96 pounds.
  • It comes with one battery and a 12V car adapter.
  • The tool has an auto-stop function.
  • You can use it for numerous inflation applications.


  • This unit is not appropriate for large truck tires. 


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2.DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only (DCC020IB)

Even though the  DCC020IB DEWALT air compressor is a cordless appliance, it can also take power from three other sources- This includes its 20V max battery, 12V DC or 110V AC. Thus, it increases its versatility for job site purposes or on the go. A picture of DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator. Another significant model among the best cordless air compressor collection

This unit comes fully packed with all the necessary accessories for different applications. They comprise threaded chuck and other integrated ornaments- This gives the okay to use this inflator on varying equipment types, from football to car tires.

The Dewalt 20V max inflator also has an embedded digital gauge that you can use to set your desired air pressure. It also incorporates an automatic shut off mechanism that stipulates accuracy during inflation.

Additionally, working with this unit is convenient and efficient, gratitude to its high volume hose that facilitates fast inflation over various inflatable materials. It also has nested LED lights for effective working in the dark.


  • Onboard LED lights for dark places convenience.  
  • This tool can run on three different power sources.
  • It has suitable onboard accessory storage.
  • The tool also has an automatic shutoff with a high-pressure inflation mode.
  • It also has a high deflection and volume modes.


  • It does not come with the battery, charger, and AC power adapter.


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3.Ryobi Portable Power Inflator

The Ryobi portable power inflator has a more compact body as compared to other air compressors. Thus, you can comfortably strap it with you when traveling. This tool also has a user-friendly pistol grip handle that ensures your comfort during operation and transportation ease. an image of the Ryobi P737 18-Volt ONE+ Portable Cordless Power Inflator for Tires, a great model in the family of the best cordless air compressors

Employing this tool will save you the extra coin and time that you might spend on getting more accessories for other portable air condensers. Ryobi’s P737D comes with all the supplements necessary for inflation, like the sports equipment needle.  Besides that, it also swanks of its two high-pressure nozzles that deliver air at a constant set pressure.

Additionally, this tool also flaunts its new onboard numeric pressure gauge, which monitors the air flowing through the nozzle. This unit utilizes Ryobi’s ONE + battery system, which has an excellent robust power to all your inflation applications. Besides, this tool also has a storage unit at its base that can hold all the bits and nozzles.


  • This tool’s 20” hose and 2” pressure gauge ensures maximum inflation.
  • It produces air at a pressure ranging from 0-150 psi.
  • The tool has a storage compartment for bits and nozzles.
  • It’s smaller than other compressors.
  • Ergonomic pistol handle grip for comfort and less fatigue.


  • This tool’s battery rating is at 18V.
  • It has no LED lighting system.


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4.DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Air Compressor Kit (DCC2560T1)

This design has a sturdy oil-free pump that imparts a corded machine’s power despite that DCC2560T1 is a cordless device. It has a strong, highly competent brushless motor that gets its robust power from the flex volt 60V max battery.An image of DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Air Compressor, an example of the best cordless air compressor

Furthermore, the DEWALT FLEXVOLT has an air tank that holds up to 2.5 gallons of air. Thus, it has a tank pressure limit of 135psi- That conveys up to 1.2 SCFM at 90psi.  This device also features a one turn regulator. It’s this patented dial that you use to regulate the air for unerring pressure modification.

This unit comes with a durable protective roll cage and rubber feet that absorb any vibration, preventing it from walking for safety reasons. The DCC2560T1 generates up to 1220 nails per charge. Therefore, ideal for baseboards, molding, deck lattice, door and window casing work, and furniture and cabinet projects.


  • The machine has an embedded with a large-capacity air tank at 2.5 gallons.
  • This device produces up to 60V of energy from its DCB606 flexvolt lithium-ion battery.
  • It has a brushless motor and a heavy-duty oil-free pump.
  • This tool has a franchised, accurate pressure regulator.
  • It also has a maximum tank pressure of 135 PSI.


  • It weighs 25.5 lbs.


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5.Oasser Air Compressor Electric Inflator

The Oasser electric air compressor has an enormous rechargeable 2200mAh lithium-ion battery. With this device, you have assured durability and excellent performance- Since it has a maximum inflatable pressure of up to 130 PSI. Moreover, the Oasser electric fluffer can inflate up to four car tires of size 185/70R/70R14 when fully charged.An image of Oasser Air Compressor, a unit among the best cordless air compressors

This tool emulates modern, fashionable design. Besides, it’s also portable and compatible with LED lights on the unique pistol-shaped pump. Thereby, a convenient means to use both during the day and night.

With its LCD digital pressure gauge, it’s capable of displaying the power usage. You achieve this by presetting your desired tire pressure and then let the machine self regulate. On top of that, the LCD system displays the values in three different units, which include PSI, BAR, and Kg/cm^2.


  • Hasty and easy to use.
  • It’s compatible with any kind of valve.
  • This tool has a great air pump and a vigorous air compressor.
  • LED lights for day and night use.
  • They also have a digital LCD system. 
  • It comes with an abundance of accessories, including a storage bag, two air horses, 13.78” and 4.72”, 12V power base, quick coupling, and tooling rubber gloves.


  • It has an input voltage of only 12V.


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6.Makita DMP180ZX 18V LXT Cordless Inflator

The Makita DMP180ZX LXT cordless air compressor has a potent Makita-built motor that transmits up to 120 PSI of pressure. This device is a division of the world’s most massive cordless scheme, powered by the 18V lithium-ion slip-mode battery. They have the most rapid charge time in their genre.An image of Makita DMP180ZX 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Inflator. This is also another essential model among the best cordless air compressor

The DMP180ZX LXT also has an auto stop system that stops the machine after reaching the desired pressure. It also swanks with its conspicuous pressure gauge with blacklight for easy supervision and LED lights for night illumination.

Furthermore, it also relishes with the star protection computer controls. It’s capable of exchanging data with the battery in real-time- This enables it to oversee the machine’s performance and protect it from overloading, overheating, and over-discharging. 

Additionally, it has a long hose measuring at 25½” for better access to the inflatable tool. Its handle has a soft rubberized grip to absorb all vibrations, thus providing you with comfort while working.


  • Lengthy hose for improved reach.
  • Well suited with a Makita 18V lithium-ion battery with a symbol star.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • Capable of producing a pressure of 120 PSI.
  • Convenient for cars and light truck tires.
  • It has a highly discernible pressure gauge flaunt with a blacklight.


  • This unit uses only genuine Makita batteries and chargers.


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 7.BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator

The BLACK+DECKER inflator is among the best cordless air compressors. It has the capability of utilizing three diverse sources of power consisting of 12V DC, 120V AC, and 20V max battery- This ensures that your inflatables never run flat despite your location. an image representation of BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator, Cordless & Corded Power, a great example among the best cordless air compressor family

This unit has a nested motor that delivers a high volume output to fill oversized inflatables like the air mattresses and rafts in the shortest time. Besides, this device gloats with its deflate mechanism that swiftly drains the air for quick tidies.

Like most air compressors, the BDIF20C design also features the pressure gauge regulator and an automatic shut-off system for convenient pumping. Anyway, handle all your inflatable needs with ease- using these tools’ ball needle, BDINF20 inflator, one Presta valve adapter, a large volume hose, and a petite inflatable adapter.


  • It has an improvised gauge to view pre-set and target pressure.
  • This tool’s motor delivers high volume and pressure outputs.
  • The automatic shutoff system satisfies its economic benefits by saving on power usage.
  • It is compatible with three power sources.
  • You have two years guarantee on the tool’s performance.
  • This tool also has a deflate function for easy emptying and cleaning up.


  • The battery isn’t part of the purchase.


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8.TACKLIFE Rechargeable Cordless Tire Inflator 

This unit has adapted to the 2020 upgrade version. It’s now capable of pumping the exact amount of air as you precise. Besides, it also has an air chuck, designed to act as a valve to prevent air leakage during inflation.A picture representation of TACKLIFE Rechargeable Cordless Tire Inflator - Handheld Air Compressor, a versatile unit among the best cordless air compressor models

The TACKLIFE cordless inflator has a vigorous 2200mAh lithium-ion battery that provides its efficient workability. Unlike other air compressors, this unit has got LCD system that displays in four different denominations, including Psi, Kpa, Kg/cm^2, and Bars.

Additionally, this device has an in-built superb, bright LED light with three diverse modes comprising SOS, spotlight, and strobe. Further to that, this tool is portable, with only a third the volume and weight of a customized air compressor. The ACP1E also has a rubberized handle that is heat-resistant and anti-stick. Thus, stabilizes the machine in your palm when you grip.


  • This unit is the latest design incorporating all the possible technology.
  • The LCD exhibits the pressure in four optional units.
  • It comes with three adapters for multi-purpose functioning.
  • The tool is compact and lightweight.
  • The LED flashlight is super bright with three varying modes.
  • This unit also brags with its specially engineered air chuck that prevents leakage.


  • It’s not suitable for gigantic inflatables.


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9.Ridgid R0230 1 Gal. 18-Volt Brushless Cordless Air Compressor 

Ridgid R0230 cordless air compressor delivers a vigorous power even though it’s refurbished. It has an 18V lithium-ion battery-powered with its heavy-duty brushless motor. Thus, producing up to 120 PSI better than other inflators.A picture representation of Ridgid R0230 1 Gal. 18-Volt Brushless Cordless Air Compressor, an example of the best cordless air compressor units

The R0230 has a large pressure tank that holds up to 1 gallon of air- This enables you to do all your inflations and other duties ranging from trimming to finishing applications. Additionally, this device gloats with its lock-regulate system- That ensures your inflatables get the right pressure by preventing any pressure changes while pumping.

Moreover, it also boasts with the 1/4 – turn ball valve tank. This dial is capable of emptying the one-gallon tank by just making a solitary turn. Being a refurbished machine, the R0230 is compatible with many attachments- This includes an 18GA narrow crown stapler, 16GA straight finish nailer, 18GA narrow crown stapler, 15GA angled finish nailer, and a headless pinner.


  • This tool is a refurbished machine with the power of a new device.
  • This unit also has an incredible nested locking-regulator to prevent pressure changes.
  • A robust brushless motor.
  • Ideal for use with five other attachments.
  • It has a one-gallon pressure tank.
  • Applicable also in trimming and finishing.


  • The attachments are not part of the purchase.


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Best Cordless  Air Compressors 2022 Buyers’ Guide 

Cordless air inflators have evolutionarily taken the mantle of their effective purposes. They are now commonly used by many for different inflation purposes. Being cordless, they have an embedded battery and motor that provides potent power for their numerous applications.

However, there are many manufacturing companies as there are diverse designs- This has rendered picking the best cordless air compressor a demanding task to many. But put your troubles aside, below is a list of the reasons and factors you will consider before making your next purchase.   

Reasons why you should buy a Cordless Air Compressor

It’s cordless. This device has eliminated the use of corded inflators. It has a nested strong lithium-ion battery that enables you to fill your inflatables no matter where you are.

Multi-purpose. Being an air compressor, it’s not only used to pump air in the car, bicycle, or motorcycle tires. You can use this unit over a variety of applications, including trimming, finishing, inflating lifebuoys, sports balls, inflatable boats, mattresses, and other billows.

Easy to use. Even if you are an amateur, you won’t face trouble using the cordless air compressor. It has an LCD system that displays the pressure you are using in optional units. Besides, you just need to pre-set it and leave it to self-regulate.

Usable in dark places. Most of these units come with LED lights that make it convenient to work both during the day, at night, and in dark spaces.

Portable. With this device, you can do all your inflation anywhere. It’s very light and compact. Thus, you can carry it on your bike, car, or even your backpack.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Cordless Air Compressor

Automatic stop function

The cordless air inflator is a self-regulatory device. So when ordering for one, you should consider if it has an auto-stop function or the condition of the stop function. This dial helps you save on power and also protects your inflatables from taking in excess air. 

Additionally, this dial is straightforward to use. You just have to key in the desired value that corresponds to the amount of pressure you need- and the machine will do the rest for you.

LED lights

The LED lights help you to work efficiently in dark places or during the night. Some units like the TACKLIFE Rechargeable Cordless Tire Inflator, have a more improvised superior lighting system. These consist of three lighting modes, including SOS, spotlight, and strobe. 

Although all the air compressors perform the same task, I recommend that you choose the one with LED lights for effective inflations at odd times.


To prevent over pumping and ensure accuracy, then your device needs to have an LCD system. This scheme is capable of displaying all your pre-set values in different optional units such as kg/cm^2, Bars, Psi, and Kpa.

Besides, this system also enables you to monitor the battery level and alerts you on the next charging time.


Being a cordless air conditioner, it comes with a nested vigorous lithium-ion battery. However, the battery ratings also matter a lot. For instance, if your machine has a higher rating, it will perform more effectively as compared to those that have a lower rating.

Most standard batteries have a maximum of 60V while other designs have a maximum of 20V. However, some units like the DEWALT (DCC020IB) and  BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Tire Inflator can work under three different sources, including their 20V battery, a direct current, and an alternating current input.


The motor acts as the heart of the machine. It’s the one that converts the battery power to a rotary motion that propels the air out of the compressor at a very high speed. Brush-less motors are the best for cordless appliances.


Additional specs on your air compressor will give you a new experience in inflation. For instance, the handle should have a rubberized, heat-resistant, non-stick design to increase your comfort while working.

Due to vibrations from the motor, you should also consider a compressor with a rubber base- This helps prevent the machine from walking while in operation. Some units also have a storge kit to keep all the bits while transporting the machine. 

Additionally, you should also contemplate a machine that is compatible with other attachments for different inflation purposes.

The video below offers the tips of using the best cordless air compressor for the DIY projects


Cordless air compressors have proven to be more effective on different inflatables. Besides, their portable nature never lets you run flat. You can also use these devices on numerous applications apart from just inflating tires.

However, when choosing the best cordless air condenser always remember to look at the key aspects mentioned above. My best pick is the DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Air Compressor Kit (DCC2560T). It has a 2.5 gallons pressure tank hence delivers up to 135psi of pressure with 1220 nails per charge.

With all the reviews and guides above, I hope you will make a rationed decision when choosing the best cordless air compressor.

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