How to unblock numbers on Panasonic Cordless Phone

An image showing the call block feature in PANASONIC Expandable Cordless Phone System with Link2Cell Bluetooth, Voice Assistant, Answering Machine and Call Blocking, one of the best cordless panasonic phones with answering machine

The distinguished Panasonic brand has made several models of cordless phones that are highly acknowledged for their suitability and empirical nature to ease communication in homes and offices.

Using advanced technology, the Panasonic brand has graced the market with phones that have prominent installed features to make your life manageable. The most significant characteristic is the call barring, which allows you to block unwanted calls from fraudulent numbers, advertising companies, or people you have fallen out with and no longer want to communicate with.

After receiving a nuisance call or a robocall, you can hurriedly try to block the number to avoid such calls again and, in the process, unknowingly place another number in a blocklist when that wasn’t your intention. You can be infuriated if you can’t locate the manual to rectify this mistake. Relax!

In this article, I will take you through how to unblock numbers on Panasonic cordless phones using straightforward steps.

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How to unblock numbers on Panasonic Cordless Phones

You’ll first have to find the list of blocked contacts. To do so, go to the phone menu, then scroll down to locate the block list option. Once the option is highlighted, push the enter key and then skim to identify the number you want to unblock. After you’ve found the number, highlight it and delete it from the block list.

As an alternative, you can also try this trick. Move to the phone menu, then dial #217 on your keypad. The call block list will appear. Using the arrow Up and Down buttons, scroll to find the number you wish to unblock. Select the number, then press Yes to affirm, followed by Erase. This way, you can now receive calls from this unblocked number.

It is essential to note that most Panasonic models provide an ingenious Automated Call Block feature. This handy feature allows you only to receive calls from contacts featured in the Allow list. In addition, the units also provide various methods to block numbers. You can opt to block;

  1. A single number: this method bars a call of an individual number from coming through.
  2. Multiple numbers: this method allows you to block various numbers associated with a pattern, such as telephone prefixes, toll-free numbers, or an area code.
  3. Unknown callers: the unit allows you to block unrecognized numbers.

If you accidentally block multiple numbers, how then do you unblock them? It is quite simple. Follow the guide as mentioned above and unblock each of the numbers. If that sounds too tedious, Use the Arrow Down button to select ‘Block range of numbers’ or ‘Block a single number.’ Press SELECT, then MENU. Select ‘Unblock all’ using the Down Arrow button, then press OK. You are good to go!

The video below illustrates how to block and unblock calls on a Panasonic Cordless Phone

How to Delete Phone Numbers on a Cell Phone

Deleting a contact from your phonebook won’t stop the person from messaging or calling your number. Unless you block the number, the individual can still contact you as long as they have your number.

Deleting a single number in a phonebook

  • Locate the desired number you want to delete in your phonebook 
  • Press the MENU button
  • Push the upward arrow or the down arrow to select ERASE
  • Press SELECT
  • Press the down arrow or the upward arrow to select YES
  • Then press select.
  • Press exit button

Deleting all entries in a phonebook in a Panasonic Phone 

When you decide to remove all the contacts in your phone, follow the following steps to achieve the desired results.

  • Press the left arrow to select the phonebook
  • Push the MENU button
  • Press the up arrow or the down arrow button to choose Erase all
  • Press select
  • Press the upward arrow or the down arrow button to select all contact or the desired group
  • Press SELECT
  • Press the arrow up or down button to select yes 
  • Press OFF

How do I clear the memory on my Panasonic Phone?

The Panasonic cordless phone can only allow a certain number of entries in the phonebook and messages. When the maximum number of messages or the phonebook is reached, the phone may start to slow down in performance, an element that may compromise its efficiency. You will be prompted to clear the phone memory, and when you are not acquainted with the basic steps, this can be a significant challenge altogether.

The following steps outline how to clear the handset memory when it’s full;

  • Press the CALL BLOCK button
  • Press SELECT
  • Press the upward arrow or the down arrow button to select blocked calls count
  • To clear the block call counts, press CLEAR 
  • Press the arrow up or arrow down button to select YES
  • Push the select button
  • Press the EXIT button

How do you open a blocklist?

Suppose you want to block messages or calls from someone you do not wish to have in your phonebook contact anymore. Follow the following procedure to stop the nuisance numbers.

Save the number in your contacts

To block a number so that you don’t receive calls or messages, you first need to save the number in your phonebook. Then from the list, you can block the number you want in the phonebook.

Add the number you want to block to the blocklist

Access your phonebook where the contacts are, then press the MENU button and select block this contact option or add it to the blocklist.

Use a third-party application to manage the blocklist

There are numerous applications free or paid that allow you to control the Panasonic blocklist. Visit the Panasonic play store to download them; by typing blocklist numbers in the search bar, you will access the call blocker or call blocklist. If you are unsure how to safely download these applications on your Panasonic handset, you should contact a specialist. 

How do you reset a Panasonic phone?

Resetting a malfunctioning phone will restore the factory setting and cause you to lose all stored information like messages and saved phone numbers.

  • Slide the battery cover from the back of the Panasonic cordless phone.
  • Raise the battery or the battery pack from the battery compartment
  • Disconnect the power adapter from the base of the phone. The power adapter pulls out of the outlet on the back of the unit. Remove the phone line from the lowest part of the base.
  • Leave the battery, phone line, and the power adapter disconnected for about 60 seconds
  • Connect the phone line and power adapter back into the phone base.
  • Put the battery pack into the battery compartment, then slide the battery cover over the case. 

How do I take my Panasonic home phone off the silent mode?

The phone can be in silent mode when someone activates the silent mode, or in some instances it can happen by itself. The silent mode can also occur when the speaker is silent. The handset may not ring when someone calls your phone. To removing your handset in silent mode, you can change your phone ringer to default using the following steps.

  • Pick up the handset and press the MENU button.
  • Scroll using the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to display the desired setting. Since you are removing the phone in silent mode, select the OFF display.
  • Press the SAVE soft key, which is the button beneath the display.
  • Press the OFF button (to exit programming). The Zzz will go away on the display of the handset.

How do I check my voicemail on my Panasonic cordless phone?

To access a voicemail on a Panasonic phone, first, you must set up the voicemail. The voicemail service allows the caller to leave a message when you are unavailable.

Setting up voicemail

  • Press the voicemail message or HOLD/MSG on the Panasonic handset
  • Dial your default voicemail passcode and press #. 
  • The Panasonic service provides you with a default voicemail passcode in your welcome email. In case you don’t have your voicemail passcode, you can contact your service manager.
  • Dial your new passcode and press #. Confirm the new passcode and press the # button.
  • Record your first and last name, then press #
  • Press 1 to access the voice messaging in the main menu.
  • Follow the prompts to retrieve voicemail messages and record your greetings.

How to Block a Number with CenturyLink

You can use the Selective Call Rejection feature on your CenturyLink phone line to block any number you want, including your last caller. The most exciting feature of this feature is that your callers are informed through a recording that you are not accepting calls once you have placed them in a block list, hence they cannot call you or reach your line.

However, with the CenturyLink handset, you can block and unblock these calls at leisure (when you want). You can follow the below process to block a number from CenturyLink.

  • Take your CenturyLink handset and listen for the dial tone.
  • Secondly, locate the Selective Call Rejection feature on the menu by dialing “60.” If you are using a rotary phone, dial “1160.”
  • In your handset, locate and press the “#” button on the handset and wait for the tone. Again, in case you are utilizing a rotary phone, dial “12.”
  • Enter the phone number you wish to block, followed by a “#” key to confirm the selection of the number. For the rotary phones, you do not need to press any key. Instead, give it a time of about five seconds to confirm the selection.
  • Once the selection is complete, you will be notified that the number was successfully added. You can now hang up the phone.

Retrieving voicemail message

The red indicator light on the cordless phone notifies you when you have a new voicemail. The message button will display the voicemail count.

Step 1. Pick up the phone and press the voicemail message or HOLD/ MSG

Step 2. Type in your voicemail passcode and then press #

Step 3. Follow the voice prompts to retrieve your voicemail message.

How to Unblock SIM Card

Any Subscriber Identity Module (SIM Cards) prevents the unauthorized use of phone numbers due to their built-in security features. Your SIM card always has the default simple Personal Identification Number (PIN) code “0000” or an elaborate 4–8-digit unique code set by the user.

If you forget this pin and make more than three unsuccessful attempts, your SIM card may be blocked. You will then be prompted to enter a Personal Unblocking Key (PUK Code). The PUK code is unique for every phone and is set at the factory.

If you have forgotten your pin, you can use the PUK code to unlock your phone. Follow the below process.

  • The first step to unlocking your SIM card is contacting your phone carrier to obtain the PUK code. Your PUK code is always retained by your carrier, who supplied you with the SIM card. You can call them free of charge or visit their website and register your details, and they will send you a PUK code.
  • Using your phone, attempt to unlock the SIM card. Suppose it is yet to request a PUK code. Try to enter 4-digit numbers three times until it prompts you to enter a PUK code.
  • Enter your PUK code that you have gotten from your carrier.
  • Decide on a unique new PIN and enter it when prompted by your phone. Once you have entered the PUK code, the phone will require a new pin. You need to confirm the new pin entry.
  • Lastly, reboot the phone. Turn it off and then back on. You can now enter your new PIN. This way, your SIM card is now unblocked.

Frequently asked questions

Where is the delete button on a Panasonic phone?

The directions for deleting messages or contacts differ per Panasonic models. You can press the delete or erase button at the beginning, during, or after the messages or press the delete button on the phone system with the integrated answering machine twice to delete all messages.

Why does my Panasonic phone keep flashing?

Many Panasonic phones have an answering machine function that keeps track of the calls you receive on your landline when you are not around. The light on the base of the unit will flash when you receive a message. Other phones will display the number of messages you have received or will make a tone sound.

How do I stop my Panasonic phone from flashing?

To make your handset stop flashing, you have to listen to the received message. Press the play button on the base of the unit and listen to the voice messages. You can typically press the enveloped icon on your cordless phone. The system will first play the new message then followed by any saved message. The light on the base unit and the cordless phone will turn off once you’ve listened to all voicemails.

What is *82 on my phone?

The number *82 temporarily unblocks your number when your calls get temporarily rejected. Some phone providers or users can block private numbers; hence, you will bypass the filter using this code.

How do I find my blocked list on my Panasonic phone?

If you blocked some numbers and want to retrieve them from the blocked list, go to the main menu of your phone and scroll down. Check the “block call list” in the menu. Select it and when it is highlighted, push the enter button to access the list of all the blocked numbers.

The Panasonic phones have the blocked calls list in their menu. You can easily locate it from the phone’s menu.

How can I tell if someone blocked my number without calling them?

Try sending a text of any kind to the person you suspect to have blocked your number. If you received a ‘Delivered’ notification below it, then you are not blocked. If you receive a notice that the message is not delivered or you get no notification at all, then there is a higher chance you are blocked.

How can I text someone who has blocked me?

When someone blocks you on their phone, you won’t get an alert when it happens. But you can still use iMessage to text your former contact, the message will send as usual, and you don’t get an error message. Still, they’ll never receive the text or any notification of a text received in their Messages app. The iMessage would attempt to send the text message, but it will be resent to you after a few minutes that it was not received. 

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Many Panasonic cordless phones have an installed feature to block these unwanted calls from strange people, advertising companies, sales solicitors, or people you no longer want to talk to, making your life more manageable. By placing the number in the block list, you cannot receive calls from these numbers. People no longer have to disconnect their phones manually as the Panasonic phones automatically disconnect, and you’re not bothered with the phone ringing.  But, when you accidentally put a number in a blocklist and never intended it to be so, you can rectify this situation by accessing the list of blocked numbers and removing the number from that list.

The procedural steps on how to unblock numbers on Panasonic Cordless Phone is crucial and I hope you get help from the article.

Thank you!

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