How to Restring Cordless Cellular Shades

Cordless cellular shades is a popular name in the field of window covering and are illustriously known to offer an innovative design with a sleek look to match numerous styles of your home décor. If you are drooling for blinds that, besides excellent insulation, also offer better privacy, then cordless cellular shades might be the perfect solution. These units integrate the sense of rich fabric cells that can confine air exactly when offering improved insulation. The cellular shades come in handy when privacy is needed as they incorporate multiple layers that obviate light, meaning it is strenuous to see through these blinds from outside.

Amid hot seasons, the cellular shades configure cool air on the inside. In contrast, they conserve heat within your room in the cold season by maintaining the room temperature, ensuring no energy loss. For an extra level of seclusion, opt for the double cell with room darkening fabrics. Many users end up subscribing to these units, given that they are safer to use than the standard cord options. However, the inevitable issue that faces homeowners is how to fix the blinds, and they are always striving to establish “how to restring cordless cellular shades.” 

Even though restringing cordless cellular shades may not require any special skills, there is a step-by-step guide to rescuing you from the hassle when you have to restring them. You will need to remove the cellular shades from the window and bed them. Carefully remove the cord lock at the top of the headrail or the inside and slide the rails while determining the length of the string. Insert the new string taking into consideration the length of the removed string and re-insert the rails. You will then put the caps back on and test the functionality of the new strings. Quite amazing! Right?

the image of Windowsandgarden Custom Cordless Single Cell Shades shows the perfect reason why individual always sought for the answer to "how to restring cordless cellular shades" due to the convenience that they give while filtering light inside a house

How to Restring Cordless Cellular Shades 

Now that you have a brief overview of the needed process to restring the cordless cellular shades, below is an in-depth guide on the step-by-step process to restring the cellular shades.

Step 1: Remove the Shade

Carefully follow the steps to remove the cordless cellular shade from the window. Reference the in-depth tutorial provided by Ifixit’s guide on “How to Restring Cellular Shades” for comprehensive instructions. Remember to adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines throughout the process.

Step 2: Access the Cord Mechanism

Accessing the inner workings of the shade requires a certain level of finesse. Utilize insights from the guide to navigate this step effectively. Emphasize the importance of handling the shade with care to avoid accidental damage.

Step 3: Restring the Shade

This detailed section provides step-by-step instructions for the restringing process. Additionally, reference the guide for alternative perspectives and approaches. Address potential challenges during restringing and offer tips to overcome them.

Step 4: Reassembling and Testing

After restringing, it’s time to put the shade back together. Carefully follow the instructions to ensure all components are in place. Testing the shade’s operation is crucial before considering the task complete. Furthermore, a troubleshooting tip is provided to assist with any post-restringing issues that may arise.

The video below provides the steps involved in restringing cordless cellular shades

However, sometimes, the cordless cellular shades may fail to go up once you have restrung them or installed them for the first time. This should no longer be a worry because I have given you an insight into what to do when you are caught up in such a situation.

How to fix cordless cellular shades

Cordless cellular shades are among the common window coverings. These units help regulate the amount of light entering your room and enhance both security and privacy. Also, since they lack the entangled blinds, these units boast immense safety, and you would not be worried about using them near your crawling children or pets.

However, despite these exclusive benefits, your window treatments may be damaged over time due to wear and tear. However, this does not mean that you now through what you have already invested in or start panicking. You can learn a more straightforward way on how to fix cordless blinds. The process does not take any special skills, so you will not need to call any professional.

Below are some of the easiest ways to fix your cordless cellular shades;

Reactivation of the Spring Mechanisms

You may fret when your cordless blinds won’t go up. Often, the inner springs of your cellular shade may be inactivated when you keep them closed or opened for a long time. However, this does not mean the string is broken, as most individuals always rush to seek an effective way on how to fix cordless blinds broken string. The practice only requires you to re-activate the inner springs.  

For instance, if your cellular shade won’t go up, begin by gently lowering the shade to the lowest it can go. If it is already at the lowest end, pull it towards you at an angle of 45 -degrees. By doing so, the cord system inside your cellular shade will start to operate as new as it shall have been activated. If you do not realize the activation in the first process, repeat the same process a few more times, as this will perfectly fix the cellular shades that have been de-activated.

Realign the uneven shades

Do not pull or tug your cordless blinds on either end when they seem uneven, as they will make them look even more lopsided. Worst still, the practice can damage the material, and this can be costly in the end.

To fix the uneven shades:

  1. Grasp the bottom portion of your window covering in your hand.
  2. Grip the shade from the middle and pull it downward.
  3. Note that the motion can be brisk but gentle.
  4. Repeat the motion with all your uneven blinds until they are even. This will perfectly fix the uneven cellular shades. 

Remove the Steel Rods

At times, fixing cellular shades would involve the removal of the steel rods as it may be where the problem lies. The steel rods are located at the bottom end of your blinds.

 If you notice the steel rods are not working normally, remove the end caps and locate the two long steel pieces. Take one out, and then put the end caps back on. The blinds should work if the steel rods were the problem. Sometimes, the solution may involve removing both ends of the steel rods. However, do not forget to put the caps back on.

Test the Friction Clips

One of the most integral mechanisms inside the cordless blinds is the fiction clips. The fiction clips play a significant role in your cellular shades as they help the window blinds recoil. 

However, sometimes, these clips may malfunction, establishing closing and opening problems. In most cases, realigning the shades or reactivating the springs would solve most of these problems. However, if the two did not work for you, consider removing one or even more friction clips. 

To remove the friction clips;

  1. Open the headrail and locate the friction clip inside.
  2. Remove one of the clips and put the headrail back on.
  3. Test if the cellular shade is working perfectly. If it does, you do not need to remove another clip. However, if the blind is still not working properly, you will do more inspection.
  4. Again, remove the headrail, locate the clips and remove another clip. 
  5. Repeat this process until the shades work normally. 

What to do when the cordless cellular shade fails to go up

Fixing a cordless cellular shade that does not go up is a common issue among homeowners. Keeping your cordless shades closed for an extended period means they are high chances of the interior springs becoming inactive. But you can easily stimulate them by focusing on these simple steps.

  • If the shade fails to move up, begin by gently trying to lower it to the furthest point. When it reaches a maximum length, drag it towards your direction at 45 degrees angle.
  • Level the varying shades and try not to tug on both ends. As an alternative, hold the lower part of the window covering in your hands and drag the shade to a lower position. Ensure that the motion is amiable. Redo the motion with the blinds so that they gain a new look.

Note: After the close of the operation, test your shade to assert that it’s functional again. You can exercise that by raising your shade to maximum height. If it does not stretch fully, revisit the steps until the moment it retracts up again. Remember to always employ a gentle tug to evade damaging your cordless cellular shade.

The benefits of understanding how to restring cordless cellular shades.

 Having a few tips on how to restring cordless cellular shade is a convenience you can count on. To make things interesting, you can fix these units by yourself without the help of qualified people or by calling the manufacturer. But that is if you utilize the steps provided in this article carefully.

Another benefit of mastering the simple steps is that you can customize the cordless cellular shades to your preferred liking to match your home decor. You will also notice that depending on professionals to fix your shades will attract extra charges, which I think no one would like to experience. If you are saving extra money on your budget, try to quickly master these skills. These are just a section of the lasting benefits you will reap from having brief knowledge concerning restringing cordless shades.

Frequently asked questions

 Are cordless cellular shades more productive than corded options?

 Yes, cordless shades offer better convenience compared to corded ones. Visualize the corded blinds set up in your room and the cords that swing loosely beside them. Indeed you know how tricky it is to open them up because of how they get stuck over time. But with cordless cellular shades, you won’t get frustrated with the cords because everything works utilizing a cordless spring platform.

Again, cordless shades are considered a  better choice because they entail an option that allows you to set a timer for the blinds to shut off in the morning. That’s helpful because it aids in preventing one from been reflected with bright light directly on the face every time you wake up. The convenience that cordless blinds provide means that you can bid goodbye to all your worries and doubts.

What are the benefits of using cordless cellular shades?

These units come with plentiful benefits. Among them is that they are safer to use, unlike corded blinds. These gadgets lack cords meaning children and pets can move around with ease.

Cordless cellular shades are easy to fix. And the great thing is that you can fix them by yourself, thus needing no help from others. They come with an internal spring mechanism that falls back to hold the blind in position.

Not to forget, they also offer an uncluttered look which is impressive to stare at.

Do I need a cordless cellular shade?

An essential question that most buyers tend to ask before purchasing these units is, “ do I need a cordless cellular shade?” Well, the answer is yes. These gadgets will benefit you a lot, especially when the need arises. A classic example is during both hot and cold seasons. Cordless shades will adjust to different climatic conditions to ensure that you stay in a conducive environment.

Final thoughts

 Cordless cellular shades offer the user an effortless means of regulating their lighting needs and providing better privacy. These units are not only best with regards to workability but also in appearance. The innovative layout gives an elegant look to your home décor.

The question “ how to restring cordless cellular shades” is answered in this article regarding the quick and easy steps provided. Try your luck and escape the additional costs you might spend calling a professional to do it for you

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