How to Block Calls on a Panasonic Cordless Phone

The Panasonic brand is known for its unwavering convenience owing to its outstanding features. Fortunately, among these exceptional features is the “nuisance call block” popularly known as the “incoming call barring feature”. Through this feature, unwanted calls are out of the question as it enables you to avoid such calls effortlessly. However, there are various models of the best Panasonic cordless phones in the market, and the mode of programming may differ from one model to another. For this reason, establishing how to block calls on a Panasonic cordless phone could pose a challenge and most people always seek for an explicit process to help prevent them from receiving the robocalls or the fraudulent calls.

To block calls on your Panasonic cordless phone, directly save the number in the call barred list. You can perform this action step by step. First, open the caller list by selecting the Panasonic caller id button to display your previous calls. Once you open the list, identify the number you would like to block. Save the number, then select the “call barred” or the “call block” option, and voila!

How to Block Calls on a Panasonic Cordless Phon. The picture gives a representation of a lady using a phone while cooking and on a call. With a call block system, she can be sure not to be interrupted with the unnecessary calls.

 How to Block Calls on a Panasonic Cordless Phone

Having to receive unexpected calls in the middle of your busy day could be a nuisance, especially if you receive the call and it happens to be a fraudulent call or a robocall. Consequently, it is typical of robocalls to recur, especially after you receive one of them. In addition to being irritant, most of these calls could be scams, and you could end up losing your money. Unfortunately, as a phone user, you are prone to encounter such mishaps, and some of the ways to deter them include ignoring the calls, reporting to your service provider, or, better still, block them.

The most significant challenge is that most individuals in possession of Panasonic phones always find it hard to block these calls. They would ask,  how do you block a number on a Panasonic home phone? This should not be a worry anymore. Follow this process and secure your calls.

Select “CID” or the caller ID button

Locate the caller ID button on your Panasonic cordless phone, then select it. A caller list should appear on the screen, displaying your call history.

Select the phone number to be blocked

Once you see a caller list on the screen, scroll until you identify the phone number you would like to block. Select the number, and once you do so, a “save” option should appear.

Save the number to the call barred list

After selecting the entry you want to block, you should see an option to save the number. Select this option to register the entry on your phone. You should then be presented with two options: either save the number to your phone book or the call block list. Select the latter, and the phone number will be registered in the list.

To know whether the process is successful, look out for a mute sign that appears in the form of a canceled arrow on the screen. If the process is successful, the handset will disconnect the call provided the phone number corresponds to any number in the call block list.

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The video below gives a step by step process on how to block and unblock calls/phone numbers in a cordless Panasonic phone

How to Block Phone Numbers Manually on a Panasonic Cordless Phone

If the phone number you want to block is not in your call history, you may have to enter it manually to block it by entering the number into your unit. The following is a step by step guide on how to do so:

  • Select the menu button
  • Press the hash (#) sign followed by the number 217, the program code for blocking unwanted numbers. The call block list appears.
  • Select the menu button again. A mute sign and “add” option appear.
  • Select the “Add” option.
  • Enter the phone number to be blocked, then select the “save” option.
  • Once you save the number, press the “off” button to exit.

How to block calls with no number

At times, the caller may have been permitted by the service provider to use a private number. The process of blocking such calls differs slightly from the processes mentioned above. Start by pressing the menu button followed by the hash (#) button when you want to block private numbers. Then key in code 240, and the caller list should appear. Find the private number, then save it in the call barred list.

You can repeat these processes for more and more entries depending on your Panasonic cordless phone model. Most Panasonic cordless phones allow you to register a maximum of fifty entries on the call barred list.

Among the eminent aspects of Panasonic cordless phone systems is that they are expandable and come with about five handsets for convenience. Fortunately, you do not have to repeat these steps in each of the handsets because the other handsets will automatically block the entry once you perform the process on one of the phones.

Also, put in mind that these steps may vary slightly depending on your specific Panasonic cordless phone model. However, these steps will surely give you an idea of how to go about the process. Consider checking the user manual instructions to get acquainted with how to go about the process for your specific Panasonic phone model.

How to block a number on Panasonic phone

How to block a number on Panasonic cordless phones has been one of the primary challenges among Panasonic cordless phone users. However, this process is pretty straightforward. Follow the below steps;

  1. Press [CID].
  2. Locate and press the arrow up (▲) or the arrow down (▼)button to select the phone number you want to be blocked. If the number appears in the wrong format and you want to edit it, press [EDIT] continually until the phone number is shown in the 10-digit format.
  3. Press [SAVE].
  4. Then, press the arrow up (▲) or the arrow down (▼)button to select “Call Block,” then press [SELECT].
  5. Again, press the arrow up( ▲)Up or down (▼) Arrow button to select “Yes,” then press [SELECT].
  6. Edit the phone number.
  7. Press [SAVE].
  8. Press [OFF].

How to use the Call block feature

The call block feature is an integral element in your Panasonic phone. If you wonder how to block a number on Panasonic cordless phone, the call block feature can help you reject calls by your phone. 

The call block feature will ensure that you can store the phone numbers you do not want on your Panasonic call block. However, your phone will need Panasonic caller id (Caller ID) subscription from the phone company for the feature to work. Immediately the telephone matches their Caller ID on the stored block list, it rejects the calls, and an automated message of a busy line on the caller’s end sends out, and the call is disconnected from the line. 

Note that; you can use your Panasonic phone to store up to 30 phone numbers in the call block list through the utilization of the caller list or by directly entering the numbers.

What to do if the “incoming call barring” function fails to work

The incoming call barring feature may fail to when:

  • You have not subscribed to a caller identification service through your service provider
  • The origin of the call is an area without caller identification service
  • The caller is using a private number

If you cannot register unwanted phone numbers in the call block list, you may have to contact your service provider for further assistance. The information about the caller is necessary for the incoming call barring feature to be effective. For this reason, you should contemplate subscribing to a caller identification service that enables you to obtain information about the caller.

How to register Panasonic cordless phone

When buying your Panasonic cordless phone, the base unit and the handset are pre-registered. However, if you find out that your handset is not yet registered to its base unit, you can easily register it using the following basic process. The exact process can be used when you want to register an additional handset to the base unit.

  • Install the batteries to your handset or the additional handset you intend to register. Once the batteries are installed, you will be prompted.
  • Press and hold the LOCATOR button on the base for about 5-10 seconds until you hear the registration sound.
    Once the sound is produced, your handset is registered, and your Panasonic phone number will be displayed on display.

How to Deregister Panasonic Cordless Phone

Like with the registration process, this procedure is pretty straightforward;

  • Press [MENU# 1 3 1] on your handset.
  • Locate and press the arrow up ▲or down ▼Down button to choose the handset you want to deregister, then press [ SELECT ].
  • Press the arrow up ▲Up down ▼Down Arrow button to select “Yes,” then press [ SELECT ].
  • Press [ Exit ] or [ OFF ] button. Your handset shall have been deregistered.

Factors to consider when choosing cordless Panasonic phones

Despite their immense effectiveness, choosing the best cordless Panasonic phone can be a hard nut to crack, especially when you are a first time buyer. Below are a list of features you should consider before making a purchase decision.

Frequency Range

The cordless phones eliminate the entangled cords in the corded phones, which means they can be placed at any corner of the room without worrying about the position of the power source. However, you will only enjoy the feature when you can communicate through your phone regardless of the position you are in within your house or yard.

When buying a cordless Panasonic phone, you must consider a range that extends throughout your house and into the yard under favorable conditions. A cordless phone with a significant frequency will guarantee that you can effectively communicate with the caller even when you are in the yard with the phone in the house. Most of the cordless Panasonic phones work a distance of 50 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors. However, this distance can effectively get impacted by the obstacles.

Most of the cordless Panasonic Phones operate at a frequency of 1880-1900MHz. The frequency offers good sound quality, range, and security that provides the users with convenience, unlike the other models with frequency ranges of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz. Thus, before you buy a cordless Panasonic phone, ensure that you consider the favorable frequency range.

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Conversation Security

The mechanism of communication on cordless phones involves transmitting radio signals that any device can pick with the same radio or police scanner, a practice that compromises the security of the digital phone signals.  Even the phones with voice scrambling technology still suffer from security concerns as the voice inversion can be decoded.

Thus, before buying a cordless Panasonic phone, ensure that you buy a phone equipped with digital spectrum technology. The technology will provide your phone with protection against eavesdropping through random selection of the security codes that are continuously relayed between the handset and base.

Number of Handsets

The number of handsets is a special consideration when buying a cordless phone. The region of usage of the phones is an integral factor when choosing the number of handsets. For instance, it is perfectly okay to have a single-handset phone for small homes where you always have your phone near you.An image of Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine and Call Blocking - 3 Handsets - KX-TGE433B (Black), an example of a unit that comes with three handsets among the best panasonic cordless phones and can be use in large homes or office
However, if your phone is to be used in larger homes, you will need an additional handset. The case will ensure that you choose multiple handset phones supported from a single base. You can also consider an expandable system that will provide you with the flexibility to enhance the number of handsets as your home or business continues to grow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I view blocked numbers on a Panasonic cordless phone?

Since there is a limited number of entries that can be registered on the call barred list, you may want to check your call block list to know the number of slots remaining. Consequently, you may want to check whether you may have accidentally blocked a number.

In such cases, you should start by pressing the menu button followed by the hash (#) button, then the program code 217 and the call block list should appear. You can then scroll through to view the phone numbers that are on the list.

How do I unblock blocked numbers on a Panasonic cordless phone?

Just like blocking unwanted calls, unblocking phone numbers that you accidentally blocked is a step-by-step process that you should be able to complete in no time. First, select the menu button. Once you do so, the caller list should appear. Second, press the hash (#) button followed by the number 217, and the call barred list appears, displaying the phone numbers you have blocked.

Scroll through the list to find the number you would like to unblock. Select the number and look out for the “erase” option. Once you press this option, select “yes” and the number will no longer be on the call barred list, and you can therefore receive calls from the caller. You can repeat this for subsequent numbers if you wish to do away with the entire call block list.

How many calls can I block on my Panasonic Cordless phone?

The Panasonic cordless phone can block up to 150 numbers. There are no complexities involved in blocking the calls as it involves easy steps outlined in the user’s manual.

How does Panasonic Nuisance call block work? 

The nuisance call block, also called the “income call barring,” enables the blocking of the calls in the Panasonic calls. The feature is operated manually where you need to register the numbers in your unit and block them.

However, you can reduce the nuisance calls by registering for free with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) if you have a landline. The TPS will then add you to their list of numbers that do not want to receive sales and the marketing calls. Especially for the individuals living in the UK and overseas, it is against the law for the sales individuals to call the numbers registered with TPS.


Fraudulent or junk calls are a common occurrence that any phone user can encounter. These calls are a nuisance and could cost you money. By getting rid of such calls, you could avoid being scammed. Fortunately, a Panasonic cordless phone allows you to block such calls efficiently thanks to the incoming call barring feature.

Through the processes mentioned above, blocking calls on your Panasonic cordless phone should be a breeze. However, the Panasonic brand produces newer models, and each model may require a slightly different process to block unwanted calls. The abovementioned processes should give you an idea of how to go about it regardless of your specific model. You may want to consider reviewing the user manual for your specific Panasonic phone model to make the process easier to execute.

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