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How to Adjust Tension on Cordless Blinds

In modern households, window treatments such as curtains and blinds define a room, and if chosen correctly, they enhance both aesthetics and comfort in your home. Apart from protecting us from the sun’s scorching UV rays and rain, blinds guarantee precise control over the amount of light that penetrates the room while maintaining privacy.  For these reasons, cordless blinds are slowly becoming a requisite in contemporary households. Convenient as they are, cordless blinds are bound to experience wear and tear following prolonged usage. Therefore, adjusting the tension may pose a challenge, but not to worry since this article explains how to adjust tension on cordless blinds.

To effectively adjust the tension on your cordless blinds, rotate the flat pin located at the ends of the blinds in a clockwise direction using pliers until you detect some tension. Once you achieve the level of tension you desire, cease the rotation and let the latch on the inside clasp onto the rachet.

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How Cordless Blinds Work

Cordless blinds grace us with many benefits, including safety, versatility, and attractiveness, with user-friendliness into the bargain. They are an ideal window treatment of choice, especially if you have children or pets since they eliminate the risk of strangulation.

Knowing how these units work is the first step to effectively adjusting the tension on your cordless blinds. As the name implies, cordless blinds operate without the restriction of a cord. However, this does not mean that the blinds are devoid of cords since the cords interconnect them.

Cordless blinds feature a state-of-the-art tension mechanism that fosters their flawless mode of operation. They comprise a head and bottom rail for convenience while opening or closing them. These blinds are also characterized by a flat pin at their extremities, which come in handy while adjusting the tension.

Operating cordless blinds entail pulling and lifting using hands. Some cordless blinds include a wand and are therefore operated by twisting the rod. These modes of operation enhance the level of user-friendliness exhibited by cordless blinds by eliminating the hassle posed by tangled cords.

Additionally, the cordless blinds can be motorized. The method of operating the blinds is the most current and involves remote control in raising or lowering the window blinds. Motorized window blinds are the easiest to operate as you do not need to move closer to the windows to lower or raise the blinds.

Regardless of your location within your house, you can operate the blinds in any room within the comfort of your couch. With the further advancements in technology, the blinds can be installed in a smartphone and operate window blinds.

Step by Step Guide on How to Adjust Tension on Cordless Blinds

Cordless blinds are undoubtedly easy to use, and therefore, the process of adjusting the tension on them should be a breeze. The steps involved, however, may vary depending on the design of your cordless blind. Below are steps to adjust the tension on some of the most common types of cordless blinds.

Read on to get more acquainted with adjusting the tension on your specific type of cordless blinds.

Cordless Roller Blinds

If you are a minimalist, you most likely own a cordless roller blind. This type of cordless blind is among the most popular among modern homeowners due to its simple yet elegant design. These blinds are designed to work using a coiled spring that is fitted inside them. Pulling down the blind enhances the spring’s tension, whereas pushing it up minimizes the stress. Like most cordless blinds, this design also comprises a flat pin and a ratchet whose function is to maintain the tension.

The efficiency of cordless roller blinds could be compromised when the spring loses its tension, which is bound to happen over time. However, to adjust the tension, you must follow the below steps;

  • Remove the roller blind from the brackets. You can do so by first rolling the roller blind up. Subsequently, using a screwdriver, remove the screw fitted on the child safety clip. Rotate the serrated disc on the opposite of the blind’s chain in an upward direction until you hear a clicking sound, then remove slide one end of the blind from the brackets.ShadesU Window Shades Zebra Dual Layer Roller Sheer Blinds Light Filtering Window Treatments Privacy Light Control for Day and Night is another exemplary unit among the best cordless blinds that will help you control light in your house and provide you with immense security
  • Tighten or loosen the spring by rotating the blind. To tighten or loosen the spring tension, start by halfway unrolling your blind. Locate the flat pin on the spring’s side and then use pliers to rotate the pin. By so doing, you can decrease or increase the tension based on your preference.
  • Reinstate the blind. Once you achieve your desired level of tension, put the blind back into its brackets and ensure the pin properly hooks onto the brackets. Try moving the blind up to find out whether the process has been effective. If not, you may be obliged to replace the blind’s spring to restore its efficacy.

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The video below shows how to tension cordless roller blinds

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How to Maintain Cordless Blinds

Although durable, cordless blinds tend to be delicate and therefore require proper maintenance. Experiencing difficulty adjusting the tension on cordless blinds could result from poor maintenance, hence the need to properly acquaint yourself with maintaining cordless blinds. Below are some of the essential maintenance practices for cordless blinds:

Frequent Cleaning

Cordless blinds are bound to accumulate dust or debris over time. For this reason, you should clean your blinds regularly, just as you would clean curtains. Frequent cleaning eliminates the need to perform a thorough cleaning after a long period and extends the longevity of your cordless blinds.

Detangling the Ribbons

Despite being cordless, these blinds are held together by internal ribbons prone to entanglement following prolonged use. Therefore, it is advisable to detangle these ribbons from time to time or, better still, let an expert do it for you.

Frequent Adjustment

Leaving your cordless blinds in the same position for a long time could result in the blinds getting stuck and difficulty adjusting the tension. Therefore, consider adjusting the blinds gently from time to time to make them active and, in turn, easily adjustable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you raise and lower cordless faux wood blinds?

Among the different types of cordless blinds, we have discussed the faux wood blinds in this article. Apart from the concerns on tensioning them, individuals always strive to seek how to raise or lower them. The process is relatively easy. For instance, if you intend to lower the blinds, you need to pull down the bottom rail of the blinds.

On the other hand, if you need to raise the faux cordless blinds, you need to place your hand under the bottom rail and gently lift it.

How do you lower mini blinds without a string?

Raising the mini blinds with no strings involves grasping the blinds’ bottom rail and lifting yo raise the window shades. However, when you intend to lower them, you will need to grasp the top of the window shades and pull them down. The processes are pretty straightforward and do not require any professionalism.

Are cordless lift blinds good?

Yet another common question among the homeowners. The cordless lift blinds are effective and safe to use.  The units provide numerous benefits, not only giving the aesthetic value which is pleasant to look at but is also clean and is safe for your pets and small crawling children. Also, their operation is straightforward.

Thus, these units are perfect for use in your homes. The privacy and the security offered by the cordless blinds are top-notch and therefore ideal for use.

Final Thoughts

Overall, cordless blinds present undoubted convenience to their users and can last for extended periods. One of the qualities of cordless blinds that stands out is their ease to use. Through the steps mentioned above, adjusting the tension on cordless blinds should be a walk-over since the products are highly user-friendly.

Consequently, put in mind that cordless blinds are delicate despite being durable. That said, in case of any further hitches, consider contacting the manufacturer to avoid adding to the damage.

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