Corded vs. Cordless Vacuum- The Best Option to Buy

Advantages of cordless vacuum

  • Cordless vacuums are light in weight and easy to move around for the convenience of use.
  • A cordless vacuum powered with a great battery with an incredible engine can clean a surface effectively.
  • A cordless vacuum is less cumbersome, thus, highly portable.
  • The parts of a cordless vacuum can easily be detached to do a quick and exhaustive cleaning of the vacuum.

Disadvantages of a cordless vacuum

  • The cost of purchasing a cordless vacuum is very high due to the complex technology used in designing them.
  • The battery life is limited and hence constant need to be recharged.


  • Corded vacuums have a high suction power that enables them to clean effectively.
  • Corded vacuums can clean for long periods as long as there is a continuous power supply.


  • As you clean, the power cable will trail behind and around you, posing a tripping danger.
  • Corded vacuums require constant plugging in and plugging out since the area you can cover when vacuuming is restricted by the location of sockets and length of cords.
  • The massive size, heavyweight, and shape of the corded vacuum make it difficult to continuously move the vacuum from one place to another when cleaning.

 Reasons why cordless vacuums are better than corded vacuums:

Cordless vacuums are perfect to use in areas with constant interruptions

Suppose you are working in a place where there are constant interruptions, like a school corridor. In that case, you will need a cordless vacuum so that you can clean the passageways without concern of hindering an individual’s movement with hanging cords.

Cordless vacuums are safer and easy to use

If you have children and pets that need constant monitoring, cordless vacuums are the best option, as they will be no cords that may make them to trip as they move around and consequently cause body harm. Moreover, they feature a control button located near your fingertips to regulate the speed and cleaning mode with ease.

Convenience of use

Cordless vacuums can be used just about anywhere as long as the battery is fully charged. They are light in weight, which adds to their advantage of the ease of movement during use.

They require low maintenance.

Cordless vacuum additionally offers simple dirt removal; slide the ejector’s arm and move the compacted earth out effortlessly. Unlike the filters in a corded vacuum, the filters in a cordless vacuum require less hassle to remove, clean, and return to their original position.

Efficient cleaning of surfaces

Cordless vacuums have a high performance. They come with powerful suction that is adjustable; therefore, they can efficiently capture hair, dander, and dirt particles.

Main differences between a cordless and a corded vacuum


Cordless Vacuums are flexible and light in weight. Also, their cord-free plan permits you to move it to any place. Numerous cordless vacuum models can change over into a handheld vacuum that cleans hard-to-arrive at spots.

On the other hand, with regards to flexibility, corded vacuums don’t contrast. They are a lot heavier and bulkier by a wide margin, making them difficult to move around. Also, the cords may constrain you from discovering and utilizing the attachment inside each space to keep the vacuum running. You may end up constantly battling to keep the cords free from your feet.

Battery life

All cordless vacuums have restricted battery life and should be recharged. You can anticipate that a cordless vacuums’ battery will last between 15 to 40 minutes, which is perfectly enough time to clean your floors or furniture. When the battery bites the dust, hope to charge it somewhere in the range of 2 to 16 hours. Notwithstanding a high voltage, the lithium-particle battery can give an altogether longer running time. So you will not need to charge the vacuum as frequently following a 40-minute cleaning binge.

On the other side, you’ll never need to stress over battery existence with a corded vacuum. Indeed, even with the advanced technology of cordless stick vacuums, the fleeting battery life keeps numerous mortgage holders utilizing the standard corded vacuum. You can promise it won’t ever run out of power halfway through tasks.

Ability to filter dust

Cordless vacuums are conservative and have a more modest channel to catch residue and garbage—about 0.6 liters. You may end up halting through a cleaning position as often as possible to stroll to the waste and empty the holder.

In contrast with the 0.6-liters limit of cordless vacuums, a corded vacuum can hold around 2-3 liters. Also, you will not wind up making numerous outings to the rubbish to exhaust the holder.


Factors to consider when buying a cordless vacuum

The batteries capacity

Buy a battery with a high capacity so that your cordless vacuum will work for long hours without the constant need to recharge.

Size of the dust container

Select a cordless vacuum with a large dust container to avoid constant emptying of the container and to keep the suction power effective as it tends to decline when the dust container is full

How well the cordless vacuum works

Don’t just buy a cordless vacuum because technical specifications advocate for it. Check how well the device operates before buying.

It would be best if you also considered the battery charging time and availability of a backup battery.

Features of a cordless vacuum

Anti-tangle brush bars

This is used to eliminate excess unwanted hair that might have stuck around the vacuum brush bar. Regular removal of such stuck hairs is essential and will ensure that the vacuum maintains its suction power.

Smart vacuum cleaners

Smart vacuum cleaners that can control and regulate power settings with your phone or tablet are now available. They can also offer you cleaning reminders and maintenance warnings and even tell you how much dust you’ve accumulated when cleaning.

The other features to look out for are; soft brush rollers to draw in large dust particles, continuous power mode that enables you to keep the power on without using your hands to adjust the trigger button physically.

Frequently asked questions

How long can the cordless battery last?

A cordless vacuum can last for three to five years of good use, depending on how well you maintain it before replacing a costly part like the battery or cleaning head. The period they can last is also dependent on the battery life of the battery used to power them.

How often should I clean the filters of a cordless vacuum?

Re-usable filters can be cleaned, even washed with water. It would be best if you cleaned them when your vacuum cleaner gives you indications that the suction power of the cordless vacuum is diminishing. After cleaning the filters, please make a point to allow the filters to dry completely before reinstalling them.

The video below shows how to set up and use a Dyson V8 Cordless vacuum.


One of the advantages that quick technological advancements provide to households is cordless vacuums. In comparison to corded vacuums, they are more flexible, lightweight, and simple to use. Because cordless vacuums do not have cords, they have an added advantage in terms of safety, as there will be no tripping over cords, which could result in avoidable injuries

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