Corded vs. Cordless Lawnmowers- Which one to Buy

We often cut off our hair’s dead ends to facilitate the growth of thicker, healthier hair. The same concept applies to lawn grass, which requires regular trimming to achieve denser and healthier turfgrass with deep root growth. You may, however, fail to achieve this by simply mowing your lawn. Good mowing practices with the right lawnmower into the bargain are the way to go whenever you want to achieve a neater and visually appealing lawn.

Fortunately, technological advancements have graced us with the best lawn mower units to choose from, ranging from corded to cordless lawnmowers. On the downside, due to the numerous lawnmowers currently in the market, choosing the ideal one may be an uphill battle, but not to worry because this article compares corded vs. cordless lawnmowers to help you establish your lawn’s perfect match.

In terms of users’ safety, cordless lawnmowers tend to have the upper hand since they do not use electricity, thereby minimizing the risk of electrocution, especially during maintenance. Consequently, they minimize environmental pollution and the risk of accidentally running over cords while mowing. Cordless lawn mowers comprise exceptional features in addition to eliminating the restriction of a cord. For these and more reasons, cordless lawn mowers may be termed as an upgrade to corded lawnmowers, and I would therefore recommend them.

the picture shows a man using LawnMaster ME1218X Electric Lawn Mower 12AMP 19-Inch, one of the best lawn mower units to trim his lawn

Cordless Lawnmower

Just as the name implies, cordless lawn mowers enable you to mow your lawn without the restriction of a cord. Their mode of operation is almost similar to that of gas-powered lawnmowers, only that in this case, there is no need to refuel the mower.

A cordless lawn mower relies on rechargeable batteries to be efficiently functional. Depending on the design, these units can either use lead-acid batteries or lithium-ion batteries. Cordless lawnmowers pride themselves on their ability to spruce up your lawn while minimizing your carbon footprint.

They are battery-powered, making battery runtime a primary factor to consider when purchasing a cordless lawnmower. Based on your lawn’s size, you should choose a cordless lawn mower with sufficient battery runtime to avoid interruptions while mowing.

Advantages of a Cordless Lawn Mower

Easy to maneuver

A cordless lawn mower guarantees you freedom from a cord, allowing you to operate without any restrictions. This aspect comes in handy when navigating between trees, bushes, or flowerbeds. Additionally, a cordless lawn mower’s maneuverability is ideal for large-sized lawns.

Highly potent

The mode of operation of cordless lawn mowers is almost similar to that of gas mowers, which exhibit high potency. Some cordless mowers tend to be even more potent than gas mowers. This potency enhances their efficiency in cutting grass evenly within a short time.


Unlike corded mowers that have to be constantly plugged into a power source, cordless mowers require a recharge upon battery depletion. Recharging the battery tends to consume minimal power wattage. Cordless mowers with long-lasting batteries are even better since they require occasional recharging.

Easy to use

Cordless robotic lawnmowers grant you the privilege of mowing your lawn without having to move around. Such mowers are fitted with sensors, Wi-Fi, and GPS, enabling you to operate the device efficiently using your phone. Also, you can get your mower up and running at the touch of a button.

User-friendly and Eco-friendly

Since your lawn is most likely attached to your living space, cordless mowers are designed to operate with minimal to no noise to eliminate distractions. They also feature lightweight designs and offer convenient storage as they can be stored at various angles. Additionally, they operate without emitting greenhouse gases, thus eco-friendly.

Disadvantages of a Cordless Lawn Mower

Unfortunately, if your lawn exceeds half an acre, a cordless lawn mower may not be the way to go since the devices are limited by battery runtime. This limitation also compromises the efficiency of cordless lawn mowers on hilly lawns, which tend to deplete the battery faster.

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Corded Lawn Mower

As opposed to cordless lawn mowers, a corded lawn mower is electric-powered and must be constantly plugged into a socket or power source. This means that you have to regularly ensure the device’s cord is detangled to avoid accidents.

Advantages of a Corded Lawn Mower

Relatively Affordable

The prime factor that makes corded lawn mowers override their cordless counterparts is their affordable pricing. Even though cordless mowers are inexpensive, corded ones tend to be even cheaper, and they eliminate the need to replace batteries occasionally.


As long as it is plugged in the sockets, the corded lawnmowers will provide you with an interrupted power. The high power improves their efficiency and performance.  It also ensures a longer run time compared to the cordless models whose power is depended on the capacity of the battery.

Disadvantages of a Corded Lawn Mower

Restricted by a cord

On the downside, a corded lawn mower is limited by a cord, making it difficult to mow a large-sized lawn. Consequently, it poses the risk of injuries resulting from running into cords and damaging them.

Which is Better?

Based on the previous analysis, a cordless lawn mower is an ideal choice regardless of the size of your lawn. Below are reasons why you should choose a cordless over a corded lawnmower:

  • Cordless lawn mowers guarantee more safety to users by eliminating the risk of accidentally tripping over cords and damaging them.
  • Since cordless lawn mowers are devoid of cords, they offer unrestricted mobility, allowing you to mow large-sized lawns and navigate obstacles easily.
  • Cordless lawn mowers eliminate the need to purchase extensions, unlike corded mowers that require an extension cable to increase their range.
  • A cordless lawn mower can be used on a wet surface, unlike their corded counterparts, whose performance may be compromised by dew on the grass and may pose the risk of electrocution.

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Cordless vs. Cordless Lawn Mowers on Different Yard Types

Your lawn mower of choice should be one that specifically addresses your yard’s needs. The efficiency of both corded and cordless lawn mowers differs depending on the type of yard in question, as explained below:

Uneven Yard

If your yard is characterized by hilly sections, soil heaves, or rocky ground, consider it uneven. Such a terrain could compromise the functionality of cordless lawn mowers by limiting their battery runtime, forcing you to recharge the device constantly. Corded lawn mowers tend to be more effective in such cases since they have a constant power supply.

However, if you prefer going cordless, consider using the lowest setting on your mower to extend its runtime. Alternatively, you could purchase an extra battery for convenience or, better still, level your lawn.

Large-sized Yard

A large-sized yard, in this case, surpasses half an acre. The ideal lawnmower for such yards features a large enough range. This may not be the case for corded lawnmowers since a cord restricts their range. Most corded lawnmowers feature a cord of about 100 feet. This means that they are restricted to operate within a range of 100 feet from the power outlet. The range can be extended using extension cables, but it might still not be enough to suit a large-sized yard.

Cordless lawn mowers are the suitable route to take in this case since they can cover a wide range without any restrictions. However, their battery may be depleted mid-mowing. It is therefore advisable to get yourself an additional battery to avoid disruptions.

Small-sized Yard

If your yard is barely 8000 square feet, both the corded and cordless lawn mower will do. However, the range of the corded mower may be limited by obstacles. Reinforcing the range of your corded lawn mower using an extension cable should do the trick in such instances. On the other hand, the cordless option eliminates the hassle of constantly detangling cords and grants you the ease of navigating obstacles, so why not go for it?

Difference Between Electric and Gas Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers comprise both corded and cordless mowers, whereas gas lawn mowers rely on fossil fuel to operate. Electric and gas lawn mowers differ in terms of:

  • Eco-friendliness: Electric mowers are more environment-friendly, unlike their gas counterparts. Gas mowers depend on their fuel capacity to run, meaning they emit more greenhouse gases, unlike electric mowers. The greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide pollute the environment and are harmful even to the users. You must put on the protective gears such as masks to prevent you from inhaling the fumes.
  • Maintenance: Although every lawnmower requires regular maintenance, the hassle of maintaining gas mowers is greater than that of electric mowers. Maintaining gas mowers entails regularly changing the spark plugs and filters, lubricating engine components, and annually emptying the gasoline tank, which could be exhausting.
  • Pricing: Gas mowers are more pricey than electric mowers. Additionally, having to refill the fuel tank constantly makes them even more costly.

Below is an example of an electric lawn mower you can buy at, the LawnMaster ME1218X Electric Lawn Mower 12AMP 19-Inch. Click the link below to buy this amazing unit.


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The video below shows how to strip your lawn using a lawn mower


One of the ways of getting the most out of your turfgrass is choosing the right mower for them. Ultimately, the ideal lawn mower varies from one yard to another since different lawns have different needs. Both corded and cordless lawn mowers are effective in their capacities. However, safety should be a primary concern when selecting a mower, and a cordless lawn mower tends to be safer than a corded one.

Therefore, a cordless lawn mower should be your go-to, especially if you have kids or pets running around the lawn. Gas lawn mowers are also effective, particularly for larger lawns, but if you’re looking to minimizing your carbon footprint, they may not be the way to go. Choosing the ideal lawn mower to spruce up your yard should be a child’s play with this knowledge in mind.

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