Best cordless blinds units give you the flexibility to control the lighting in your room. They provide an effortless way of deciding how much light comes through your windows.  Regardless of the name “cordless,” it still has cords that go through the slats for a smooth operation. They are easy to operate, if you … Read more

How to Fix Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

Are you searching for a versatile window treatment option for your home? Consider cordless faux wood blinds. They are arguably the most popular window coverings for their sense of style, safety options, and function. Many homes favor them over the corded varieties because they are unconstrained, conducive to multitasking, and have no restrictions to colors … Read more

How To Repair Levolor Cordless Cellular Shades

Levolor cordless cellular shades exhibit an aesthetic appeal and utter convenience that perfectly complement a room. They come in different designs and offer a variety of colors and textures to choose from, depending on your room’s theme. These shades are energy efficient as they regulate room temperature and allow just the right amount of light … Read more

Levolor Cordless Blinds Wont go Down- Quick Fix

Window coverings have solidly stood their ground as the prime method of controlling the amount of light entering many homes. These treatments play an incredible role in helping preserve your home contents, such as furniture, walls, and paints. The reputable Levolor brand has innovated one of the easiest means to control your home’s privacy and … Read more

How to Remove Levolor Cordless Cellular Shades from Brackets

Cordless cellular shades are light-blocking and privacy-enhancing window coverings that are flexible, versatile, and visually pleasing additions to your home décor. Many homes consider them an essential household item because of their elegant style. Their presence on the windows adds an extra layer of insulation, reducing UV rays and unnecessary heat from entering your house. … Read more

Corded vs. Cordless Blinds- Which Choice is Better?

Are you planning to upgrade from the outmoded draperies or curtains? Window blinds are the absolute upgrade. However, they are now available in two categories; corded and cordless types. Despite fulfilling the primary use of providing privacy and excellent regulation of the amount of light, these two types still vary in many ways. This may … Read more

How to Adjust Tension on Cordless Blinds

In modern households, window treatments such as curtains and blinds define a room, and if chosen correctly, they enhance both aesthetics and comfort in your home. Apart from protecting us from the sun’s scorching UV rays and rain, blinds guarantee precise control over the amount of light that penetrates the room while maintaining privacy.  For … Read more

Pros and Cons of Cordless Blinds

The role of window blinds in our homes is undisputed. The blinds help keep heat in cold weather and block the unwanted heat in the summer from getting into your houses, an implication that they are functional all year round due to their varying thermal effects. Besides the thermal applications, the blinds ensure privacy and … Read more

How to fix levelor cordless blinds

Levelor cordless blinds are window covers that have gained so much popularity among homeowners. Their growing fame is credited to the beautiful variety of fabric, sense of style, and sophisticated design added to the interior décor.  Besides, these units enhance the looks of rooms by eliminating the visual distraction of cords. Coupled with the benefits … Read more