Can I use my Cordless Phone with NBN?

The technological field has shown fast progressions in recent times, making life simpler. Among these technological headways are modern-day telephones that don’t feature cords, referred to as cordless phones. In combination with rapid network transitions in some country’s telecommunications industries, such as Australia’s NBN network, the use of cordless phone technology may be overwhelming to ordinary consumers and hence difficult to understand. The inability to easily comprehend the cordless phone’s compatibility with networks, such as the NBN, has prompted other individuals to seek answers to the question; Can I use my cordless phone with NBN?

You can use your cordless phone with NBN. However, you ought to confirm with your service provider if your existing phone will be compatible with your new NBN connection. The NBN connection box supplied to all homes has two outlets (UNI-V) for standard voice connection and 4 data outlets (UNI-D) for your home network. Once you check in with an NBN Service Provider or Retail Service Provider, you’ll get to inform them you would like to stay using your existing cordless phone. This way, the modem that the provider will offer should have a voice port for your current phone.

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Factors to Consider //when choosing an NBN plan

The following are several factors that you need to consider when choosing an NBN plan for your household;

  • The amount of data that you would require
  • Internet speed
  • Other customer’s feedback with the provider you’re getting your NBN from

NBN Installation Process

Your internet connection won’t be switched to NBN automatically. There are things you need to organize for the switch to NBN. Below is an outline and process for the NBN installation;

Step 1

Check with the NBN service providers whether your area of residence is prepared for the NBN and which sort of NBN connection is suitable for your place of residence.


Before placing an order, make an informed decision; this is frequently accomplished by assessing the services you will require, such as the amount of data you intend to use, the internet speed that suits your needs, and the best provider for you.


Contact your preferred provider, discuss your requirements, and order an NBN plan based on your needs. Your provider will then plan on the installation of your service.


With all the steps done, your provider will prepare to come and connect your phone to the NBN and make the switch of networks to the NBN connection effortless.

How to connect a cordless phone to the NBN

With NBN, you do not have to connect our telephone handset to the old copper-based telephone wall sockets. Instead, you could choose to plug the phone handset into either the modem or into the NBN Connection Box, depending on the type of NBN technology you’ve got at your premises. The subsequent may be a step-by-step outline on the procedure of connecting a cordless phone to NBN:

Step1: Connect your Modem

Uncover the NBN connection box by pressing the two clips at the bottom upwards. Pull out the cover’s base and remove it. Grab the coaxial cable with red connectors and plug one end into the red port of your modem. Plug the opposite end of the coaxial cable with red connectors into the Unit-D port on the underside of the NBN connection.

Connect the power adaptor into a PowerPoint and, therefore, the other end into your modem. For the modem to begin its synchronization sequence, turn on the PowerPoint; this process can take up to a quarter of an hour.

Step2: Plug in your cordless phone

Start by unplugging your cordless phone from the initial socket into the back of your modem. Plug the phone into a PowerPoint and switch it on. Test for functionality by picking up the handset and checking if you’ve got a dial tone. If you do, that suggests that everything is about abreast. If it doesn’t, then give it a couple of minutes and try again. If it still doesn’t, then communicate together with your service provider.

Step3: Connect the phone with your new modem

To use your connection to the maximum potential, you should consider connecting using Ethernet. Pick the Ethernet with yellow connectors. Connect one end of the cable to the yellow Ethernet port on your modem and the other to the back of your computer.

Locate the Wi-Fi setting on your cordless phone and switch it on. Key in the Wi-Fi name and choose it from the list of available networks, then enter your password that’s on your card.

Step4: Establish the Wi-Fi network name

Ensure that your phone screen displays the Wi-Fi network name and indicates that your phone is connected to the selected Wi-Fi. If not, repeat the procedure. If the matter persists, seek help by contacting the providers.

Types of NBN connections available

There are two main categories of NBN networks; fixed-line and fixed wireless connections. Fixed-line connections run a hard and fast line onto your property, whereas fixed wireless use technology is almost like the 4G phone networks. They run from a transmission tower up to 14 kilometers in the distance to an NBN antenna fitted to your house.

Fixed lines connection types include

  • Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) -considered best because of its delivery of high internet speed
  • Fibre to the node (FTTN) is considered a less expensive option for the fiber to the premises; however, the web speed is slow.
  • Fibre to the building (FTTB) – commonly used in buildings and apartments. Rather than servicing a street, a fibre optic line runs into an apartment’s communication room. The building uses the prevailing technology within it to service the apartment individually.
  • Fibre to the curb (FTTC)- it connects a distribution unit usually located during a pit underground with existing copper wires via fibre optic lines which run from the closest exchange to the curb of streets

Fixed wireless connection types

  • Satellites are used to provide network access to remote areas and areas that are considerably secluded from civilization.

Frequently asked questions

What NBN plan should I get?

You should find an NBN plan that’s appropriate for your household. You ought to also put into consideration the quantity of data you plan to use. If you use data for simple tasks like checking your emails and surfing the web, you should choose a comparatively cheaper plan. If you would like an NBN to undertake online gaming tasks and share massive files, which will require fast internet connectivity, you should choose an NBN connection with fast internet speed and a plan on the upper end of the price range.

What should I do when my cordless phone on the NBN network isn’t working?

The following are a number of the things you ought to check if there is no dial tone on your phone when you have connected it to the NBN network:

First, check the phone to make sure that there are no outages in your residential area. If there’re no outages, try troubleshooting the matter by ensuring that you have correctly hung the phone handsets. You ought to also make sure that your phone cable is plugged into your NBN connection box or plugged into the socket if you’re using a fixed wireless NBN. Check phone cables to make sure that both of its ends are securely connected. Make sure that the NBN connection box, modem, and your phone all have power.

Having tried all the above and your cables are secure, you’ve got power, and your phone is still not working, restart your modem by turning it off, waiting for about 30 seconds, and then turning it back on. Wait for the web light and the phone light to turn solid green. Attempt to make a call; if the call doesn’t go through even though you’ve got fibre to the premises (FTTP), fixed wireless, then restart your NBN connection box. If all the above don’t work, then contact your NBN provider to sort the matter out.

Can I choose how to connect my cordless phone with the NBN network?

If you’ve got fibre to the premises, or fixed wireless NBN technology, you’re able to choose to connect your home phone in several ways. In case you’re using fibre to the premises (FTTP), you’ll either choose to connect your phone to the NBN connection box or the phone port of your modem.

If you have connected your phone to NBN fixed wireless and your cordless phone is a component of a bundle, you’ll either plan to connect with the phone port on your modem on the NBN network or to the copper network. For both fibre to the node (FTTN) and fibre to the curb (FTTC), you’ll connect your device to the phone port on the modem.

What are the disadvantages of using NBN with your cordless phone?

If you have connected your cordless phone to the NBN network via FTTN or FTTB, your cordless telephone won’t function in the event of a power outage, that is, if you do not have a battery backup. You ought to consider having another means of creating calls with, in the case of an emergency.

What to look out for to know if your cordless phone is compatible with an NBN?

  • An active NBN™ Fibre telephone company
  • A phone handset with a typical RJ11 phone cable
  • If your home has smart wiring for phone cables, you’ll need a further RJ11 phone cable if you’re not plugging your handset directly into the NBN™ Connection Box.

A video showing how to set up home phone on the nbn

Final thoughts

You can connect your cordless phone to NBN. However, you need to plan earlier so that you’re able to make an informed decision on the most appropriate type of NBN connection that is suitable for your needs. You must communicate with your cordless phone provider for advice and know if your device or service will work on the NBN access network or what alternatives may be available.

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