An mage of Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine and Call Blocking - 3 Handsets, one of the best cordless panasonic phone models

10 Best Panasonic Cordless Phone with Answering Machine Reviews 2023

Communication is the most typical means of interaction in our daily lives. However, it may deteriorate into a terrible challenge, especially if you lack an effective platform for making it happen.

Thanks to technological furtherance, we can now boast of the best Panasonic cordless phone with answering  machine that have provided the convenience and ease of communicating with our loved ones and even the colleagues at work, just like with the best Vtech Cordless phones.

There are so many of them in the market, and choosing what will suit your needs is another tiresome job. That’s why I have designed this article to get all your questions answered. Read the article below for more clarity on these units. Below the reviews is a buyers’ guide to acquaint yourself with the basic features of these phone models to consider before you make a purchase decision.

An mage of a man using Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System with Voice Assistant, one of the units among the best Cordless Panasonic phone with answering machine showing the voice paging technology

Best Panasonic Cordless Phone with Answering Machine Reviews

1.Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone 

This fantastic deal is known for its mixture of helpful features and customizable settings that boost its performance. With the caller ID, the caller’s details are highlighted on the handsets, and mind you; this device allows you to program the information to be spoken in either English or Spanish as it’s bilingual.a pictural representation of Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering Machine, an example of one of the Best Panasonic Cordless Phone with Answering Machine you will fancy having in your home

The unit employs the DECT technology, which is the most innovative cordless mechanism to improve the sound quality, devoid of disruption from wireless networks. At the base of each handset, you get an accessible call block button that aids in circumventing unwanted callers. Each button can register a maximum of 150 numbers, and you can achieve this amid a call.

What’s more? The base of this cordless appliance is crafted with a message counter that displays unread messages. Even better, this handset employs a large 1.6” LCD screen that displays all call functions, even in areas with limited lighting.

With the intelligent Eco Mode, the handset and base unit’s overall power consumption is lessened and still promises extended talk time. You also get a wall bracket and screws that you can use to mount this device on the wall, which aids in decongesting your desk.


  • Improved displays and keypads.
  • It offers extended talk time.
  • Wall mount.
  • It comes with two AAA rechargeable batteries.
  • The call block button makes blocking unwanted persons easy.
  • It displays the caller’s details.
  • Great price.


  • Sometimes it disconnects calls.
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 2.PANASONIC Expandable Cordless Phone System with Link2Cell Bluetooth

Panasonic Expandable cordless phone is another unit that provides you with the ease you need to your calling experience. It has a one-touch call block button on the base unit that can register at least 150 numbers and eliminates unauthorized persons from flooding your phone with illegal calls.PANASONIC Expandable Cordless Phone is an excellent unit among the Best Panasonic Cordless Phone with Answering Machine models to serve you right not only at home but also offices

The audible caller ID discloses the caller information in English or Spanish from this device’s base and the handsets if you cannot see the screen.

You can quickly know the number of new messages you have received on your phone, courtesy of the readable message counter. It exhibits large numbers that everyone can read. What’s more, you can assign specific ringtones to correspond to different caller ID numbers during an incoming call.

The answering machine will ensure that you won’t miss a call even when you are not within.


  • Warranty support from the company.
  • You get three extra cordless handsets in the package.
  • Call block button.
  • A backlit 1.6” LCD screen enhances a better view of all calls.


  • Slow menu. Whenever you command anything, it takes time to display.
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 3.Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System with Voice Assistant

 This cordless unit is a great choice, especially for individuals who don’t need to survey the user manuals. It offers rudimentary options for you to scale out all great features by yourself.A picture of Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System with Voice Assistant, Call Blocking and Answering Machine, one of the bluetooth enabled model among the Best Panasonic Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

You can opt for improved services by subscribing to the company’s services to get caller ID numbers and details displayed on the backlit LCD screen. This cordless phone system supports call waiting with an integrated answering machine, so you will never feel the loss of any call.

You can link this device with up to two smartphones via Bluetooth to dial and receive calls from any given place in the house or office with Link2Cell handsets.

The wall mount feature allows you to set up this wireless phone on the wall to give space for a conducive working environment. Among the units mentioned in this list, this one boasts the most exemplary battery performance. It merely consumes around 5 to 6 hours charging time from zero to full. That is considered superior over the substantial 6.5 hour charge time.

Besides the quintessential enactment of this unit, it also incorporates the best powerful phone battery backup. You can link it with a charged handset in case of a power outage and enjoy it until 12 hours of talk time.


  • Call block button blocks bothersome persons.
  • The backup battery facilitates an extended call time of up to 12 hours.
  • Talking caller ID announces the caller’s information.


  • Sometimes the vice caller ID fails to shut off.
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 4.Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine 

Where else can you get a cordless unit that can handle almost all tasks such as picking calls through Bluetooth technology? Besides, it integrates an answering machine that ensures you won’t miss any calls even when you are not around.

Never worry about receiving calls in noisy areas. This unit has an improved sound quality that squashes the background obstruction exactly when adorning voice tones for a more perceptible conversation on the cordless handsets and the base unit.

If you stay in apartments built with thick walls, this gadget is the best alternative. It has an extended phone signal borrowed from the dedicated DECT 6.0 wireless technology.

In addition to the priceless benefits, you will also get an easily reachable call block button at the base of the phone that is well-considered to help you take no account of unwanted individuals.

With this admirable phone, you can continuously make calls for up to 12 hours even when there is a power dimout.


  • It has power backup batteries
  • It utilizes the newest technology that supports a broad phone signal
  • The talking caller ID delivers caller details in English and Spanish.
  • Great value.
  • You can get rid of strange people with the call block button.
  • You will get all the pleasing results with this product.


  • The extensive handsets need to be purchased separately.
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 5. PANASONIC Expandable Cordless Phone System

 This quality product is the only mediator that can facilitate excellent communication. It has all the practical features designed to massage the interests of anyone seeking to exercise ceaseless conversation.

The bright 1.6” backlit LCD screen offers a clear view of all call functions regardless of light. Besides this, you also get to operate the keypad efficiently since it has a background light.

Better again, there is a significant phone call block button at the base of this device that you can employ to avoid telemarketers who cause distress with their continual calls.

What’s even more interesting is that you can customize specific ringtones to conform to individual callers whenever you receive an incoming call.


  • The message counter lets you know how many new messages you have received.
  • Excellent customer service and unlimited warranty from the brand.
  • You will benefit from the call block button that helps to avoid unwanted persons.


  • It is more expensive than its counterparts.
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 6. PANASONIC Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine

Are you searching for an enhanced cordless phone with intriguing features? This wireless unit is here to corroborate your pursuits. A simple touch of the integrated call block button will register a maximum of 250 numbers while also preventing unknown persons from stocking your call list.

This phone utilizes matchless battery backup that can bear up to 7 hours of constant talk time when there is a power outage. The powerful 120V batteries have a shortened charge time. That’s why most users utilize this gadget In preference over corded units.

Unlike most phones on this list, this one encompasses a voice paging feature, a platform essential in waking up kids in the morning and alerting other family members at home when it’s time to harmonize specific duties.

With this product, you have the latitude to make and receive calls from any noisy place. Since this cordless phone has an advanced sound mechanism that abolishes background interference, you will experience untroubled communication.


  • It has an improved sound quality.
  • Powerful battery backup.
  • Easy to use.
  • It is perfect for the price.


  • Sometimes the signals are relatively slow, resulting from calling disconnection.
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 7. Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless DECT 6.0 Expandable Phone System

 The Panasonic Link2Cell cordless phone beats all models on this article with regards to performance. Even though it requires strict adherence to the manuals to use this commodity, the results are precious.

You will love that this unit has simplified the hassle of straining to see the caller details on the screen, as it comes with a backlit LCD screen for improved vision. The innovative backlit keypads also ensure that each command you enact is visible for you to make and receive calls.

You will enjoy the premium service of knowing the caller’s details as they are visible on the screen whenever you receive any call. Crowning all these features up is the talking caller ID. Whenever someone calls, you don’t have to verify who it is; the advanced talking caller ID announces clearly with improved speech function in Spanish or English.


  • It is easy to block unwanted persons with the call block button.
  • The price is sensible.
  • You get improved customer service.
  • You can link this device with at least two smartphones.


  • Signal encounters issues.
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 8. PANASONIC Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine

 This one is another reliable bargain which boasts some of the newest features to offer you the most relevant results. It integrates the talking caller ID, which publicizes the caller’s information on the bright LCD screen. However, this service is only achievable by subscribing to the company’s services.

You can know how many messages you receive by accessing the base controls. The message counter works by displaying large numbers that are easy to read to favor even those who have eyesight complications.

Not to forget, the high contrast keypads are part of the additions you will enjoy when you include this appliance in your budget. They are well illuminated to enhance quick enactment of commands when making or receiving calls.

Best of all is the integrated caller block button. With this feature, you can conveniently register 150 numbers with a single touch.

Given that this is a cordless phone, it utilizes powerful batteries that encourage longevity. When fully charged, the battery backup allows you to execute calls for a maximum of 10 hours of talk time. Isn’t that interesting?


  • The battery backup offers a whopping 10 hours of talk time.
  • Quick and easily readable message counter.
  • Bright LCD and keypad background lights.
  • It has a telephone call block button.


  • It is expensive.
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 9. Panasonic KX-TGD532W Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

 Enjoy a cordless convenience free of heavy cables with this sure-bet gadget. It has a sturdy base that integrates a message counter that will constantly update you that very moment you get new messages on your wireless phone.

You will never fail to attend to any call courtesy of the integrated answering machine, which saves you the hassle of getting up to go and answer calls.

Other inclusive conveniences are; silent mode, handset locator, Intelligent Eco mode, etc. This unit is rated as the best cordless Panasonic phone with advanced battery backup. The battery requires minimal charge time but can facilitate more than 10 hours of talk time when running out of power.

On top of these fantastic features, you will also thank the talking caller ID, which seems to be the most predominant characteristic of this item. The talking caller ID allows you to know the caller’s identity by projecting the details loudly in either English or Spanish.


  • It has several distinguishing features.
  • An AC adaptor and a telephone line cord are part of the package.
  • You will get an easy call block button.
  • The company offers excellent customer service.


  • The price is not friendly.

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 10. Panasonic KX TGF575S Plus One KX TGFA51B 

 The KX TGF575S has a modern look and supports engagement with two cell phones through Bluetooth, thus giving you the freedom to access calls on your phone from whichever position in your house.

The noise reduction system ensures that each call you initiate is heard clearly despite the background noises. And with the DECT 6.0 technology, there is no denying better sound quality with an excellent long-range phone signal. That alone makes it an ideal choice for persons with thick walls at their premises.

You can program this wireless phone to support up to 6 handsets, but you will have to purchase separately. But that’s not an issue, mainly if you are in for obtaining convenient communication.

The large LCD screen display, powerful battery, and call block feature are some of the countless benefits you get once you plunge into the use of this cordless accessory.


  • Link2Cell feature.
  • Powerful battery with extended lifespan.
  • Large 1.8″ LCD screen.
  • Call block feature.
  • Great value.


  • It experiences technical issues.


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Best Cordless Panasonic Phone with Answering Machine Buyers’ Guide 

The technological advancements continue to make a world a better place with convenience and efficiency that comes with various tools and products. The best cordless Panasonic phone with answering machine has improved the communication between individuals, both at home and workplaces, thanks to the vital integrated features that has made the communication a breeze. Just like mobile phones, cordless phones have a variety of styles and capabilities. Notwithstanding, cordless phones have more to offer. Besides providing more excellent phone coverage on an off-network area basis, they have a reliable phone signal and a high audio quality. Because of the several features possessed by cordless phones, it can be tricky to know the most significant components to consider and the impact of such features on one’s experience with a cordless phone. In this guide, I have delved in the most basic features that you would consider when choosing the best cordless panasonic phones with answering machines.

Frequency Range

The frequency range is one integral aspect that you must consider before you decide on the unit you want to purchase. You must determine the coverage of the phone and the areas you intend to use the unit. Under favorable conditions, cordless phones should provide extensive coverage right from your house all through to the yard.

Usually, phones are effective up to a distance of 50m indoors and 300m outdoors. However, the coverage is significantly impacted by several factors, including physical barriers, radio-waves emitting devices such as speakers, strong local radio stations, and microwave ovens. Therefore, it is essential to consider physical obstacles, wireless devices, and the traffic in the local area that are capable of limiting the phone range. For extended coverage, security, and high audio quality, most DECT phones are more effective at a frequency range between 1880 and 1900MHz than the congested frequencies of 2.4 – 5.8GHz.


It wouldn’t make sense if you went for a unit with low volume coverage. Low volume causes strain, you may not clearly understand what the speaker is saying and this will result in miscommunication.  Before you decide on any unit, consider buying a phone that provides for extensive volume adjustment on the handset if you have hearing difficulties.

The number of handsets

A single-handset phone is perfect for a small home in an ideal situation, provided the phone is always nearby. Big homes may need multiple-handset phones in support of many handsets from a single database. It is increasingly easier to put your phone anywhere you prefer with every additional handset placed on its charging cradle without the need for a phone jack. If your system is expandable, you can enjoy flexibility by increasing the number of handsets as the need arises.

Features of convenience

Accompanied with cordless phones are several features which are also present in wired phone models. These are not limited to in-built digital call receiving machines, speed dials, caller ID, dual keypads, paging or intercom function, phone speakers for hands-free operations, battery life, changeability, battery saver, and night mode.

With the multiple features, you should consider the four basics when buying a cordless phone.

Security of conversation

Communication in cordless phones is realized by the transmission of radio signals between identical radio or police scanners. Even though digital phones provide prolonged and more precise signals, they are insecure. Despite the voice scrambling technology, the voices in digital phones can still be decoded. Buying a phone which embraces digital spectrum technology is a better option to enhance the security of conversation. That is where a cordless phone comes in. A cordless phone offers protection against eavesdropping by using randomly selected security codes. These are persistently transmitted between the base and a handset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the NBN affect your handset?

Consider multiple handsets when your NBN connections are in a home area without a convenient home telephone. The base station can be placed at the point of installation of the NBN modem and router. It is advisable to put additional handsets throughout the home in convenient locations. Upon getting NBN in your home, all the old landline wires are rendered useless for phones which do not have an NBN gateway.

For the handset, you only need an available point of power. So long as the primary phone is connected to the NBN gateway, you will have nothing to do with the modem since it serves the same purpose. If you already have a cordless phone in good condition, you can use it with your new NBN installation. However, it would be best to inform your NBN provider that you have a cordless phone and wish to maintain your phone number. The NBN router supplied should have an RJ11 connection to accept your cordless phone,

What is the lifespan of the Panasonic cordless phone batteries?

This is another question that always come up when discussing the best panasonic phones with the answering machines. Averagely, all panasonic cordless phone batteries can last for between 1 and 2 years. However, depending on how you keep your unit, the batteries can go over 2years or less. The care and maintenance you provide to your phone batteries will determine how much you will use them.

How compatible are Panasonic cordless phones with one another?

So long as they conform to the DECT standards, all Panasonic cordless phones are compatible with one another.

Should I keep my cordless phone on a charger?

No ill effect is experienced on the battery when the handset is left on a charger, even if it is fully charged. Keeping the handset on the charger whenever it is not operational is safe. The only recommended rechargeable batteries to use on cordless phones are the Nickel Metal Hydride. To prevent any damage to the handset, you are advised to avoid using alkaline or any other types of rechargeable batteries.


The use of cordless phones is gaining much publicity in the whole world, and the adoption of these phones both at homes and offices confirms their effectiveness. The best cordless Panasonic phone with answering machine units have come with the convenience and ease of use that is integral even for use with the elderly with little technical know-how.

Besides, these phones boost the highest frequency range, and you can communicate with your callers even when you are in your yard, yet the handset is in the room. Be sure to have the essential considerations in place before you settle on a particular unit.

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