An image of TECCPO Cordless Drill, 12V MAX Drill, a unit with the largest run time among the best lightweight cordless drill

10 Best Lightweight Cordless Drill Reviews & Buyers’ Guide

Cordless drills have changed the game for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, as well as professionals. Moving into a new house or regularly replacing your tools following breakdowns could be stressful and pricey. In such instances, owning one of the best lightweight cordless drill models is a plus.

Through technological advancements, cordless drills have become lighter and better. Ranging from long-lasting, fast charging, and spare batteries with increased runtime to flexible shafts and LED lighting, a cordless drill is a must-have.

That said, featuring some of the best lightweight cordless drills in the market and an insightful buyer’s guide, this article enables you to know the drill specifics that will help you make the best purchase decision.

An image showing an individual using one of the primary best lightweight cordless drill to drive in the screws

Best Lightweight Cordless Drill Reviews 

1.BLACK + DECKER (LDX120C) 20V MAX Cordless Drill

This package comprises a 20V max lithium driver, a lithium-ion battery of 20V, an Lcs20 charger, and a double-end drill bit. However, you are not limited to the battery included as the drill is well suited for other 20V batteries, provided they are of the same brand. The battery is also fast charging and wouldn’t take more than 2 hours to be fully charged. On top of that, the lithium-ion battery is long-lasting as it can serve you for a year and beyond, depending on the regularity of usage.BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill picture, an example of the best lightweight cordless drill powerful to drill through any material

Most people tend to shun buying them at the mention of cordless drills since they are stereotyped as heavy. The 3.15 pound LDX120C, however, contradicts this assumption because its weight is manageable. You can effectively use this tool even in the tight spaces due to its compact design. 

Along with the LDX120C comes a chuck size of 3/8”, a clutch setting of 11, and a torque of 115-inch pounds. Also, with a speed of 650 RPM, you should be done with drilling or driving in a jiff. The clutch setting guarantees efficiency by enabling you to dominate the drill as you use it. 

To make it even more manageable, the drill has a secure handle and LED work lights to enhance safety and efficiency. On the downside, LDX120C tends to overheat following excessive usage. These features prove that it is more recommended for domestic use.  


  • Longstanding and fast-charging battery.
  • Lightweight and is therefore portable.
  • Compact size which makes it convenient even in small spaces
  • Non-slip handle for a firm grip.
  • Variable speed for countersinking.
  • Warranty of up to 2 years


  • Heats up following heavy-duty use
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If a variety were a tool, it would be the KIMO Cordless Drill Driver. Whether you want to screw-drive, hammer drill, or impact drill, the kit is for you. The kit not only serves a variety of functions but also includes various items. A 20V rechargeable battery of 1,000 cycles, a 330-inch pound torque, six twists, and 3 point drill bits are some of the set’s outstanding components.An image of KIMO Cordless Drill Driver Kit, an integral unit among the best lightweight cordless drill that is versatile and can help with the drilling, screwing and can also be used as an impact drill 

The set also comes with a 3/8 keyless chuck, which makes changing the bit much easier. However, this means that you will need safety gloves when doing so. The drill also includes a 21+1+1 clutch, which enables you to regulate the torque when dealing with materials of various densities. To top it off, the drill can be operated at a speed of either 0-350 or 0-1350 RPM, and this ensures that you can get the precision you want based on the material you are working on.

With this unit, you do not need to worry about your working space. The unit boasts a compact design that will ensure you can access even the most hard-to-reach areas. You can also work with this tool at any time of the day as it possesses a built-in LED that will help illuminate your working surface, and with its lightweight, you can work with this tool for the longest time.  

Interestingly, this unit is also equipped with bell clips that will make it easier for you to carry it around, particularly when you are going up the ladder, enhancing easy operation.


  • Has a variable speed that guarantees the safety of Bits
  • Inbuilt LED for enhanced visibility
  • Comes with a carrying bag to ease portability
  • Eliminates the need of buying your Bits
  • 1-year warranty
  • Reduces fatigue as it weighs 3 pounds
  • Suitable for concrete material


  • The user manual is small with limited details
  • The bits may fail to grip well due to the keyless chuck
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Moving into a new house or merely revamping your old residence? The Avid Power cordless drill is a must-have when it comes to DIYs. From its 300-hour battery life to its LED lights, the drill presents remarkable features, not to mention its bearable weight of 2.2 pounds.An image of Avid Power 20V MAX Lithium Ion Cordless Drill, one of the primary best lightweight cordless drill that will give you the needed power for extended use

Inside the drill-set is a lithium iron battery together with its charger, ten steel bits, driver bits, and a user manual. It comes with a 3/8” chuck with drill bits of varying inches up to ¼.” The machine has a clutch with a 15+1 position, which fosters precision.

The drill also has an adjustable torque of 260 in-lbs, which is enough for simple house projects such as drilling holes into kitchen cabinets. The LED lights make it easier to work in dark areas. To ice the cake, the set includes an extra USB for charging, which could be used to add more light or even charge your phone.


  • Relatively cheap
  • Light and compact
  • Convenient for both screwing and unscrewing due to the reverse/forward switch
  • Variable speed
  • Suitable for work even in dark corners due to the LED lights
  • Has a flexible magnetic shaft


  • Warranty details are not provided
  • May not be suitable for concrete materials
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4. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit

Dewalt 20v MAX cordless drill is equipped with a quality brushless motor that optimizes its performance by increasing its run time by 57% and minimizes energy loss through friction. The XR Lithium-ion batteries of high capacity could also account for this unique feature. The kit has no attachments as it contains the tool only, which has a lightweight of about 3.4 pounds.DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill, one of the most powerful units among the best lightweight cordless drill

With the DEWALT cordless drill, not even darkness can stop you from working because, in addition to being bright, it is fitted with LED lights that will guarantee that you can work with the machine even in dimly lit spaces. At its front, there is a shutoff function that will ensure that you switch the machine off immediately after use. 

Its ½” chuck grips firmly regardless of the bit size. The device can operate at high speeds of either 0-550 or 0-2000 RPM.  The variable speed trigger ensures that you can choose a range of fastening and drilling speeds based on the strength and quality of the material you are working on. All these distinctive features put together make DEWALT DCD791D2 worth breaking the bank for.

Another outstanding feature of this model is its ergonomic handle. The feature ensures that you are well-placed to work with the tool with maximum comfort and control. You do not need to worry about your arms getting tired or full of blisters as the model is lightweight and fitted with a comfortable handle.

Moreover, this drilling unit also gives you the power you need for an extended operation despite the lightweight advantage. Its maximum initial battery voltage is 20v, and its nominal voltage is 18v. Thus, the nit boasts a large battery capacity with a 1.3-ampere hour that will give you a long run time.


  • Compact size hence convenient for small spaces
  • Comfortable and easy to handle due to its ergonomic design
  • Fuel gauged XR Lithium-ion batteries with high capacity
  • High transmission speed 
  • 3-year warranty
  • Long-lasting battery


  • No bit holder is included
  • Relatively expensive
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5.CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

A toolbox without the Craftsman’s (CMCD700C1) cordless drill is incomplete. If in search of a driver to use for basic home-based tasks, then this is for you. The kit is simple as it only includes a 700 series driver, a lithium-ion battery, and its charger. The excellent battery life qualifies it for this list. an image of CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill, one of the primary units among the best lightweight cordless drill

Consequently, the battery is fitted with an indicator that shows the charge left to enhance convenience. The driver has excellent clutch positions to foster the ideal setting of screws during projects. The speeds are 0-400 and 0-1500 in the first and second gear, respectively. 

Upon depletion, the battery charges for up to one hour, which is convenient. The unit is fitted with a motor that produces 280 unit watts that provide it with a robust power to complete various applications.

Most importantly, the unit comes with a three-year warranty that can give you confidence with the manufacturers. You can return the unit within the warranty period in case of any manufacturer’s defect.


  • Long-lasting and fast charging battery (1.3ah)
  • Has a limited warranty of up to 3 years
  • Has an LED work light to enhance visibility
  • Its keyless chuck of 1/2” saves the time spent on changing bits
  • Has a gearbox with two speeds which fastens fastening
  • Can be stored efficiently due to its compatibility with the Versa-Track hooks


  • The drill plus its battery could be heavy
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Anything could go wrong during DIY projects, and this is where the Goxawee’s MZ0911 cordless drill comes in. The tool stands out as 2 1500mAh batteries accompany it to deter interruptions when working on projects.An image of GOXAWEE Electric Screw Driver Set 100pcs, an example of the best lightweight cordless drill 

Apart from drilling or driving, the tool has a brush that can be used to cleanse the mess created during projects. Apart from the batteries, the set also contains up to 100 accessories.

The drill is also two speed as it operates within 0-350 or 0-1350 RPM depending on the task at hand. The speed enables you to apply the model to different applications.

 Its 18+1 position clutch offers maximum control and, in turn, enhances the efficiency of the tool. Also, the clutch has an auto-lock, which makes the process of changing bits a breeze. 

The model boasts the highest accuracy for control and adjustable mode. Its variable speed trigger ensures that you can achieve precise cuts with minimal control by just using your fingers. 

The unit achieves a maximum torque of 30N.m that can provide you with the power you need for your day to day needs. The high torque applications ensure that the tool is also excellent for the Crafter and DIYer.


  • Flexible shaft for use in hard to reach areas
  • Fast charging battery that takes up to one hour to fully charge
  • Versatile as it can be used for drilling, driving as well as cleaning
  • Suitable for both wood and metals
  • Light and easy to handle


  • Could heat up following continuous usage
  • Has a relatively low power (12 volts)
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7. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill

If you are a professional and have never considered adding this drill to your toolbox, it’s time you do so. Being as powerful as 370 MWO, heavy-duty tasks are a walkover for this machine. Its brushless quality, which increases its run period by 50%, is a rare bird.A picture of PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, a powerful model among the best lightweight cordless models

 Its ½” chuck accommodates a variety of bit sizes. The ratcheting chuck also retains the bit firmly. The product also comes with two rechargeable batteries plus the charger, making it possible to work non-stop. Even in the case of battery depletion, full charging barely exceeds 75 minutes.

You can also see the remaining charge by pressing the button on the indicator. The drill also has a light at the base to further its efficiency. Its quantity of torque is exemplary to the extent that it could injure your hand in the process. However, to counter this, the torque is adjustable.  



  • Offers fast drilling speed (1800 RPM)
  • Backed up by a 3-year warranty
  • Excellent battery life with fast charging
  • Reasonably light with a weight of about 3.3 pounds
  • Has ideal impact protection that enhances its durability


  • Tends to accumulate debris, hence the need to remove the bit to clear the debris continually
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8. Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver

The uniqueness of this drill lies in its 20+1 adjustable clutch and 2-pound weight. This lightweight, together with the tool’s slim handle, enhances its convenience when working even in confined areas. The drill is also brushless, thus more reliable, and it has an increased runtime.An image of Bosch PS32-02 Cordless Drill Driver, an efficient unit among the best lightweight cordless drill

The bargain also comes with two lithium-ion batteries, two screw bits, and a case for convenience. The case eases transportation and can also be used to store the bits. The drill also has an ideal variable speed trigger that is easy to operate. Consequently, it provides lighting while working, and the light remains on even after releasing the trigger.

It also has a 3/8” chuck with an auto-lock. The size of the chuck also enables the use of a good number of bit sizes. Unfortunately, the clutch keeps vibrating, making the chuck to lose its grip on the bit.


  • Ensures a firm and comfortable grip through the rubberized handle
  • The adjustable clutch gives you a substantial amount of dominance over the tool
  • Compact and is light hence easily portable
  • Durable as it is housed in a Durashield
  • Versatile


  • The 12-volt power is relatively low compared to its counterparts 
  • The chuck lets the bits loose after some time due to vibration of the clutch
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9. TECCPO Cordless Drill

TECCPO must have been a firm believer of the phrase “tailor makes the man” while coming up with this tool. The package comes with a presentable canvas bag that speaks volumes about its contents. Inside the bag are two pieces of batteries, a charger, and up to 33 accessories.An image of TECCPO Cordless Drill, 12V MAX Drill, a unit with the largest run time among the best lightweight cordless drill

The drill is suitable for prolonged hours of work, thanks to its temperature control system that cools the batteries. The batteries are equipped with an indicator, so you do not have to worry about interruptions while working. The fast charger ensures the drill is up and running after about one hour of charging.

The incredible amount of torque (398 in-lbs) makes it possible to perform a variety of tasks. Its ½” chuck is compatible with most bits. Precision is guaranteed owing to the 21+1 clutch. The tool also has an LED light-activated upon triggering to improve visibility.

Your safety while working is guaranteed provided you follow the detailed user manual, which has lots of warnings and safety precautions. However, the drill comes with an incomplete package, so you may have to buy a set of bits and drill brushes to complete it.


  • Easily portable due to the presence of a large tool bag for carrying it around
  • Comes with a fast charger
  • A substantial amount of torque
  • Suitable for extended use as it does not overheat
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Has a variable speed of up to 1700 RPM


  • No warranty details
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10. WORKPRO 12V Pink Cordless Drill

This drill is ideal for simple DIY crafts and is suitable for hobbyists. It stands out thanks to its chrome finish that makes it resistant to corrosion. In addition to its durability, the tool is safe to use. The tool also comes with a pouch making it easily portable.

The pouch is every essential thing you need, ranging from drill bits (6), screw bits (10), and a bit holder to a level, hammer, and pliers. With these accompaniments, it is possible to perform a wide range of home maintenance tasks. The package also includes a charger for convenience.

Its 3/8” chuck is compatible with the bits provided, and the fact that it has a forward and reverse button is a plus. The 18+1 position also provides a variety of torque settings and substantial control of the tool; from the tool features, you can deduce that it is suitable for light day-to-day tasks at home.


  • Easy to handle as it is ergonomic and light
  • Safe to use thanks to the LED work lights
  • Convenient as it comes with many accessories for use
  • Makes it easy to maneuver in small spaces owing to its small size
  • Has a variable speed
  • It is a multipurpose tool


  • Voltage is relatively low
  • May not be a suitable go-to for heavy-duty tasks
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Best Lightweight Cordless Drill Buyers’ Guide 

Choosing the best lightweight cordless drill for you could be a daunting task. Whether a professional, a tech, or simply a DIYer, it is perfectly normal not to know the drill. Here are some of the critical factors to put into consideration when choosing a cordless power drill:


The standard voltage for most cordless drills is 20V, which should be enough for any moderate task. However, this does not mean you are limited to 20V cordless drills. The power you need is proportional to the tasks at hand. For the very light, regular maintenance tasks, even a 12V will do.

In addition to voltage, checking the battery life is indispensable. An ideal battery should last for at least 45 minutes or so, depending on the usage. Based on the usage, consider whether or not the battery heats up following prolonged use.

Also, concerning the battery, consider the time taken to charge fully. A battery that takes up to one hour to reach full charge is recommended. In this way, you will save time spent while working. Some batteries are equipped with a management system for cooling, and this is a plus when it comes to heavy-duty tasks.

The Amount of Torque and Speed

The size of torque plays a significant role in gauging the capabilities of a machine. The more the torque, the more the power generated and the more the efficiency when it comes to heavy-duty applications. This factor may be negligible for a light handcrafter but is critical for the heavy-duty mechanist.

However, too high a torque could compromise your safety. A high amount of torque should go hand in hand with a highly adjustable clutch. Consider opting for a drill of about 250 to 350 in-lbs. A torque size more significant than that is even better but should be handled with care.

In terms of speed, choose the best lightweight cordless drill that matches your working pace. A variable speed drill with various settings should work just fine. It enables limitless uses as you can adjust the speed depending on the task at hand.


The provision of a warranty is vital because, with machines, you never know what could go wrong. Some tools are a bit steep, and breaking down could make you incur a huge loss. To escape unexpected costs, normalize checking whether a warranty is provided.

However, you should not merely stop at a stated warranty. Consider what the warranty covers. Some only cover the drill itself, meaning rectifying a fault in the batteries or replacing the charger could be a mountain to climb. A tool that completely lacks a warranty could be a deal-breaker. 

The Size of the Chuck

Like with the best cordless combo kit, the chuck size for most cordless drills ranges from 3/8, 1/4 to half an inch. A 3/8” chuck is standard for a DIYer or homeowner. This factor entirely depends on the size of the bits you use. Consider your bits’ size and compare it with the chuck size to determine the drill’s compatibility.

A ½” chuck is suitable for larger bit sizes. Basically, the recommended chuck size is at least 3/8”. To minimize the hustle, opt for driver sets with bits included as they are compatible with the drill they accompany.


Consider what exactly triggered your search for a cordless drill. Is it your old kitchen cabinets, your rusted household items, or you can’t stand your boring room anymore? As a professional or tech, the trigger could be your old broken drill that no longer meets your needs. 

For instance, as a professional, you are bound to heavy-duty tasks with extended working hours, and drills that overheat may not be the way to go. Consider tools with control systems that bring about a cooling effect. As a mum or husband intending to gift your wife or daughter, safety should be your priority.


Here, a comfortable handle with a firm grip, preferably made of rubber, should be your go-to. Such a handle minimizes blisters, making work more comfortable. 

Consequently, the presence of work lights is fundamental, especially when working in dark areas. Consider whether or not an LED light accompanies the product. LED lights that are activated on triggering are much better. This is almost like a safety precaution and should not be overlooked.

Check for the presence of a flexible shaft. This comes in handy when working on hard to reach areas. 

 Weight and Size

Depending on your space, different sizes suit various people. A compact size of up to 10 inches should be ideal for storage in small spaces. Some like the WORKPRO B08G4M1B3C can even be stored outside since they cannot be eroded.

The recommended cordless drill should weigh at most 4 pounds. This aspect minimizes fatigue even for prolonged working hours. The lighter the drill, the more efficient it is.

A video showing how to use a cordless drill


A fast charging and long-lasting battery, a chuck with a firm grip, variable speed, and a substantial torque, backed up by a warranty, equal the best lightweight cordless drill. Even better is a set that comes with other accessories as it minimizes the hustle for compatible bits. Also, who wouldn’t want some spare batteries that are suitable for other tools as well?

Through these features, you are bound to work faster for extended periods with minimal interruption. With the LED work lights in place, the dark corners are also covered. Consequently, due to the lightweight of these tools, fatigue is out of the question. 

Imagine having to top up the hustle and bustle of moving to a new home by working with a massive drill. Ease your work and improve your output even as a professional by purchasing one of the best lightweight cordless drills.

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