9 Best Cordless Work Light for 2023

Regardless of the task you’re handling, proper and standard lighting is crucial, especially if your overhead lights aren’t just cutting it. Work lights are a popular option for auxiliary work lighting as they come in multiple shapes and sizes to suit every task. They are incredibly long-lasting and energy-efficient, saving you the hassle of spending more on energy bills.  

Work lights help in lighting up your dashboard, workstation, or preferably inside a machine that you’ve been tirelessly working on. Ideally, multiple choices exist in the market, and as such, getting the best choices can be quite difficult. However, we’ve rounded up everything for you by listing down 9 Best Cordless Work Light models and a well-detailed buying guide to help you make the right purchasing decision. Read through!

A photo of a man using DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light one of the primary best cordless work light to illuminate the work surface

Best Cordless Work Light Reviews 2024

1.DEWALT (DCL050) 20V MAX LED Work Light

Our first and top-rated work light is the DEWALT (DCL050) 20V MAX LED Work Light. DEWALT is popularly known for creating up-to-date tools that are not only affordable but also versatile enough to meet your workstation needs. This handy unit is no exemption, and it’s an excellent choice for a wide range of tasks.

First up, it enlists three bright LEDs suitable for illuminating dark working areas. Secondly, its initial maximum battery voltage is 20 volts, whereas the nominal voltage is 18 and equipped with 140 Degree Pivoting Head, which offers versatility for lighting work surfaces. This device boasts 2 Brightness Settings of 500 Lumens & 250 Lumens for an extended run time and maximum light output. 

It’s also shockingly backed up with a 3-year limited warranty and a built-in telescoping and 360-Degree rotating hook essential in helping you hang it in multiple locations. Its molded lens cover ensures increased durability. With this piece, there’s no better way to light up your workstation!


  • Relatively durable
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Excellent battery life
  • Bright enough
  • Inexpensive
  • High-quality product


  • It doesn’t include battery and charger
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2. 2Pack COB LED Work Light YOUYOUTE USB Rechargeable Magnetic LED Light

If you’re looking for a more compact yet affordable work light, the 2Pack COB LED Work Light is seemingly one of the best options you can always rely upon. With its compact size, this unique tool has a strong magnet base, super-bright lighting effect, and, more importantly, excellent quality. Well, it’s an ideal choice for camping, car repair, fishing, or home use.

Besides, this portable pocket light comes with a rechargeable internal lithium battery, which offers users a run time of up to 3 hours. It also has five levels of brightness, switch, and shifting position, which is easily controllable. Moreover, it incorporates high-grade Chip-on-board technology that provides brighter light with less heat. 

What’s more, it’s water-resistant, chargeable on USB cable, and a bottom designed with a hook making it easy to hung, repair, and suitable for various scenarios. It also features a built-in magnetic base and swivel hook, which absorbs any iron products with fixed lighting. Its intelligent design is suitable for multi-angle illumination. It’s highly efficient!


  • Relatively affordable
  • Super durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Portable
  • Bright and easy o recharge batteries
  • Energy-efficient
  • It fits great in the pocket


  • The battery doesn’t last too long.
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3.Neiko 40339A Cordless Work Light 

Neiko 40339A Cordless Work Light is built to be highly durable in a professional shop environment. There’re multiple positive reasons why investing in this priceless unit is worth every penny. It comes with a long-lasting rechargeable Li-ion battery with overcharge protection and a handy low battery indicator that is essential in preventing work interruption.

Moreover, it enlists COB technology, which is extremely bright and increases lumen-output per square inch, offering immense flood illumination with outstanding energy efficiency than other standard work lights. Its three modes of brightness suit your every need. 

Additionally, its handheld, portable stick design with impact-resistant aluminum housing and industrial-grade polycarbonate lens offers durable protection for lighting units. More exceedingly, it includes a detachable magnetic base and two rotating, all-angle swivel hanging hooks making it easy to mount or attach the unit. Its portable design makes it an excellent choice for camping, car repair, earthquake, mechanic auto shop, or home use.


  • Durable and long-lasting batteries
  • Bright enough
  • Well-built
  • The magnet mount is simply exceptional
  • Portable


  • No warranty
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 4.Neiko 40447A Rechargeable Underhood Work Light

Neiko 40447A Rechargeable Underhood Work Light is yet another compact, floodlight-style unit that you can always rely on. Its resistant Polycarbonate light housing & lens offers maximum durability and a weather-resistant design built for various weather conditions. Besides, it enlists two detachable magnetic hooks that offer the flexibility to illuminate awkward, cramped workspaces.

Additionally, it boasts Superior 1, 200 Lumens maximum brightness under hood work light powered by 202 bulbs essential in illuminating the entire engine compartment. It comes loaded with an 8,000 mAh large-capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery that offers up to 3 hours of run time on high mode and 6 hours on low mode plus an added protection of a UL/CUL certified charger for extra reliability. 


  • Reliable lighting 
  • Provides hands-free operation
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use and charge
  • Secure and non-damaging grip
  • Excellent quality
  • Works as advertised


  • Slightly hard to use without the cradle
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PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX LED Work Light is a compact yet very powerful and bright work light. With this unit, you can conveniently adjust brightness either high or low depending on your working environment. Besides, its LED area light allows two power options, both cordless and corded.

Moreover, it provides 1900 lumens max output plus 10 hours run time, which is exceedingly enough to complete your project. It’s surprisingly backed up with three years limited warranty and features a 1/4 inch diameter screw thread that allows tripod compatibility. This is an ideal choice for tight working conditions with low lighting.


  • Provides enough light on the low setting
  • It doesn’t get hot
  • Solid buy
  • Works great
  • Excellent for any trade
  • Excellent battery life


  • Quite expensive for some
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6.DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light

DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light is another best cordless work light you can always rely on to brighten up your working area. Its compact design is convenient for everyday tasks. Besides, it’s bright and powerful enough to light large areas. It features a powerful, efficient LED technology that produces up to 5000 lumens of natural white light without halogen’s heat and hassle.

Furthermore, this unique, high-quality unit can be tripod mounted or used freestanding, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it almost everywhere. It works with all DEWALT batteries and has a runtime of up to 11 hours for a full day of work. What’s more, you can closely monitor and control your light remotely on the Jobsite using the free tool connect app. 

Moreover, it enlists a durable, impact-resistant design that stands up to all Jobsite conditions and is backed up with a 3-year limited warranty. Simply put, DEWALT 20V MAX LED Work Light is designed to stand up even in the toughest job site environments!


  • High-quality product
  • Bright and pleasing light
  • Lightweight and convenient
  • Super sturdy
  • Durable
  • Works as advertised
  • Solid buy


  • No setbacks yet
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7.Streamlight 44910 Waypoint 1000-Lumens Spotlight with 120-Volt AC Charger

This lightweight, lithium-ion rechargeable unit combines every little thing you’ll ever need in a work light. It produces 1,000 lumens with a farther-reaching 678m beam, making it shine brighter compared to other units in its class. It features high impact polycarbonate housing with an unbreakable polycarbonate lens, which means it’s surely built to last.

Moreover, its LED solid-state power regulation offers maximum light output throughout battery life. Besides, it enlists a deep-dish parabolic reflector, which produces a long-range targeting beam with optimum peripheral illumination. Also, it’s powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries with an on-board safety control circuit. 

More exceedingly, it’s equipped with C4 LED technology that is shock-proof with 50,000 hour lifetime plus a trigger-style switch with momentary or click on and off operation. Its compact design and cushioned grip handle virtually eliminate hand fatigue. With a lifetime limited warranty, there’s no better reason why this unit should not be in your workshop!


  • Outstanding warranty
  • Meets all user expectation
  • Super light and reliable
  • Bright enough
  • Super easy to use and handle
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Works as advertised


  • It might not be the most durable around
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8.LED Work Light Battery Powered – Enegitech 20W 2800LM 4000K LED Working Light 

This is yet another high-quality work light that is CE certified and tested by the manufacturer to match OEM products. It has a wide-angle design and reflecting panel essential in enhancing the illumination for larger area coverage. Besides, it has multiple power sources essential in helping you carry out your daily activity.

Additionally, regardless of where it is positioned, its 360-degree rotation ensures bright lights hit your Jobsite from the perfect angle. Its portable designs make it easy and effortless to carry around. Besides, it can be placed on flat ground or preferably use a hook to keep it suspended in the air making sure your Jobsite is lit from every angle. 

What’s more, it’s backed up with a 1-year limited warranty, reliable customer service, and 30 days customer refund if you’re not satisfied with the product. The heat dissipation holes keep the device much cooler extending its lifespan and working time. It’s highly recommended!


  • Simple to carry
  • Compact and sturdy enough
  • Designed with heat dissipation holes
  • Multiple hanging options
  • It uses almost all popular rechargeable batteries 
  • Very versatile
  • Works great


  • Short warranty period
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9.[15W 24LED] Spotlights Work Lights Outdoor Camping Lights

This unit combines quality, affordability, and efficiency in providing you with a bright and clear working environment. It features a durable aluminum alloy shell, waterproof, and lightweight design, making it an easy to use and reliable unit. Its 15W 24LED super bright LED work lights are bright enough, making it a perfect choice for camping, fishing, or other outdoor activities.

Furthermore, it boasts of built-in rechargeable lithium batteries plus 2 USB ports that you can freely use as a battery charger for mobile devices. Further, it enlists 4pcs flashing LED both red and blue, perfect gear for the roadside or other emergency conditions. Its lightweight design enhances ease of use and it can also be placed on the ground with a stand. This piece will meet your expectations!


  • Waterproof and portable work light
  • Relatively durable
  • Super bright
  • Fairly easy to charge
  • Excellent battery life
  • It doesn’t heat up
  • Works as advertised


  • Slightly difficult to move it around in tight spaces
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Best cordless work light buying guide 2024

Work lights are quickly taking over the construction industry due to their ease of use, durability, and compact design. Since various and multiple options exist today, it can be a chore to get the best options. However, we’ve narrowed down some excellent choices that we intently feel will work great for you. Here are a few other vital aspects you may lean on to help you make a more intelligent buying decision. 


Portable work lights are generally easy to handle. They can be handheld or clipped onto your belt while you go about your business. Besides, they run on batteries and ideal for both repairmen and handymen who occasionally work at certain depths or heights. So if your job task requires you to hang about a place without carrying heavy lightings, portable work lights will be a great choice.


Before making a buying decision, every user needs to understand the purpose that particular light intends to serve. This is practically essential in that various lights serve differently. For instance, Omni luminous or multi-focal lights are often used for a multi-focal job, whereas focus lights serve well on a single point job. Understanding the purpose of each work light will help you land on the best deal. 


Generally, most low priced cordless units do not come with a warranty. High-quality, robust, and high-priced units, on the other hand, come with at least a year’s worth of limited warranty. Other reputed brands that we’ve listed above offer up to 3-years of limited warranty. The higher the price, the better the warranty will be. However, go for something that is within your budget.


Brightness is another essential aspect that most shoppers take into consideration. Although it comes with various levels, it is still advisable that you don’t go for work lights with the highest levels. This is mainly because it’s more logical to go for just the right amounts of brightness for each job. Small jobs require small lights and vice versa. 

Bulb’s freedom of movement

Although this might be considered a minor factor, it’s still worth your consideration. Since most of our reviews feature 360-degree Omni-directional bulbs, you may want to consider this factor if you opt for single focus bulb lights. 

 Battery life

Just like with the cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, most work lights are battery-powered simply because they’re portable. Quite often, small lights work on AAA batteries or lithium-ion batteries. Conversely, a few others have higher battery capacity and even come loaded with USB ports that facilitate outward charging. Such work lights act like power banks to let you use the light’s battery as the power source to charge your cell phone. 

Water-resistant work lights

Depending on your working environment, water and dust are some of the principal elements prone to damage your electrical device during outdoor activity. Consider going for water-resistant or dust-proof devices, especially if you’ll use them on outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or tire fixing. 

Ease of use

Well, this is yet another essential aspect that you may as well consider. Most of our reviews have different unique features, and we feel each feature serves its intended purpose. However, work lights with a magnetic stand or swivel hooks make work more efficient and easier. This is mainly because the magnetic base can cling to different metal surfaces, while the swivel hook comes in handy when fixing the light in any overhead position or different directions. Simply put, getting the right accessories make work a lot easier and convenient. 

Other factors

Although we’ve highlighted some vital aspects that will guide you through the buying process, you may also consider other minor factors like the cords’ robustness, stand quality, bulb replacement ability, and retractable tripod features. If you put all these to the test, you’ll have protected your investment. 

Top pick

First up, each unit reviewed above serves its intended purpose. Conversely, most shoppers think DEWALT work light is seemingly one of the highest-rated work lights you can always rely on. Its robust, versatile design gives you a 500 high luminous brightness, which is bright enough to take you through your project. Besides, it has a 360-degree hook that can clasp onto anything and a pivoting head that can rotate in any desired direction. 

A video showing how to use portable work light


We sincerely hope our well researched and detailed list of guidelines and reviews has helped you select a durable, high-functioning work light. Keep in mind that a good unit should always get the job done by serving its intended task. Go for something that is within your budget, and that will also meet all your working needs. That said, share with us your choices or thoughts plus some other top brands you feel we’ve left out.

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