14 Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood floors Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Perhaps you’re tired of using a clunky traditional vacuum or broom; a cordless version will always come in handy for you. These high-tech appliances are not just easy to use, lightweight, but also highly affordable, not to mention their sleek design. Besides, they can clear dirt or dust in a fraction of time without necessarily interfering or rather scratching your floor.

Although most cordless vacuums are designed for all work surfaces, they are instrumental in cleaning hardwood floors. The best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors sucks up dirt and debris in large volumes, while their lightweight design prevents wear and tear that can potentially damage your floor.

Just like any other appliances, these units can be quite pricey. To help you decide on models that are worth your investment, we’ve detailed a few top choices that are not only highly recommended by thousands of Amazonians but also include innovative features that will help you clean hard to reach areas.

Here are the top 14 best cordless vacuums that we believe will work wonders on your hardwood floor.

A woman using Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum for Carpet, one of the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors to clean carpet

Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Reviews 

1.MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1 Powerful Suction Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum is among the top choices you can always rely on. It features powerful suction and a long-lasting battery to meet your cleaning demands. It can pick up crumbs, debris, or pet hairs in minutes and performs well on all hardwood floors. Its flexible head angle allows ease of movement in hard to reach places.An image of MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum 4 in 1 Powerful Suction Stick Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, one of the units among the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

What’s more? The unit is equipped with LED lights that illuminate dark corners to help track dust. It also incorporates built-in stiff nylon bristles and soft bristles that perform well on hardwood floors. Besides, it’s equipped with a cyclonic filtration system that captures allergens and purifies the air, thereby improving your living environment. 

Additionally, it comes with detachable, washable HEPA filters for more convenient cleaning. It also features two adjustable modes that allow the battery’s full use and a wireless design with powerful suction to complete a thorough cleaning. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum offers ultimate purified air and an excellent cleaning experience for all users!


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • It’s cordless
  • Long-lasting and powerful battery
  • Has two speeds
  • Super quite
  • Simple and effortless to clear any blockage that might occur
  • Relatively durable


It’s not wet proof

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2.Cordless Vacuum SOWTECH 6 in 1 Cyclonic Suction

This handy vacuum comes loaded with six accessories, including a mattress brush, crevice tool, and a square brush to offer you the best cleaning services. What makes this unit more reliable is the availability of 75dB noise reduction technology, which is a perfect choice for noise-sensitive areas. A picture of Cordless Vacuum SOWTECH 6 in 1 Cyclonic Suction Lightweight Handheld Vacuum, one of the primary lightweight units among the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

It has a pro-cyclone system that sucks out daily debris or pet hair and a 5th stage filtration system that separates more than 99% of the garbage, enabling you to breathe clean and fresh air daily. You can conveniently use the rechargeable battery for more than 40 minutes to clean up multiple rooms and the studio department with ease. 

This cordless and lightweight unit is preferably the best gift you can give to your housekeeping or knee arthritis parents. Moreover, it features a life-long stainless steel filter made of washable material, durable, and environmentally friendly than the HEPA filter. It’s also backed up with a 1-year from the day of purchase warranty so that you can buy the product with no hesitation. 


  • Works great
  • Perfect attachments
  • Cleaning is amazingly simple
  • Too quite
  • It has no smell
  • Super light and effective
  • Affordable


  • Short warranty period
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3. Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum offers a quick, effective clean-up on all types of surfaces. Most Amazon shoppers find this unit highly effective in offering superior cleaning on hardwood floors with a strong suction power and an extended runtime. It’s armed with advanced swivel steering, which ensures perfect control when maneuvering around furniture. An image of Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum for Carpet, an effective unit among the best cordless vacuum for hardfloors

Besides, its powerful motorized brush lifts embedded pet hair from carpets, making it an excellent pet lovers’ choice. It features an extra-large dust cup which significantly holds more debris or dirt so you can empty your vacuum less frequently. Its top-bottom empty design enhances the ease of dirt removal without interacting with the dirt. 

Besides, this unit is fitted with a two-speed trigger optimized for the bare floor and carpet. The variable speed ensures that you can work on different floor surfaces and materials with different strengths and nature by choosing a desirable speed.


  • Simple to empty and take apart
  • Outstanding design
  • Cordless and lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Portable
  • Works great on hardwood floors
  • Perfect quality and suction


  • Might not be the most durable
  •  Slightly heavy for some
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4.Cordless Vacuum, ONSON Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

ONSON Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a reliable unit that supports quiet, 250-watt suction in MAX mode and sucks up dust or debris on hardwood floors in minutes. Its wireless design, which basically helps get rid of the hassle of a cord, provides an impressive 20Kpa of suction to give users a deep, thorough cleaning. An image of Cordless Vacuum, ONSON Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, one of the primary units among the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors that boast a sleek design

Besides, it only weighs 3.08lbs making it an all easy to use unit that you can use to clean up high, low, down, and everywhere in between. What’s more, it can be operated at lower frequencies, giving you a quiet cleaning experience. You can also conveniently convert this unit into a handheld vacuum to get the best cleaning experience. 

Similarly, the unit features a detachable and washable filter, making it a lot easier to clean after vacuuming. The availability of a one-click feature ensures there’s no leakage, locks in small particles, and expels clean and fresh air. It’s powered by a new lithium-ion battery, which is chargeable and can continuously work for 30-40 minutes. Highly relatable!


  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Sleek design
  • Simple to assemble
  • Cordless yet powerful
  • Lasts for a couple of years


It can roughly run for 30-40 minutes, which is seemingly short for some

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5. Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Twice the suction of any cord-free vacuum cleaner, Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner optimizes suction and runtime to deep and thorough clean almost everywhere. It comes with a battery-saving charger and fade-free battery power to offer you a quick cleaning experience.Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, an example of the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, effective for collecting huge lamps of dust

Additionally, it features an LCD screen for greater clean control and a dynamic load sensor that systematically and automatically changes the motor speed between hard floors and carpets. Besides, it’s designed for whole-home deep cleaning and scientifically proven to capture small particles like bacteria and allergens.

It comes with 7-cell lithium-ion batteries that are not only light but also powerful. The suction power is also controlled across three settings, eco, auto, and boost mode to help you clean up your home. It also features a convenient docking station that stores, charges, and holds additional machine attachments. With the convenience of this machine, there’s no better way to clean your home!


  • Bigger battery capacity
  • Powerful and lasts longer on charge
  • The “auto” setting is exceptional
  • Great battery
  • Works great


  •  Slightly heavy for some


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6.APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re a dog or cat lover, APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner incorporates all the tools a pet owner dreams of. First up, it’s equipped with a 250-Watt brushless digital motor that offers continuous 24Kpa suction in MAX mode for complete and thorough cleaning regardless of floor type. Besides, it’s super quiet, perfect for a quiet working environment. An image of APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, an example of one of the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

Moreover, this power tool incorporates a 2200mAh Large Battery that supports the vacuum cleaner with an excellent running time of up to thirty minutes. Its four stages of filtration complete sealing design capture up to 99.99% of the microscopic dirt or dust, which is an outstanding solution for your room. What’s more, it features two adjustable modes that adapt to different situations, allowing full battery use.

It’s also equipped with an ergonomic handle and a unique, ultra-light design-friendly for your wrist or back. Besides, its high-performance electric brush is highly effective on either hardwood floors or carpets, providing 2.8×power and 85% higher deep clean performance than other ordinary cordless vacuums. With this piece, you can expect a profound cleaning experience!


  • Lightweight and ultra-quiet
  • Washable components
  • The accessories can be wall-mounted
  • Equipped with fast-charging lithium-ion batteries
  • Incorporates LED power indicator light
  • Features a foreign matter protection function
  • Flexible and perfect for pet owners
  • Strong suction power
  • Worth every penny


  • No negative thoughts yet
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7. Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop

Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is another best cordless vacuum cleaner that will perfectly blend with your hardwood floor. Tineco is extensively known for creating innovative, smart electrical appliances guaranteed to make your everyday home cleaning products smarter and easier to use. An image of Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, another lightweight model among the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

This super equipment is not only cordless but also lightweight and can easily maneuver even in the tightest of spaces making your daily cleaning quick and effective. Besides, it combines chores since you can vacuum and wash at the same time. It features a dual tank technology that effectively separates dirty water and debris, so you’ll always be cleaning with fresh water. 

Additionally, it’s equipped with a hands-free self-cleaning system, which eliminates the buildup of odor or debris, keeping the system fresh and clean. Its compact storage dock ensures neat storage keeping, making your home clean and tidy. With Tineco iFLOOR Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, you’ll no longer need to wring out a mop in dirty water or rather refill buckets with clean water!


  • Excellent customer service
  • 2-years limited warranty
  • Includes HEPA filter, deodorizing and sanitizing solution, brush roller, charging base, and 3-in-1 brush
  • Better and quieter suction
  • Works great
  • Perfect for busy households
  • Easy to assemble


  • Might not be the most durable around
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8.BISSELL ICONpet Cordless with Tangle Free Brushroll

This ICON pet cordless vacuum is engineered for power and designed for pets. It features a High-Powered Digital Motor and 22v lithium-ion battery that offers users a fast and more comfortable way to vacuum their entire home. It perfectly lays flat to clean tight corners, under beds, couches, and remarkable bright LED lights for easy visibility. A picture of BISSELL ICONpet Cordless with Tangle Free Brushroll, an example of the most powerful units among the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

What’s more, it comes with an innovative tangle-free brush roll that leaves no hair wrap behind and works with specialized pet tools to clean up messes anywhere your pet goes. It also features a high-performance digital motor that spins up to 420 miles per hour for excellent and powerful cordless cleaning performance.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with a mess-free dirt tank with clean slide technology that allows users to control dust, which is essential in eliminating clean up after clean up. Its 22v Lithium-ion Battery guarantees cordless convenience with three cleaning modes, and it can easily convert into a hand reach vacuum for proper cleaning. With BISSELL, you can always give a pet a forever home!


  • Includes one lithium-ion battery
  • Better and powerful suction
  • Works extremely well
  • Perfect lighting ensures everything is picked up
  • Simple to assemble
  • Perfect for pet owners


  • It doesn’t have a good stand base
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9.Eureka Rapid Clean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Rapid Clean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner combines power, quality, and efficiency in offering you the best cleaning services. It’s powered by the latest motor technology, which rapidly makes your cleaning thorough and convenient. Besides, it has a long-lasting runtime of about 40 minutes and can easily switch to MAX power on fingertip control to better clean.an image of Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, another model that you cannot fail to have among the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors  

It features LED headlights that light up your way, making it easier to reach hard places that might otherwise have been missed. The dust cup has been moved to the front so you can freely lay the vacuum wholly flat and clean up under your bed or couch with ease. Besides, it’s lightweight, cordless, and powerful enough for a useful cleaning experience. 

What’s more, it comes with a cyclonic filtration system, which relentlessly traps and separates dust, large particles, and debris. Besides, assembling it is a breeze, and the convenience of a wall mount makes storage relatively easier and organized. It’s highly recommended!


  • Works as advertised
  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Super sturdy
  • Highly portable
  • Quiet and excellent on hardwood floors
  • Powerful suction
  • Good battery life


  • Lacks storage or connection points for attachments
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10. Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Convert and transform your everyday floor cleaning with Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. Its sleek, versatile design delivers upright performance with fade-free lithium-ion battery power. It’s a powerful, performing tool that works great on all floor types without the hassle of a cord.an image of Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Stick Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, a powerful unit among the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors

Its lightweight design makes it easy and effortless to clean up your home. The availability of WindTunnel TECHNOLOGY, which creates channels of suction to remove and lift surface debris or deeply embedded dirt, is highly effective. Its interchangeable batteries offer the best cordless freedom to clean just anywhere and everywhere.

Additionally, it’s equipped with a multi-floor electric brush roll that works great on hardwood floors or carpets and a battery gauge that effectively reminds users of the battery power left and the need for a recharge. It can perfectly lie down, enabling you to clean under hard to reach surfaces. Nothing can beat the efficiency of this cordless vacuum!


  • Quieter than other models
  • Affordable
  • Great quality
  • Maneuverable
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Its time consuming to recharge the battery
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11.Shark ION P50 – IC162, Lightweight Cordless Upright Vacuum with HEPA Filter

The Shark ION P50 combines cordless convenience, versatility, power, and upright performance in a way you’d never expect. It has all the unique features that Amazonians know and love. Its removable battery can be charged in or out of the vacuum with a runtime of up to 50 minutes. Besides, it features 2x Dust Cup Capacity ideal for handling multiple floors and rooms in seconds.

Moreover, it’s equipped with a HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal technology that traps up to 99.99% of allergens or dust providing you with a clean, healthy home. It also features three versatile modes of cleaning to offer you the best cleaning experience. It’s backed up with five years of limited warranty, which guarantees that this unit is built to last. 

What’s more, it has freestanding upright storage and a Duo-Clean Technology designed for cleaning large debris and dust on hardwood floors. It’s easy to use and well packed to offer you whole-home cleaning results!


  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Simple to read battery indicator
  • Excellent warranty
  • Relatively durable
  • Sturdy enough


  • Relatively heavy for some


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12. Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum

With Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum, you’ll never have to lug around a heavy vacuum from room to room. Most people find this unit durable and a lot sturdier than other vacuums on the market. It boasts a 2-way folding handle that flexes forward and backward for a much easier clean and hard-to-reach area.

Besides, it’s equipped with a convenient charging base for rapid storage and recharge of multiple tools. It also incorporates 14. 4V lithium-ion battery, that offers a robust, long-lasting suction of up to 25 minutes. It’s perfect for sealed hard floors or bare floor surfaces and features an extra-large dirt bin that holds up 50% more pet hair, debris, and dirt so you can empty it less often. 

What’s more, it’s backed up with a 2-year limited warranty and equipped with advanced pet hair rubberized brush roll essential in picking up hair or debris on hardwood floors. The cyclonic cleaning system and no dirt sensor ensure no dirt is left behind, providing you with a smart, clean, and healthy environment. 


  • Works well
  • Light and cordless
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Ideal for pet lovers
  • It’s easy to clean and empty the machine


  • Might not be the most durable
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13. BLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum & Hand Vac

Another potential vacuum that you can always rely on is the BLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum & Hand Vac. This 2-IN-1 hand/stick vacuum is designed to offer users two stylish vacuums for cleaning on and above your floors. It’s on and off powered brush bar allows users to thoroughly and conveniently clean carpets or hardwood floors.

Its self-standing design allows it to stand upright where you need it making it ready for use whenever messes arise. It’s equipped with an LED indicator that ensures constant update on battery charge level. Its detachable brush bar is super easy to clean in between pick up jobs. 

Additionally, it’s equipped with a low profile design, allowing users to reach under furniture while cleaning efficiently. Its smooth pivot steering ensures ease of use and plenty of maneuverability to get around tight corners. The availability of translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easier to see dirt and empty. Investing in BLACK+DECKER Cordless Stick Vacuum & Hand Vac is worth every penny!


  • Works great on hardwood floors
  • Simple to assemble and dissemble
  • Perfect for occasional and small use
  • Excellent battery life
  • Powerful suction
  • Simple to navigate
  • Light on your hands
  • Washable filter
  • sturdy


  • Slightly heavy
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14. Tineco Pure ONE S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Customize your cleaning experience with Tineco Pure ONE S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. It features a high-performing brushless motor that provides ultra-quiet yet powerful suction that runs up to 145W in Max mode. It’s equipped with iLoop(TM) Smart Sensor Technology capable of sensing hidden debris or dirt and automatically adjusts suction power in real-time to a complete cleaning experience.

Additionally, it comes fully loaded with built-in app integration featuring maintenance reminders, troubleshooting, cleaning reports, and real-time performance monitoring. What’s more, you can quickly swipe the embedded touch screen to adjust the suction power manually if needed. It can effortlessly convert to a handheld vacuum with versatile attachments to reach even the tightest of spaces. 

Besides, its cordless and lightweight design ensures easy maneuverability through every room, corner, or stairs. Its ultra-high performing 500W motor provides up to six times more powerful suction than other cordless vacuums within its class. Its exclusive pre-filter self-cleaning tool automatically deep and thoroughly cleans the filter keeping the suction more powerful for long-lasting performance. 


  • Chargeable and easy to wall-mount
  • Incorporates LED display cleaning performance
  • Outgoing customer relation 
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Sturdy 
  • Solid investment 
  • The Smartphone is perfect


  • Batteries don’t seem to last quite as long 
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Best Cordless Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Buyers’ Guide 

Now that you’ve taken ample time to go through our top choices for the best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors, here are a few valuable tips you may also look at to help you make an informative and right purchase decision.


Your cleaning needs may be a determinant of vacuum weight. If you’ll need to carry your vacuum cleaner frequently, a lightweight vacuum is much more preferable. That said, your cleaning needs will always determine which vacuum cleaner to invest in. 

Suction Power

Like with the best cordless stick vacuum, the suction power plays a crucial role in any vacuum cleaner. If you regularly clean your floors then, the suction power of around 15,000 Pa is enough. If you have pets or want to clean large offices, higher suction power is recommended. 

Battery Runtime

Most of our reviews have a runtime of about 20 or 40 minutes. This is just enough for any regular cleaning. However, if you need more runtime than the usual half-hour, go for vacuum cleaners with detachable batteries. 

Handheld Conversion

Transforming a vacuum cleaner into a handheld has its share of benefits. It makes it easier to store, charge, and, more importantly, convenient to grab, especially if you need to clean up tight corners or something small. 

How to know a vacuum cleaner is safe for your hardwood floor

To know if your vacuum cleaner is safe for your hardwood floor, you can start by following the advice that major flooring manufacturers give. Most flooring experts recommend vacuum cleaners with a brush roller or the ability to turn off the brush roller. With these two features, you’re much less likely to scratch your hardwood floor. 

Top pick

Our top personal choice is Bissell Bolt Pet Lithium-Ion Cordless Stick Vacuum simply because of its solid suction power, which is reasonable enough for any standard home. Besides, it’s cordless, relatable, has unique features, sturdier, and, more importantly, affordable. If you’ve already made a choice, why not let us know which cordless vacuum you ended up with and how it has satisfied your needs so far. Every comment is much welcomed!

The video below shows how the cordless vacuum cleaners can be used on hardwood floors

Final thoughts

Undoubtedly, there’re multiple reasons why many people have opted for cordless vacuums. If you haven’t gone cordless, then you might start by picking up one of our top choices above. If you do, you’ll never have the patience of using corded vacuums ever again. These units are worth every penny! The time is now; go cordless!

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