9 Best Cordless Sweeper Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Cleanliness is held in high regard by almost everyone. You would assent that a clean and polished environment is cozy and therapeutic to dwell or stay in. Sweeping is one way to achieve cleanliness in your abode, office, or pet’s cage. 

Gone are the days when you would use the brooms  to dust up your carpet or sweep the floor, straining your back.  What is the answer to this then?  Choosing the best cordless sweeper will help resolve this sweeping fuss. As one of the many boons of technology, they are salient mechanical tools used to collect debris and dirt from your floor or carpet.

A cordless sweeper is practicable on whatever surface you wish to clean, be it outdoors on footpaths and patios or indoors on whatever type of floor you have; a wooden or tiled floor. This tool utilizes a sweep and suctioning methodology leaving your surface pristine and in a gleam.

Read further on this appraisal that has canvassed and evaluated the top cordless sweepers and will guide you on making the best purchasing decision.

The best cordless sweeper in use to remove dirt from the floor

Best Cordless Sweeper Reviews

1.Bissel Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper

The Bissel Sweeper is one exquisite tool that is very feasible for your cleanups. Featuring brush rolls that come as a pair moves in a rotating manner to collect both large-sized and small-sized dirt and crumbs in forward and reverse moves. It is also attributed to two brushes located at the corner brinks for effective sweeping.

This unit is cordless, eliminating the risk of tripping over a cable. Another striking feature of this tool is its workability on several surfaces. You can efficiently use it on rugs, bare floors, or carpets. You will be impressed by the speed and silence it executes the cleanups making it super convenient and reliable to use. 

Its grand design is another mind-blowing feature. Some parts are modeled with plastic that is completely recycled and free of PVC, making it health-friendly for you. Crowning all these fantastic features up is its lightweight and closely-packed nature. The latter feature enables you to handle and store the unit easily.


  •         Pair of rotating brush rolls effectively in the collection of dirt particles of any size.
  •         Cordless eliminating cable and electricity hazards.
  •         The flexibility of use on several different surfaces.
  •         Work speedily and silently.
  •         Bears a grand design; plastic used in the making is recycled and free of PVC.
  •         Lightweight and has a closely-packed nature.
  •         The producing brand (Bissel) runs a saving homeless pet mission through your purchasing.


  •         Not so effective on cleaning spills (wet spills).
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2.Bissel Perfect Turbo Carpet Sweeper

This is another marvelous cordless sweeper of the Bissel brand.  In one hour, it is possible to have cleaned and covered large spaces uninterruptedly. That is the amount of time that this unit’s staunch rechargeable battery can last. Exciting, isn’t it?

The battery powers the tool’s brush making it feasible to smoothly clean rough floors and other inaccessible-to-clean areas. You do not have to be perturbed over the frequent emptying of the collected debris as the dirt container has a reasonable volume of 450 ml. In addition to the volume mentioned above, the dirt container is designed to have an intuitive disposal system.

The extrinsic of this unit will blow you away. Fitted with rubberized wheels for its swift and smooth movement. It is styled up with a long pushable metallic handle modifiable to your liking for easy maneuvering and helps you prevent bending over. This unit is exclusively flexible, light in weight, and delivers perfected sweeps and works in silence.


  •         Staunch rechargeable battery offering 1 hour of fluent uninterrupted cleaning.
  •         Equipped with a feasible powered brush.
  •         450ml dirt container capable of collecting small and large-sized debris.
  •         Intuitive disposal system design.
  •         Long pushable and modifiable metallic handle for easy maneuvering.
  •         Silently working tool and is lightweight.
  •         The producing brand (Bissel) runs a saving homeless pet mission through your purchasing.
  •         Inclusive of a loop on the handle for storage with ease.


  •         Not so reliable to clean spills (especially wet spills).
  •         Not that suitable for pet hair picking as the hairballs may deter its application.
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3.Fullet Brush 17027 Electrostatic Carpet and Floor Sweeper

The stellar Fullet Brush Electrostatic Sweeper is a deal that will give worth for your money. Fitted with spectacular quality brush bristles of fuller quality, you are guaranteed with an excellent collection of lint, pet hair, dirt, and other debris.

The rotor brush bristles enable you to clean your tiled or interlocking rubber-tile floor elegantly facilely. Spicing this up, this cordless sweeper is customized in a marvelous way such that it accomplishes cleaning even in reverse motion. This means that you will get your cleanups done astonishingly fast.

Its portability as another astounding feature. With its lightweight and compact nature, carrying this unit around to clean up from place to place will be a piece of cake for you. It utilizes electrostatic charge to do cleanups eliminating the need for using outlets. It also flattens on folding, promoting storage purposes. 

You can successfully use this tool on different surfaces; bare hard floors, on wooden floors, or low pile carpets. It has a tolerant metallic cover and a firm metallic handle divided into four sections for elementary handling.


  •         Spectacular quality brush bristles assuring you of maximum dirt collection.
  •         Accomplishes cleaning even in a reverse motion.
  •         Portable because of its lightweight and compact nature.
  •         Eliminates the need for outlets by utilizing electrostatic charge.
  •         Flattens on folding for storage purposes.
  •         Possess a multi-surface cleaning feature.
  •         Tolerant metallic cover for durability and a firm metallic handle for enhanced handling.


  •         Moderately productive on pet hair cleaning
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4.Black+Decker 40V MAX Cordless Sweeper (LSW36 and LBX2040)

The most astounding detail about this category is that it comprises two items elaborating on LSW36 and LBX2040. The first item is the Black+Decker LSW36 40V Cordless Sweeper. It is powered by an extraordinary rechargeable 36V Li-ion battery that graces this unit with commendable prolonged run time.

It is inclusive of a power command function that enables you to regulate speed concerning the application at hand. Is it your driveway or your garage entrance that needs polishing? This is the perfect tool for the job, especially on hard floors. In case the litter you are collecting remains adhesive, there is an ingrained blow tube that you would use to unstick the adhesive material.

It is lightweight and equipped with a comfortable handle, all in a bid to increase workability. The other commendatory tool is the Black+Decker40V Max Battery, 2.0-Ah (LBX2040). This is an extra battery you are gifted with that has superior power. It can maintain battery charge to exceedingly high levels, which is a plus for you. 

The extra battery is integrable with other outdoor tools, intuitive to change, and awards the cordless sweeper with prolific runtime and excellent performance.


  •         Cordless Sweeper tool fitted with an extraordinary 36V Li-ion battery.
  •         Inclusive of a power command function for speed regulation.
  •         Delivers sleek and polished results.
  •         Has an additional superior 2.0-Ah (LBX2040) 40V Max battery promoting prolific runtime.


  •         Currently, out of stock.
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5.Alpine Industries Triple Brush Floor and Carpet Sweeper

This is one very fantabulous product from its design to its applicability. Integrated into its structure are dual levers on the underside, which enable you to clear the collected content once it is full. Another key integral detail is an inclusive bristle brush for a convenient collection of hairs, crumbs, and dirt particles.

It is also snecked with an easily accessible comb for assisted removal of trapped hairs on brush bristles. This tool is assembled with both plastic and steel for durability and convenience. This tool got you covered on cleaning several different floors, be it vinyl, plastic, or hard floor, leaving them immaculate. 

Being a cordless unit, you don’t have to worry about getting enough cable length to avoid entanglements. You will be impressed by its compact and lightweight nature that will make it a very fantastic partner to work with. This means that transferring the unit from place to place will be an easy-peasy job for you. It also works in silence hence does not create distractions.


  •         Underside dual levers for easy clearing of collected and disposal debris.
  •         Functional bristle brush for convenient sweeping of debris and hairs.
  •         Cordless making it more user-friendly.
  •         Exhibits competence on different floors.
  •         Assembled with both plastic and metallic material for durability and convenience.
  •         Compact and lightweight nature in addition to quietude execution of tasks.
  •         Covered with a gentle vinyl number to avoid damaging your walls and furniture.
  •         Easy to store unit through an integrated hole meant for hanging the unit.


  •         Poorly defined disposal instructions.
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6.Ontel SWSMAX Swivel Sweeper

This phenomenal unit has its name established because of its flexibility. As its name suggests, this unit can spin or swivel at whopping 360 degrees in an application, enabling you to run it in any direction you wish. How stupendous is this?

As if that is not enough, it is fitted with brushes at its corners capable of rotating at an awing rpm of 4000. This translates to swift cleanups of lint, fabric pieces, and any other debris extending to even remarkable cleanups of hard to reach corners. Has an ergonomic model making it very suitable to clean underneath furniture without causing scratches.

This tool’s bristles are reusable and intuitive to remove, re-install, and clean to help you get rid of hairs and other material that may be trapped in between the bristles. Its elementary design plays a prime role in helping you clean the tool after use. It brags of an in-built non-contact dirt container that keeps the collected dirt restrained.


  •         Immense flexibility enabling the unit to spin a whopping 360 degrees.
  •         Possesses corner brushes that rotate at an rpm of 4000.
  •         Reusable and intuitive to remove, re-install, and clean bristles.
  •         Elementary design for easy cleaning of the tool.
  •         Rechargeable, cordless, and lightweight in nature.
  •         In-built non-contact dirt container eliminating the need for replacement dustpans.


  •         Moderate holding charge battery.
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7.Black+Decker Floor Sweeper (HFS115J10)

The Black+Decker (HFS115J10) is a superlatively designed tool to suit your cleaning needs. This unit boasts of an integral LED feature, which helps you know the charge status of your battery to prevent unprecedented shutdowns.

This unit is powered by a potent lithium battery that graces the tool with an average of 50 minutes run time. Quite a substantial amount of cleaning work is achievable in those minutes. Another exceptional feature is its distinguished dirt container having a 12.5-ounce capacity eliminating the need for frequent trips to discard collected mess.

It has an incredibly lightweight and practicability, enabling you to use it in an exacting manner. With a flexible anterior, you can effectively use it to clean hard to reach areas like underneath the furniture. It lies in a flattened manner to enable gentle sliding over floors during cleaning. It has an awesome mess disposal system that embraces a no-contact rule with immediate emptying.


  •         Potent lithium battery enabling an excellent 50-minute runtime.
  •         Integral LED feature for battery charge status signaling.
  •         Distinguished dirt container with a high capacity of 12.5 ounces.
  •         Incredibly lightweight and practicability.
  •         Lies in a flattened manner for gentle sliding enabling movement.
  •         Remarkable immediate mess disposal system without contact.


  •         Brushes on its back are absent hence applicable only in a forward direction.
  •         Irreplaceable internal battery.
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8.Karcher KB5 Cordless Sweeper

The Karcher Sweeper is the ultimate definition of brilliance.  Fitted with an 8-inch spinning brush, which wonderfully executes a margin to margin stellar cleaning result. This feature enables the tool to clear even the most adhesive dirt materials effectively.

Backed up with a powerful and rechargeable Li-ion battery, you get to execute a cleaning task in 30 minutes uninterruptedly. It has a catchy appearance and features an amazing emptying system whereby when it gets full, you reach for a retractable compartment on the anterior, clear the mess, and push it back. Isn’t that very easy?

This unit has sprinkled some fanciness on the startup system by automating it. You don’t need a switch to power the tool, you just hold and pull the handle, and the tool will in response startup. You get a charging cable for the unit upon purchase. You can use the tool on any hard floor, or low pile carpeted floors and achieve desired results.


  •         Easy to turn the handle for easy navigation.
  •         8-inch spinning brush delivering stellar cleaning results.
  •         Effective on adhesive debris and dirt.
  •         Catchy appearance.
  •         Amazing mess emptying system.
  •         Automated startup system.
  •         Applicable to all types of floors.


  •         Long battery charging time (up to 3 hours)
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9.Shark V2930 Cordless Floor and Carpet Sweeper

Do you need to cover a wide area in one forward motion using this modernized sweepers? The shark V2930 unit should be your pick. Featuring a 10-inch wide sweeping length, you get to cover a broad track of the floor with every motion.

Operates on a rechargeable and powerful battery that eliminates the use of cords. On the plus size, the battery is removable and re-installable, presenting a window of replacement of the battery in case it ever fails.  Another subtly implemented feature is a motor that rotates the cleaning brush. This makes the unit very effective in cleaning debris of all sizes.

The handle is thoughtfully adjoined with the anterior in a way that makes it foldable towards the back. Together with its intelligently crafted design, the tool is perfectly suitable for under and around furniture cleaning. You do not require additional mess bags as the tool utilizes a no contact dirt container that is bag-less.


  •         Has a 10-inch wide sweeping length for maximum coverage of the cleaning floor per motion.
  •         Has a rechargeable and powerful battery.
  •         The battery is removable and re-installable.
  •         Uses a motor to spin the cleaning brush.
  •         Appropriate foldable handle and an intelligently crafted design.
  •         Utilizes a no contact mess disposal system.


  •         Unavailable currently.
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Best Cordless Sweeper Buyers’ Guide

With times rapidly revolutionizing, the essence of cordless sweepers is increasing its pace. It is now dawning on people that this tool is of fundamental utility, and the realization that this tool should be included in your must-have list of cardinal accessories is becoming evident.

With a market that is teeming with cordless sweeper products, it is paramount that you carefully survey and discern from the numerous products and settle on a product that will not only please you but also corroborate your objectives for purchasing it.  Below are pointers offering a basis of consideration in purchase decision making for the best cordless sweeper.


Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used as power sources of cordless tools. Cordless sweepers are no exception to this. This is a pertinent element of consideration because batteries are responsible for the runtime of the tool.

Battery voltage, battery life, and battery charging time are all key factors in play and present parameters of judging battery quality. High voltage batteries translate to prolonged run time and vice versa. It is preferable then to choose a tool with battery voltage ranging between 35V to 40V.

The health of batteries varies with some existing for longer periods than others. Consider researching to get your hands on a model with prolific battery life. Albeit battery charging time is negligible, it is of more vantage to you if you secure yourself with a fast-charging battery.

Dirt container

All cordless sweepers are equipped with a compartment that contains the dirt that is being collected. Why is it up for consideration then if all cordless sweepers have the compartment? The ructions set in on the dirt container capacity and the disposal system employed.

Do you intend to use the sweeper for mega cleaning tasks or small chores? The answer to this should guide you in regards to dirt container consideration. Contemplate on procuring a tool with a dirt container capacity within the range of 350ml to 450ml for utmost cleaning results. Tools that nait the no-touch mess disposal system are a bonus and should be highly evaluated.

Compactability and weight

You are probably wondering why these two scores should be subjected to your appraisal? A compact cordless sweeper allows for the inclusion of many features in the tool in a widely sanctioned size. This, in return, improves its dependability and efficacy. You should consider compatibility in the tool of interest for paramount productivity. Compatibility also favors storage.

Weight is a vital feature because you don’t want to use a heavy tool that will require much effort while there is another better option. Mostly included in the product description, the weight of this tool is expressed in lbs and should range between 2lbs to 5lbs. Lightweight sweepers are easy to move with from place to place while cleaning and for storage purposes.


This is of interest as it is very pivotal in the durability of a cordless sweeper. You should consider a unit that has a metallic or a combination of metallic and plastic material. This kind of housing promotes permanence and resilience of the tool. Such a sturdy housing is not prone to easy breakage. Besides, you get to use it for a long time.


Design is germane to consider, as it is related to the workability of the tool. You would opt for an easy to use the tool over a complex one. It ranges from handle design to the head or anterior design.

The handle, regardless of its nature, either metallic or plastic, should be capable of rotating to enable cleaning of hard to reach areas like underneath and around furniture. It should also be foldable to assume a flattened poise for simplicity in storage. Other handles are fitted with hanging loops are holes for the same storage purposes.

The handle should also be easy to grip for comfortability in usage. You should consider a tool with commendable head features. The presence of a spinning brush and whether there are corner located brushes for adroit cleaning of tight floors. Other tools have a soft vinyl covering around the head to avoid scratching furniture.

The video below shows how to use the best cordless sweeper (Swiffer Sweep +Vac)


Cordless sweepers are crucial players in achieving cleanliness in your home, shop, restaurant, or office. They come in handy in cleaning up large and small messes. These small-sized devices are ingeniously crafted units that you want to get a hold of.

On the upside, you do not have to worry about disturbing the tranquility of your pet, baby, or individuals within your proximity as they execute cleaning tasks in a quiet mode. Many mechanical devices on the downside pose a safety risk, but these risks in this unit have been narrowed down to null.

Bearing in mind, the need for the cleanliness of your surrounding will beg the question of how to achieve cleanliness. The best cordless Sweeper is one of the answers to how. With the insightful details in this article, I hope it will be of much help in making the best purchase decision.

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