10 Best Cordless Soldering Iron of 2023 [Expert Reviews & Buyers’ Guide]

When mentioning the revolution that has occurred in the DIY community, cordless soldering irons is, without a doubt a crucial development. The tools are easy to use, are handy and cost almost the same as the soldering guns, and this makes them more efficient.

Even though most of the traditional soldering tools are either soldering irons or soldering guns, no unit bits the cordless ones. The best cordless soldering iron is a must-have tool in your collection, especially when you are a DIY enthusiast.

However, despite the convenience and effectiveness of these tools, choosing the best unit, especially when you are a first buyer or do not have enough time to go through the vast information online can be an unnerving task. 

In this article, I have listed and described some of the top cordless soldering irons and explained in the buyers’ guide the crucial features of consideration before making a purchase decision.

A person using the best cordless soldering iron to solder on a mother-board

Best Cordless Soldering Iron Reviews 2023 

1.Dremel 2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch Soldering Iron

Dremel 2000-01 soldering iron is the safest model to use and boasts an impressive aesthetics. The unit gets characterized by a powerful heating system that will help you enhance the efficiency of executing your job applications. The model is fitted with a refillable tank filled with liquid butane lighter fuel. When full, the container can burn for up to 75 minutes, ensuring extended usage.

Besides, this tool is easy to use, and its small size will allow you to transport it and cause no strain in your arms when using it. This promotes extended usage. Also, the model comes with a separate battery magazine for convenient and comfortable changing of the batteries.

Moreover, the model boasts high performance with longer run time. It is available at a reasonable price, and this makes it an impressive tool for use by numerous individuals. Furthermore, the more straightforward operation and extended usage are enhanced by its flame lock-on mechanism that helps keep the torch on a continuous flame. 

This unit features an ignition trigger integrated with a safety lock that will provide you with safety, protecting you from burns in the start-up process. The ignition trigger ensures easy and simpler start-up as there is no independent ignition tool needed. The safety lock system helps prevent accidental ignition.


  • Flame lock-on mechanism 
  • Lightweight and compact for easy transportation 
  • Ignition trigger for safety 
  • Extended usage 


  • Possible pollution from butane combustion 
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2.LEXIVON Butane Soldering Iron Multi-Purpose Kit

 Lexivon, perhaps, is the most effective and versatile unit when considering the best cordless soldering iron available for the DIY projects. This unit provides precise performance for all your projects. It is fitted with a 100% refillable fuel tank that will ensure a higher run time, limiting your work breakdown.

The brand has been pre-tested for leakage and ignition capability and comes with a handy carrying case; all that aims to improve its ease of use and enhance your safety.

With this unit, Lexivon firm has prioritized safety of its  customers. The model comes with a well-designed ignition stopper that meets the U.S CPSC-Child resistance standard requirements. The addition ensures that this tool is safe for use,  both by the adults and children.

This unit will provide you with a longer run time that will ensure that you finish your job without having to refill the tank. It features a large tank capacity with a standard butane gas that gives up to 75 minutes of run time. Also, the tank takes only 10 seconds to full capacity so you can still stay on the job while it gets refilled, limiting the instances of work breakdown.

The model is self-igniting and has an adjustable flame tip, and this ensures you will not have to include extra accessories to operate it. This further enhances its ease of use. 

The model has a two-year warranty that runs from the day of purchase to boost the trust of the buyers. The warranty implies that you do not need to worry about the manufacturing defects as you can call the manufacturers and have your model replaced in case of any error within the warranty period.

One demerit with this model is that butane is a carbon compound, and its combustion may result in the release of carbon gases in the atmosphere when not controlled.


  • Longer run time 
  • 13 utility accessories included in the package. 
  • 2-year warranty ‘
  • Versatile 


  • Possible emission of carbon gases
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3.Tooluxe 40420L Cordless Soldering Iron

Tololuxe 40420L boasts the fastest heating speed in a matter of seconds and lets you solder without an outlet. This model is battery operated and uses 4 AA batteries that can either be Nickel-metal hydride or lithium-ion though the battery is not included.

This unit is lightweight hence portable, and this does not restrict you to a single workstation. The model heats up to 1050 degrees Fahrenheit in about 7 seconds which facilitates faster soldering.

The aesthetics of this model are exemplary. Under the tip of this soldering iron is an in-built LED light that produces focused beams to illuminate your working surfaces to make better and conductive joints. The lighting systems enable you to realize precise soldering, even in dimly lit places.

The model features a quick cooling design and a protective cap that helps reduce the risks of burn, and this improves safety.

The beginners will find this tool imperative in their tool collection as it is excellent for the small DIY projects and repairs. It is easy to use, and its design and protective features make it convenient and efficient for use for individuals regardless of their prior experience with the soldering iron or soldering gun.


  • Its batteries are replaceable 
  • It can run on 4AAA batteries 
  • This unit can attain a high temperature of 1050 degrees Fahrenheit, and this improves heating time.
  • It has protective features that ensure safety. 


  • No warranty information


4.Hakko fx-901/p soldering iron

If you are looking for the simplest soldering iron to use and to make the fastest change in the composite tip, then look no further than the Hakko FX-901/P model. This unit dissipates soldering heat at a constant temperature of 600-degrees Fahrenheit, and this enhances the uniformity and accuracy.

Besides, the tool, like with the cordless hot glue guns is the simplest to use as it features an ON/OFF switch with a protective cover that will help you to conveniently turn the machine off immediately you are done with your work, and this further helps improve safety.

One outstanding aspect with this unit is the ability to change and replace the composite tip quickly. The advantage of this practice is that there is no work breakdown to completion of your project. However, before you replace the tip, you must ensure you effectively clean in with a damp sponge to clear the old solder.

Besides, the constant temperature dissipated ensures that the new composite tip will acquire the heat within seconds as it is within the melting point of the soldering iron.

You benefit from an extended use with this model due to the long-life battery power. On a full charge, you can be sure of getting at least two hours of run time. 

Also, it features a separate battery magazine for convenient and easy battery replacement. The unit does not limit you to a particular type of battery. All you need are 4AA size batteries that can be either alkaline or nickel-metal hydride based. 


  • High power battery hence longer run time
  • It runs on 4AA batteries that can easily get replaced 
  • Maintains a constant temperature of 600 degrees-Fahrenheit
  • Small size, therefore useful for the DIY projects 


  • The warranty period is not clearly defined even though the organization claims a lifetime warranty
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5.Weller BL60MP Cordless Soldering Iron with Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Weller gets characterized with the most simple design that makes it more convenient for use in most of the DIY projects. The model is compact and lightweight, and this improves its portability; hence you can power it in and solder in different work stations.

This unit gives you the maximum comfort when you are using it. It features a round, co-molded handle designed to make it easy for you to use the machine without constraints. Besides, a single charge will give you a run time of 45 minutes of continuous soldering. 

When you are working on dimly lit surfaces, this device is fitted with an LED lighting system to help improve the visibility of the surfaces. You only need to zero in your solder joint with confidence with the first soldering iron to utilize the LED illumination on your application. This further enhances safety.

One most fascinating feature with this model is the high heat energy dissipation. The model can quickly attain the temperature of 536-degree Fahrenheit, which is the solder’s melting point in just 35 seconds. It can further go up to 950- degree Fahrenheit and this makes it appropriate for the soldering application. 

This unit comes with an extra-ordinary seven years warranty. This can help you have absolute trust in the manufacturing of standards of this tool. 


  • Ergonomic handle
  • LED light to illuminate your working surface
  • High energy battery with 45 minutes run time 
  • Seven years warranty period 


  • None to mention
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6. M12 REDLINK Soldering Iron Kit

The M12 Redlink by Milwaukee boasts ultra-fast heating time and can reach the heating temperature just after 18 seconds.

This tool is easy to use as it is equipped by a safe-to-store tip indicator that uses the redlink intelligence technology to help you determine when it is ready for use and when it is due for storage. 

With M12, you are sure to get an unmatched soldering experience. The unit features a three-level pivoting head at the tip of the soldering gun that improves its ease and convenience of use.

M12 is tool-free changeable. You can effectively change between chisel and pointed tips with significant convenience. Moreover, at full charge, the model has a long run time of 40 minutes which is standard for the soldering gun.


  • Redlink intelligence for heat indication
  • Tool-free tip change 
  • It reaches optimal temperature just after 18 seconds 
  • It has a longer run time of 40 minutes, the standard for the soldering irons 


  • No warranty information
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7.BP865CEU Cordless Soldering Iron 6/8 Watt

This unit boasts an impressive temperature range of between 380 and 480 degrees Celsius. The model reaches the heating temperature just after 15 minutes and can melt both lead-based and lead-free solder. Another essential element with this model is that it can manage up to 180 sticks only with one charge hence provides an extended use.

The model uses AA-batteries to operate and can be replaced with other compatible models within your tool collection. This minimizes the instances of work breakdown.

You do not need to worry about the safety of this model as it is fitted with a protective tip cover. This protective feature ensures that the machine automatically shuts off when the cap is applied. 

Besides, this unit has a carrying case that facilitates the ease of travel. This is added to its lightweight and compactness that ensures you are not limited to a single workstation. You can conveniently transport this tool, and since it is cordless, you do not need to worry about the long cords or sockets for connection.

Despite the merits, the model has a set back that the AA-battery that powers this unit do not provide an option to recharge them. It, however, has several positive reviews from the individuals who have bought and used it. It is quite a powerful tool for small jobs. 


  • The high-temperature range for fast heating 
  • Reduced work breakdown as the AA-batteries are compatible with other batteries that can be available in your tool collection.
  • Lightweight and compact hence easy to transport 
  • Fitted with a protective cover for safety 


  • The AA-batteries not rechargeable
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8.Iso-Tip SolderPro Butane Soldering Iron

Iso-Tip soldering iron is a great choice due to its unique design. Its small size allows for easy storage as it will take a small space in your workshop. This unit will offer you an uninterrupted run due to its long lasting charge.

With this model, you will benefit from reliable operation due to its heavy construction. The construction is composed of high-grade materials that ensures long life and is attractive to most users.

The most fascinating feature about this model is its temperature adjusting system. The variation in temperature ensures that you can effectively work on different materials with different melting points, enhancing its versatility. This is an essential element that you must consider when buying any soldering gun and thus makes it an outstanding option.

Added to its reasonable price tag, the tool is an ideal addition in your tool collection. It is very simple and has a protective cap to enhance your safety when using the unit. 


  • Temperature adjusting system
  • Reliable operation due to heavy construction 
  • Compact and unique design facilitating easy storage 
  • Protective cap for safety 
  • Reasonable price tag


  • Possible pollution from butane 
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9.SainSmart ToolPAC PRO32 Mini Smart Soldering Iron

SainSmart is a heavy performing product constructed from long-lasting SAE 304 stainless steel core material housed inside a polycarbonate shell for high durability. The sleek design of this model not only enhances its strength but also ensures high portability.

Additionally, this model comes with a fast heating system with the help of dual temperature sensors making the internal heating elements reach operating temperatures after only 12 seconds. This unit is integrated with an easy to read OLED display, adding to its ease of use. 

Moreover, you can adjust the tip temperature of this model to between 212 degrees Fahrenheit and 752 degrees Fahrenheit (100-400 degrees celsius using the adjustment buttons and the OLED display. 

The ease of use of this model will give you maximum satisfaction. The model is integrated with an innovative power supply design. The unit features an integrated DC5525 12-24V connection that ensures extended usage. Added to its design is an anti-static design that helps isolate the temperature sensors when there are extraneous surges. 

The model also boasts an ergonomic design that makes it easy to store even in small spaces while also taking small areas on your bench. You can effectively carry around this model in your pockets due to its lightweight to perform the soldering jobs on the field. It does not restrict you to a given workstation since it’s easy to transport.

The unit is safe to use, and it comes with a long-lasting charge that helps prevent work breakdown, eliminating any forms of delay or interruptions when carrying out different tasks.

SainSmart, just from its name, is smart and safe. Its integration with an STM32 chip technology helps regulate the Pro32’s sleep mode (standby) and operating mode, and this helps enhance your safety when using the model.


  • Smart STM32 technology to enhance user safety 
  • Ease of use for maximum satisfaction 
  • Lightweight and compact for secure storage and transportation 
  • Durable due to the construction with long-lasting stainless steel material
  • Easy to read OLED display 


  • None to mention
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10. Houkiper Cordless Gas Soldering Gun Iron Kit

A Houkiper soldering gun gets characterized by quick heating and a powerful machine. The model is heated by butane rapidly reaching the heating temperature within the first 40 seconds, which is faster than the models with plug. It emanates a temperature of up to 1371 degrees Celsius that is equivalent to the heat given by the electric soldering iron with a power rating of between 20 and 80 watts.

This unit features a self-igniting spark switch and an adjustable flame to alter the flame from ½ to 1 inch. The adjustment of the flame helps you protect the shell from burning. That is, when operating normally, the blue flame is extinguished. However, if the blue flame continues to burn when the model is working, it implies you are incorrectly using it, and it would melt the shell.

Houkiper soldering gun boasts the highest level of versatility. You can employ the unit to several usages in welding circuit boards, repair the appliances, home DIY hobbyists, welding of the jewelry or plastic, and also for silver soldering. When you buy this kit, you will be backed by a 100% money-back guarantee, and this gives you the trust for purchase. The assurance given by the firm limits your worries about any possible manufacturing defect.


  • Versatile hence can be put to many uses 
  • Self-igniting spark switch to enhance its usage 
  • Quick heating to melting temperature 
  • Money-back guarantee to strengthen your trust in the brand 


  • Possible emissions from combustion of butane 
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Best Cordless Soldering Iron Buyers’ Guide 2022

Choosing the best cordless soldering iron can be a daunting task, especially when you do not have prior experience with the machine. This is primarily a challenge with the butane-powered models. However, in this guide, I have listed the primary factors that you need to consider before you make a purchase decision.

These factors aim to ensure you get a model with the best heating source and that which will give you both the comfort and longer run time.

Heat Source

The heat source is perhaps the most practical consideration when buying the best cordless soldering iron. The heat source can be butane, electrical, or the model can be battery-powered.

Traditionally, soldering guns used electricity as a source of heat. However, the demerit of this source is that it grounds you to a single workstation as you must plug in the tool to the socket or connect to the electric source for use. This leaves butane and battery-powered models as the most ideal.

Butane as the heat source is one of the most affordable fuel sources, and it is preferred for professional heavy hitter DIY enthusiasts. The butane irons have an advantage that they get hot faster and are portable as the models are self- ignited, but they can be too hot for some applications.

A person with no prior experience with the butane powered machines may not adequately handle the heat and sparks that come out of these models. Also, the models need constant refueling, and the combustion of the butane, a carbon compound, can result in the release of carbon gases, which are pollutants to the environment.

The battery-powered models are thus the most effective models because there are no codes required and, therefore, portable. The battery-powered units are also eco-friendly and provide just the same power levels as with the electric and gas-powered models without getting too hot for the delicate electronics.

When buying the battery-powered models. You have two choices; you can purchase the units with disposable batteries or the one with rechargeable batteries.

Most of the cordless soldering irons run on disposable AA batteries. A single set of these batteries will offer you an interrupted run of between 1 and 2 hours of service. This is an impressive run for the DIY projects that you might be involved in both at home and in your work stations. The advantage with such models is that these batteries are cheap, but it can be tedious when your work is extended, and you have to replace them every time the batteries run out.

The second set is the rechargeable batteries. Such units will demand that you have an electrical outlet. Such models use lithium-ion batteries that have several merits, including lightweight, compact design, and a longer run time before they get recharged.

Even though these units will cost you a bit more due to the nature of the batteries used, they will give you the longest run time you require for extended usage. Most of these models also come with power level indicators that will show you when they are due for recharge, and this helps prevent work breakdown.

Thus, when buying the cordless soldering irons, consider the battery-powered models because they are environment-friendly and do not get too hot for the delicate electronics or require cords to operate and thus more portable. The lithium-ion or nickel batteries used in these models also produce high power and, therefore, a longer run time just like with the electronic models.

Temperature Control

When choosing the best cordless soldering iron, temperature control is a factor that you must consider. You will require a temperature adjustment system from higher to lower and vice-versa for different applications. 

The variation of temperature will give you more control and the versatility to take on a variety of projects since you will be sure not to damage the delicate components due to overheating or not using low temperatures for high-temperature projects.


 The comfort when using any tool is an essential element that you must consider. You must find a soldering iron that provides an ergonomic design that will not cause you much fatigue, especially when you are planning to work on projects for a long time. 

In that case, you must go for a soldering iron fitted with a stand that will permit you to set the iron down and take breaks to keep your hands from cramping and this will give you the needed comfort when operating models with longer run time.

Run time 

The running time of the unit you are purchasing is also an essential element of consideration.  Compared to the corded counterparts, the cordless models give a relatively shorter run time. 

For the cordless models, the runtime always ranges between 30 minutes to a couple of hours. However, this is also dependent on the type of fuel you will use in the machine.

The units using butane give a longer run time of between 1 and 2 hours before you refill the tanks. However, these models will require you to refill the machine whenever it runs out continually, and the butane gas may not be readily available. It might result in some hassle that can be monotonous or time-consuming.

 The battery-powered models provide you with a run time of between 30 minutes and 2 hours. However, this is based on the type of battery used in your model. The rechargeable batteries will give you a longer run time than the disposable ones. 


The accessories that come with the cordless soldering guns are quite impressive as they improve both your work and the working area. As much as some are considered aesthetics, they are undoubtedly essential to enhance the ease of work and convenience.

One of the most vital accessories that come with these models is the LED focus light. The LED system offers focused beams of light to illuminate your working area since the table lights can cause the shadow on the work area, inhibiting your visibility.  

Other accessories include a free solder, brush, or other packages that come with the batteries. In some cases, depending on the type of job you need to execute, you may prefer to have a kit with free soldering tips.

 The accessories may also include spanners, wrenches, brushes, and other small tools to help improve your soldering job. 

The below picture show some of the accessories available in the Demel 2000-01 VersaTip Precision Butane Torch Soldering Iron package.

a picture of the accessories in one of the best cordless soldering iron

Safety Measures When Using Cordless Soldering Iron 

Your safety should be a priority when using any machine. The primary worry with the people who have not used a soldering gun is always burning or damaging the whole unit, especially when you did not consider the construction material at the time of purchase.

The fear of the burns is always ideal as these models get very hot, and when not handled carefully can pose a danger to yourself. However, to limit such risks, always ensure you put on protective clothing such as gloves, safety glasses, and loose clothing and hair out of the way. You should also ensure you are careful with your fingers. 

Moreover, solder can contain lead. Be sure that you clean your hands before handling it. As a practice, you should normalize working in well-ventilated spaces or workstations since the fumes from the rosins can be a threat to your breathing system; the rosins can damage your lungs when inhaled.

It is thus essential that you take the needed precautions. Most of these safety measures are common and, when applied, can save significant time from such injuries and unwarranted damages.

How and Why the Soldering Tip should be cleaned before use 

Proper heat conduction is an essential process that ensures convenient and easy soldering. However, you must ensure that your soldering iron is free from any old solder for efficient heat conduction. 

Iron quickly oxidizes when left exposed to air. Once oxidized, the metal will insulate against heat and become a poor heat conductor. You need the heat to be efficiently conducted in your device so that the model can attain the melting temperature within the shortest time possible for rapid and easy soldering. 

Moreover, the tip should be clean as a dirty tip holds the iron longer and risks heat damage to the PCB, and this can be costly. The tip can get cleaned with a wet sponge.

You should ensure that you keep a damp sponge handy, and after soldering iron is fully heated, you should softly scrape it against the sponge to help remove the older solder. This should be done until the tip becomes shiny. 

Tinning the Tip

Tinning refers to the process of thinly coating sheets of wrought iron with tin. It involves coating the metal with the solder before soldering. The practice aims to protect the tip and allow for better heat conduction through the new solder.

The process involves carefully applying small amounts of fresh solder and coating the tip. Immediately you have tin the tip; you need to begin soldering before it gets oxidized again. The process should continue after every few joins. You need to clean and re-tin the tip. This should also be done before you store the soldering iron. 

The process not only facilitates the efficiency and convenience of your work but also enhances your tool’s longevity.

The video below shows how you can clean and re-tin the soldering tip


The best cordless soldering iron can help you conveniently and effectively join crucial components, and it is quite versatile. With the soldering irons, you can impressively work on anytime and anywhere as they are compact and lightweight hence portable. 

Also, the wide range of heat provided by the soldering irons ensures that you can solder multiple items without any obstacles that can arise due to the entanglement of the cords. 

In this guide, I have reviewed some of the best cordless irons, which are efficient and of high-quality to limit your search. Also, I have provided a buyers’ guide to help you make the best purchase decision and realize the value for your money.

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