6 Best Cordless Shop Vac Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Long as you are extant and always on the go, spills, dust, and other debris are inevitable in your home or workplace. Littering a workspace or living space is not a contemplated move but instead occurs accidentally or through other rational means.

The cleanliness of one’s body singularly fancied, and the tidiness of one’s habitat thoroughly coveted. Cleaning schedules are commonly adopted to implement cleaning programs. Are you trying to puzzle out what expedient tactic or mode you will embrace that will enable you to achieve your cleaning activities?

The cordless shop vac is the missing piece in your puzzle. It is a piece of distinguished and customized equipment used for cleaning through vacuuming and is mainly characterized by robust suction power that outclasses regular vacuum cleaners. Delve into the conspectus below to acquaint yourself more of the best cordless shop vac suitable for your cleaning activities.

The best cordless shop vac in use to clean debris and other dirt on a work surface

Best Cordless Shop Vac Reviews

1.DEWALT 18/20V Max Vacuum Wet/Dry (DCV581H)

The DEWALT Max Vacuum is a unit that transcends your envisage of Shop Vacs. It bears an imperial stalwart hose that is five feet in length and 11/4″ in diameter. You will not have to worry about hose damage if you accidentally step on it, or it gets crushed by a weighty object as it can withstand and survive such pressure.

The hose length, diameter, and resilience guarantee you of utmost permanence and versatility. This implement offers you several powering options. It is up to you to opt for the corded option or cordless option. The corded option utilizes a 120V AC outlet while the cordless option provides for the use of 20V or 18V Max battery.

It features an excellent HEPA rated filter that is very apt in filtering. It traps and confines collected material with the efficacy of 99.97 in percentage terms. This filter is easy to clean and reuse. It also features an astonishing tank with a capacity of 2 gallons. Its applicability is highly promoted by its lightweight, portability, and ergonomic design.


  •         Has a lengthy and resilient hose enabling permanence and flexibility in usage.
  •         Provides dual power options; corded option and cordless option.
  •         HEPA rated filter with a trapping efficacy of 99.97 %.
  •         It is intuitive to clean the filter that is also fit to reuse.
  •         Has an outstanding tank bearing capacity of 2 gallons.
  •         Lightweight and portable.
  •         It bears an ergonomic design enabling perfect latching of the hose and other accessories into the body.
  •         Has reliable horsepower featuring an airflow of 31 CFM.


  •         Moderately effective on a surface littered with metallic materials. 
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2.Milwaukee 0880-20 18V Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

Do you need more than just a vacuum cleaner? The grand Milwaukee 0880-20 unit is your right fit. With the ingrained blower port, you can switch the functionality of this tool and use it as a blower. Hose down unpleasant leaves or grass in your backyard and leave it impeccable through the in-built blower port feature.

This brilliant tool is backed up with a super potent motor that grants it a marvelous suction force, making it very apposite in cleaning adhesive material. Being a cordless unit, it runs on an M18 REDLITHIUM 9.0 battery pack. This powerful battery pack accords you with an impressive run time of up to 30 minutes.

The distinction does not end there. Do you have NICD or 18V slide-on Li-ion batteries of the Milwaukee brand? This unit is compatible with such batteries meaning that you can equip yourself with several batteries, especially if you are cleaning an extensive section. It is fitted with a monumental HEPA filter with the ultimate filtration of even the pulverulent material.

The purchase package comes with numerous accessories like a crevice tool, hose, and a utility nozzle. The integration of these accessories is exceptional such that when storing, they are not left hanging out.  This, in return, promotes the tool’s portability and workability.


  •         Ingrained blower pot enabling you to use the tool as a blower.
  •         Super potent motor granting it a marvelous suction force.
  •         Runs on an M18 REDLITHIUM 9.0 battery pack.
  •         Compatible with NICD or 18V slide-on Li-ion batteries of the Milwaukee brand.
  •         Has a monumental HEPA filter with ultimate filtration.
  •         It is inclusive of numerous accessories that enhance cleaning performance.
  •         Reusable and easy to clean filter that doesn’t require switching in between dry and wet tasks.
  •         Cleverly integrated non-protruding accessories for convenience in storage.


  •         Sold as a bare tool without a charger and battery pack.
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3.Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Shop Vacuum (PCC795B)

The Porter-Cable Shop-Vac is an ideal tool for speedy cleaning. Evincing the speedy description of this unit is its mighty suction force. This means that with such robust vacuuming power, a short time is taken to clean extended areas.

Integrated into its body is an exquisite tank supporting the cleaning up of fluid messes with a capacity of 2 gallons. This enables you to clean quite an extensive or heavy mess before prompting you to dispose of the collected content. It is devised with a remarkable horsepower exhibiting an airflow of 34 CFM.

You will be awed by its 7ft hose that is perfectly convolutional around the tool’s body, making it practical for storage. It is compatible with Li-on batteries of the Porter-Cable 20V Max brand. Its lightweight nature and onboard storage of accessories make it easy to carry it along with you and store.


  •         Mighty suction force enabling speedy cleaning.
  •         It is versatile for cleaning both wet and dry messes.
  •         Has an exquisite tank with a capacity of 2 gallons.
  •         Has a remarkable horsepower exhibiting an airflow of 34 CFM.
  •         It features a lengthy 7ft hose with a convolutional storage mechanism.
  •         It is compatible with Li-ion batteries of the Porter-Cable 20V Max brand.
  •         Lightweight and features onboard storage of accessories.


  •         Battery and charger not included in the purchase package.
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4.DEWALT DC515B 18V Cordless Portable Vacuum

The most superlative feature of the DC515B is its distinctive double cleanup system. How is this meritorious to you? Here is the reason why. With this system, you can execute cleaning with either the stretchable hose or the utility nozzle located at the front of the unit.

The stretchable rubber hose is rubberized, making it resilient to damage and flexible. You will not have to change its filter frequently, which is apposite for wet and dry cleaning tasks. The HEPA filter with pores with a diameter of 0.3 microns is also easy to clean and efficacious in trapping dust.

The tank, which is the compartment responsible for holding collected debris and spills, has a capacity of 0.5 gallons. Besides, the tank is straightforward to remove, dispose of its contents, and clean. It is devised with a suitable on and off button that is within reach of one hand. It relies on a magnificent DC9096 18V XRP battery pack for power.


  •         Distinctive double cleanup system.
  •         Bears rubberized stretchable hose for flexibility and longevity.
  •         Appropriate filter that doesn’t require frequent changing.
  •         HEPA filter that is productive in trapping fine dust.
  •         Has a tank compartment with a capacity of 0.5 gallons.
  •         Fitted with an accessible on and off button for control.


  •         Battery and tool’s charger not inclusive in the purchase package.
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5.RYOBI 18V ONE+ 3 Gal Project Wet/Dry Vacuum and Blower

The RYOBI Vacuum and Blower is a dependable tool that fulfills more than just vacuuming. It can be applied as a blower too. Fantastic, isn’t it? It is devised with a utility attachment that adjoins proportionately to the exhaust point, allowing swift switching from blower to vacuum.

Its tank has a stunning capacity of a whopping 3 gallons able to confine dry collected material. Its hose is sprinkled with splendor whereby despite being lengthy (6 ft by 1-1/4 inch), it is also clear. This means that you get to view debris as it is sucked in. It also bears a port for air inflow that plays a pivotal role in hose handling.

This tool is engineered with an ergonomic design that features a flattened top surface model and onboard storage of accessories in the effort of ameliorating assemblage and storage purposes. Examples of these accessories included in the purchase package include a 6 ft hose, easy to clean filter, and a crevice tool, among others.


  •       Is applicable as a blower and a vacuum.
  •         Has a utility attachment allowing quick switching from blower to vacuum.
  •         Has a tank capacity of 3 gallons.
  •         Lengthy and clear hose.
  •         Air inflow port promoting handling.
  •         Bears an ergonomic design ameliorating storage purposes.
  •         Gifts you with several accessories promoting its practicability.


  •         Battery and charger purchased separately.
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Best Cordless Shop Vac Buyer’s Guide

Uncalled for spillages on your floor, regular cleaning routines, gunk, and chunks of debris trashing your corridors are some cases in points that may prompt you to undertake a search for a contrivance that will come in handy in resolving such listed and other related instances.

The aforementioned occurrences may be quite laborious if you go the physical way. However, they can be less arduous and delightful to execute if you opt to go the mechanical way. This mechanical way refers to acquiring a cordless shop vac. This tool is the remedy to your cleanliness snag.

Applications of Cordless Shop Vac

Before you arrive at the decision to purchase this superb unit, it is important to cognize how you can use it and on what kind of projects it is applicable to. However, this tool’s uses are innumerable as it proves to be suitable for most home cleaning applications.

Below is a listing citing some of the projects you can use it on;

  •         Eliminate fluids out of your carpeted floor.
  •         Pump out kitchen refuse.
  •         Vacuum out clogged up sinks.
  •         Can eradicate water in a flooded compartment.
  •         To vacuum your fireplace or barbecue ditch.
  •         To aerate pool floats and other inflatables.
  •         Use it as a blower (not for all cordless shop vacs)

Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Cordless Shop Vac

You are now insured on some of the applications you can implement this tool on. This, however, should not serve as the sole indicator of making a purchase decision. There are other factors that you ought to consider in line with this tool that help you scrutinize this tool’s suitability to make the right purchase decision. They include;

Power Sources

This stands out as a very key element of consideration. Basically, a cordless shop vac is a mechanical device, meaning that it requires a source of power for it to operate. In this case, all featured units are cordless, meaning they are powered by batteries. What then is the need to consider power sources if they are all powered by batteries?

 Battery voltage, compatibility, and its status in the purchase package are some elements that make this factor so paramount. It is key to consider battery voltage as it is relative to run time and power. A high battery voltage is proportional to a remarkable run time, which is suitable for heavy-duty cleaning. 

Wouldn’t you want to clean for some quality time and extensive space without interruptions of recharging the tool’s battery? This accentuates the need to have a battery with a high voltage. Tools with batteries with a voltage within the range of 18V and 20V should be considered.

A tool’s compatibility with batteries other than its original battery pack takes it a notch higher. This is because they allow you to equip yourself with back up fully charged batteries in case the one in use runs low. It also ushers in the economic aspect whereby you don’t have to purchase new batteries if the original ones die, but the tool is compatible with other batteries.

Lastly, it is pertinent to inspect the battery status in the purchase package. To elucidate this, checking for the presence or absence of a battery pack in the purchase package is of the absolute essence. This prepares you prior to purchasing on whether there are additional costs of the charger and battery pack to be incurred or not.

Tank volume

All featured cordless units have a compartment integrated into their structure specifically designed to hold and confine the dirt, debris, and particles being vacuumed. Like with the best cordless stick vacuum, the volume of this tank compartment presents a very crucial score for consideration. The volume or capacity of this tank is expressed in gallons.

You ought to consider a tool with a tank capacity ranging between 2 to 3 gallons. Such an ample capacity assures you of convenience in application, especially heavy-duty tasks. You will have cleaned quite an extensive section before it fills up and demands that you dispose of its contents.


You wish to own a tool that is favorable to use and store without causing weariness or trauma. A tool’s design is a primary player in achieving this favorability. A tool should be engineered with a model that boosts its handling and practicability.

Accessory storage is one avenue to examine the ergonomics of a tool. The packing of accessories, for instance, the hose should be onboard. This ensures that the accessories are not left hanging out or protruding when carrying, transporting, or storing the tool. The integrated tank ought to be easy to clean and empty.

The hose is an attachment that is present in all cordless shop vacs. Its length and material used to make it should be taken into consideration. The hose length is salient for smooth operation in that it determines the accessibility of some cleaning areas and whether you will need to bend when using the tool.

Hose length falling between 6 feet and 8 feet is apt. You will be quite comfortable when using such a lengthy hose. The material adopted in the making of hoses, for instance, rubber, should be resilient and stretchable. This guarantees durability and flexibility that is essential for ease of usage.

Some brands have raised the bar and adopted a leveled top surface model appropriate for storage purposes. Other brands fit the power switch within the proximity of your hand for easy accessibility. Such add-ons though not compulsory on the tool’s design, upgrade its usability and reliability.

Extra technologies

A brand that adopts and incorporates additional technologies have an added advantage. For this reason, it is recommendable if you tout for extra technologies in a tool. Examples of these technologies are CleanStream 1 filtration technology that augments the filter to trap even the finest particles propelling the efficacy to 99.97%.

Another example is the double cleanup system that provides you with dual cleaning channels to get a cleaning task impeccably accomplished. The duality of some tools in applications such as vacuums or blowers is another example of wondrous technologies adopted to advance performance.

However, these technologies are not mandatory, and therefore, the absence of such technologies does not translate to the underperformance of the tool.

Filter type and suction force

The filter is the item responsible for trapping solid debris being sucked in during cleaning. It is, therefore, very imperative in the achievement of cleaning solid material. Filter type, practicability on the application, and intuitiveness are components that provide you with a basis of consideration.

Top-notch cordless shop vacs utilize the HEPA rated filter type that is normally certified and acknowledged globally. This affirms that tools featuring such filters are thoroughly credible for use in filtering. The practicability component refers to the appositeness of the filter for use in both wet and dry applications.

It is of great essence to you if you purchase a tool with a filter that is suitable for both dry and wet applications without demanding for change when switching from a wet application to a dry one and vice versa rather than a tool with a filter suitable for only one application; either wet or dry application.

Consider purchasing a tool with an intuitive to remove and clean filter. Such filters will not prompt you to look for skilled experts to simply change and clean your filter. The suction force is brought about by motor action.

Motors are used in many mechanical devices to bring about an action that will accomplish the role of the device. In this case, motor action results in a decrease in air pressure, which consequently results in air getting sucked through the intake port, creating an effect of a vacuum.

Therefore, the suction power is elemental in that the suction force’s extent determines the speed and effectiveness of the tool. A high suction force translates to fast cleaning and efficacy of vacuuming adhesive and all other kinds of debris, whether small or bigger in size.

How to maintain a cordless shop vac

Upon acquiring yourself a cordless shop vac set, it is your wish that that tool serves you for the longest time possible. However, in order to achieve this, you ought to acquaint yourself with maintenance practices.

Cleaning up the filter and tank after the accomplishment of an application is a maintenance practice that is salient to the achievement of a substantial service period of this tool. Cleaning not only promotes tidiness but also helps in unclogging the filter if it was clogged up.

It is also recommendable to get rid of the dust that might be on the filter each time that you take a trip to empty tank contents. Running and using the tool smoothly and swiftly without straining the implement is another maintenance practice. Excellent storage practices also count as maintenance practices.


The cordless shop vac is the ingredient you were missing in your cleaning recipe. It is a unit that is redefining cleaning applications. Whether you are remodeling your home and need to clean out the drywall dust or you are conducting your normal cleaning routine, this tool is the perfect fit for the job.

The most magnificent detail about this unit is its suitability for hefty and demanding cleaning programs. To top on this is its lightweight and portable nature with some even bearing wheels for ease of movement from one room to another. This unit surpasses standard vacuums with the wet cleaning feature and immense suctioning power.

I have reviewed the top rating cordless shop vacs available in the market for you by narrowing down to each of them and provided you with their detailed particulars to mitigate the workload that you would input in researching cordless shop vacs from different sources. I am confident you will find all the guidance you need from this piece.

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