9 Best Cordless Roman Shades of 2023

You don’t have to relinquish safety for style. All the best cordless roman shades give your child and pets a safe environment while maintaining the contemporary look and feel. It offers a feeling of drapes but with compliance and functional capability of the traditional window shades. 

These types of shades come in different designs, colors, styles, and even patterns. You just have to choose a customized style that fits your taste. Additionally, they can create a beautiful balance between hard, harsh, masculine types of furniture or features in your house- This brings about a soft feel of the cloth shade.  

Choosing is fun, but it might also turn out to be the most challenging task when it comes to singling out the best cordless roman shades. However, with the different varieties of shades in the market, I have researched and detailed the review and guide that will leave your house with a modern feel and a customary warmth. 

Best Cordless Roman Shades in use in the house to filter in air into the house

Best Cordless Roman Shades & Buyers’ Guide

1. Arlo Blinds Cordless Tuscan Bamboo Roman Shades 

A natural blind best accompanies natural light. The best shade to fit this task is the Arlo cordless roman shade. It is made from artless bamboo, giving it the ability to filter in natural light softly. Being cordless, it’s fitted with an innovative cordless lift system that ensures the safety and ease of use.

Each of these shade measures 34″ wide but not included with the mounting hardware width. However, for an inside mount, the window must at least have a wideness of 34.25″ or higher. The blind comes with the assembling equipment of both inside and outside fitting.

The Arlo cordless roman blind can only be used on windows. It is also not considered as a privacy bamboo shade- This is because it doesn’t provide full blackout when closed. It’s made from natural materials with no additives. For this reason, its advisable not to place it in any moist, damp environment and avoid any liquid settling on it.


  • It has a 7” valance that completes the look.
  • It has beautiful colors and a rich texture.
  • It stipulates natural refinement to any room.
  • Achieved from real bamboo.
  • Filters incoming light the natural way.
  • It can be mounted both from the inside and outside.


  • Indoor use only for a compulsively dry environment.
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2. RADIANCE 2208858E Cordless Roman Shade

The Radiance cordless roman shade gives you a safe and stylish way to decorate your home.Although its not a privacy shade, light gently filters through its tightly woven bamboo slats- This provides energy-proficient insulation and also offers semi-privacy.

This product can also make your window look larger by mounting the shade from outside or up the ceiling. The design is of a window industry standard since it includes ½” deduction. For instance, you should order the shade that perfectly fits the wideness of your window for an inside mount, while for the outside mount, consider ordering a blind that is ½” more comprehensive than the authentic area to be covered. 

Radiance roman blind easily matches with a wide variety of styles, including casual, contemporary, and traditional. Its natural colors contribute to the warm tones in your space. Additionally, it has a 64” valance that completes the decor.


  • It’s certified by the “Best of Kids.”
  • Easy to use cordless operation system.
  • Fosters furniture from rusting.
  • It provides semi-privacy and energy-efficient insulation.
  • Its 64” valance provides polish and sophistication.
  • Easily bends with your home decor.
  • It has got ¼” and ⅜” woven slats, for filtering natural light.


  • It doesn’t provide full privacy.
  • They are intended for windows only.
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3. Cordless Woven Wood Roman Shades

Ashbury camel is among the best cordless roman shades. Thanks to its custom style that has a smooth appearance intensifying the belle of the natural woven materials. Its cordless system has a reliable construction pulley that expedites the smooth and trouble-free operation. 

This design comes in a wide variety of sizes ranging between 20-72” width and 24-72” high.  However, you are supposed to round up the actual size to the next inch. For instance, if you need a 42-3/4w x 48-3/4h, then you are supposed to pick a 43” for the width and the subsequent height from 48.” 

For inside mounts, you have to give exact measurements of the opening to 1/8th of an inch- This enables the seller to make some deductions of up to ⅜” for a perfect fit. Furthermore, you also need at least 1⅜”  of depth at the top of the window.

But for the outside mount, there is no deduction needed. You just give the actual measurement of the window opening. These shades are traditionally mounted and go slightly wider than the window opening. 


  • It has a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Child-safe cordless woven shades.
  • Available in different colors and materials.
  • 100% natural materials.


  • Not suitable for a moist environment.
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4. Arlo Blinds Thermal Room Darkening Fabric Roman Shades

This cluster has some very unique features as compared to others in its class. Its material is of a thick fabric that blocks the light entering your room in design. Its shades enhance room darkening and are also energy efficient.

It is straightforward to install since it comes with the installation hardware and guides for both inside and outside mount. When choosing the type of color, it might vary depending on the type of computer you use- This is because each machine has a different display capability. 

This design is effortless to clean. You just use a feather duster or vacuum lightly using the soft brush fidelity. The Arlo thermal blind is also safe to have at home, thanks to its cordless feature that also makes it easy to operate. Each of the shade measures 22” wide. However, for an inside mount, your window opening should be at least 22.25” or more significant.


  • It enhances room darkening.
  • Its made from a thick fabric material.
  • The slats are designed to be energy efficient.
  • It’s easy to install and clean.


  • Only available in size 22” W X 60” H.
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5. CHICOLOGY Cordless Roman Shades 

The Chicology’s cordless roman shade is a classic re-imagined blind for your modern home. Its slats are wrought with a well-folded fabric material that forms a perfect balance and harmony- This creates a beautiful vintage yet fresh fabric covering for your window. On top of that, they also do the light filtering process but with assured privacy.

Its premium cordless free-stop mechanism lets you enjoy peace of mind with safety for children and pets. Besides that, it also makes the lowering and raising of the shade fun and easy. The Chicology shade is true-to-size based on your selection. Illustratively, its actual width will be exactly 35” wide by 64” more outlandish.

This unit is the best cordless roman shade in the market. It has a beautiful cross-hatched cream fabric, and a white chemise that endorses it- This creates a perfect mix of darkness and airy ambiance.


  • They are easy to measure.
  • Have a beautiful on-trend fabric design.
  • It brings elegance to any room.
  • It’s ideal for rooms that require privacy.
  • It’s a perfect solution for households with toddlers and pets.
  • No deductions are made from the original size.
  • It can also be set as a flush with the window frame.


  • It is not resistant to water and immense heat.
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6. CHICOLOGY Cordless Bamboo Roman Shades

Unlike the cross-hatched modern Chicology cordless shade, this design is made from a partnered natural bamboo stick. It is certified by the Best of Kids and user friendly to endure everyday use.

The bamboo roman shade is fabricated for durability and also provides an exquisite fold design. This unit is also easily lowered or raised to filter the harsh UV rays gently. Its matchstick slats provide a warm recourse feel- This makes it perfect for your dining room, living room, bedroom, office, and patio. It conserves your furniture from discoloring while commending your decor.

However, this product is not intended for full privacy or blackout. It’s only good for the dry environment; thus, you should avoid placing it outdoor. The slats on this blind are of natural texture, and so can cause color variance.

You require a minimum of 1” for inside mounts or 2” for a flush inside mount. Besides, the shade comes with the installation guide and materials.


  • It is innovative and durable.
  • It comes in a variety of sizes.
  • The slats have a natural texture.
  • They are deliberated for either inside or outside mounts.
  • It provides a warm resort feel.


  • They are not intended for full solitude or blackout.
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7. Everyday Celebration Washable Room Darkening Cordless Roman Shades 

This cordless room darkening shade is a perpetual window covering option. The design is not only attractive and durable, but it also has energy-efficient properties. It’s upgraded with the latest technology that makes it easy to remove the front fabric and wash.

This charming roman shade provides your formal or casual room with added insulation, darkening, and a trace of refinement. It’s also easy to operate this blind. You just hold the bottom rail and then gently raise or lower the shade by hand.

The cordless blackout roman shade can be selected for either inside or outside mount. For instance, the outside mount will optimize your view since you stick the shade above the window- This eliminates light voids between the window vitals and your window treatment. On the other hand, the inside mount customizes the look and also allows you to add other decorative moldings.


  • It’s easy to adjust.
  • The white spumy back provides a uniform look from outside.
  • It’s an energy-efficient shade.
  • It is washable.
  • Suitable for any room.
  • It comes in a diversity of sizes.
  • Privacy assured.


  • Not to be mixed with other garments while cleaning.
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8. Achim Home Furnishings Achim Home Imports Cordless Blackout Window Roman Shade

The Achim home furnishing cordless roman shade is made from 100% room darkening blackout fabric. The luxurious material has a super soft texture that is fully polyester- This makes the shade to extend and pleat beautifully. Additionally, it also makes it easy to clean and care for, by simply dusting or vacuuming.

Being cordless, its pull handle is concealed within the lower crease. You just gently lower or raise the bottom pleat- This ensures the safety and also allows the shade to simply slither into any position. Adding to its beautiful nature is a seven-inch valance. This pelmet hides the pleated shade when completely recanting for a clean and elegant look.

The Achim home import shade is effortless to install. It comes with detailed instructions regarding the placement of the brackets. The calipers can appropriately accommodate both inside and outside mounts.


  • Its material is 100% polyester.
  • It has a 7” valance that hides the pleated shade.
  • Available in a variety of sizes.
  • Brackets included for both outside and inside mounts.
  • Its made from a room darkening blackout material.


  • It can be opened from only the bottom side.
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9. Link Shades Flat Roman Shades-Blackout

The link flat roman shade is a great alternative to corded shades for families with youngsters and pets in the house. Additionally, you can readily take all the danger of tangling chains and cords out of your home. You do this by simply raising or lowering the blind up and down with a single push.

This shade measures 36″ W by 72″ L, but it’s also available in other different sizes and colors. Besides that, it is made from linen and 100% polyester material. The fabric can vary in tension and thus comes with a side control knob. You simply control the tension of your shade by turning clockwise to decrease stress and counter-clockwise to increase the tautness.

Further to this, its linen and polyester fabric face ensure blackout lining for your privacy and sunlight control.  This shade is an excellent decorative piece in your home or office. It takes a contemporary flat face when in the down position and a layered fold when in the up stance- This makes it glance as good as a custom made shade.


  • Available in many colors and sizes.
  • It has an adjustable clench to control winding spring tension. 
  • It looks more of a traditional shade.
  • It also has blackout properties for privacy and sunlight regulation.


  • Not suitable for dampish rooms.
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10. Redi Shade 3511168 Trim-at-Home Light Filtering Fabric White

This is yet another exemplary unit you will fancy having in your home or office. Redi Shade 3511168 is equipped with a cordless lift mechanism to ensure easy operation and a clean appearance, making it safe for pets and children. The fact that you can install this model at home without any tool, drills, screws, or brackets makes its installation the simplest among the top models in the market.An image of Redi Shade 3511168 Trim-at-Home Light Filtering Fabric White, one of the best cordless roman shades model you will fancy having in your home or office

Besides, Trim is fitted with a soft spun lace fabric ideal for light filtering to guarantee the privacy and security of the users. The clean and crisp appearance can also be realized with this unit, thanks to the model’s integration with the rounded bottom rail and the finished end caps.

You can easily trim this model to the required size, depending on the width of your window. The trimming has been made even easier by including a patented trimming scale and a guide that helps provide you with the direction to realize the desired size. Since the installation of this device does not require any special tool, you can use a straight-edged kitchen knife to trim the shade. Also, with this unit, your satisfaction is guaranteed. The organization has stood behind its products and ensures that you can contact them to make things right if you are not happy with the product.


  • Cordless lift mechanism for easy operation and clean appearance
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • You can trim the shade at home for a perfect fit
  • Tool-free installation


  • Indoor use only


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Best Cordless Roman Shades Buyers’ Guide

Cordless blinds are indeed the modern decorative and protective piece that every home can admire to have on their windows. However, your home will look more traditional if you use the alternative customized roman shades.

These shades are mostly made from natural wood or materials like polyester and linen. They gently filter the light entering your room, protecting you from the dangerous UV rays. Despite that, choosing the best cordless roman shades can become laborious if you have no idea of what you want.

I have taken the load off your back by highlighting for you the reasons and reliance to consider as you turn your home or office into a beautiful customized elegance.

Reasons why you should buy a cordless roman shade

Brings a natural feel. The cordless roman shades are made from natural materials. To be more specific the bamboo tree, some are also made with 100% polyester or linen. These materials naturally filter the incoming sunlight in your room. They also give your house a natural feel by contemplating a more traditional shade.

It has no dangling cords or chain. This design is the best option, especially if you have minors and pets in your home. Its pull mechanism is hidden in the bottom pleat, thus making it easy to operate and also for safety purposes. The concealed pull also stipulates the overall appearance of the shade by eliminating the hanging cords.

Easy to install. This type of shade has no complications when it comes to fitting. Despite the design, all the roman shades come with installation manual and hardware materials. These supplies include the brackets that are confined for both inside and outside mounting. 

Protection from dangerous UV rays. The natural material used to make the roman shades performs an excellent job when it comes to UV rays protection. It gently sifts out the sunlight entering your room, allowing only the vital part of the light to reach you.

Furthermore, not only does this shades protect you against the UV rays, but it also assures you semi-privacy and full privacy if it’s cross-thatched.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Cordless Roman shade

Type of fabric used

The roman shades are types of blinds commonly known for their customized design. To enhance their traditional look, they are made from purely natural materials. Some manufactures use bamboo sticks. 

These toothpick sticks are prone to color variance since they are made from real bamboo. Like with the best cordless blinds, their color can vary from a mild greenish tint to a more natural brown color. However, other designs of shades are made from pure polyester and some mixed with linen.

It’s my advice that you should consider in which room you are going to place your shade- This is because the roman shades made from bamboo are not intended for full privacy. On the other hand, other fabrics are also not water-resistant, hence not suitable for dumpy rooms and outdoor.

Cordless mechanism

The cordless mechanism is what defines the roman shades. It is this system that ensures safety, especially if you have children and pets in your house. The cordless system also eliminates the need to operate the window. 

Some customs have even more advanced modes. For instance, the Link Shades Flat Roman Shades-Blackout, Thermal-(36″ W x 72″ L, Ivory/Off White)-Linen & Polyester-Cordless. It has an adjustable clench that is used to control the winding spring tension by turning either clockwise or anti-clockwise.

So when choosing the best cordless roman blind, ensure to check on the performance of its cordless system.


What style do you like? Are you buying the shade for your personal or formal purposes? Do you prefer bold colors and patterns or more subtle textures and complexions with earthy tones? The roman shades bestow you the fortune of choosing which style you want, including the plain fold, swag, soft fold, relaxed(European), tie, and flat fold.

You just have to pick the right style that fits your objective.

Size of your window

 Your window size will determine the size of the shade that you should order. For instance, some roman shades do not require deductions from the actual size. However, some shutters, especially for the inside mounts, need you to give at least ½” exception when ordering.


A modern house and an exquisite office design are so charming to stay in, but if you mix with a little tradition hue, they become even more diverting for you. All thanks to the best cordless roman shades that I have just reviewed in this article.

They are available in different sizes, and also styles. These shades hither from 100% natural material, including bamboo and polyester. They can gently filter the sunlight entering your room to provide you with unruffled natural light.

Some of the shades will facilitate the full privacy of your room while some it’s just semi-privacy- This is due to the use of different materials. These shades are also safe to have around since they are cordless and hence less risk of accidents.

After injecting yourself with all the reviews and the guide to choosing the best cordless roman shades, I hope you’re ready to select the best window treatment among the top-tier list.



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