Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Pole saws are excellent and efficient tools for trimming the higher branches of your trees. Not every individual has enough courage to use the tall ladders to reach higher branches due to fear of the heights. Also, the use of ladders gets associated with injuries, especially from accidents that you cannot anticipate. 

Best cordless pole saws give you the convenience of trimming the branches far above your head without having to use any ladder to support your height. Some units come in three different pieces that can be attached and detached to suit the desired length of your area of work, while some can still be used, both as pole saws and chainsaw. This makes such units more versatile and reliable for trimming the tree branches and taller greenery. 

However, choosing the best model can be an unnerving task due to the numerous models in the market today and the verse information that can be confusing. In this guide, I have listed and reviewed the top pole saw models available in the markets and provided a buyers’ guide to help you make the right purchase decision.The best cordless pole saw being used to cut wood branch

Best Cordless Pole Saw Reviews 2023

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Black + Decker pole saw boasts a three-piece pole that can extend up to 10 feet when you use all the three pieces to help you reach the tallest branches in your yard or lawn. Despite its length, the storage of this model is pretty straightforward. You can leave the middle-piece pole that is 6.5 feet in length, or you can alternatively break the tool into three pieces to fit your storage space. Assembling the parts is more relaxed, and the model comes with a manual that will help you gather the pieces.

Perhaps the most impressive feature in this model is its 20V Max battery. On a single charge, you can get up to 100 cuts while cutting 1.5 -inch thick pine. The run time can go up to over one hour of use, ensuring a longer run-time and improved performance.

Added to the numerous admirable features, the tool is very affordable, and a 2-year warranty covers it from the day of purchase. This ensures that your worries about the manufacturing defects are limited and gives you the trust to use the machine.

However, as a demerit, this unit lacks an automatic oiling system. Unlike most pole saws or chainsaws, this model is not fitted with an automated oiler system to keep its chains lubricated as you work.

Instead, you will be required to manually oil the chains that are not a difficult task, but it is easy to forget, and you can end up having dry chains reducing efficiency. However, some people prefer the manual system because it results in reduced wastage of the oil. You will only need to lubricate the machine parts when you feel it’s necessary.   


  • Affordable price 
  • Get up to 100 cuts with a single charge 
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Can break into three pieces hence easy storage 
  • The three pierces does not only enhance storage but also ensures it reaches greater heights 


  • Lacks an automatic oiling system
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2.Greenworks 8.5′ 40V Cordless Pole Saw

GreenWorks has designed its model for extended use by creating a balance in weight distribution. The unit weighs only 8 pounds that makes it convenient and easy for you to cut branches that are far above your head without getting fatigued or straining your arms. 

The model features a chain tension adjustment system that allows for the quick tightening of the chain. This will help you save time while also adding on the safety of using the machine. However, one demerit of this system is that it requires an added tool (Philips head screwdriver) for the adjustment. 

Even though this is not a great deal, it would have been excellent if this model was a toolless system, that is, characterized by the ability to adjust the chain without using an extra tool.

The automatic oiler system helps improve the durability and optimal use of this model. When needed, the system efficiently applies oil to the bar and chain to promote the tool’s longevity and optimal use. It also features a translucent oil tank that will give you a clear view of the oil level, and this helps eliminate the work breakdown when you accidentally run out of oil. 

The tool is fitted with an 8-inch bar for easy trimming of the branches, and this explains why it is high in demand in various shopping outlets. The ease of use, convenience, and the general lightweight make this tool a darling to many users and give you value for your money. 


  • Clear Oil tank for clear visibility of the oil levels 
  • Lightweight (8lbs) for extended use 
  • well -balanced 
  • Automatic oiler system to ensure the tool parts are not dry 
  • Tension adjustment system for quick chain tightening 


  • Requires a screwdriver for chain tensioning 
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3. WORX WG323 20V 10″ Cordless Pole/Chain Saw

Even though most pole saws extend to a length of 8 or 10 feet, Worx WG323 models can be stretched to 12 feet. This gives you the luxury to cut the tallest branches that cannot be executed by most models. The length added to its power provided by the 20V battery makes this unit quite outstanding.

Chopping up the downed branches is not easy with most saws because of their inability to be easily converted to chain saws. With the Worx model, you get a two-in-one tool. Once you have cut down the large branches, you can easily detach the pole to obtain a standalone chainsaw. This will help you chop up the cut large branches. It also does not require any tool to detach or attach the pieces.

The model features an auto-oiling system that limits your worries of the saw going dry while using it. However, you must be keen on the oil level thanks to its translucent oil tank that improves the visibility of the oil left in the tank so that you know when to top it up.

The Worx model also boasts a more extraordinary battery life that will allow you to work for long hours before getting recharged. Its tool-free tension system will ensure that you have the needed tension or chain in place. It limits the need to have extra tools for chain tension, which enhances the ease of use.

The model is compact and lightweight, with a weight of about 6.2 lbs. The low weight will allow you to work longer with the machine without causing tension in your hands, legs, or back.


  • Tool-free tensioning system 
  • Automatic oiler system to ensure the chains do not dry out 
  • It can be used both as a chainsaw and pole saw 
  • High battery life for extended use 
  • High length to reach the tallest branches 


  • It isn’t easy to control at full length. 
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4.Earthwise CVPS44010 Camo 40-Volt 10-Inch Convertible 2-In-1 Cordless Chainsaw/Pole Saw

Earthwise is powered by a powerful 40-v battery that delivers sufficient power to trim tree branches and wood limbs while also capable of cutting logs and stumps through the use of convertible pole saw and chainsaw. With this model, you get two tools in one as it can be used both as a pole saw and chainsaw depending on the length you want to work on.

This unit features a protective blade that ensures safe storage when not in use and prevents unnecessary accidents. It is equipped with a rubber molded handle with a foam grip that provides comfort and enhances the ease of use. 

The automatic oiling system complements its ability to self lubricate. The oil system has an oil level window that will ensure that you take the reading of the oil level so that you top upright in time before the system goes dry. 

Moreover, with this device, you get a high-quality Oregon bar and chain. The two in one system helps in the conversion from a corded electric pole to a corded electric, handheld chainsaw in a matter of seconds. This improves the convenience of the tool and reliability to be used for the fall clean-up and winterization for your home and yard trimming.


  • Two in one machine can be used both as pole saw and chainsaw.
  • Automatic oiler system for lubrication 
  • Lightweight for extended use 
  • The protective blade system for safety during storage and against injuries 


  • Unbalanced when fully extended 
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5. EGO Power+ PSA1000 10-Inch Pole Saw

EGO Power is compatible with the power-head PH1400 though they are available separately. The model cannot work with any other head, but if you acquire the PH1400, it can effectively work with various other attachments. Even though getting this pole saw and the power-head can be a great challenge and can be pricey, when put together, it is an excellent tool that can help you execute jobs of any nature.

Like with the other models I have reviewed, this unit also has an automatic lubrication system that ensures the chains do not go dry. The lubrication ensures the efficiency of the pole saws and enhances the durability of the tool and promotes quality performance. 

It is fitted with a water-resistant construction unit that will ensure you can work under any condition. It also features a convenient auto-lubing system that will ensure that you do not worry about the lubrication of the chain.

Moreover, without any attachment, the tool only weighs 4 lbs. It, however, weighs 8 lbs when attached to the power-head. Thus, EGO boasts an ergonomic design, and it is lightweight that ensures an extended usage. The lightweight guarantees you are not fatigued when attempting to reach the tallest trees or greeneries. It is thus more comfortable for use during the time of landscaping.


  • Lightweight and ergonomic design 
  • Automatic oiling system 
  • Water-resistant construction ensures you can work in any condition. 
  • It is versatile when complete with power-head PH1400


  • Can be pricey as the pole saw and power-head PH1400 are bought separately
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6.Oregon Cordless PS250 8-Inch 40V Telescoping Pole Saw

Working with most of the pole saws can be a daunting task, especially when you run out of power while you are in the process of trimming and are forced to break to recharge the battery. Such incidences always frustrate and hinder the accuracy with which you were initially executing your job and causes boredom at the end.

However, such annoyance has been limited by the Oregon Cordless power saw. This unit is built with a no-fade 40v lithium-ion battery that can be charged to over 1000 consecutive times without getting exhausted. The battery also ensures a longer run time. With a single charge, this tool can cut up to 750 cuts. 

This model’s design allows for an active balancing with its head built bulkier to help balance out the weight of its handle. This ensures an even weight distribution while also facilitating easy maneuverability when using the tool. You can extend its shaft to 10.1 feet and ensure that it reaches up to 15 feet from the ground, ensuring that you trim to greater heights.

Moreover, this unit is easy to use as it starts instantly. You do not need to get involved in the pulling of various cords or waiting for the saw to warm up to begin using it. Also, the model has an 8-inch bar and a compact cutting head that lets you reach the tallest branches and excellent balance. 


  • High powerful battery; a no-fade battery that ensures constant power 
  • Well-balanced weight for easy maneuverability 
  • Automatic oiling system 
  • Easy to use as it starts instantly 


  • It can be not easy to control at full length
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Best Cordless Pole Saw Buyers’ Guide 

Finding the best cordless pole saw can be a challenge, especially when you are a first buyer because you may not know the exact features to look for to make the right purchase decision. 

However, this should not be a worry anymore. I have listed and described some of the crucial features that you must consider before you buy a pole saw. The features aim to improve the efficiency and convenience of using the machines, while also observing the safety standards.


 I rank weight the best feature that one must consider when buying a cordless pole saw. Remember, you are working on branches that are at greater heights, and since you are not a machine, you must get fatigued.

Choosing a lightweight and compact pole saw will limit work breakdown that you might experience while trimming the tree branches and taller greenery. A heavy machine will make the job time-consuming, but it is also susceptible to accidents when you lose balance, hence dangerous. 

 In a case, you cannot hold the saw appropriately, there is less hope that you can control it effectively, and there is a significant possibility of you dropping it down. It would be best if you choose the appropriate weight of the tool before making a purchase decision.


Before you invest in a power saw, you must first consider the size and thickness of your tree branches and greenery. I would not advise you to go for the cheaper models if it would not let your job get done effectively. 

If your work involves trimming thicker branches, you must go for a more robust model. The high power is also applicable in smaller tasks as it will enhance the rate at which you get your jobs done.

Pole Length

The best cordless pole saws come in distinct ways that help you reach the desired heights when working on your yard or greenery. Some units have telescopic shafts that extend and lock into place, while others like BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw utilize a multi-piece design that allows you to add or remove one or two pieces to realize the desired length. 

For the models I have reviewed, the longer poles have a maximum length of between 10 and 12 feet when extended fully. Added with your height, such tools will allow you to trim trees that are 14-16 feet tall. 

On the other hand, some poles attain a maximum length of 8 feet when fully extended. Such poles are also useful as they can reach a maximum of 12-14 feet when added to your reach. However, the effectiveness of such tools will depend on the length of your tree branches or greenery.

Thus, before you purchase any model, you must consider the area of work. In most cases, I would advise an individual to find a model with a length of 10-12 feet. If possible, it should be a unit with detachable pieces as this will help you reach different heights, hence improving the tool’s versatility.

Oiling System 

Oiling is part of the maintenance practice that you must consider when buying a pole saw. Oiling helps improve the efficiency of the system. There are models with automatic oiling systems with translucent oil tanks that help you determine the oil level for top-ups.

On the other hand, there are different models, such as the BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Pole Saw, where the oil is applied manually. Even though the manual application can be tedious and someone can easily forget, it is convenient for some people, especially if you want to minimize the use of oil. It will ensure that you only oil the system when and where necessary. 

Before you settle on a given product, you must ensure that you learn about the oiling system, whether automatic or manual. Oiling is an effective maintenance practice that does not improve the efficiency of the tool but also enhances its longevity. 

The below video shows how you can effectively maintain the blades of your pole saw


Numerous setbacks have always characterized the use of ladders to trim trees. People fall from high heights, causing injuries to themselves and damages to the properties. 

The use of pole saws will save you all these fears of injuries and damage to properties and will be of great benefit, especially when you are afraid of the great heights. 

When choosing the best cordless pole saw, ensure you select a well-balanced saw with less weight that will make it easy for you to hold above your head when trimming the high branches. The lightweight will also ensure you have not to strain your arms, back, or legs. Convenience and ease of use are vital when choosing the pole saws.

Through this guide, you will find the primary features that will help you make the best purchase decision. Most of the saws we have reviewed here can be detached and used as standalone chainsaws, and I believe this gives you an excellent choice.

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