8 Best Cordless Pin Nailers Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for 2023

The exquisiteness of the end result in wood-crafting projects is highly fancied. This may be hard to achieve for workpieces as they tend to break or split more when you try to join or piece them together.

How can you go about this then? Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, arming yourself with one of the best cordless pin nailers is the way to go. Make applications like cabinetry, picture frame assembly, paneling, insulation, and window casing, among others, have outstanding results with this tool.

A cordless pin nailer is a convenient hand tool that is a member of the finish gun family, which is employed in firing headless pins into various delicate surfaces. They accept several fastener lengths, making them versatile and ideal for multiple projects. Further below are details explicating the best cordless pin nailers available in the market. Read on to get acquainted.An image of a man effortlessly using the PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer due to its manageable weight that makes it qualify as one of the best cordless pin nailers

Best Cordless Pin Nailer Reviews for 2023

  1. PORTER-CABLE (PCC790LA) 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

Expedite your wood-crafting projects with this phenomenal cordless pin nailer from the extolled PORTER-CABLE brand. Being a battery-powered unit, you will surely enjoy the cordless convenience it conveys, saving you the hassle of improvising a hose and a compressor. Additionally, this advantageously banishes the use of costly gas cartridges.The PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer is one of the best cordless pin nailers thanks to its unique battery shown above that exhibits outstanding potency and extended runtime

This bargain will not have you breaking the bank for the purchase of a battery cell since a potent 20V MAX Li-ion battery with a capacity of 1.5Ah is included in the purchase package. This battery is much powerful compared to NiCad batteries, thus provide an incredibly extended runtime.

Additionally, a charger and a thoughtful belt hook are included for added convenience. All defects arising from workmanship or faulty materials will be prepared for free by this product’s manufacturer since it brags of an attached three-year warranty cover. Features like the toolless release lever will hugely contribute to amplifying productivity.


  • Depth adjustment wheel for consistently countersinking nails.
  • It eliminates the hassle that accompanies a compressor and hose.
  • Warranty cover of three years.
  • Toolless release lever and jam release.
  • Accepts nails with a diameter of 18 gauge.
  • Able to fire up to 1300 nails on a single charge.
  • Bears LED lights that are multifunctional.
  • Conveniently lightweight (5.9 lbs)
  • Magazine capacity of 100 nails.
  • Bears a sequential firing mode.


  • Limited to using 18 gauge nails only, thus unsuitable for framing projects.
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  1. METABO HPT (NP35A) Pin Nailer Kit

This exquisite member of the finish gun family is an emblem of versatility. Corroborating this is its incredible appropriateness in multiple applications, including glazing bead, paneling, cabinets, picture frame assembly, craftwork, and small moldings and trim, among others.Among the best cordless pin nailers is the Metabo HPT Pin Nailer Kit illustrated above that comes as a complete package and guarantees safety through its dual trigger

It allows you to set the desired firing depth for precision purposes via the depth adjustment feature enabling driving into several surfaces. You will enjoy using this tool without getting fatigued as it bears a lightweight (2.0 lbs), enabling you to work in multiple positions and a prolonged period.

23-gauge headless pins are appropriate for this unit which also brags of automatic adjustments for fastener lengths falling between 5/8”, ¾”, 1”, 3/16”, and 1-3/8”. Your safety has been taken into consideration, and a dual trigger is integrated for secure and precise fastener placement.


  • Depth adjustment feature enabled for flush driving into various surfaces.
  • Automatic adjustment of the magazine.
  • A wide array of fastener lengths is accepted for versatility in applications.
  • Applicable in a variety of projects.
  • Pin nails of Metabo HPT origin are built to higher tolerances.
  • Two mar tips are provided for the protection of delicate wood and surfaces.
  • ¼” NPT male plug and safety glasses are included package.
  • Warranty cover running up to 5 years.


  • Low-quality pins are not recommended as they may bend at the entry point and are less rigid, forcing the tool jam.
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  1. Makita 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless 1-3/8” Pin Nailer (XTP02Z)

The Makita cordless pin nailer is one sui generis equipment that has excelled in fine-tuning firing mechanisms thus has successfully minimized recoil. This, in return, has had the advantage of reducing the force needed on the work surface during the firing of pin nails.An image of the Makita XTP02Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 1-3/8" Pin Nailer that can be used with minimal effort and offers precise control, making it one of the best cordless pin nailers

This unit brags of having a prodigious magazine capacity ranging up to 120 nails. It is also ingeniously customized with an anti-dry fire mechanism that ensures that blank firing is abolished and that no damages are imparted on the work surface.

You will definitely enjoy the effortless adjustment of depth as it requires no special tools but is rather toolless for a sleek countersink finish and accurate flush. The cordless convenience conveyed by this unit grants you a chance to work without the bother of an air hose and compressor.


  • Tool-free depth adjustment feature.
  • Accepts a variety of fastener lengths, including 5/8”, 11/16”, ¾”, 1”, 1-3/16”, and 1-3/8” belonging to 23 gauge pin nails.
  • A belt clip and two nose no-mar tips are also included.
  • Safety glasses and Hex wrench (3) accompany this unit.
  • Onboard LED light for work surface illumination.
  • Precision guaranteed through contact trigger.
  • Battery status indicator (3-stage LED gauge).


  • Incompatible with 1-1/4” pin nails.
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  1. New Ryobi One+ 18V 23 Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer P318

Your safety is of utter importance when using any tool of the finish gun family. For this reason, a brilliantly integrated double-action trigger is part of this tool for sequential firing. To fire a single nail, you have to first press the safety tip followed by the trigger.Here is an illustration of one of the best cordless pin nailers, the New Ryobi One+ 18V 23 Gauge Cordless Pin Nailer that features a manageable weight of 1.52 pounds for maximum convenience

With a convenient light weight of 1.52 pounds, you will enjoy working for longer periods without exhaustion and the flexibility of having the unit in multiple positions. It is compatible with an impressive fastener length range ranging from ½” to 1-3/8” of 23-gauge pin nails.

You are guaranteed of an extended tool life courtesy of the dry-fire lockout feature. It efficiently drives 1” nails totally without instances of misfiring or jamming even after firing up to 100 nails. It is built of plastic material.


  • Fires a wide range of lengths (1/2” to 1-3/8” of 23-gauge pin nails.
  • Prolonged tool life facilitated by dry-fire lockout feature.
  • Double-action trigger mechanism.
  • The product arrives in a generic shipping bag or box.
  • Features a voltage of 18.00 Volts
  • Remarkable lightweight (0.69 kg).


  • Comes as a bare tool void of battery and charger
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  1. BOSTITCH (HP118K) Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

This top-ranking BOSTITCH brand presents you with one of the best cordless pin nailer that will give value to your money. To cement your confidence in this pin nailer, it is backed up with a warranty cover running for a whopping seven years.The BOSTITCH Pin Nailer comes with all the relevant accessories for use as shown above, a factor that qualifies it as one of the best cordless pin nailers

The depth adjustment system of this unit is fascinating. It is designed to have a high and low power switch for an extended tool life and precision purposes, according to you unmatched control over the tool. It also boasts of an aluminum housing that helps promote durability by allowing the unit to withstand pressure from accidental falling.

Putting your money on this deal will leave you elated as it not only graces you with a pin nailer but also graces you with a belt hook, nail selection, oil, and a carrying case. This equipment accepts lengths ranging from ½” to 1-3/16” of 23-gauge pin nails.


  • Low profile nosepiece that tapers downwards o the point of contact.
  • Grip has a brilliant over-mold design.
  • Pin capacity is greater by 19% for a broader fastener range.
  • Bears an exhaust on its rear.
  • 500 each of ½” pins is provided in the purchase package.
  • Adjustable power control that allows pin setting without switching compressor setting.
  • Brags of an ergonomic design and lightweight feature (2.5 pounds).


  • It is a pneumatic pin nailer meaning that the air hose and compressor are in play.
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  1. Freeman Cordless 20V 18 Gauge 2” Nailer (PE20V2118G)

The idealness of this exemplary cordless pin nailer from the Freeman brand lies in its powering system. Most cordless pin nailers are equipped with a set of a battery cell. This bargain towers over the others by possessing a pair of 20V Li-ion batteries with an incredible capacity of 2.0Ah.The Freeman PE20V2118G Cordless 20V 2-in-1 18 Gauge 2" Nailer shown in the image above counts as one of the best cordless pin nailers thanks to its exemplary versatility

A backup of two potent batteries will definitely provide enhanced battery life and remarkably extended runtime. A charger is also included in the purchase package. On the upside, this charger boasts of having a notable capability of quickly charging the batteries to their fill in under 30 minutes, ensuring less downtime on the job.

For most of the applications that will cross your way, including cabinetry, upholstery, molding, furniture and decorative trim, insulation, and window casing, among others, this tool will undoubtedly have your back. In case of a jammed fastener, this unit is designed in a way that you can easily get access to the nose to clear the jams.


  • High power technology improvised.
  • Quick firing speeds of up to 30 nails per minute.
  • Two firing modes are availed; bump and single firing mode.
  • Accepts fastener lengths from ¾” to 2” of 18-gauge brad nails.
  • Also compatible with ¾” to 1-5/8” of ¼ narrow crown staples.
  • Warranty cover of one year.
  • Has aluminum housing for durability.


  • Relatively higher weight of 6.17 pounds.
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  1. DEWALT (DWFP12233) 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer

This exceptional cordless brad nailer is a bargain that would be so meritorious for you as it deftly executes your wood-crafting projects. Its depth adjustment feature is unequaled as you get to set the desired depth without the assistance of any special tool. You will enjoy the correct setting of nail heads, thus achieving excellent precision.The DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer is made of a small nose for accuracy as illustrated in the image, making it one of the best cordless pin nailers in the market

This unit is suited for firing 18-gauge brad nails ranging between 5/8” to 2-1/8” in length. Do you like your working surface clear of contaminants? This is another reason why you ought to bag yourself this unit. It is fitted with an exhaust on its rear to ward off contaminants from the work surface.

When this unit gets jammed up, you can easily remove the jammed nails and get going, courtesy of the tool-less jam release feature. A convenient trigger is integrated and helps you switch between sequential firing or contact firing modes.


  • Designed with a smaller nose for accurate nail placement.
  • Contact trip does not require to be compressed for the tool to be activated.
  • Extra no-mar tips and sample brad nails are provided.
  • Accompanied by a carrying case for easier transportation and storage.
  • It is an oil-free unit.
  • Utilizes air power as its chief power source.


  • Weighs slightly more (5.46 pounds).
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  1. P625 Pneumatic Air Pin Nailer Gun 60-100ps

This air-powered pin nailer stands out as one of the most ergonomic pin nailers in the market. This is because it is characterized by an advantageous light weight of 2.88 pounds translating to improved handling for a prolonged working time.This image illustrates the narrow design of the P625 Pneumatic Air Pin Nailer that contributes to its excellent ergonomics which is a must-have feature for the best cordless pin nailer

It is brilliantly engineered with a narrow design contributing to its top-tier ergonomics. This design type enhances the balancing of this unit on your hand, enabling you to professionally place fasteners in multiple positions. The entire tool has a metal housing for advanced durability.

¼” air staplers ranging from 10 to 25 mm in length are accurately driven for all precision trim work types. It is equipped with a magazine capacity of up to 100 fasteners. To boot, it bears a convenient dial for easy adjustment of the depth settings for precision.


  • Drives 23-GA pins ranging from ½” to 1”.
  • It is engineered with a narrow body design.
  • Lightweight (2.88 pounds) for easier handling.
  • Excellent for cabinet trim.
  • Appropriate for fastening all kinds of molding and trim without making the wood split.
  • Depth adjustment dial located on the tool’s side for accuracy.


  • It is a pneumatic pin nailer, therefore, has a compressor in play.
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Best Cordless Pin Nailer Buyers’ Guide

Do you need your wood-crafting projects executed more speedily? Having one of the best cordless pin nailer units conveys topflight solutions for you. You will find the tool of great benefit as it fastens yet simplifies the woodworking projects that come your way.

You have probably come across the term micro-pinner or headless pinner in your quest for the best cordless pin nailer, right? Don’t overlook bargains with such terms as they still refer to a cordless pin nailer. What are the advantages attached to bagging this tool?

Highlighted below are some of the reasons why you should add this unit to your collection of hand tools;

  • Deliver excellent precision.
  • Obvious nail holes are avoided.
  • It also puts an end to filling.
  • Unequaled versatility, especially in most types of trim applications.
  • Do not cause wood splitting.
  • The battery-powered type conveys plain cordless convenience.

The merits highlighted above exemplify a few of the boons that you get to enjoy. To boot, you will get to realize most of the advantages in the long run. Now that the indispensable merits persuade you of arming yourself with this germane tool, you ought to bring on board some various factors of consideration that will help you align your purchase decision for the best outcome.

Before you settle on a particular unit, below are the vital factors to help you make fast and right purchase decision;

Cordless factor

Most members of the finish gun family rely on power from various sources. A pin nailer is not an exception and can belong to either the corded type or the cordless type. You have probably come across battery-powered units and air-powered units that both branch from the cordless type.

As the name suggests, the battery-powered type sources their power from a battery cell and convey literal cordless convenience. For this reason, you must pay heed to cardinal battery elements like the capacity (units with a capacity of above 1.5Ah are recommended), inclusivity, and runtime.

On the other hand, there are air-powered type of cordless pin nailers, also referred to as pneumatic nailers. This type utilizes pressure from compressed air (gas e.g., butane); thus, a compressor and an air hose are vital components of these units. This type is more powerful compared to its counterparts. Weigh between the two types pointing out the crucial elements and distinguish your best fit.

Depth adjustment feature

An ideal pin nailer ought to be inclusive of this factor as it allows you to set the desired firing depth. As you switch between applications, the workpieces may also vary, raising the need to set different depths to avoid over-firing instances.

Some brands have raised the bar and made the depth adjustment process tool-free. This means that you will not have to bother over searching for any special tools to set the desired depth. This factor is essential as it enables accurate fastener placement and prevents misfiring.


This is a crucial area of scrutiny as it comprises factors that make your tool of interest more user-friendly, augmenting its handling and applicability. Some of these factors include;

  • Lightweight – a unit with a considerable weight (between 2.0 to 6.0 lbs) is highly preferred. It tends to be well-balanced, promoting use for long periods, and allows use in multiple positions.
  • Ergonomic grip – a brilliantly designed handle strengthens your grasp of the tool, minimizing slipping instances and promoting balancing of the tool. Those with an over-mold grip design are highly regarded.
  • Depth adjustment knob – units integrated with a dial or knob for simplifying depth adjustment are quite efficient.
  • No-mar tips – this feature ensures that no damage in the form of scratches is inflicted on the work surface, which is an essential consideration factor where a polished outcome is desired.
  • Carrying case and safety glasses – These accessories are not mandatory for every bargain. However, if they are included in the deal, that is a plus for you as the carrier bag conveniences transportation and storage practices for you.

Nail Gauge 

The pin nailers are designed to work with varied nail sizes and types. Therefore, before you settle on a particular unit, ensure that you consider the type and the size of the nail you buy, as this will characterize the type of job you will put the nail gun to and thus influencing its functionality.

Below is an informative video to guide you on how to use your cordless pin nailer for DIY projects.


You cannot speak of a smooth and impeccable finish on brittle workpieces and leave one of the best cordless pin nailer out of the picture. This germane unit is exemplar as it does not leave a trail of nail holes and does not cause wood to split in addition.

However, it is of the essence to note that despite being one of the smallest tools in size among the finish gun family, a cordless pin nailer still has the potential of causing harm if not handled carefully.

For this reason, tout for a unit that is inclusive of a safety switch. The safety switch avoids instances of accidental firing whereby the nail is not fired even after pressing the firing trigger unless the safety trigger is activated. I am confident that this piece delving the best cordless pin nailer will be of utmost service to you.

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