10 Best Cordless Phone with Answering Machine of 2022 [REVIEWS & BUYERS’ GUIDE]


A picture of the Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless DECT 6.0 Expandable Phone System with Answering Machine and Enhanced Noise Reduction one of the best cordless phone with answering machines in use, showing the paging technology enabling the sending of the message to every handset in the house

Communication is one of the crucial pillars that support coexistence. Whether in your office, workplace, or home, interaction with other people is habitual. Receiving or making announcements, memos, and instructions are a few cases in point, demonstrating what entails the interaction.

The best cordless phone with an answering machine is a gadget that provides a means of achieving effective communication.  A cordless phone is an exemplary appliance that can be related to landline phones except for the fact that it transmits signals through radiofrequency and requires no cable connected to the handset to work.

An answering machine, on the other hand, is a system incorporated in cordless phone units to autonomously receive messages from a caller when you are not in a position to receive a call.   It is a homespun unit guaranteeing you with nary a problem when operating it. There are numerous questions people ask about the machine.

Below is a conspectus providing you with all you need to know about this appliance.

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Best Cordless Phone with Answering Machines Reviews

1. AT&T EL52113 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System

The EL52113 package is a model that is a marvel of indisputable expansibility. What is this exactly? This unit allows you to employ not one, not two, but up to five handsets of the EL50003 series.  As if that is not fascinating enough, you only require one jack in case you expand to five handsets. How would you not want to bag this greatness of a phone?An image of AT&T EL52113 Single Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System, an example of the Best Cordless Phone with Answering Machine units

The unit has a brilliant design to suit you. It is plain sailing to read from the unit’s handset screen courtesy of the significant contrast created by the white-colored background and the distinct black text.

The large size of the screen, a lighted keypad with large buttons that have amplified font, corroborates your visibility. This feature makes it also appropriate for the visually impaired.

The spectacular answering system is capable of recording outgoing and incoming messages for up to 14 minutes.  It also allows you to selectively delete or save messages and replay messages instantly from the base and handset. The sound emanating from this appliance‘s speaker is of prime quality and irrefutable clarity.

By adopting top-level DCET technology of the 6.0 version to be specific, digital elements have been incorporated. It bears an indicator that signals you of pending voicemails. The handset is capable of keeping your call history by storing up to 50 numbers and names. It also has improvised an ECO mode that monitors battery power usage to enhance battery life.


  •         It features an expansile handset capability.
  •         Utilizes one jack even for multiple handsets.
  •         Easy to read from the large screen with highly visible texts.
  •         Lighted keypad with large buttons.
  •         Marked answering system.
  •         Speaker produces prime quality sound.
  •         The unit’s compatibility with hearing aids makes it suitable for seniors.
  •         ECO mode that monitors battery power usage.
  •         The handset is capable of keeping your call history up to 50 numbers and names.
  •         Inclusive of a quiet mode.


  •         Handsets of the EL50003 series used for expansion are purchased separately.


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2.Panasonic Cordless Phone with Answering Machine DECT 6.0 (KX-TGD532W)

Calls come in when you least expect them and mostly find you when you are executing a task. Panasonic DECT 6.0 gadget has taken this into consideration and has included a caller ID that is bilingual. This means that whenever you receive a call, this feature enables the caller ID to vocally read out the information of the caller.A picture of Panasonic DECT 6.0 Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering Machine, a perfect model among the best cordless phone with answering machine

Interestingly, it reads out the caller’s information in two languages; Spanish and English. Therefore, even when you are busy or distanced with the gadget, you will still get to know who is calling you. The base unit boasts of a remarkable counter that displays a sizable visible figure showing the total number of messages you’ve received.

This unit is perfect for local communication with its astounding ability of expansion to six handsets. To get you started, it gifts you with two handsets in the purchase package. You will not have to condone troublesome callers and telemarketers as you are provided with a call block key that you improvise to block unwanted callers.

The base tool of the KX-TGD532W model can be mounted on your wall for convenience and reinforced with the included screws and wall brackets. Have up to a whopping hundred numbers saved in the unit’s phonebook. To boost the unit’s convenience, you are graced with a 9 number speed dial.


  •         Utilizes 2 Ni-MH AAA size batteries that are included in the delivery box.
  •         Adopted ECO power-saving mode resulting in incredible talk time (up to 10 hours).
  •         Capable of saving messages/voicemails ranging to an incredible 17 minutes.
  •         Allows you to match a number in your phonebook with a specific ringer.
  •         Easy to read from the large screen (1.6 inches) displaying clear black messages.
  •         The soft-touch keypad is backlit and contains aptly located buttons.
  •         Has a phonebook capable of storing up to 100 contacts.  
  •         Its caller ID is vocal and bilingual.
  •         The base unit has a counter that clearly displays the number of received messages.


  •         Does not support a headset jack.


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3.Panasonic Expandable Cordless Phone System DECT 6.0 (KX-TGE433B)

Moving around the house, executing chores while still talking over the phone is quite wonted. This Panasonic KX-TGE433B model features DECT 6.0 technology devoid of wire with an unmitigated phone signal that is safe for use. This technology disables the chances of eavesdropping and enables you to communicate under a wide radar and through thick walls.An image representation Panasonic DECT 6.0, one of the best cordless phone with the answering machine units

You will be graced with three handsets that are included in the purchase package for convenience. A call block dial is integrated on the handsets and the base unit that enables you to block numbers that are a nuisance to you. This unit is capable of saving up to 250 blocked contacts, whereby it records the contacts immediately; you press the call block dial.

Even when you receive calls from a person in a noisy environment, this unit still empowers you to communicate with ease. This is because of an automated noise lessening and voice tone enhancement feature. Its speakerphone has full-duplex therefore delivers clear and audible sound that makes it comfortable for you to communicate hands-free.


  • Inclusive of a feature for monitoring babies
  • Has a suitable large (1.8”) screen with a distinctive and clear display
  • Brilliantly located buttons on a backlit keypad
  • Bears a voice paging characteristic that enables you to convey synchronized information to different rooms in your workplace or home.
  • Unique Caller ID that vocally reads out information of the caller in Spanish or English.
  •  Supports the use of hearing Aid
  •    Has an automated noise lessening and voice tone enhancement feature
  •    Integrated with a call block dial for blocking numbers that are a nuisance.
  • Accompanied by three handsets, although it can be expanded up to six handsets.


  •         Relatively expensive compared to other models.


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4.Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine 

This is yet another spectacle of the Panasonic brand. The most captivating feature is its ability to connect to a cell phone. The connection is not made through the less fancied cable but rather through Bluetooth. You can connect up to two smartphones with Link2Cell handsets enabling you to receive and make calls wherever you are in your house.An image of Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System, another essential unit in the family of the best cordless phone with answering machine

Once you purchase this product, among components of the delivery package are 5 handsets. The handsets utilize 10 AAA- size Ni-MH batteries that are rechargeable and included in the purchase package. These batteries are super-potent such that on a full charge, they grant you with a talk time lasting up to 12 hours and aid the gadget to remain standby for up to 7 days.

When the battery energy is running low, the handset is customized to alert you and also displays the status of the battery on the screen’s handset. Handset to smartphone Bluetooth connect feature brings an advantage by enabling voice assistance feature through Google Now, Siri, and S Voice at the pressing of an ‘Assist’ dial on the base unit or handset itself.


  •         Inclusive of the Call Block dial option.
  •         The blocked contacts database has a capacity of registering up to 259 numbers.
  •         Features a caller ID that reads out information and is bilingual, English and Spanish.
  •         Engineered with an automated noise suppressor and voice tone enhancer feature.
  •         Has a large (1.8”) screen that is easy to read because of contrast.
  •         Its phonebook can save up to 3000 numbers.
  •         Supports headset jack and allows for mounting on a wall.
  •         Adopted a handset to smartphone Bluetooth connect feature; uses class 1 Bluetooth.
  •         Employs settings of nine-digit speed dial nature.


  •         Requires you to download an application in your smartphone for the Bluetooth connect feature to work effectively.


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5.Vtech IS8151-5 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone for Home with Answering Machine

The Vtech IS8151-5 gadget features prodigious attributes that will make it a top-grade choice. With this unit, you can enjoy the freedom of making and receiving calls from your yard, basement, or neighbors house. It offers you an incredible and unparalleled long-range extending up to 2300 ft courtesy of superb antenna customization.an image of VTech IS8151-5 Super Long Range 5 Handset DECT 6.0, a significant unit among the best cordless phone with answering machine

This Vtech IS8151-5 gadget can use your smartphone ringtone. This feature is, however, limited to iPhone owners. However, owners of Android phones also get a share of the cake through enabled notifications on their smartphones. This unit also embraces voice assistance features through Google Now, Siri, and S Voice access.

The cell and handset Bluetooth linking feature is another dazzling attribute of this unit. You have the privilege of linking up to two cell phones to enjoy the boons of this unit on your smartphone and enjoy some advantages of your smartphone through this home phone. The answering machine is digitalized and capable of recording up to 22 minutes of any incoming or outgoing message.


  •         The answering system has a voice guide that shepherds you through the setting up process.
  •         Easy to read large texts on the big handset screen (2”).
  •         The base unit has a super large LED screen (3.5”) for visibility of the caller’s information.
  •         Features a Smart Call Block button option capable of letting allowed calls through while still barring and filtering undesirable calls.
  •         Allows intercom between the different handsets and base unit.
  •         Offers various purchase categories based on the number of handsets.
  •         Has an incredible and unparalleled long-range extending up to 2300 ft.
  •         Supports a headset that is Bluetooth enabled.


  •   Demands an additional app for users with Android phones to effectively utilize the Bluetooth connectivity feature.


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6.VTech CS6429-2 Cordless Phone with Answering System

This CS6429-2 model of the VTech brand is another yet another successful user-oriented cordless phone. It is inclusive of two handsets, the handsets’ chargers containing power adapters, and batteries for the two handsets. A swift start guide and a user manual delivered with the unit helps you with the setting up process and the technique on how to operate the unit.A pictorial representation of the VTech CS6429-2 2-Handset DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System, one of the primary models among the best cordless phones with answering machines

 The DECT 6.0 technology that is incorporated in its making is digitalized. This technology also ensures that you receive a superlative quality sound while still securing your calls by eliminating cases of eavesdropping. This unit is also free of interruptions providing your conversations with ultimate clarity and does not disrupt routers and other wireless electronic gadgets.

If a call finds you in the process of executing tasks like ironing clothes, you don’t necessarily need to put a pause to the task in order to converse. This unit allows you to simply converse hands-free courtesy of the handset speakerphone by just pressing a button. It has an ingenious answering system that is digitalized and which has a recording capacity of up to 14 minutes.


  •         The answering system can be configured to answer calls on your behalf when you can’t.
  •         Has an expansive characteristic of up to 5 handsets.
  •         Fitted with a full-duplex speakerphone promoting hands-free conversation.
  •         Inclusive of a bracket for wall mounting.
  •         Features an ECO power-saving mode and quiet mode.
  •         Has a well-lighted screen with large texts for easy reading.
  •         Has a backlit keypad that bears well-positioned buttons.
  •         Supports call waiting and caller ID.


  •         Does not support Bluetooth connection.


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  1. Panasonic Expandable Phone System with Answering Machine (KX-TGD564M)

This Panasonic gadget is an intriguing embodiment of top-notch cordless phone unit features.  Topping its features list is its supported Bluetooth connection characteristic through a LINK2Cell interface. You can, therefore, link your smartphone to the unit’s handset and get to enjoy indubitable convenience.A picture of the PANASONIC Expandable Cordless Phone System, an example of the best cordless phone with answering machine

It is devised with an ideal call block dial positioned on both the handset and the base unit. You just need to press the dial once to block robocalls and other unwelcome numbers. The unit’s call block database is capable of saving up to 150 numbers. It is apposite for use with hearing Aid T-Coil.

You can configure the ringing of this gadget by allocating specific ringtones to specific numbers. In this way, the handsets and the base unit will sound the specific ringtone if calls from the correlated caller ID numbers are received. The delivery package deal comes with four cordless handsets to get you started.


  •         Integrated with a vocal caller ID that reads out messages in English or Spanish.
  •         The base unit is devised with a large message counter to quickly update you on the number of messages.
  •         Supports ringing configuration.
  •         Features a single press call block dial on handsets and base units.
  •         LINK2CELL feature allows Bluetooth connection of up to 2 smartphones.
  •         Supports voice assistance through connection to Siri, S Voice, and Google Now.
  •         Supports wall mounting for easy access.


  •         Supports the expansion of up to 6 handsets. The extra two handsets have to be purchased separately.


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8.AT&T 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System

The most prominent feature of this unit is the sound quality. It provides you with HD (High Definition) audio to steer your conversations in a super clear way. Moreover, if you wish to adjust the audio, be it treble base or other settings, you can do so through the provided equalizer or the four preset options of audio profiles.A picture showing AT&T CRL82312 3-Handset Expandable, a significant model among the best cordless phones with answering machine

Converse seamlessly from across the room hands-free by employing the full-duplex speakerphone. By improvising a push-to-talk button on the handsets’ side, you can convert up to four handsets to walkie talkies. Fascinating, right? You can also configure this system into quiet mode by silencing the ringer for a time of your liking.

For the convenience of accessibility, you can mount this unit either on the wall or on the table. Engineered with an antenna design that grants the unit with an insurmountable long range in which you can make or receive calls. It also bears a vocal Caller ID that loudly reads out the caller’s information to update you from across the room.


  •         Has an answering machine that is digitalized and corroborated by a voice guide.
  •         The base unit has a lighted screen displaying the number of messages and time received.
  •         Backs you up with up to 22 minutes of recording time.
  •         Devised with enlarged buttons with a large font on a backlit keypad.
  •         Supports the expansion of up to 12 handsets.
  •         Inclusive of ECO power-saving mode and quiet mode.
  •         Attaches time on incoming messages.


  •         Has a moderately low phonebook capacity of up to 50 contacts.


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9.AT&T BL102-4 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone for Home with Answering Machine

This BL102 appliance of the AT&T brand is definitely the full package. You can opt to mute or set the unit into quiet mode by silencing the ringing. How then will you determine if you are receiving calls?  It is fitted with a visual ringer on the top of handsets in the form of a light that starts to flash when there are incoming calls.a picture representation of AT&T BL102-4 DECT 6.0 4-Handset Cordless Phone, one of the best cordless phones with answering machine

With the Audio button positioned at the side of the handsets, you can adjust the audio properties such as call volume and frequencies of sound by simply pressing it. This gadget also boasts of a full-duplex speakerphone on the handsets that allows you to converse hands-free while delivering clear sound.

The delivery package comes with four handsets, although this unit can be expanded up to five handsets that use a single jack. Enables handset to handset intercom. The handsets’ screen is large (2”) displaying high-contrast texts for ease of reading. It also bears a Smart Call Block button on the handset that enables you to block or blacklist bothersome callers.


  •         Has a vocal caller ID that reads out the caller’s information for you.
  •         The unit’s call block database can store up to 1000 entries.
  •         Provides you with unmatched coverage to answer and make calls.
  •         Has a noteworthy answering system that grants you up to 22 minutes of recording time.
  •         An in-built voice guide to shepherd you through the setting up process.
  •         Effortless access to voicemail box through a designated key.


  •         Has a low phone-book memory storing up to 50 numbers and names.


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Best Cordless Phone with Answering Machine Buyers’ Guide

The featured best cordless phone with answering machines are the utter demonstration of communication convenience. These units are unsophisticated and easy to use and have proved to be the perfect choice for localized communication.

It is evident that cell phones have dominated the globe as the most used means of communication. This, however, does not sideline the irrefutable role and advantages of cordless phones, which are also known as home phones. Why do you need a cordless phone with an answering machine? Below are some of the highlighted advantages;

  •         Suitable for emergencies as it is linked directly to your home or office address.
  •         Provides excellently clear sound quality, even in a noisy background.
  •         It can be linked with security systems to amplify security in your home.
  •         It can be used to ameliorate the reception of your cell phone.
  •         Ensures that you don’t have missed calls by receiving calls on your behalf when you are unable to.

The above merits, just to mention a few, depict the tremendous significance of these tiptop gadgets. You are now well acquainted with the boons that accompany this appliance; it is paramount to note that there are numerous such products in the market.

You ought to first understand the reason as to why you want to purchase this appliance. Once that is comprehensible to you, you will then need to appreciate how to discern a worthy gadget from the vast array of the best cordless phone with answering machines. Below are some factors for consideration to help you discern a unit that will best suit you

Expansible feature and number of handsets  included                                                                 

What exactly is the essence of several handsets? Several handsets mean that you get to place a cordless home phone in all of the rooms and compartments in your house. It also means that you can strategically employ several handsets in your workplace at different offices or sections to enable effective localized communication.

You might be in your basement and forgot your cell phone in the living room. But having installed a handset in that basement will save you money. For this reason, you ought to scrutinize the expansile capability of a gadget. Most first-rate cordless home phones can be expanded up to between 4 to 6 handsets and use a single phone jack.

Screen and keypad

The screen and keypad are components that weigh in massive gravity. A screen is what you use to read the information that you key in or that which is sent to you. Handsets with big screens (expressed in inches) ranging between 1.6 and 2 inches should be considered.  The screen ought to display highly- contrasted texts for ease of reading.

The keypad is the component that contains buttons that you use to key in information or instructions. You patently want a handset that is intuitive to use. It is then of cardinal essence to consider a handset with a keypad that is backlit to support use in any light conditions, has big buttons with enlarged fonts. Such keypad attributes make the handset even suitable for visually impaired individuals.

Adoption of extra technologies

Gadgets that have incorporated additional technologies in their making scream huge advantages and privileges. DECT 6.0 technology is one great example. This technology not only enhances sound quality but also makes your conversations secure by eliminating the risk of eavesdropping. It also eradicates interference by wireless networks and gadgets.

ECO technology also counts as extra technology. It plays an exceptional role in monitoring battery power usage to extend battery life. In the case of power outages, this technology enables the battery to power the handset for a long time, conceiving the concept of stand by mode and talk time. Top-drawer units grant you an impressive talk time of between 7 to 14 hours.

Units featuring the Bluetooth connect technology offer a massive plus. A unit that supports connection with one or two cell phones via Bluetooth should be highly regarded. Think of how many privileges that will be shared to your handset from your smartphone.

From synchronized ringtone setting to enablement of voice assist feature on the handset, these and other unmentioned privileges will definitely light up your experience. You, therefore, should tout for units with any of the discussed technologies or any other unmentioned ones for the best user experience.

Answering System

All of the featured top cordless phones have an answering machine. It plays a very substantial function of automatically taking and answering messages from a caller if you are not available or when you are not able to. The element of interest in the answering system is the recording time. It is recommendable to tout for units offering recording time ranging between 14 and 22 minutes.

Frequency Range 

Another top pick factor to consider when choosing the best cordless phones with answering machines is the frequency range. It is worthwhile that you consider a cordless model with a frequency range that will extend throughout your house and even to the yard. Most cordless phones cover frequency ranges of up to 50 meters indoors and 300 meters outdoors. However, these distances can get influenced by obstacles. 

Moreover, it is important to realize that if your device is not meeting such distances, there may be other interferences from the devices that emit the radio waves. Such devices may include wireless speakers in the local radio stations and even microwave ovens. 

Thus, when you are going for a cordless phone and based on the frequency range, you need to also consider the number of obstructions in your home and the other wireless devices in your and local traffic within your surrounding that may limit the frequency range of your phone.

Most of the cordless phones I have delved on in this guide operate between the frequency ranges of between 1880-1900MHz. The range will give you the best sound quality. The frequency range is thus a vital consideration when choosing your cordless phone.

Communication Security 

Communication through cordless phones occurs through the transmission of the radio signals that can get picked by another individual with the same police or radio scanner. The practice requires that when you are going for a cordless phone, then the conversation security should be primary.

 Even though digital phones provide you with a longer range and more precise signals, security-wise, they may have some limitations. However, to ensure your conversation’s security, ensure that your cordless phone is equipped with a digital spectrum technology to guarantee that your radio signals do not fall into an unauthorized hand.

Battery Life

Battery life is an essential consideration when it comes to cordless phones. Unlike corded phones that do not need external sources of power, cordless phones require the battery to operate, and the moment the battery dies, the conversation ends. It is thus important that you consider a model with higher battery life.

Most of these units use a lithium-ion type of batteries. The battery type provides the phones with a longer life, and this can enable you to spend more time on the phone over any day and permit you to hold longer conversations at work.

Moreover, you can consider the phone types with a battery backup feature. The feature will help save you from the embarrassment of your phone going off when in the middle of a conversation. You must consider having a phone with a base station and a battery backup feature in such a case.

Call-blocking features 

Choosing the best cordless phone models with answering machines can be challenging, especially with the enhanced prevalence of robocalls. When buying a cordless with the answering machines, one of the needed precautions is a system set in place to block the robocalls so that the signals’ quality is not impacted.

Various phone models come with different features to help block the robocalls. For instance, some phones are fitted with an active button pressed to block the robocalls if the spam calls come in. The number is then added to the list of the contacts that have been blocked going forward. 

On the other hand, with the advancements in technology, most cordless phones now have a pre-screening that helps prevent the robocalls from getting to you without thinking of blocking them in the first instance. The technology ensures that the robocalls do not get into you in the first place, and this is an effective element that you need to consider when buying the best cordless phone models with answering machines.

The video below helps with the illustration on how you can set up your voicemail in a cordless phone with answering machine

Top Picks

Our top pick amongst the best cordless phones with answering machines is Panasonic KX-TG475s. This unit stands out among the rest due to its extraordinary Bluetooth support, coupled with its capacity to sync with numerous other cellphones. The model is also equipped with a powerful battery boasting a run-time of up to 12 hours with a single charge when the unit is in use to add icing on the cake. With the powerful battery, you can be sure of using this model for a whole day without docking it again. 

Moreover, if you are going for the price, you may consider having the Vtech CS6719-2. The unit is inexpensive, and what makes it more impressive is its DECT 6.0 technology that ensures the quality of the radio signals send and the enhanced frequency range. Additionally, the unit is characterized by built-in features like the intercom, voicemail, and caller ID, aiming to improve its use and promote the unit’s convenience.

For ease of expandability and a solid handset system, I would encourage a buyer to go for the AT & T DL72210 Two Handset Answering System. This unit will serve you for the longest time and satisfies your blocking and answering machine needs. Added to that, the unit also provides you with the amplest and convenient frequency range. Most interestingly, this unit is fitted with a base unit but gives you the luxury of expansion to five handsets when required.


You don’t have to move from room to room in your house or move from department to department in your business place to convey announcements, memos, or instructions. The discussed best cordless phone with answering machines are the quintessential gadgets that you need to save you from that hassle.

The most idyllic detail of these reviewed appliances is the inclusiveness of the weighty answering machine in all products raising the stakes. The fact that, if not all, then most of the featured products come with more than one handset affirms what a consequential deal and product a cordless phone with an answering machine is.

Equipping your house or office with this gadget is unquestionably a reasonable and meritorious move. As you explore this conspectus, I hope it will be of substantial help as you make a definitive purchase decision.