For long range communications, consider VTech IS8151-5 Super Long Range 5 Handset DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone for Home with Answering Machine among the best cordless phones

10 Best Cordless Phone With 5 Handsets Reviews 2023

Communication has always been essential to everyone since the beginning of the world. The systems of communication have changed with the advancing technology. Today, you don’t have to worry about dangling cords in your home, especially if you have kids around. All thanks go to the best cordless phone with 5 handsets. With this device, you will enjoy accessible communication from wherever you are in the house.

Additionally, as with the best cordless phones for seniors you can block unwanted calls and view your call history or incoming calls on the large screen. The large backlit buttons allow for ease of use even when in dark spaces. That’s not all since these devices have other incredible features, which I have reviewed below. At the end is a buying guide, so you can always be confident when you hit the market for the best cordless phone with 5 handsets.

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a lady using AT&T CL82557 5 Handset Answering System with Caller ID Announce one of the Best Cordless Phone With 5 Handsets

Best Cordless Phone With 5 Handsets Reviews

1.AT&T CL82557 5 Handset Answering System with Caller ID Announce

Do you want to stay connected? Then choose the AT&T CL82557 5 handset answering system that comes with everything you need in a cordless phone. The item lets you stay connected with its unsuppressed range provided by an outstanding antenna design. It also has an advanced noise filtering technology that protects your hearing system. With this phone, screening calls will be very easy.

It allows you not to scramble for the handset by screening the calls for you and announcing the caller’s name. The phone boasts a digital answering system that comes with a counter and a voice guard. The system lets you record up to 22 minutes of incoming messages, memos, and outgoing announcements.


  • The system allows for instant playback.
  • You can save, delete, skip, or repeat messages.
  • It has an extra large display with high contrast that allows you to see clearly day or night.
  • The item is easy to use with its enlarged font and extra large keys.
  • There is no more shouting through the house.
  • You will enjoy the speakerphone that keeps you up with your calls.
  • You can silence the ringer on it for your desired time.
  • The phone lets you keep up with your growing family.


  • It weighs up to 3.81 pounds.
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2.Panasonic Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone System with HD Audio

What else would you need for your cordless communication if not the Panasonic Link2Cell? The item features a talking caller ID that lets you know who is calling in English or Spanish. It also comes with beyond intercom technology that features an exclusive Panasonic voice paging. You can use this feature to set alarms. You can never run out of power with this phone, thanks to the talking low battery alert system.

The phone also has rechargeable backup batteries that ensure you are always connected when the power goes out. It allows you to have up to twelve hours of talk time and seven days of standby calls using other cordless handsets in your house. You don’t have to worry when you are in a noisy place since this unit has a noise reduction system that automatically suppresses background interference while enhancing voice tones.


  • It’s modified with a baby handset mechanism.
  • You can store up to 3000 numbers in your phone book.
  • It features a handset to handset intercom.
  • The item provides up to 10 hours of talk time and 5 hours days of standby time.
  • You can use it in noisy places.
  • The unit comes with a talking caller ID.
  • It has a backup system when the power goes off.
  • You can sync two smartphones.


  • The talking caller ID only talks in English and Spanish.
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3.VTech IS8151-5 Super Long Range 5 Handset DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

 VTech IS8151-5 is ultimately the best cordless phone with 5 handsets you will ever get. The phone has a smart call blocker that lets you block nuisance callers on the spot with one touch. This unit can even filter unwanted calls while allowing new calls from your trusted organizations to come through. The 3.5” backlit display on base and the 2” backlit display on the headset provide contrast text that makes it easy for you to read the incoming caller ID or the call history.

You don’t have to worry when operating in low light conditions since the product has a lighted handset keypad. The VTech IS8151-5 also has a base charging cradle gun that provides a station for your fully charged cordless handset to allow you to make and receive calls during an outage.


  • It’s for ease of use.
  • It’s wall mountable.
  • You can block unwanted calls.
  • It allows you to save essential calls under the star name list.
  • It has an extra large handset and base displays.
  • You will enjoy the freedom to receive cellular and landline calls.
  • It has a super long range (2300 feet).
  • It can support two cellular lines and a landline at once.


  • It has a range of only 2300 feet.
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4. PANASONIC Expandable Cordless Phone System with Answering Machine

The PANASONIC Expandable cordless phone system boasts its dedicated call block button on each handset. The feature allows you to block robocalls, telemarketers, and other bothersome callers easily. The one button can register up to 150 numbers even while you are talking, listening, or when the phone is ringing. It also has an improved display and keypads that include 1.6” high contrast white backlit LCD handset screens and soft touch amber backlit keypads.

What’s best about the KX-TGD533W is that you can link individual ringtones to a specific ringer right in your pre programmed phone book entries. There is a large easy to read message counter that allows you to know how many messages you have received. The Bi-lingual Caller ID lets you know who is calling with text to speech announcements in English and Spanish.


  • You will enjoy extended talk time.
  • The phone allows you to select individuals’ ringtones.
  • It has improved displays and keypads.
  • You can block unwanted callers.
  • The item boarts a bi-lingual caller ID.
  • You can register up to 150 numbers with one touch call block.
  • It has a quick read message counter.
  • There is no risk for tangling cables.


  • The phone only has 1.6” LCD screens.
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 5. VTech VS113-5 Extended Range 5 Handset Cordless Phone

 With an extended range coverage and clarity, the VTech VS113-5 is the best cordless phone with 5 handsets you can wish to have. It’s advanced with a noise filtering technology that allows you to make and receive calls while enjoying the comforts of a home phone. It also comes with a smart call blocker that lets you block unwanted calls on the spot.

Even better, the digital answering system with a voice guide lets you record up to 22 minutes of outgoing memos and announcements, and incoming messages. What makes it stand out is the LED message indicator that allows you to know the number of messages received. Besides, you can easily set up the system using the inbuilt voice guide.


  • It has a caller ID announce system.
  • You can record up to 22 minutes of outgoing calls, messages, and memos.
  • The item can double as a walkie talkie.
  • It comes with a full duplex speakerphone on the handset and base.
  • The unit has a large screen and a lighted keypad.
  • You will enjoy the digital answering system with a voice guide.
  • It’s helpful to those who are visually impaired.
  • You can block unwanted callers.
  • It has extended coverage and clarity.
  • You can choose to block, answer, or forward an unanswered call to the answering system.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.


  • It can only record up to 22 minutes of outgoing messages, calls, and memos.
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 6.AT&T EL52513 5-Handset Expandable Cordless Phone with Answering System 

 With a large display screen, the AT&T EL52513 displays the time, date, and name of all incoming calls. Besides, you can quickly access the phonebook directory and program up to 50 names and associated phone numbers. You will stay out of disturbance by silencing the ringer on the handset and base for an extended period or just a moment.

The AT&T EL52513 allows you to listen to your messages, change your outgoing announcement, and many more from anywhere. You will also enjoy a speakerphone that keeps up with your calls. Doing this is as easy as allowing both ends to speak and be heard at the same time. Other additional features on this handset include a wall mount bracket, 9 number speed dial, mute, call screening and last 10 number redial.


  • You can intercept calls.
  • It has a voice caller waiting indicator.
  • It’s easy to retrieve messages from the handset.
  • You can answer with any key.
  • It has a quick access key for the voicemail box.
  • The phone has an included wall mount.
  • You can quickly access the phonebook directory.
  • It’s easy to use and view.
  • It has a digital answering system with an LED message counter.
  • You can record your announcement by pressing 1.


  • It only allows you to save up to 50 names and number caller ID history.
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7. Panasonic KX-TG985SK DECT 6.0 Talking Caller ID Expandable up to 6 Handsets 

The Panasonic KX-TG985SK is a five handset cordless system that syncs two smartphones with Bluetooth and can connect to a voice assistant. With this item, you can automatically block up to 1000 unwanted callers. It also includes a bi-lingual talking caller ID and a low battery alert. What’s unique about this phone is how it’s expandable with up to six handsets.

Additionally, you will always be alerted when your phone receives incoming texts and calls. You can easily use the voice commands by pressing ASSIST on the base unit or any handset. The new Answer By Voice feature allows you to answer incoming calls hands free. You only need to say “answer phone” to answer the incoming call on speakerphone.


  • It’s compatible with Siri, Google Now, and S Voice.
  • You’ll enjoy the talking caller ID.
  • The phone is expandable with up to 6 handsets.
  • You can sync it with two smartphones.
  • You can use both cell lines simultaneously.
  • It has a low battery alert system.
  • The item can store up to 250 bothersome caller numbers in memory.
  • You will always be alerted of incoming calls or texts.
  • It has elongated call block buttons on the handsets and the base.


  • The product is only eligible for replacement or refund within 90 days of receipt.
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 8. Panasonic KX-TGD564M plus one KX-TGDA51M handset Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone

The Panasonic KX-TGD564M has a performance worth its price. You’ll get a four handset cordless telephone with a remote voice assistant and link2cell. With this item, you can sync up to 2 smartphones. Therefore, you can make and receive calls throughout your house via Bluetooth. Even more, the KX-TGD564M allows for convenient access to Google Now, Siri, and S voice.

Like other best cordless phone with 5 handouts, the Panasonic KX-TGD564M has a talking caller ID that alerts in both English and Spanish. It does this from the base unit and handsets when you receive your calls. You can quickly block robocalls, 150 telemarketers, and other unwanted callers with the dedicated call block buttons. That’s not all since you will also enjoy additional conveniences such as silent mode, intelligent Eco mode, handset locator, and more.


  • You can sync up to two smartphones.
  • It’s easy to block up to 150 unwanted callers.
  • The item has silent and intelligent Eco modes.
  • The talking caller ID alerts in English and Spanish.
  • You will enjoy convenient access to Siri, Google Now, and S Voice.
  • The phone comes with Link2Cell, and remote voice assist.
  • It uses 10 AAA batteries.
  • There are no risks of dangling cords.
  • It’s packed with a 90 days replacement or refund warranty.


  • It’s a bit heavy at 4.1 pounds.
  • It does not have caller identification.
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 9. VTech VS112-47 DECT 6.0 Bluetooth 4 Handset Cordless Phone

 With a digital answering system, the VTech VS112-47 can grab your call when you can’t and record them up to 22 minutes long. The phone then alerts you of all your missed calls on the lighted display. Besides, there is a light on top of the handset that signals you if there is an incoming call. The visual indicator also helps you know of incoming calls with the ringers muted.

The extra large 2” screen displays high contrast text making it easy to read incoming caller ID or the call history records. When in low light conditions, you can easily dial, thanks to the blue black lighted keypad. Even better, the phone allows both ends to speak and be heard simultaneously. There is also a handset to handset intercom function that enables you to call each other with ease.


  • There is no more shouting in the house.
  • You can easily adjust the incoming call’s volume.
  • You can access up to 50 names and number caller ID history.
  • The phone allows you to block up to 1000 numbers with one touch.
  • It has a digital answering system.
  • The big buttons and 2” white backlit display are easy to use.
  • It can record 22 minutes of incoming calls and messages.
  • There is an LED message counter.


  • The screen is only 2” wide.
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10. Motorola O211 DECT 6.0 Long Range Cordless Phone

 Motorola O211 DECT 6.0 is the final product on this list but with the longest recording time of up to 25 minutes. The item provides an ultra long wireless range. Thus, there are no dropouts or statics, even if the handsets are approximately 650 FT away from the base. The phone also comes with a seamless design that will enable you to recharge without running extra cords.

What’s best about this phone is its durability. It also has a high resistance to dust and water, thus perfect for wet environments. In the package, there are AC power adapters and a charging cradle. You can also mount the phones on the wall using the provided screws and plugs.


  • The phones are durable.
  • They provide an ultra-long wireless range.
  • The seamless design offers inductive charging without extra cords.
  • You can record up to 25 minutes of messages.
  • The items are highly resistant to dust and water.
  • You can wall mount with screws and plugs.
  • They are adaptable with either AC or battery power sources.
  • The items are compact and lightweight (1 pound).
  • There is up to 200 name or number directory.
  • The base accepts up to 11 handset expansions.


  • The charging time is up to 16 hours.
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Best Cordless Phone With 5 Handsets Buyer’s Guide 2023

The best cordless phone with 5 handsets is all you need for communication in your home or even office. The phone comes with a set of handsets and a base compatible with voice assistants and Bluetooth. However, the features of these gadgets differ depending on the manufacturer. For this reason, I have prepared a detailed guide with all the factors to consider. Let’s first know why you need to get a cordless phone with 5 handsets.

Why You Need The Best Cordless Phone With 5 Handsets

  • Compact and lightweight. You should never worry about carrying the handsets because they have a compact body, most of them weighing below 4 pounds.
  • Easy to use. The items have easy to use features that are effortless to master.
  • Bluetooth compatible. You can pair the handsets amongst themselves using Bluetooth.
  • Wall mounting. You don’t have to carry the base everywhere, thanks to the included wall mounting brackets, screws, and plugs.
  • Record announcements. With these phones, you can easily record calls, messages, or even memos.
  • Large screen. Viewing your incoming calls is quick on the large display screens.

What You Should Examine When Choosing The Best Cordless Phone With 5 Handsets

Display Screen and Keypad

If you want to see the incoming calls from a distance, consider choosing a handset with a large display screen. The screen should have a high contrast backlit LCD. Also, consider a lighted keypad so you can easily use it even in low visibility areas.

Answering System

I recommend the digital answering system with an LED message counter. The system includes a digital record with recording minutes that vary from one make to another. It should allow for instant playback, selective save or delete, and skipping or repeating messages. An auto answering system is also a better consideration since you won’t have to pick your phone with your hands.

Talking Caller ID

The talking caller ID is essential since it will help you know who is calling even if you are not close to your phone.

Auto Block System

Suppose you don’t want to get disturbed by unwanted callers, consider a handset with the auto blocker system. Some of these phones can block up to 1000 unwanted callers, but this number depends on the model.

Additional Features

Your communication will become easier and efficient if you consider some additional features. Among these is the voice assistant, low battery alert, expandability, any key answer, voicemail indicator, message retrieval from the handset, nine speed dial, mute, call screening, and many more.

A video showing how to install panasonic cordless phones at home


 You have just finished reviewing the best cordless phones with 5 handsets available in the market. The next step is determining which one suits you best from the ten that I have provided. Consider re-reading the buying guide section for the best results since I have highlighted all the significant consideration factors.

I guarantee you will not regret choosing either of the products I have reviewed. The only difference will be in features, and this varies depending on the manufacturer. If it’s still hard for you, I recommend the AT&T CL82557 5 Handset Answering System with Caller ID Announce, Rose Gold, since it has more additional features. I wish you a successful shopping time.

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