9 Best Cordless Nail Guns for Fencing Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Over the course of time, the need and desire to execute projects with minimal effort (less straining), at a faster pace and not compromising the results have markedly spiraled. This, in return, has resulted in the seeking of the means to achieve just that which has now birthed the invention of implements.

Among these implements is the best cordless nail gun for fencing. It is a handheld power tool meant for applications like fencing, sheathing of walls, molding or subfloor installation, framing, the casing of windows and doors, among other related applications.

What’s in it for you by owning one of the best cordless nail gun for fencing? This unit basically is a replacement for your hammer. Instead of using manual force hitting nails to drive them into materials, it simply fires them into hardwoods, softwoods, and other materials intuitively by pressing a trigger. To acquaint yourself vastly with this magnificent tool, read on further below.

 best cordless nail gun for fencing in use for nailing

Best Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing Reviews for 2023

1.NuMax Pneumatic 210 Lightweight Nail Gun (SFR2190)

Taking precedence in this listing is this dandy cordless nail gun from the NuMax brand. Being air-powered, you will enjoy working with this unit free of stress from dangling cables. Making this deal more surpassing is the warranty cover of 1 year provided on top of another thirty-day warranty on parts prone to getting worn out.

It is brilliantly crafted with a magnesium housing complemented with several steel parts that are heat-treated. It also boasts of a depth adjustment feature that helps you pre-set the desired nail depth. 

You will also be impressed by this unit’s versatility courtesy of the no-mar tip feature that makes it felicitous for a vast array of surfaces and applications like wood fencing, subfloor installation, roof decking, sheathing, among others. This unit’s interior is left immaculate even after executing a task due to the incorporated air filter.


  • No-mar tip feature to eliminate dings on surfaces.
  • Magnesium housing.
  • Top-notch quality and durable.
  • Provides two firing modes.
  • Ceases firing when the loaded nails run low.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Bears a tank capacity of 3 gallons.
  • Holds up to 55 fasteners in its magazine.
  • Operates within a pressure range of 70-115 PSI. 


  • A bit heavy (8.58 pounds).
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2.DEWALT (DWFP122331) Brad Nailer Kit

The extolled DEWALT brand once again delivers a distinguished nail gun to you from their copious series of tools. It is ingeniously designed to fire 18 gauge nails between the length range of 5/8” to 2”. Additionally, fitted with a belt hook that you will employ in ensuring the unit is within your reach. Interestingly, this hook is adjustable.

The no-mar nose tip feature is no exception to this unit. This feature is convenient as it helps in mitigating dents on the working surface, helping you obtain an aced finish. Depth adjustment has been simplified and executed without a tool’s aid and bears detents for appropriate nail head setting.

It also brags of exhaust on its rear that aids in keeping contaminants away from your face and work area. It is designed with a magnesium housing that makes the unit durable and resilient. It is fitted with an outstanding motor ascertaining you longevity without requiring frequent maintenance procedures.


  • Toolless release mechanism in case it jams up.
  • Rubberized handle for comfort in usage.
  • Exhaust located on the rear for the debris-clear surface.
  • Magnesium housing for durability.
  • No-mar tip feature to leave surface dent-free.
  • Bears a belt hook that is adjustable.
  • A long-lasting motor that requires no maintenance.


  • Needs a compressor to operate, which is not included in the purchase package.
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3.PASLODE (905600) Cordless XP Framing Nailer

This PASLODE framing nailer is one of the most impeccable units in the best cordless nail gun for fencing class. It distinguishably utilizes a battery as its principal source of power. A 7V Li-ion battery is included in the purchase bargain and graces this implement with sufficient power to drive up to 9,000 nails on a single charge.

Delving into suitability, this unit is all rounded, meaning it is applicable for use in various environments and extends its suitability to even low temperatures of 140 F. Easily tackle LVL and other different hardwoods that you may run into easily by flush firing feature.

Operating with a voltage of 7.4V, enjoy a 15% more power increment for maximum productivity. It is also crafted with a metallic housing to promote durability. Also included in the purchase package is a contractor bag that comes in handy for storage and portability purposes.


  • Inclusive of safety glasses.
  • Backed up by a one year warranty.
  • Supports both galvanized and common nails.
  • Accepts fasteners within the range length of 2” and 3-1/4”.
  • Allows usage in low temperatures of 40 F.
  • Powerful without compromising control.
  • Inclusive of one 7V Li-ion battery.


  • Relatively bulky (13.5 pounds).
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4.Metabo HPT (NR90AES1) Framing Nailer

This sui generis product will have you satisfied and impressed with a distinguished warranty of up to five years, so you do not have to fret over having to deep in your pocket to incur costs on accidental breakdowns and repairs. It is compatible with fasteners within the range of 2” to 3-1/2” in length.

Easily adjust the depth with a toolless mechanism that allows you to countersink to a variety of materials. The convenience of switching between contact and sequential firing easily by just flipping a switch will make you like this unit even more.

Simply work with all fasteners within the range of 2” and 3-1/2” as it is compatible with this variety of plastic collated nails. Enjoy the warranty cover that extends up to five years that will have you sorted in the event that this unit gets faulty. Whatever application you have inline, be it sheathing of walls, flooring, decking of roofs or sub-flooring, this unit will adeptly help accomplish these tasks.


  • Fast switching between contact and sequential firing.
  • Warranty cover of five years.
  • Toolless adjustment of depth.
  • Compatible with a wide length scale of fasteners (2” to 3-1/2”).
  • Has aluminum housing.
  • Conveys cordless convenience (powered by air).
  • Accommodates 21-degree nails.
  • Bears a 3/8” air inlet for smooth running.


  • Slightly bulky (7.5 pounds).
  • Air hose is excluded in the deal.
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5.BOSTITCH (F21PL) Framing nailer

This Bostitch cordless nail gun is one unit that is worth its weight in gold. Confirming this is this unit’s uncommon feature of doubling up as two nailers in the same single tool. What exactly does this mean?  Accompanied by two fast switch nosepieces, employ the nosepieces to make it suitable for either metal connector or framing applications. Fascinating, right?

Enjoy the immense firing power of 1050-inch pounds that comes with this tool enabling you to fire through different materials that you come your way. It is also brilliantly crafted with a magnesium housing to augment durability and resilience to withstand accidental dropping.

It is also engineered with rubberized skid pads that aid in tightening your grip for safety purposes during application. The magazine has a large capacity holding up to 60 plastic collated 21-degree fasteners allowing you to work for a significant time before the need to reload the magazine arises.


  • Lightweight design (4.17 pounds).
  • Backed by a one-year warranty cover.
  • Cordless convenience (pneumatic type).
  • Rafter hook that is adjustable.
  • Magazine bears a layout signal.
  • Simple depth adjustment mechanism by easily pushing a button.
  • Accepts 1.5” to 2.5” metal connector nails.
  • Accepts 2.0” to 3.5” framing nails.


  • Utilizes an air compressor that is not included in the package.
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  1. Freeman Pneumatic 210 Framing Nailer with Case (PFR2190)

The Freeman nail gun stands out as one of the most idyllic unit for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Whether you intend to employ it in subfloor or siding installation, building of pallet, fencing, framing, assembly of wood box or sheathing of walls, this is the irreproachable tool for the job.

It is splendidly crafted with a magnesium housing to facilitate durability and make it able to withstand pressure from accidental dropping. The handle has been crafted in a very secure way to provide you with a tight grip for ease of maneuverability. 

Enjoy the efficiency conveyed by an interchangeable trigger that will help you smoothly switch between single-shot firing and quick-firing. Being a pneumatic type of tool, it operates within a pressure range of 70 to 115 PSI. This tool is also fitted with a no-mar tip that makes it viable for implementation on varying working surfaces.


  • A depth adjustment mechanism is tool-free.
  • A remarkable capacity of the magazine (up to 55 nails).
  • Air filter to maintain its interior in a clean state.
  • Trigger to switch between bump-fire and single-shot mode.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Magnesium housing.
  • No-mar tip feature.
  • Accommodates ails between 2” and 3-1/2” long.


  • Slightly bulky (8.5 pounds).
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7.HITACHI 18V Cordless Brad Nailer (NT1850DE)

This is one exemplarily different product from the rest in this listing. It brags of gracing you with an incredible and unimaginable warranty of a lifetime covering this tool. Unbelievable, right?

To put the icing on the cake, it towers over the rest of the nailers as it is battery powered. It sources its power from a high-capacity battery (3.0 Ah) Li-ion battery of the slide type. This battery weighs 6 pounds lighter and measures ¾“ shorter than an ordinary battery of 3.0Ah capacity, thus boosting portability and tool’s practicability.

Another meritorious feature about this tool is its compatibility with all slide type 18V Li-ion batteries of the HITACHI brand; therefore, possessing an extra germane battery is a big plus for you.


  • Motor designed with the brushless technology. 
  • Tool-free depth adjustment mechanism.
  • Saves you the hassle of a compressor and air hose.
  • Swift switching between bump-fire and sequential modes.
  • Delivered with a carrying case and safety glasses.
  • Battery-powered and the battery is included.
  • Battery status indicator.


  • Accepts slightly lower nail length (5/8” to 2”).
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8.METABO HPT (NR1890DRS) Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

It is paramount to note that the previously established HITACHI brand rebranded to METABO HPT but still retained their tools’ quality. This particular deal is also accompanied by the mind-blowing warranty of a lifetime.

It is also battery powered meaning that it avails the cordless convenience at its best. A contactor case is included for ease of storage and portability. Safety glasses for ensuring your security when in application are also included.

Its motor is ingeniously integrated with the brushless technology that aids in ameliorating run time, minimizing maintenance routines and still not compromising durability. It is fueled by a compact 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery with a top-shelf capacity of 3.0Ah. Worry not about incurring extra costs on the battery as it is included in the purchase package.


  • Selective actuation feature.
  • Excellent compatibility with the Multivolt battery with 8.0Ah capacity.
  • Outstanding air spring mechanism.
  • Accepts nails between the length of 2” and 3-1/2”.
  • Superb driving speed of two nails per second.
  • Delivers recoil similar to a pneumatic nail gun.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment mechanism.


  • Relatively bulky (10.1 pounds).
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9.Freeman Pneumatic 9 Gauge 2“ Fencing Stapler (PFS9)

This exclusive fencing stapler is the ultimate go-to for fencing applications. It boasts an alternative T-handle that provides a strengthened grip, elevating control and maneuverability with the tool. It is designed with an amazing aluminum housing that also extends to the cylinder and a one-piece drive blade for durability and resilience.

In the event of jams, the integrated fast-release lever allows you to simply reach and get rid of jams without necessarily having to disintegrate the nailer. It conveniently allows you to align the fencing wire on the nose to the notch, guaranteeing you an accurate placement of nails.

This unit’s magazine brags of having an incredible capacity to hold up to 100 fasteners intended for fencing projects. This, in return, means that you get to work for an appreciable amount of time before the need to reload arises.


  • A belt hook that is adjustable is included.
  • Ergonomically designed grip.
  • High-capacity magazine.
  • Allows depth adjustment. 
  • A ¼” NPT fitting that is pre-installed.
  • Adjustable air exhaust that is rotatable up to 3600.


  • Accepts a lower range of fasteners (1-1/2” to 2”).
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Best Cordless Nail Gun for Fencing Buyers’ Guide

Choosing to own one of the best cordless nail gun for fencing could be one of the most auspicious endeavors you can partake in either as a DIY enthusiast, contractor or other professional. 

Being well acquainted with the awesome package of merits that come with this item, like accuracy, ease and speed of driving fasteners, among others, will definitely leave you desiring to own this excellent tool. 

It is obvious that you wish to bag the best cordless nail gun for fencing there is in the market. However, the market is graced with top-notch variant nail guns. The heavy lifting kicks in when you have to discern between the array pertaining to the top-rating germane units. 

Worry not because we got your back and have done the heavy lifting for you. Delineated below are some factors that you can adopt to help you consider and scrutinize a unit before making a purchase decision. 

Depth adjustment

Working with different types of materials will demand variance in fastener length that ought to be driven. This factor is vital as it also allows you to set a desired and suitable nail length as working surfaces change.

Once you set the desired firing depth, this factor ensures consistency in the pre-set driving length. It is, therefore, of essence to consider the mechanism put in place to enact this feature. It is recommendable to settle for units with a tool-less depth adjustment mechanism for effortless and swift driving depth implementation.

Nail gun type

This article features both battery-powered and pneumatic types of nail guns. The battery-powered type is the literal definition of cordless units as they utilize Li-ion batteries as the chief source of power. They require occasional recharging but, on the upside, convey the freedom of movement in your work area or transportation to the job site.

On the other hand, the pneumatic type utilized pressurized power, making them more potent and suitable for many heavy-duty applications but require a compressor and hose. Either of the two types is exceptionally appropriate, but it narrows down to your personal preference and type of task at hand.

Firing modes

It is important to consider if the tool of interest allows the two common firing modes; a single-shot mode that ensures delivery of fasteners one at a time and a bump-fire mode that allows delivery of fasteners in a super-fast style for the faster accomplishment of a task. Tout for a unit that supports the two modes.

Magazine capacity

Nail guns bear a salient magazine compartment that holds a number of fasteners. The higher the capacity, the less the need to keep on reloading a unit and the more the time to keep working. For this reason, it is important to highly regard the capacity of the magazine. A unit with a magazine that is capable of holding between 50 to 100 fasteners is considered appropriate.


This factor comprises features that make a unit more user friendly. A unit with an ergonomically designed handle means more a more comfortable, firm and secure grip, therefore, boosting control and maneuverability

Other units bear an anti-dust inlet that helps in maintaining the interior parts of the units clean. A no-mar tip is also another additional feature in some units that is significant in ensuring surfaces are kept free from dings and dents. 

Other implements bear an air exhaust that helps in keeping debris off your face when working and even blowing away the debris from the working surface. A unit with all, several or any of these delineated features is a huge plus for you.


One of the best calls that you would make as a remodeler or contractor is purchasing the best cordless nailgun for fencing. This implement propels you to dexterity and enables the fast execution of driving applications while ensuring the results are beyond reproach.

The deal breakers for me are the two nail guns from the HITACHI brand (currently METABO HPT) because of the lifetime warranty that accompanies this tool. This speaks volumes about their confidence in the quality of their tools, and that alone is a solid assurance of the optimal performance of either of the two units.

However, this is not meant to make light of the rest of the featured tools as they fall in the category of the best cordless nail gun for fencing. All the featured tools rank high in the market and ascertain your satisfaction. Good luck as you partake in this ambitious initiative.

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