10 Best Cordless Makita Drill Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

It would be so onerous if the only option to create holes or drive screws and nuts through wood, stone, metal, or plastic was with your bare hands. The results would be below par as precision and sleekness would be out of the picture.

The best cordless MAKITA drill tool offers a paramount solution in making such applications a breeze, accurate, and of the first order. It accords you cordless convenience, which is a tremendous improvement from the typical and commonly used counterparts, corded drills.

Sourcing power from a battery and steered by a motor, a cordless drill uses a bit component to effectuate drilling or driving. This article delves into top-notch best cordless Makita drill tools, elucidating on each one of them, and has attached an extra buyers’ guide to provide more essential information for you.

Makita LCT300W 18-Volt, one of the best cordless makita drill in use to drill through a concrete material

Best Cordless Makita Drill Review

1.Makita LCT300W 18V Compact Li-ion Cordless Kit

This is presumably one of the best bargains you will come across. This deal includes three essential tools, an impact driver, a flashlight that is rechargeable, and a ½ “ driver/drill. Each of these implements is fueled by a potent 18V Li-ion battery charged by a rapid optimum charger that is ENERGY STAR rated.An image of Makita LCT300W 18-Volt, one of the most effective models among the best cordless makita drill

The drill tool boasts having variable speed features with two settings, 0 to 400 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM, to maximize control. With an incredible torque of 480-inch pounds provided by the integrated four-pole motor, tough applications will be a breeze for you.

The impact driver also brags of a distinctive torque amounting to 1420 inch-pounds and two-speed settings ranging at 0 to 2300 IPM and 0 to 3200 IPM. The flashlight provides you with up to two hours of usage time. You will find the Xenon bulbs fitted in the flashlights quite reliable.


  •   The 18V Li-ion batteries powering these tools guarantee you lifetime usage of up to 430% and cycles that are 2.5 times more.
  •    Tools covered with a warranty of three years.
  •    Charger, flashlight, and batteries backed up by a warranty lasting one year.
  •    The drill’s motor delivers PTI torque of up to 285-inch pounds.
  •    Swift transmission of speeds in the cordless drill.
  •    The impact driver has a lightweight of 2.8 pounds for ease of handling.
  •    Ergonomic design on the two power tools for a comfortable and powerful grip.
  •    The two power tools possess an inbuilt LED light for improved visibility.


  •   The product is discontinued by the manufacturer.
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2.MAKITA Cordless ½” Driver/Drill Kit (LXFD01CW)

This is yet another marvel product from the MAKITA brand. Weighing only 3.3 pounds in addition to a tool length of 7-9/16”, the handling and applicability of this tool is unparalleled and ensures lessened operator’s fatigue.An image of Makita LXFD01CW 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion, an example of the best cordless makita drill tools

The rapid optimum charger is ingeniously crafted with an inbuilt fan that cools the battery to promote quick and efficient charging. The battery is integrated with a chip that stays in communication with the charger to maximize battery life through regulating temperature, voltage, and current.

This unit is inclusive of the variable speed feature with two settings, 0 to 400 and 0 to 1500 RPM, for articulate precision and to enable you to accomplish a vast array of applications. The motor has a four-pole design that grants the tool a reliable maximum torque of 480-inch pounds and PTI torque scaling to 290-inch pounds.


  •         The charger and battery are covered by a warranty of one year.
  •         The tool is backed up by a warranty of up to three years.
  •         The tool utilizes a potent 18V LXT Li-ion battery with a capacity of 3.0Ah.
  •         The size of the chuck is ½“ to accommodate a wide range of bits.
  •         Fitted with an inbuilt LED light for increased visibility.
  •         Charger integrated with a fan for cooling the battery.


  •         Has a currently unavailable status.
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3.MAKITA 18V LXT Cordless Tool Combo Kit (LXT218)

As the name combo suggests, this deal graces you with more than one tool; an impact driver and a hammer driver-drill. The impact driver tool weighs 3.3 lbs and comes in handy for tougher driving and fastening applications, e.g., driving through concrete.Makita XT218MB 18V LXT, an effective tool among the best cordless makita tools with a protective technology XPT

The hammer drill boasts of delivering superlative torque of 750 inches lbs to help you execute the hardest driving and drilling tasks. Both units are crafted with Extreme Protection Technology to ensure water and dust resistance is sublimed, especially in grating tasks.

Into the bargain is another technology, namely Star Protection Computer Controls, that shields the tool against instances of overheating, overloading, and over-discharging. Impact diver is inclusive of a variable speed feature with two settings, 0to 2300 RPM and 0 to 3200 IPM for optimal performance over a wide range of tasks.


  •         Hammer drill features two-speed settings, 0 to 400 RPM, and 0 to 2000Rpm.
  •         Engineered with a motor crafted with the four-pole design for exceptional power.
  •         Hammer drill inclusive of battery is lightweight (5.1lbs) for efficient handling.
  •         The impact driver is also lightweight for an eminent power to weight ratio.


  •         Not clear on warranty details.
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4.MAKITA 12V MAX Cordless 3/8” Driver/Drill Kit (FD02W)

Are you looking for a drill that is ideal or around home tasks? This product best suits you. Boasting of a chuck size of 3/8 inch, most DIY drilling and fastening tasks at your home will be executable, considering that most home applications are not demanding. Makita FD02W 12V max Lithium-Ion Cordless 3/8", another efficient tool among the best cordless makita tools

Complementing the chuck size is this unit’s 7-7/16” length and exemplary weight of 2.2 lbs inclusive of battery to boost handling and practicability and lessen user’s weariness. It also brags of having the variable speed feature with two-speed settings, 0 to 350 RPM ad 0 to 1300 RPM, that enables implementation on a wide range of applications.

 The onboard LED light is meant for brightening a dark workspace for better visibility. It is ergonomically engineered with a compact design so as to perfectly fit your hand for a comfortable and secure grip to steer you to confidently work under pressure. It is fueled by two 12V Li-ion batteries that come along with the purchase package.


  •         Availed with a carrying case for ease of transportability.
  •         Purchase package inclusive of a 7.2V to 12V Li-ion charger and a hoister.
  •         Tool and battery backed up by a warranty of three years.
  •         Engineered with a motor that provides a maximum torque of 200-inch pounds and a PTI torque of 120-inch pounds.
  •         Its ultra-compact feature makes it more suitable for accessing hard to reach areas.
  •         Reinforced by two batteries, a prolonged runtime, and minimal self-discharge is guaranteed.
  •         Has a keyless chuck for convenient bit changes.
  •         Features 18 position clutch settings for improved control and impeccable accuracy.
  •         Graces you with two bits of the double-ended type.


  •         Warranty excludes accessories and faultiness from typical wear and tear.
  •         Has a currently unavailable status.
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5.MAKITA 12V MAX Li-ion Cordless 3-Piece Combo Kit (LCT314W)

This is yet another magnificent offer that helps you bags three tools at a go. The first tool is the cordless drill-driver engineered in an ultra-compact model, weighs just 2.2 lbs, and still delivers 200-inch pounds of maximum torque. Incredible, right? This unit is fitted with a 3/8” chuck idyllic for light-duty applications. It also has two-speed settings, 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1300 RPM, to enhance applicability.an image of Makita LCT314W 12V Max, one of the most effective models among the best cordless makita drill

The second tool is the impact driver that also has a compact design for efficient handling. It grants you a reliable maximum torque of 800-inch pounds. It also features two incredible variable speed settings. 0 to 2400 RPM and 0 to 3000 IPM. You will be amazed by its astounding lightweight of 2.0lbs.

The third tool of this spectacular deal is the LED flashlight capable of operating for up to 9 hours per charge. As if the deal is not captivating enough, you are presented with a warranty of three years on the two power tools and another one lasting one year on the charger, flashlight, and batteries.


  •         Inclusive of a carrying case, and one (DC10WB0 battery charger.
  •         All tools bear an ergonomic grip to promote comfortability.
  •         Fast charging 12V Li-ion batteries (take only 60minutes).
  •         Potent batteries offer extended run time and reduced self-discharge while still providing greater cycles by three times.


  •         Bears a currently unavailable status.
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6.MAKITA 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless ½” Hammer Driver-Drill (LXPH01Z)

Are you looking for a tool that will come in handy when drilling through concrete or stone? This cordless hammer drill is the right fit for the job. It is engineered with a motor featuring the four-pole design granting you a maximum torque of 480-inch pounds to facilitate adept drilling.Makita LXPH01 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless, one of the primary models among the best cordless makita drill

The incorporated two variable speed settings, 0 to 400 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM, promote the tool to suitableness in executing a vast array of hammering, drilling, and driving tasks. Auxiliary to its noteworthy lightweight of 4 lbs, it measures 8-1/8” in length for the convenience of handling and ensuring you do not get exhausted.

The handle of this unit is rubberized to ensure a firm grip and soft for comfortability. It also features an inbuilt LED light for illuminating a dark workspace, which also has an afterglow that still emits light even when the battery runs low.


  •         Tool backed up by a warranty of three years.
  •         Its entire housing is constructed with metal gear for permanence.
  •         Clutch boasts of having 16 position settings for precision.
  •         Integrated with a belt clip attachable on either tool side.
  •         Rapid and swift speed transmission.
  •         Has ½ “chuck that supports various bits.
  •         The chuck is keyless for fast and easy bit switching.


  •         Battery and charger are excluded in the purchase deal.
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7.MAKITA 7.2V Li-ion Cordless Impact Driver Kit (TD020DSEW)

If you are touting for a tool that is solely meant for driving and fastening nuts and screws exceptionally, then this product is certainly what you ought to get a hold of. Weighing only 1.1 pounds, it will be easy for you to lift and maneuver with this tool.Makita TD020DSEW 7.2-Volt an example of the best cordless makita drill

Reinforced with supreme speeds of up to 2300 RPM and 3000 RPM, challenging fastening tasks will be a piece of cake for you. The integrated motor also provides a maximum torque of 177-inch pounds for optimal performance. It also has an onboard LED light that brightens a gloomy working environment.

This unit is fitted with a ¼” hex chuck that supports a fast release of the bit for a quick bit change. This tool is a solution to many applications like driving nuts through sheet metal, create a hole in the hardwood of up to 3/8 inch, and fasten ¼ “ screw using a nut setter bit.


  •         Has a dual-position grip.
  •         The compact model is characterized by its 10-7/8” in length.
  •         Ergonomically designed to perfectly fit your hand.
  •         Motor engineered with two steel ball bearings.
  •         LED light is controlled by a button located on the rocker’s opposite side.
  •         Fitted with a switch drive lock that helps avoid discharge in the event when the tool is not in use.
  •         Fast charger (charges batteries in 30 minutes).
  •         Battery and charger are covered by a warranty of one year.
  •         A warranty of three years on tool and workmanship.


  •         Relatively low battery voltage (two 7.2V Li-ion batteries)
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8.MAKITA 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless ½ “ Hammer Driver-Drill (BHP454Z)

This is one hammer drill that accords you with immense power to drill into masonry. The motor that propels this tool has a four-pole design and grants it an incredible maximum torque of 560-inch pounds and a PTI torque of 360-inch pounds. Such massive power assures you of unparalleled performance on drilling applications.A picture of Makita XPH012 18V LXT, one of the most essential models among the best cordless makita drill

It brags of having the variable speed feature that provides two settings; 0 to 400 and 0 to 1700 RPM for the successful execution of multifarious applications. Besides, it is brilliantly fitted with two LED work lights that have an afterglow effect to consistently light up your workspace.

This tool is constructed with an aluminum housing to ascertain durability and withstand pressure from accidental dropping. Its 9-9/16 length, combined with its lightweight of 4.9 pounds, makes it apt for handling while still ensuring minimal operator fatigue.


  •         Tool covered by a warranty of three years.
  •         Incredible maximum torque of 560-inch lbs.
  •         Swift shifting between modes courtesy of shift-lock drive system.
  •         Embraces versatility, whereby it is flexible to be used as a driver-drill or as a hammer driver-drill.
  •         In the low-speed setting, it delivers a BPM range of 0 to 6000.
  •         In a high-speed setting, it delivers a BPM range of 25500 appropriate for concrete drilling.
  •         Utilizes MAKITA 18V Li-ion battery with 2000 cycles.


  •         Product sold independently as a tool, excluding battery and charger.
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9.MAKITA 12V MAX Li-ion 2 Speed Driver-Drill (FD01W)

As the name suggests, it features two variable speed settings; 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1300 RPM, to facilitate efficacy on various fastening and drilling applications. The motor provides a maximum torque of up to 200-inch pounds and a PTI torque of 120-inch lbs while still maintaining compactness.An image of Makita FD01W 12V max, one of the most significant best cordless makita drill available in the markets

The handle is softened to ameliorate comfortability in application and fitting to ensure a tight grip to better handling and control. This tool’s ergonomic design aids in distributing pressure for excellent maneuverability. It also possesses the crucial LED work light for illuminating your workspace.

12V MAX batteries of the MAKITA brand are responsible for powering this tool. This power source guarantees you an extended runtime in addition to reduced self-discharge. It also bears a significant ¼” hex chuck that allows fast bit switching.


  •         Has a length of 6-3/16”, evincing its compactness.
  •         Has a lightweight of 2.0 lbs for lessened user weariness.
  •         Tool backed up by a warranty of three years.
  •         Charger and battery are covered by a one-year warranty.
  •         Comes together with a carrying case for eased portability.
  •         The charger is of high quality, as demonstrated by procuring the ENERGY STAR label.
  •         Gifts you with two bits of the double-ended Phillips type.


  •         The product is discontinued by the manufacturer.
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10.MAKITA 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless ½” Hammer Driver-Drill (BHP452Z)

Closing the best cordless MAKITA drill category reviews is this substantial tool that is ideal for creating holes in masonry and concrete. It is armed with a motor engineered with the four-pole design enabling it to offer a tremendous maximum torque of 450-inch lbs to perform productively.Makita BHP452 18-Volt LXT image, an example of the best cordless makita drill

It brags of including the variable speed feature with two settings; 0 to 400 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM, to impressively execute a wide variety of hammer, drilling, and driving tasks. Incorporating an entire metal gear housing is significant in reinforcing permanence for a remarkable service period.

It is designed with a user-friendly model that aids in leveling pressure and in ensuring that the tool befits your hand for augmented control. Ancillary to the user-friendly design is its compactness evinced by a brilliant length of 8-3/4” and lightweight of 4.2 lbs for improved handling and applicability.


  •         Integrated with an inbuilt LED light with a special afterglow.
  •         Tool backed up by a warranty of up to three years.
  •         Inclusive of a belt clip that is rugged.
  •         Utilizes a quick charger (takes about 30 minutes).
  •         The battery meant for this tool has a maximal battery life through battery and charger communication.
  •         Features a maximum voltage of 18 volts.


  •         Both the battery and charger are sold separately from the tool.
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Best Cordless MAKITA Drill Buyer’s Guide

Are you a professional in woodworking, plumbing, automotive fabrication, remodeling, electrical, and other various engineering-related professions? Do you appreciate the monumental significance of having a cordless drill as part of the implement family in your tool shed?

An expert in the aforementioned occupations or a hobbyist ought to cross paths with applications demanding either drilling, driving and fastening, or hammering through metal, plastic, wood, and/or stone in their day-to-day activities.

Imagine how arduous and erroneous it would be for you to create holes or drive nuts into metal or wood with your hands. This is where the best cordless makita drill tool comes in handy. 

Benefits of using Cordless Drills

  •         Suitable for use in places that electricity has not yet been installed.
  •         Cordless convenience – you have the freedom to move around the job site without being confined by a cord.
  •         Eliminates the fret of tripping on cables or cords getting trapped and intertwined.
  •         Does not demand you to solely work next to a plug point.
  •         Engineered with compact design for convenience of storage and handling.
  •         This cordless unit boasts of a lightweight attribute for lessened hand weariness.
  •         The compact design also convenient for storage purposes whereby they utilize a reasonably small space.
  •         Reduces clutter on the job site caused by dangling and lying cords.

This section of this well-researched conspectus aims at acquainting you with all you need to know, especially for newbies before making a purchase decision. It also aims to update you who is familiar with the tool in discussion and influence you positively.

You have probably noted that this conspectus major solely on best cordless Makita drill tools. This means that all the featured products belong to one manufacturer, the MAKITA brand. This is a top-notch global manufacturer that fabricates a wide variety of prime power tools and industrial accessories.

Now that you are au courant with the merits of bagging the best cordless Makita drill, that alone is not weighty enough to serve as a go-ahead signal for purchasing. This is because, despite the featured products being produced by the same manufacturer, they have some differentiating features.

These features make them vary slightly from each other, and therefore, for this reason, you ought to consider some factors that will make your decision to procure a specific drill be the best. Listed and elaborated are some of the factors to consider when purchasing best cordless makita drill


On most occasions, the faultiness of a cordless drill occurs unexpectedly. Damage may happen to the tool, charger, or battery. This faultiness may also occur soon after purchase or a short period after use since purchase. Being an anticipated challenge, it may happen when you are financially unstable to incur repair charges.

For this reason, it is, therefore, in essence, to tout for the presence or absence of a warranty covering a product. You should check for the duration that the warranty should last and the components it covers. For instance, some exclude cover on battery and charger, some provide warranty on the tool only while others also include workmanship in the warranty. Other products lack a warranty cover.

Power and charging systems

This is a very cardinal factor for consideration.  All the featured products are the cordless type meaning that they derive their power from batteries. Batteries demand recharging as they frequently run low on power after use ushering the essence of considering chargers too.

Like with the best cordless drill under $150, you ought to pay attention to the battery voltage when choosing the battery for the best cordless makita drill. This is because the voltage is proportional to power, that is, the higher the voltage, the more power, and the more the runtime (use time). Units with a battery within the range of 12V to 18V can be considered reliable.

You should consider tools with fast chargers. This means that less time is taken by the battery to attain full charge resulting in less downtime on the job site, which is a huge boon. Consider units with chargers that take between thirty minutes to 60 minutes for the battery to get fully recharged.

Extra accessories on the charger like a fan is an added advantage as it helps in cooling the battery down to fasten charging and optimize battery life. You should also tout for both the battery and charger’s inclusiveness as they may be sold together with the tool or sold separately with the tool.

Variable speed feature

Like with the best cordless sanders, different types of applications demand different speeds. For instance, applications involving drilling through plastic will not demand the same speed as that of drilling through metal.

For this reason, a unit ought to have a variable speed feature with different speed settings to accommodate a vast array of applications. Having varying speeds that are controllable ensures that you do not overdrive or over-drill. It is recommendable to consider units with a high-speed setting range if you intend to employ it on tough applications.

For undemanding tasks, low to moderately high-speed settings will suit you perfectly. Touting for swift transmission from one speed setting to another is of tremendous importance.


These are the attributes that make the cordless drill you wish to purchase user-friendly. They include;

  •         Handle – irrespective of the tool type, the handle should perfectly fit your hand for paramount control. It should be soft for your comfort. Some are rubberized to ensure that the grip is firm for easy maneuverability with the tool.
  •         Lightweight – this is a very crucial factor as it is undebatable that you wish to possess a tool that is easy to lift and work with for a long time without getting weary. Devices with a weight ranging between 2.0 pounds up to4.2 pounds should be highly considered.
  •         LED Light – This is employed in illuminating a dark working space. Though not very important, a tool fitted with either one or two LED lights is considered more advantageous. The light produced should not, however, project shadows.
  •         Compact design – compactness comes in handy when employing the tool in tight spaces and in storage as little space is utilized. Compactness can be demonstrated by the tool’s size; length ranging between 7 inches and 10 inches can be considered as appropriate.
  •         Housing – this is a vital factor as it plays a part in the longevity of the tool. The housing should be able to withstand accidental dropping and other pressures for utmost durability.

Below is a video showing how to use the best cordless makita drill


A cordless drill tool is incontestably one of the most convenient tools you can have in your toolbox. Combining the power, speed, and torque that matches corded drills and successfully delivering it in the best cordless MAKITA drill tool, the MAKITA brand has provided convenient solutions to the construction and fabrication industry.

The most exciting products for me are those that come in a combo. You acquire up to three essential tools as a go for the standard price. The other bunch of laudable products are those that come with unparalleled versatility; they come as a 2 in 1 tool, allowing you to take with you one tool that can accomplish the roles of another different tool instead of two.

This is not, however, to undermine the quality of the rest of the products. They are also top-grade products that can be unquestionably relied on to execute either drilling, fastening, or driving tasks. May you find this conspectus useful as you make an erudite purchase decision. 

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