11 Best Cordless Jigsaw of 2023 [REVIEWS & BUYERS’ GUIDE]

The jigsaw is one of the most reliable power tools to have in your tool collection. It is the go-to tool for most professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts who want to make precise straight, or curved cuts in metal, wood, laminates, or ceramic tiles.

There are several types and designs of jigsaws flooding the market right now, and you must choose the best cordless jigsaw for your application. However, choosing one that is perfect for you may be a little overwhelming.  Don’t fret because we have compiled a list of the best versions to make your work easier and increase your work productivity.

Read on for the detailed review of each tool.

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Best Cordless Jigsaw Reviews 2024


The Dewalt DCS334B is a powerful and efficient jigsaw that is sure to help you make your straight and curved cuts with effortless precision.

The tool gives you efficient performance for longer runtime due to its brushless motors. The brushless motors reduce the loss of energy through friction by the moving parts. It thus ensures that sufficient power gets supplied in the tool system for efficient performance.

When using this tool, you should not worry about working on dimly lit surfaces. The tool is equipped with bright LED light to help illuminate the working areas.

Moreover, the tool gives you full control of the speed. You can effectively adjust the four-position orbital blade action to your liking to make precise cuts. Its variable speed trigger ensures this and provides precise speed control.

Changing the blades of this Dewalt cordless jigsaw is super quick and easy with the updated key-less blade clamp.

It weighs only 4.62 pounds without the battery, and the comfortable top grip handle gives you maximum control of the tool as you work.

The model helps you keep the cutting line or path free of debris and sawdust. Its built-in dust blower ensures the removal of the dust and other wastes in the cutting path, making it easier to follow the cutting line.

You can also make accurate angled cuts of up to 45° with the adjustable shoe bevel. The shoe bevel comes with a protective cover that keeps your work-surface free from scratches.


  • Variable motor speed control
  • The LED light keeps your workspace visible
  • 4-position orbital blade action
  • It is lightweight
  • Ergonomic top grip handle


  • You have to buy the battery and charger separately

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2. WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw

The WORX WX550L 20V AXIS 2-in-1 Reciprocating Saw and Jigsaw feature orbital blade action, tool-free blade change, robust motor, and precision control that makes its application convenient and practical.

The tool is integrated with a dust blower that helps you keep wastes and other debris away from your working or cutting surface, ensuring that you have greater visibility of the cut and a more pleasant working environment.

The tool gives you the luxury to convert it from the jigsaw to a reciprocating saw and back, thanks to its axis equipped with a pivoting head and push-button that allows for the more relaxed and convenient conversion.

The saw also allows you to use a range of blades depending on the project you want to execute. The application of different blades is ensured by its chuck designed to accommodate both reciprocating saw blades and T-Shank-Shank jigsaw blades.

Its ability to use different blades also gives you the convenience of using the tool. Though Worx blades are exceptional, you can go down to the hardware store and pick up any standard reciprocating saw, and t-shank saw blades to use in this tool. This enhances its efficiency as t can accept other standard blades for application on different projects.

It is powered by an efficient 20V MaxLithium battery that is designed that helps improve the run-time when using the tool.

The unit delivers dominant orbital mode for any tough reciprocating tasks and a variable speed trigger for precise control in both modes. This makes this tool appropriate for inclusion in your tool collection.


  • Orbital Cutting
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Integrated with a dust-blower
  • Use a variety of blades


  • Battery charger separate
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If you are looking for a tool to help you with small home improvement projects or are doing some woodwork as a hobby, then the Porter-Cable PCC650B is just right for you.

It maintains a debris-free work surface and a clear view of the cut with the new integrated dust blower.

This Power-tool delivers good quality cuts across a variety of materials as required by the user. This is made possible by its three orbital blade settings. The movement of the blades is slightly elliptical, which reduces the wear on the blade and eradicates the chattering action that can occur with cheaper saws, compromising quality cuts.

It also delivers perfect angled cuts thanks to a shoe that bevels 0-45 degrees. Its adjustable shoes allow you to angle the tool for bevel cuts.

The PCC650B cordless jigsaw is compatible with the 20-volt max compact and 20-volt max pack Lithium-Ion batteries, which hold enough power to keep the tool running for the duration of your work. It is also lightweight, and

Its comfortable top grip handle reduces vibration and fatigue as you work.


  • Quick tool-less blade release
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Three orbital blade settings
  • 0-45 degrees bevel shoe
  • Ergonomic top-grip handle


  • It is not compatible with the U-shank blade.
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The Makita XVJ03Z cordless jigsaw delivers comfort, control, convenience, and top performance in one compact power tool.

The tool ensures fast and efficient cutting guaranteed by its built variable speed motor that delivers 0 to 2, 600 strokes per minute. Motors are brushless, which implies that more energy gets supplied into the tool system due to reduced loss of energy through friction.

The tool allows for faster blade installation and removal for enhanced productivity, thanks to its tool-less” blade change system.

This power tool offers comfortable and fatigue-free operation with its lightweight design and ergonomic top grip handle.

The XVJ03Z is powered by a long-lasting and fast charging LXT Lithium-ion battery that provides you with a longer-runtime.

Furthermore, it features a star protection computer controls that protect the battery from over-discharging, overloading, and overheating. This enhances safety, both in using the machine and the battery.


  • Built-in dust blower
  • Large variable speed trigger
  • Three orbital blade settings
  • Star protection computer control


  • You have to buy the battery and charger
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Black+Decker BDCJS20C is a low-priced and straightforward cordless jigsaw with a few basic features that are ideal for simple DIY projects.

You can regulate the cutting speed up to 2,500 SPMs to suit the type of material you’re working with, and the tool-free blade change system keeps all your blade switches quick and easy.

Also, the blade clamp is compatible with both U-shank and T-shank blade types, enhancing its versatility.

This 20-volt tool provides a clear line of sight with the featured wire guard, and the built-in dust blower gets rid of sawing dust and other debris as you work, providing a clear cutting path.

It also features a 45-degree bevel shoe capacity that allows you to make accurate angled cuts in both directions.

The Black+Decker BDCJS20C cordless jigsaw package includes a cordless jigsaw, one jigsaw blade, one V Max lithium battery, and one charger.


  • Variable speed motor
  • Multi-purpose blade clamp
  • Built-in dust blower
  • Battery and charger included
  • 45-degree shoe bevel
  • Tool-free blade change


  • It uses a brushed motor that is prone to wear and tear.
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6. Bosch 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Jig Saw

Bosch is a brand that has a reputation for making high-quality and power tools.

The Bosch jigsaw is equipped with an 18v Lithium-ion battery that offers a longer runtime.

The tool promotes comfort and usability as it is designed with life ever and ultra-lightweight. The model is up to 30-percent lighter and up to 10 percent smaller than the leading competitor jigsaw, and this enhances comfort when you use it.

The tool promotes convenience. Its t-shank blade change system permits tool-less blade changes, and this ensures your safety as you do not need to touch the hot blades.

Also, the tool gets characterized by an adjustable footplate that permits you to have bevel cuts up to 45 degrees.

The tool allows you to work in pleasant environments, free from debris and dust, thanks to its inbuilt dust blower that clears your cutting path.

The LED light system integrated into this jigsaw model provides you with maximum visibility along the cutting lines.

The tool also ensures protection as you use it and also of the components. The tool ensures  electronic motor protection and also the electronic cell protection where the motor and the battery is protected from overload and overheating.

The tool also gives you the luxury of convenience and portability since it comes complete with an on-board bevel wrench storage. This ensures safe and convenient storage of the tool.


  • LED light system
  • Dust collector
  • Tool-less blade changes
  • Effective protection of the components


  • Battery separate from charger
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7.CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Jig Saw

Craftsman Jigsaw offers extraordinary quality cuts, and it is designed for both functionality and comfort.

The tool gives you maximum control. The control is possible with its variable speed trigger ranging from 02, 500 spm’s. The variable speed trigger enables you to work on different materials such as wood and metal that requires high and low speeds, respectively.

The low speed is crucial when working on metals, especially when you make intricate curved cuts. It also provides control for clean and accurate cuts.

The tool provides you with three different orbital settings for varied materials and types of cuts. The orbital settings allow you to adjust the angle of movement to an almost elliptical position, which ensures that you reduce the wear and tear on the blades and the chattering actions, resulting in smoother cuts.

Craftsman saw permits you to angle the tool for the bevel cuts. The tool is equipped with a beveling shoe that enables you to cut up to a 45-degree angle. It has its preset stops at different angles of 22.5, 45, and 60-degrees, which makes it appropriate for the angled-cuts.

The tool has distinct features that will help keep you and your working surface safe. For example, the tool-free blade release and built-in dust blower help keep your cutting line clean from debris and other dust materials. It creates a more pleasant working environment.


  • Variable speed trigger
  • 3-year warranty
  • dust-collector
  • bevel cuts


  • Separate battery
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8. Ridgid R8832B OCTANE 18V Jigsaw

The Rigid Octane jigsaw forms part of the Octane smart tools lineup. The tool provides high performance and precision to ensure quality cuts.

The tool is equipped with a brushless motor technology that is energy efficient as it minimizes energy loss through friction. The motor allows for more runtime as it delivers more power to the system.

A variable speed trigger also characterizes the tool, and this enables you to work with it in different materials. Materials such as metals require low speed to produce quality cuts and make them look professional.

Moreover, with the tool, you can do numerous curved cuts. Its adjustable orbital function ensures the curved cuts. It delivers up to 45% faster cutting in high demand applications.

The orbital action allows you to do do the desired cuts in any project. We recommend that you choose this jigsaw for the cuts that are challenging and require more power.


  • Adjustable orbital Action
  • Variable speed trigger
  • High performance
  • Brush-less motor


  • You need to buy battery and charger separately
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9. SKIL 20V 7/8 Inch Stroke Length Cordless Jigsaw

Skil Jigsaw allows you to produce customized cuts. The tool is versatile and will enable you to make different curved and straight cuts across various materials.

The tool allows you to have maximum control of cleaner cuts to various types of projects due to variable switch with brakes.

The tool is integrated with a four-stage orbital function, also characterized by different settings that will allow you to work on various customized projects. You can also make multiple curved and straight cuts due to the versatility of the jigsaw.

You can easily replace and secure the saw blades using this model, thanks to its tool-free blade clamp.

This Skil saw is powered by a PW Core 20 lithium battery that carries a temperature management system, and this protects the tool from overloading and overheating. It makes sure the battery always stays cool and works efficiently.

Skil jigsaw comes with a variable switch and brake to give you the most desirable control. This will ensure you realize precise cuts every time.


  • Variable speed settings
  • Tool-free blade clamp
  • Four-stage orbital function
  • Temperature management system


  • Battery separated from charger
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The Hitachi CJ18DLP4 cordless jigsaw provides cutting versatility and compact portability, all in one powerful tool.
The tool is ideal for cutting shapes on wooden materials, metals like mild steel, aluminum, and copper and synthetic resin materials.

The tool is compatible with all 18-volt Hitachi li-ion slide-type batteries that keep the charge for long hours and have three times more battery life compared to ordinary NiCad cells.

This tool delivers unmatched cutting efficiency through different materials with a 1-inch stroke length coupled with the 3-mode orbital action and a straight cut setting.

You can also apply any amount of cutting power between 0-2,400 SPM using the variable speed trigger on the tool’s handle. Blade switches are quick and easy with the tool-free blade change system, and for added convenience, it accepts both U-shank and T-shank sawing blades.

The lightweight design of this Hitachi jigsaw allows you to maneuver the tool with ease.

The elastomer coating on the handle absorbs the tool vibration putting less pressure on your arm and wrist. The coating also prevents the tool from slipping, giving you maximum control while cutting.


  • LED light
  • On-tool blade storage that holds up to six blades
  • Ergonomic design handle
  • Variable speed motor
  • 3-mode orbital blade action and straight cutting
  • Hitachi lifetime Li-ion tool warranty
  • Dust extraction system


  • You have to buy the battery and charger separately.
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The Milwaukee 2645-20 cordless jigsaw delivers a more accurate cutting solution for wood, drywall, sheet metal, OSBs, and laminates.

The easy to use QUIK-LOK™ blade clamp ensures quick and easy blade changes as you work, and you can make precise angled cuts with the tool-free bevel adjustment with positive stops at 0°, 15°,30° and 45° on both sides.

You can adjust the cutting speed of this tool up to 2,700 SPM with the variable speed trigger that is located on the ergonomic grip handle.

In addition to that, this battery-powered jigsaw offers application-specific versatile cutting with a 5-position orbital blade action to adjust to your liking.

The Milwaukee 2645-20 cordless jigsaw is compatible with both the 18-volt red lithium compact or XC high capacity slide-in batteries, which hold enough power to keep the tool running for as long as you work.

It is also lightweight, and its ergonomic top grip handle absorbs the tool vibration, which may cause fatigue.


  • QUIK-LOK tool-free blade clamp
  • 45-degree shoe bevel
  • 5-position orbital blade action
  • It uses red-lithium batteries
  • Variable speed trigger


  • You have to buy the battery and charger separately
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Best Cordless Jigsaw Buyers’ Guide 2024

Choosing the best jigsaw to buy for your application can be a nightmare, especially when you are a first buyer or when you do not know the one that can be appropriate for your job or area of work.

In this guide, we have listed and elaborated on the various vital features that will help you make quick and best purchase decisions when buying a jigsaw and the standard additions that make its use much more enjoyable and efficient.


Power is an undisputable essential feature in a jigsaw. When choosing the best cordless jigsaw, ensure that it has enough power to sustain the projects you want to put it into.

The power range for most jigsaws in the market today are between 2400 and 3000 SPM (strokes per minute). The best jigsaw appropriate for most of the operations has between 2600 and 3000 SPM.

When you want a jigsaw that has broad applications, you should go for the maximum power of 3000SPM. However, if you are involved in light and less intense projects, a jigsaw of 2400 SPM will be an appropriate choice.

Variable Speed 

Variable speed is featured in the higher-end jigsaws. The variable speed is vital when working on the metals where you will need a slower speed to ensure quality and better cutting than when working on wood materials.

You can also consider using low speed when making intricate curved cuts since they require precision. Thus, as much as it is not a feature you may need often, it is worth considering, especially when you intend to use the jigsaw for broad applications.

Dust Blower

Dust and debris that forms along the cutting path when you use a jigsaw impact the quality of the cuts. However, some jigsaws have an in-built dust blower that blows a stream of air over the work-piece just ahead of the blade.

The feature will help you keep the cutting line free of sawdust and debris, making it easier for you to follow the cutting line. It is thus crucial that you look into the feature when making a purchase decision to realize quality cutting.

Motor Power

The power delivers by a jigsaw is vital in enhancing the performance of the tool. Like cordless hammer drills, higher amperage ratings show jigsaws that have more cutting power.

The best cordless jigsaws will have motor ratings of between 6.5 and 7 amps; bargain saws might have ratings of 5 amps or less. Thus, if you need a higher performance characterized by high energy efficiency, consider a jigsaw with high motor ratings.

Orbital Action 

Two movement actions characterized the cordless jigsaws; the standard action and orbital action.

The two actions vary on how the blades are moved while different actions are executed. For instance, a standard action jigsaw moves the jigsaw blade in an up-and-down motion. In contrast, in an orbital-action jigsaw, the blade moves forward and into the work piece on the upswing, then somewhat backward on the down-stroke as the blade resets for the next cutting stroke.

The advantage of the orbital action is that the moving blade is slightly elliptical. It minimizes the wear and tear on the blade and eliminates the chattering reaction that sometimes occurs with less expensive saws.

The angle of the action, however, can get adjusted for varied material types. The orbital-action jigsaw results in smooth cuts compared to the standard-action jigsaws. Thus, it would be best if you considered a jigsaw with orbital action for more quality cuts.

Tool-less Blade Change

The older jigsaws required an extra tool such as a hex wrench to mount or remove the blades, which influenced the convenience and efficiency of the tools.

However, most of the jigsaws in the market today have a lever-action blade change system that requires no extra tool.

Coded vs. Cordless

Most manufacturers now prefer cordless products to corded products due to the convenience they offer to the users.

Even though the corded products boast more power than the cordless products, modern additions such as lithium-ion batteries have helped reduce the gap between the two models. However, when you are buying a single jigsaw, we recommend that you consider the corded model.

A cordless jigsaw makes an excellent second tool if you are the type of craftsperson who owns multiple models of the same tool. It helps you put your tool to many uses while also giving you mobility around your working area.

The cordless model thus provides you with the convenience and efficiency you need to work with the jigsaw, and its versatility gives it an advantage over the corded type.

The below video helps illustrate the differences between the corded and cordless jigsaw based on functionality and usage or area of application.


It is a joy to have the best cordless jigsaw at your work place. All of the jigsaws we have described in this article will provide you with an excellent performance and give reliable outcomes.

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