An image of Oliso TG1050 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology, one of the most essential best cordless iron for quilting unit

7 Best Cordless Iron for Quilting Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Have you ever wondered how designers make quilts on different garments? And how they get their fabrics so smooth to touch? They employ the best cordless iron for quilting.

This unit has a pointed tip that enables it to get to every confined area of a fabric, including the collar, pockets, and around the buttons. Besides, it has a large water reservoir that provides heated water as steam. The quilting iron also comprises numerous holes on its belly, to facilitate the even distribution of vapor.

Furthermore, most of them have a high power distribution to ensure continuous ironing, even for a prolonged period. However, the question still begs, which is the best cordless iron for quilting?

This article assures it all. 

A lady in use of Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel, one of the most effective model among the best cordless iron for quilting in use for ironing cloth

Best Cordless Iron for Quilting Reviews 

1.Rowenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel 

The Rowenta DW5080 has all your fabric interest at hand. It produces up to 1700-watts of power- This enables it to slither across any clothing despite the material. Besides, it’s pointed tip makes your work more efficient by allowing it to penetrate even in the hard to reach areas like the collars.A picture of owenta DW5080 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron Stainless Steel, an essential model among the best cordless iron for quilting

Additionally, the DW5080 design has got more than 400 steam holes. With this capability, it can produce a whopping 35 G/min of pure steam- This assures a splendid distribution of steam across diverse types of garments. Furthermore, you can regulate this vapor using its nested undemanding thermostat knob. 

This dial enables you to designate the required output of steam, depending on the type of fabric. Moreover, the Rowenta DW5080 doesn’t restrict you from using tap water. It has a translucent water reservoir window, with an easy to fill aperture and an anti-drip lead that allows you to fill it with tap water smoothly.


  • This tool has an automated three-way shut off mechanism.
  • Impulsive cleaning system.
  • Durable stainless steel soleplate.
  • Contra-calcium tank for use with tap water.
  • Wrinkle-free finishings.
  • Uniform steam distribution.
  • Ten-ounce water tank.
  • It also has a precision tip.


  • It doesn’t have the iTouch technology.
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2.Oliso TG1050 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology

Oliso TG1050 smart iron has an integrated latest iTouch technology- This icon comprises a mechanized scorch guard system. It is effortless to operate- The scorch guard lowers when you touch, and then it automatically raises when you stop ironing. This mechanism helps to prevent scorching, tipping, and also accidental burns.An image of Oliso TG1050 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology, one of the most essential best cordless iron for quilting unit

The TG1050 ensures that no heat is lost while ironing. Thanks to its extra-thick micro-fine stainless steel plate. This smart iron leaves you with a soft to touch fabric. Besides, it also has numerous steam holes that guarantee a balanced distribution of steam.

Additionally, this unit produces a rigorous 1600-watts of power, which allows it to heat up quickly. However, it also has an automatic shut off system that solely powers off the heat when left standing for about eight minutes. This automatic dial again shuts off in thirty seconds if you accidentally knock over the iron box.


  • It has got three steam settings (continuous, horizontal, and vertical bursts).
  • Three vapor levels high, medium, and low.
  • Capable of creating crisp, pleats, cuffs, and pockets using its 1½” detailer tip.
  • Best quality output.
  • This unit employs the latest iTouch technology.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight.


  • This unit produces only 1600-watt power.
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3.CHI Steam Iron Silver (13102)

This incredible device has an innovative Chi-flat iron technology. It’s also incorporated with the same titanium-infused ceramic soleplate in other Chi’s hair styling tools, including the Flagship Chi flat iron.A pictorial representation of CHI Steam Iron, an incredible unit among the best cordless iron for quilting

With over 400 steam holes, the 13102 cordless steam iron produces vigorous steam for an efficient, effortless ironing process. Moreover, it also has a temperature control swivel that can easily open for quick access to the water reservoir.

Besides that, the electronic temperature control helps eliminate guesswork. It facilitates this by enabling you to choose the right parameters, and the iron sets the temperature automatically. Additionally, this tool also has an exceptional variable steam lever that can glide from zero to the maximum power with just a simple slide.

CHI Steam Iron has also eliminated the risk of minor accidents that may arise from hanging cords. All gratitude goes to its retractable cord that winds up by a button press- This also facilitates easy storage for a tidy and convenient working space. 


  • It produces up to 1700W.
  • Modern style.
  • Extremely-strong and scratch-resistant.
  • Variable steam lever.
  • Textured grip.
  • Electronic temperature control with a fabric lead.
  • 8-foot long retractable cord.
  • It has over 400 steam holes.
  • Its designed Chi flat iron technology.


  • It has no see-through tank reservoir.
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4.Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless, Portable Iron

The Panasonic NI-WL600 model has a unique design that will mark your end using a corded iron box. This unit has an extraordinary capability of ironing in any direction. It has a sleek soleplate with a double-tipped design to swivel at 360-degrees. An image of Panasonic NI-WL600, another powerful model among the best cordless iron for quilting units

Additionally, the curved stainless steel soleplate does not stick on garments while ironing. Instead, it enables you to steer the iron box faultlessly over diverse garments without leaving wrinkles or tugging.

This device also allows you to take control of your ironing. You can do this by regulating the amount of steam released or even working with no vapor by the press of a button. The vertical potent steam feature also helps to remove wrinkles on curtains and other hanging fabrics quickly. 

Despite its innovative capabilities, this unit is compact and lightweight. Besides, it also has an ergonomic textured handle that is heat resistant. Thus convenient even when ironing with high temperatures. This handle can also quickly retract to the iron and power base to facilitate convenient storage and portability. 


  • Ideal for quilting and crafting.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • It has a curved dual-tipped soleplate.
  • You can iron forward, backward, or even from side to side.
  • Vertical steam feature.
  • It has no twisted, tangled power cords.
  • Non-stick soleplate.
  • Retractable ergonomic handle.


  • It has a tank capacity of only 0.118 liters.
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5.Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence

The Rowenta DW6080 eco-intelligence has a scratch-resistant stainless-steel soleplate- That has a pointed tip to ensure high precision, especially when ironing hard to reach areas like seams, collars, or around the buttons. Additionally, this franchised micro steam 3De soleplate has a design capable of preventing the steam from evaporating, thus increasing the steam’s efficiency.  a picture of Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence, an example of the best cordless iron for quilting

Further to that, this unit has got three settings to comprehend its effectiveness. First, it has a dry option, which facilitates the finishing of perfection. Secondly, it has the eco; this setting ensures that your iron box delivers the right amount of steam as you pertain. Therefore, you will end up using less energy, but you get perfect ironing. Lastly, it has the boost option- For this one, it enables you to increase steam production, especially when dealing with thick garments and tough creases.

Apart from the three settings, this unit can also produce steam under three conditions: vertical, variable, and steam bursts. It also gives you the option to either iron using your right hand or the left one. Thanks to its ergonomic rotary trigger, which is ideal for both right or left-handed use.

This device guarantees you durability and protection against minor accidents. It has a mechanized shut off system that stops the power if you leave the iron box vertically for about eight minutes and if you leave it horizontally or tipped over for 30 seconds.


  • Large 10 Oz water reservoir.
  • It has 400 microholes and 1700-watts for the best results.
  • Soft-grip ergonomic handle.
  • It has a rotary trigger for both left and right-handed use.
  • Three steam settings.
  • Three-way auto shut off system.
  • 3D designed scratch-resistant soleplate.


  • It only has a water tank capacity of 10 Oz.
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6.BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron

Being among the best cordless iron for quilting. The BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron has a digital temperature control system- This enables you to easily set your required steam production parameters and temperature, depending on the type of fabric. The LCD screen also flushes “READY” after the device has completed preheating to the preselected temperature.A pictorial representation of the BLACK+DECKER Digital, an essential unit among the best cordless iron for quilting

BLACK+DECKER D2030 has a strong, sturdy, and durable sole-plate with micro-holes to gently and smoothly glide over any fabric type. Besides that, it also has a soft to touch handle that is heat-resistant, therefore, protecting you against the hot iron and also ensures that you iron with comfort.

This unit’s high steam rate helps to gust away the wrinkles from any garment using the customized LCD system settings. Furthermore, it also has a variable steam and temperature control scheme. This property enables you to do the temperature and steam settings separately, thus assuring you the best results, no matter the kind of fabric.


  • Digital LCD system.
  • It has a volatile steam and temperature control.
  • Auto-shutoff scheme.
  • It’s ideal for any type of garment.
  • Alerts ready after preheating to the selected temperature.
  • Higher rate of steam.
  • It has a durable, rugged soleplate.


  • It only produces up to 1500-watt.
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7.Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology

Just like its predecessor, the Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron has the iTouch technology. The scorch guards automatically lower when you want to iron and then lifts after you’ve stopped- This prevents the everyday incidents that happen with ordinary irons like scorching, burns, and tipping. An image of Oliso TG1100 Smart Iron with iTouch Technology, another efficient and easy to use model among the best cordless iron for quilting

This unit also has its stainless steel plate coated with chromium finishings and expanded holes to distribute steam evenly. Unlike other best cordless irons for quilting, this unit has a robust power production of up to 1800-watts. Thus, it’s capable of preheating within seconds.

You can also select your required ironing settings between continuous horizontal and vertical bursts depending on the fabric type. On top of that, it also has three steam levels, including high, low, and medium that enables you to use the required steam for a specific garment.


  • 1800-watt potency for absolute heat.
  • It has an extended mechanized shut-off system.
  • It also has three steam settings and sequential bursts.
  • Large 12.7 water tank capacity that you can fill from the side.
  • It has a durable, sturdy, rugged, chromium soleplate.
  • 12-foot long power cable.
  • iTouch technology.
  • Auto-shutoff system.
  • Its pointed tip can maneuver over layers to create wrinkles, crisp, and cuff keys,


  • It has a digital LCD system.
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Best Cordless Iron for Quilting Buyers’ Guide

For a new experience in ironing, use the best cordless iron for quilting. They are available in a diverse variety of designs and capabilities. These units have several holes at the base for adequate steam production.

Besides, you can also regulate the amount of steam you desire, depending on the type of garment you are ironing. Some even have an LCD system that digitally displays the presetting conditions. However, with the mushrooming number of manufactures, choosing has become a significant throwback for many.

But worry not, below is the guideline of factors you will consider when choosing the best iron for quilting.

Are Cordless Irons for Quilting Safe For Use at Home?

Yes, they are. In fact, they have incorporated safety measures like no other irons in the market today.

Allow me to explain.

These units have an auto-shutoff system that automatically powers down the iron if it’s left unattended for some time. For instance, when you leave the device in a vertical position, it will automatically shut down after eight minutes. Whereas, if you leave it horizontally or accidentally tips over, it powers off in 30 seconds.

They also have an ergonomic grip handle that is smooth to touch. This grip is also heat resistant, thus protects you against getting burned when ironing under very high temperatures. In addition to the safety features, this unit has a steam and temperature setting variables.

Using these settings, you can choose the correct temperature and steam distribution depending on the type of garment- This helps prevent uncertain burns, particularly if you are ironing a very light fabric. 

For units such as the Oliso TG1100 and Oliso TG1050 Smart Iron, they have a new advanced iTouch technology. Therefore, you dont pose a risk if you accidentally leave the iron box on top of the fabric- This is because the iTouch technology allows the iron to automatically lower when you want to iron and then rises when you have stopped ironing.

Reasons why you Should Buy a Cordless Iron for Quilting

Easy to use. You don’t need to be professional to use this device. It comes with all various settings that enable you to do your ironing in design. You don’t have to apply any guesswork to attain the required ironing conditions- This is because almost all the operations needed for this device can be accessed automatically.

Durable. With this unit, you have guaranteed durability.  Thanks to its stainless steel soleplate, which is sturdy and rugged to increase its efficiency over a prolonged period. Besides that, this soleplate is also rust-resistant. It thereby contributes to the durability of the iron.

Numerous steam holes. Unlike the ordinary irons. These devices have got several holes, which mostly count to more than 400. Thus it ensures maximum production of steam to meet your requirements on various garments. The spots are also numerous to help you save some quality time- This happens because, with many holes, the production of steam is at its peak. Thus, you can complete your ironing on time compared to the ones with fewer steam holes.

Ergonomic handle. The handle grip in these units gives you the urge to continue ironing even if its a bale of fabrics. Its made with a soft textured grip that feels good to touch. Therefore, it provides you with comfort while ironing. Besides that, the handle is also heat resistant to protect your hand from burning.

Good water capacity. These units have large tank capacity that ensures that you have continuous supply steam to meet all your demands for perfect ironing. 

Retractable cords. Hanging cords can easily cause unnecessary accidents, especially if you have kids and pets around. However, for these devices, the power cord is retractable. Thus, there is less risk of minor accidents and also facilitates the easy storage of the machine. 

Mechanized shut off system. The best irons for quilting also assures your safety from their auto-shutoff scheme. They have the capability of sensing whether you are using the iron or not. They do this by automatically shutting down the power supply if you leave the iron unattended for eight minutes- This prevents unnecessary burning of fabrics and saves on power.

Steam and temperature control. With these units, you have the verge of selecting the required temperature and vapor- This enables you to use the right condition for a specific garment. Therefore, preventing burning on light clothes and under ironing for the thick ones. 

High wattage. Generally, the workability of cordless iron depends on the amount of power. For instance, if the power rating is minimal, your device will not do the same amount of work than the one with a higher power rating.

The standard rating of most irons is 1700-watts. However, some like the  Oliso TG1050 and TG 1100 Smart Irons have a higher power rating of about 1800-watts.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Cordless Iron for Quilting

Auto-shutoff system

This is a very crucial factor in consideration. The reason is that if your device doesn’t have this system. You are at the risk of burning your clothes and wasting power. Being an automatic function, it detects whether you are using the iron and also the current position.

For a vertical position, the device will automatically shut off after eight minutes of inactivity, while for horizontal or accidental tip-over, it powers off after thirty seconds.

Tank capacity

For an even distribution of vapor while ironing. You should contemplate the capacity of the water reservoir. If your device’s degree is low, you won’t be able to iron for a long time- This means you won’t have that optimum result as expected from the best cordless iron for quilting.

Water tank capacity also varies depending on the design of the machine. The most common standards range from 9 to 13 ounces.


This iron has its picture on the map due to its capability of producing an adequate amount of steam for different ironing purposes. The iron should have numerous holes on its base to allow for maximum steam distribution to achieve this.

The most recommended amount of holes is 400, but you should reckon the one with more than 400 for more effective ironing.


Ironing is a hand job. Therefore, for comfortable and more effective work, you should keenly look at the material used in making the handle. Since you will be ironing under very high temperatures, the handle grip should be heat-resistant and have a very soft-grip to comfort while ironing.

Variable temperature and steam control

You should no longer use guesswork when choosing the right amount of pressure and temperature- This is why you are supposed to ponder carefully on your device’s temperature and steam control system.

Steam control should vary from a low to medium and then high. Most of the cordless irons have these two controls under one knob. However, irons like the BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron has a dual-display system. This function allows you to set the temperature and steam separately to achieve the best output even when dealing with hard to iron fabrics.


For any electronic machine, the amount of power it uses or produces is a key consideration factor. For instance, a low wattage rating will result in the low workability of the machine. On the other hand, if the device has a higher wattage rating, you are assured of higher productivity.

Most of the best irons have a standard rating of 1700-watts. However, some have a higher rating of about 1800-watts.


The above devices perform almost the same job. However, it’s sometimes advantageous to choose a more improvised machine for a more efficient job. Irons like the BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron has many additional features compared to others of its class.

It has an LCD system that digitally displays the preset values of temperature and steam. Besides that, it can also display the two settings separately. Apart from the LCD system, other irons like the Oliso TG1050 and TG1100 models have an incorporated iTouch technology- This enables them to automatically lower and raise when ironing and after ironing, respectively.

Another essential additional feature that you can only find in Panasonic NI-WL600 Cordless, Portable Iron, is the curved soleplate. This feature enables you to iron forward, backward, or even from side to side.


This part of the quilting iron takes all the tasks. It’s the one that houses the more than 400 holes, and also the one that glides smoothly over your garments. Therefore, it has a lot of factors for contemplation. 

You should reckon a device with a durable sole-plate that is equally rust-resistant. The best material so far is the stainless steel. It’s capable of withstanding high temperatures and prevents the formation of rust, bearing in mind that it is always in contact with water.

For added durability, some soleplates have a chromium coating, while others like the CHI Steam Iron have titanium-infused ceramic.

Power cord

Being a cordless device, ensure you choose on the one with a retractable power cord. Thus, it will eliminate the minor accidents that arise from dangling cords. Additionally, it also facilitates the easy storage of your device.

You should also consider the length of the cords for easy maneuverability around your ironing area. The standard cord length varies between 8 to 13 feet.

The video below shows how to use a steam iron properly without getting the water leak while ironing


Gone are the days when you used to make guess works on temperature and steam settings. The best cordless iron for quilting comes fully automated with features that enable you to have an ample ironing time.

For instance, most of them have an auto-shutoff system that helps prevent unwanted incidents, which might sometimes be fatal. They are also elementary to use and with different capabilities depending on the manufacturer.

With all the information from this article. I wish you an incredible shopping time as you prepare to get yourself the best cordless iron for quilting.

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