7 Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews & Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Troy-Bilt CORE TB4400 40V 22-Inch, a significant unit among the best cordless hedge trimmer

Many people highly regard maintaining spruceness, which indispensably is worth its weight in gold. From personal neatness to that of your surroundings, it counts as one of the miniature attributes that contribute to one’s conventionalism and make a place more habitable.

The tidiness of a place makes it inarguably more appealing. This also applies to your garden, yard, or that land strip around your house with hedges. Having overgrown hedges, shrubs, or bushes in your yard is unpalatable and calls for trimming. The use of shears is commonly adopted by many in trimming despite being faced by the demerit of exhaustion on the user and slowness in execution.

A cordless hedge trimmer is a piece of electrical gardening equipment that runs on batteries and, as its name suggests, is used in trimming hedges. Reinforced by the cordless advantage, you will not be limited to trimming within a set range, as is the case with their corded counterparts. Read on further to acquaint yourself with abreast of the details on the best cordless hedge trimmer tool.

Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Reviews

1.BLACK+DECKER (LHT321FF) 20V Max cordless Hedge Trimmer

This Black+Decker trimmer will forsooth give worth to your money. It knows no bound in trimming and will effectively cut tough branches with a diameter of up to ¾ inches. The purchase deal varies, providing you with options with additional essentials like safety glasses and gloves to work in for safety purposes and a bin for leaf collection, among others.An image of BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX, one of the best cordless hedge trimmer models

It is fitted with an ergonomically designed grip meant to provide comfort. The ingenious design also offers you with a securely firm grip granting you control over the tool.

It runs on a superlatively potent LBXR20 20V Max Li-ion battery that graces this unit with a commendatory runtime. The unit is fitted with a blade of the dual-action type, which is 22 inches long to reduce vibration effect, promoting you to work longer.

In case the tool gets jammed up in the application, you can still get to cut through by merely pressing a button courtesy of the POWERCUT feature.

This tool is capable of trimming an incredibly extensive area of up to 3,000 square feet per charge. You also get to have a taste of the convenience of a fast-charging battery with an indicator light to signal when the battery is full.


  •         Has a lightweight of 8.4 pounds, promoting portability.
  •         Engineered with a POWERCUT feature.
  •         Devised with a 22 inches dual-action blade.
  •         Operates with lessened vibration.
  •         Capable of trimming an extensive area per charge.
  •         Frustration-free packaging is adopted in its packaging.
  •         LBXR20 battery and LCS1620 charger are included in the purchase package.
  •         Part o the smaller and long-lasting 20V MAX System.
  •         Bears a fast-charging battery (takes about 2 hours to attain full charge).


  •         Not appropriate for heavy-duty tasks or branches thicker than ¾ inches.
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2.BLACK+DECKER (LHT2436B) 36V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This is yet another marvel of success from the BLACK+DECKER brand. It conveys a very remarkable compatibility feature. It can run on a 36V Li-ion battery that is rechargeable or alternatively a 40V Max Li-ion battery. This is incredibly meritorious for you in the sense that if you possess any tool of the 40V Max family, it means that you have a back-up battery standby.An image of BLACK+DECKER 36V MAX, one of the most powerful best cordless hedge trimmer models

However thick your hedge is, you will appreciate the laudable cutting ability of up to 2 times more without any impedance courtesy of the Power Drive TM transmission feature. Axillary to this feature is the integrated dual-action blade measuring 24 inches. It enables adroit and speedy trimming with minimal vibration to augment handling.

It is efficacious in cutting branches with a diameter of up to ¾ inches. Furthermore, on a single charge, you can employ it in trimming hedges covering an area of up to 6000 square ft. You will find a constructive full-length trigger quite an outstanding feature promoting comfortability. The design that has been embraced in the making of the handles is wondrous, the handle at the front enabling entire wrapping-around facilitating comfort and secure grip.


  •         Compatible with batteries of tools within the 40V Max family.
  •         Has a Power Drive TM transmission feature.
  •         Bears a brilliantly designed front handle that enables you to trim in any angle.
  •         Fitted with a soft grip handle to meliorate comfort.
  •         Integrated with a dual-action blade of 24” in measurement.
  •         Capable of trimming hedges within 6000 square ft per charge.
  •         Efficacious in trimming branches of up to ¾ inches.
  •         This unit is lightweight, weighing only 6.54 pounds, making it easy to handle.


  •         The battery and charger are procured separately from the trimmer tool.
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3.Greenworks HT40L00 Brushless Cordless Hedge Trimmer

This stately trimmer of the Greenworks brand is yet another first-class gardening tool. A motor devised with the Brushless technology propels the device granting it a commendatory torque and also makes the tool operate quietly. This technology also complements the longevity of motor life to ensure prolonged service.Greenworks 24-Inch 40V, another desirable unit among the best cordless hedge trimmer you need to add in your tool collection

It also brags of dual-action blade measuring 24” and delivers a premium lase cut promoting stellar trimming results. Branches and hedges of up to ¾-inch in diameter will not hinder you from trimming because it is suitable for cutting such thickness. Weighing only 9.98 pounds, you will not find any drawback when maneuvering with this tool.

It also bears a plastic scabbard that aids in reducing injury chances by having the blades covered. The handle at the tool’s rear allows rotation to facilitate simple cutting at different orientations. You are in sheer luck if you own a tool falling within the G-Max 40V line as this unit is compatible with the germane line battery and charger, meaning that you will save a penny.


  •         Fitted with a dual-action blade measuring 24”.
  •         Capable of trimming branches with a thickness of up to ¾ inches.
  •         Has an ingenious design and lightweight promoting portability.
  •         Compatible with battery and charger of tools within the G-Max 40V line.
  •         The motor in use has adopted Brushless technology.
  •         Rotary designed rear handle promoting flexibility in application.


  •         The battery is not included.
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4.WORX 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer (WG261)

The WORX cordless trimmer is a supremely majestic tool. It notably excels in its ergonomics. It is devised with an ingenious D-grip handle that allows you to hold the tool from any orientation and work any position that suits you best. This handle also offers a means of cutting the top of tall hedges by providing the handle to help you raise the tool up.WORX WG261 20V Power Share 22-inch, one of the most lightweight best cordless hedge trimmer available in the market

This handle will also come in handy when trimming an undergrowth. It is also fitted with a magnificent dual-action blade that aids in delivering double-sleek results, i.e., power, speed, and clean cuts delivered in two times much better. The blade measures 22-inches, providing appropriate length suitable for delivering cuts on flat and long hedge tops with exceptional agility.

The appreciable PowerShare feature allows the tool to be compatible with both 20V and 40V WORX tools making it more budget-friendly. The ¾ “ gap between blades promotes fruitful branch cutting by ripping right through the branches. The grip additionally is customized with an over-mold design that disperses power meaning less vibration for you, which is pertinent in ensuring effective handling.


  •         Reinforced by a cordless advantage granting you freedom in use.
  •         Grip with an over-mold design for less vibration for effortless cuts.
  •         Effective and concise trimming enabled by the ¾ “ gap blade.
  •         Compatible with batteries of all 20V and 40V tools.
  •         Fitted with a 22-inch dual-action blade for delivering sleek and captivating cuts.
  •         With a battery installed, it weighs 5.5lbs, promoting easy handling without getting weary.
  •         Bears a safety guard that keeps your face and hands clear of debris.
  •         Sold together with a 2.0Ah 20V Max Li-ion battery and a charger.


  •         Requires assembling of the front guard and handle that fits right after it when new.
  •         The charger included in the purchase package takes a bit longer to charge the battery fully (4-5 hours). An alternative fast charging charger is sold separately.
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5.CRAFTSMAN V60 CMCHTS860E1 24-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The Craftsman V60 imposingly depicts the eminence of cordless trimmers. The most colossal feature lies in this tool’s operating system. It is backed up by a whopping 60V motor that assures you of a massively remarkable performance. The greatness doesn’t end there. It is powered by a first-class 2.5Ah 60V Li-ion battery that will not cost an extra penny as it is included in the purchase package.CRAFTSMAN V60, an example of the best cordless hedge trimmer

This tool also stands out for portraying laudable compatibility with batteries of other tools within the Craftsman V60 line. Envision the power and performance you would enjoy from this tool with a 60V motor and 60V battery. Incredible, right? It also boasts of dual-action laser-cut blades measuring 24 inches for sleek and even trims.

By incorporating power saw innovation; it grants the tool the ability to cut branches of up to 1½ inches in thickness. The ¾-Inches gap between the blades is large enough to facilitate speedy cutting. The unit’s handle has a full bale design to amplify maneuverability.


  •         Backed up with a warranty cover for up to 4 years.
  •         Runs on a long-lasting 2.5Ah 60V Li-ion battery.
  •         Provides a cordless bonus eliminating the hassle of cords.
  •         Upon purchasing the tool, besides having a warranty cover, you are cushioned with a money refund policy lasting for 90 days.
  •         The handle has a full bale design to enable staunch control.
  •         Driven by an exceptional 60V motor.


  •         Not as effective in cutting thick branches and may get jammed up.
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6.Troy-Bilt Core 22-Inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer Kit TB4400

This Troy-Bilt is another grand gardening implement that will be of prodigious value to you. It includes the CORE technology in the construction of the motor, granting it an especial and optimal torque that matches that of gas-powered trimmers.Troy-Bilt CORE TB4400 40V 22-Inch, a significant unit among the best cordless hedge trimmer

This spectacular motor enables the equipment to deliver cuts at 3,300 strokes per minute, steering you to a speedy accomplishment of the task. It is fueled by a distinctively potent 40V battery cell that is included in the delivery kit together with the essential charger. The mighty battery graces the unit with an exclusive runtime that will enable you to cover quite a significant workload amount.

You also get to bag a warranty that lasts for a lifetime on the motor. Unbelievable, right? It is brilliantly fitted with chrome-plated blades that are 22-inch in measurement to contribute to smooth and quick cuts even through the thickest and toughest hedges. The CORE technology additionally aids in focusing concentrated energy when and where it is needed.


  •         Adopted the CORE technology on the motor to channel concentrated power where needed.
  •         The CORE technology, moreover, grants the tool with unsurpassed torque.
  •         It is fitted with chrome-plated blades that are 22-inch in measurement.
  •         Reinforced by a warranty cover on the motor lasting a lifetime.
  •         Fueled by an impressively reliable and potent 40V battery cell.
  •         The outstanding battery and motor jointly enable the tool to deliver 3,300 strokes per minute.


  •         Slightly heavier (weighs 13.4 pounds)
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7.SCOTTS LSS10172S Outdoor Power Tools Cordless Shrub Trimmer

This SCOTTS outdoor hand implement is the utter representation of ne plus ultra in power tools. This is confirmed by its phenomenal merit of doubling up as two tools. You can use it as a grass shear or a hedge trimmer. How fascinating is that? Adding this equipment to your toolshed will help you net savings that would have otherwise been spent buying a grass shear.Scotts Outdoor Power Tools LSS10172S 7.2-Volt Lithium-Ion, an example of the best cordless hedge trimmer model

The compatibility of this tool is unparalleled, making it apt for use in tight spaces. Its extraordinary lightweight (1.6 pounds) corroborates its compatibility and makes it easy to handle and use. It is fueled by a top-notch 7.2V 2Ah built-in Li-ion battery that has a great capacity escorted by a fast charger, both included in the delivery kit.

This tool comes with accessories (blades) supporting its dual function. They include a 4-inch shear blade and a 6.5-inch hedge blade for switching in relation to the task at hand. Into the bargain is a tool-free blade switch feature that allows you to intuitively and swiftly remove and install the blade appropriate o the job intended.

The cutting head for the trimmer tool allows pivoting and adjustments to successfully deliver cuts in even tight spaces. You will get to enjoy a warranty cover on the tool that lasts for two years. An added advantage is the guarantee that tools from the Scotts brand are environmentally-friendly, including this unit too.


  •         It is a versatile tool applicable in trimming and shearing.
  •         Does not utilize oil or gas, making it environmentally friendly.
  •         The cutting head allows pivoting and adjustments promoting articulate precision.
  •         Fueled by a 7.2V 2Ah built-in Li-ion battery that grants you superlative runtime per charge.
  •         Includes a fast charger and a powerful battery in the delivery kit.
  •         Provides a tool-free blade switch feature.
  •         It is incredibly compatible and lightweight (1.6 pounds).
  •         The tool is backed up with a warranty of two years by the manufacturer.


  •         The maximal branch diameter it is capable of cutting is relatively low (0.5-inch).
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Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer Buyers’ Guide

Growth of bushes, shrubs, hedges, or undergrowth in your garden is ordinary. When left untended, they can form an execrable site that is undesirable. You may opt to totally get rid of the hedges and shrubs by cutting or uprooting them off to retain the appeal of your garden or yard.

However, totally getting rid of them would not be the best remedy to bring the appeal that you envision. Styling by trimming the hedges and bushes into even cuts is definitely the way to go to change the unpleasant site into a beau ideal view. Adopting the best cordless hedge trimmer provides you with the means of achieving the styling.

A cordless hedge trimmer will help you control overgrowth on your hedges and help you retain the appeal that they once had. Execute manicure on your flowers using this tool and trim them into sleek and attractive plants in your garden. Adding a cordless hedge trimmer to your tool shed comes along with advantages like;

  •         These set of trimmers operate quietly, providing you with a surreal working environment.
  •         They are relatively less costly compared to their counterparts, the gas-powered models.
  •         Have a lightweight of between 5-10 pounds promoting maneuverability.
  •         Make trimming tasks less cumbersome and less time-consuming.
  •         These models are easy to start and intuitive to operate.
  •         Eliminate the hassle of cords like working within a set range depending on cord length or cutting through power cables accidentally.
  •         It can be utilized in trimming grass and undergrowth.

The above listing of this tool’s merits cements the indisputable boundless essence of this tool. The only major drawback faced by this unit is power. Since it depends on power from a battery to run, the power is subjected to running low, therefore, cutting you short midway in a task.

This minor snag does not, however, rule it out as one of the best gardening hand tools that you ought to have in your possession. The fact that it uses battery power that makes its performance rival that of gas-powered models makes it the finest choice. However, before proceeding to purchase this tool, there are some factors you ought to consider to land yourself the best cordless hedge trimmer. Below are some of those factors of consideration;

Blade components

The blade forms a very principal factor of consideration, as this is the structure responsible for delivering cuts. It influences the precision and speed, among other crucial elements. There are several components of the blade that provide a credible basis to scrutinize the quality of a tool’s blade and, therefore, worth paying attention to. They include;

  1. a)   The length of the blade

This is the uppermost blade component that you ought to take into consideration. The length of the blade influences the width of the hedge that one can use the unit to trim with. Longer blades will be more suitable for trimming broader hedges, churn out more branches in one go, and also convenient in cutting the tops of high hedges.

Top-drawer tools have their blades falling between 22” and 24”. There are also tools with shorter blades ranging below 10-inch, which tend to be more suitable for trimming desired patterns and have more excellent maneuverability. Longer blades imply a negligible additional weight on the tool. You should therefore settle on a blade length influenced by your hedges.

  1. b)   Spacing between the teeth

This refers to the gap found between the trimmer’s teeth. The distance is expressed in inches. It determines the branch size that the tool can cut. Most top rating cordless trimmers have the capability of cutting branches with a thickness ranging up to 3/4-Inches. Such units should be highly regarded as they will not get jammed up while in application most often.

  1. c)   Blade material

You also ought to pay attention to the type of material that has been used to construct the blades of the product you intend to buy. A blade made of excellent material means more suitability for tough trimming tasks and extended service period from the tool’s blades.

Some brands build the blades of their tools with metal (for example, stainless steel or chrome-plated), and others improvise a laser to precision cut the blades. Blades molded from such sources display remarkable resilience and effectiveness, especially when employed on thick bushes and hedges. It is, therefore, of dire essence to consider tools with blades of high quality.

  1. d)   Blade type

You have probably come across the term dual-action blade in your exploration of cordless hedge trimmers. There are two types of this germane blades; the single-action type and the dual-action type. Most, if not all, of the featured products, possess the dual-action blade type.

You will notice that all the featured units have blades on both sides hence the name dual-action blades. Tools with such blade type help you bag advantages like effectiveness in big trim tasks, reduced vibration with lessened exhaustion on your hands, flexibility for use in either direction, and delivering double the standard speed and convenience. A tool with this blade type screams greatness and should be highly considered.


The battery is a vital component for most cordless implements. Cordless hedge trimmers are no exception to this as they also rely on batteries as the sole source of power. The uppermost merit that comes along with battery usage is the cordless freedom. Battery use terminates the bother of electrocution if you accidentally slice the cable or the inconvenience of having the cord wrapped in plants.

Like with the best cordless string trimmer, battery use with the best cordless hedge trimmer makes a tool environmentally-friendly as no fuel or gas is being emitted. The battery determines the runtime of a tool. Battery power is expressed in terms of voltage. The higher the voltage, the more the power, and this also applies vice versa.

You should consider purchasing tools with battery power within 20V and    60V as the actual voltage. Such tools have enough energy to trim through tough jobs while also grant you several hours to work per charge.  Some units even include details of the area size; a product can cut per charge ranging between 3000 to 6000 square feet.

It is salient to note that the more a task is tough, the more the power that is used, therefore draining the battery faster. Checking for compatibility of your tool of interest with other batteries of the same tool family will be of help. This is because having another extra compatible battery will be a huge boon for you as you will have another pack of batteries to replace the one in use in case it runs low or dies.

You should also lookout for the inclusivity of the battery and charger in the delivery kit. This will help you get aware of the need to incur additional costs to purchase the battery and charger or not. Additionally, check to see if the charger has a fast-charging feature as this means more convenience for you.

A video showing the simple steps that can be used to clean hedges


Having a beautiful outdoor compound gives one joyous satisfaction and, to some extent, plays a therapeutic role. Shears are commonly used to beautify one’s compound by trimming but are often accompanied by slowness and tediousness.

Cordless hedge trimmer is a gardening hand tool that is an upgrade from shears as it eradicates the two major setbacks posed by shears. In addition to speed and reduced wearisomeness, you will enjoy peerless precision cuts that are smooth, concise, and sleek without being limited to a cord.

Equipping yourself with the best cordless hedge trimmer is unmistakably the right choice to style up your garden, yard, or compound and maintain the appeal. I wish you immense fruitfulness as you peruse through this carefully compiled conspectus in search of a cordless hedge trimmer. I am confident that whatever product you settle on from our featured tools will be the best and most definitely give value for your money.


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