10 Best Cordless Heat Gun Reviews and Buyer’s Guide for 2023

Revolution in the mechanization field is taking giant leaps headway and is proving to be rewarding in ways that were only previously envisioned. Appliances being developed as a result are stratagems in achieving convenience, rigorousness and perfection in the execution of applications.

A cordless heat gun is an ideal appliance that sheerly depicts the fruitfulness of advancements in the mechanization field. It is a handholdable mechanical implement that operates by emanating a hot blast of air. Not only is the tool apt for applications in the laboratory but also adaptable for use in your workshop.

Whether you want to de-solder wires or you to shrink-wrap eatables for transportation, the best cordless heat gun stands out as your optimum companionate. Do you want to know more about this appliance? You are invited to explore the informative conspectus below that aims to satiate your inquiries.

A plumber using the best cordless heat gun on a water tap

Best Cordless Heat Gun Reviews

1.Genesis GHG1500A Dual Temperature Heat Gun Kit

This tool has a quintessential potent motor that makes it noteworthy. The sturdy motor has an Amp of 12.5 and reinforces the device with reliable heat of 1500 and 700 Watts. Also, in the heat power context, this power tool is designed with a temperature control function that allows you to set either a low or high temperature in relation to the application.

Its impeccable ergonomic design makes it easy for you to indubitably use it with a single hand. Embellishing this tool is its hands-free use feature. Applications like shrink wrapping demand you to use both hands. This feature allows you to position the contrivance on its backside and employ an included stand enabling you to use both hands deftly.

The sitting back position comes in handy when you want to let the unit cool down after heating up while in an application. Supplementing its spectacular design and portability is its lightweight nature weighing just 2 pounds. Featuring an airflow of 17 CFM and temperature ranging to 572 degrees Celsius, be rest assured of top performance.


  •         Has a potent motor with an Amp of 12.5.
  •         Motor reinforces the tool with dependable heat of 1500 and 700 watts.
  •         It is fitted with a temperature control function.
  •         Features an ergonomic design enabling use with one hand.
  •         Boasts of a hands-free feature.
  •         It bears several useful attachments; deflector and reflector nozzles etc.
  •         Has an airflow of 17CFM and an extensive temperature range.
  •         Versatile in applications.


  •         Available in a corded version with a 6.5 ft length of the cord.
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2.PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun (PC1500HG)

The Porter-Cable tool establishes its grounds with an integrated special speed selector double fan. This structure is pertinent in reinforcing high fan momentum and low fan momentum options.

This unit also features the cardinal temperature monitoring option. This option permits you to regulate the temperature to match the application. It is also inclusive of the hands-free use feature. This is actualized through a stand integrated into its structure, which, when employed, acts as a stability reinforcement.

You will not have to worry about how to store it as is engineered with an ingenious suspended hook. The handling of this tool has been taken into consideration, and this can be corroborated by its lightweight of only 1 pound lessening chances of you experiencing weariness.


  •         Suitable for many applications, for example, paint stripping.
  •         It is backed up with a stalwart motor yielding heat of 1500 watts.
  •         Has an especial speed selector double fan.
  •         Features the cardinal temperature monitoring option.
  •         Inclusive of the hands-free use feature.
  •         It is fitted with an ingenious suspended hook.
  •         It is lightweight in nature (weighs 1 pound).


  •         Assembled as the corded version.
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3.Wagner 0503059 FURNO 300Heat Gun

The Wagner hot air gun boasts of an excellent double temperature set-up that makes the tool remarkably befitting for multifarious applications. This set-up scales from low temperatures of 750 degrees F to a maximum temperature range of 1100 degrees F.

This contrivance is customized with an exemplary user-friendly design that promotes excellent handling with minimal exhaustion. You will also not miss the hands-free applicableness feature. This feature is cemented by the integrated support stand, which plays a pivotal succour role.

Fitted with a suspension loop, it is then easy for you to store the unit systematically. This magnificent tool brags of its practicability on numerous projects like stripping of paint, elimination of adhesive material and plastic welding, among others. Promoting its handling is its incredible lightweight of 1.75 pounds.


  •         Has a double temperature set-up.
  •         Exemplary user-friendly design.
  •         Inclusive of the hands-free applicableness feature.
  •         It is fitted with a suspension loop for storage purposes.
  •         It is utilizable on numerous tasks.
  •         It is modelled with a protective housing.
  •         Lightweight nature that boosts handling.


  •         Extra accessories are purchased separately.
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4.BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun (HG1300)

The BLACK+DECKER unit is no exception to the dual temperature set-up with its low temperature ranging at 750 degrees and its highest temperature extending to 1000 degrees. With such a range, a wide array of applications are achievable as you are empowered to set a temperature that matches the project you are executing.

This unit is intuitive to use and handle. This has been achieved through its solid design and lightweight of 1.63 pounds. The solid design allows for the inclusiveness of numerous features in yet a miniature implement. You will be wowed by an ingrained stand for support and balancing of the tool.

The stand is relevant during two-hand operations and also when allowing the tool to cool down. This is a versatile tool that you can adopt in numerous applications like drying out moist materials, removal of paint or shrinking of plastic tubing.


  •         Features a dual temperature set-up.
  •         Exhibits a significant temperature range.
  •         Intuitive to use and handle.
  •         Solid construct and lightweight in nature.
  •         It is fitted with a support stand.
  •         It is a versatile tool adaptable for numerous functions.


  •         Utilizes ceramic on heat coils, which is highly prone to breakage.
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5.DEWALT Heat Gun (D26960K)

The DEWALT Heat Gun is a marvel of modern construct that will tremendously impress you with its brilliant features. To start with, it bears an LCD layout, which distinctively displays the temperature. It is also through this layout that you get to modify temperature by augmenting it up to 50 degrees.

The safety of the tool and of the user is highly regarded as affirmed by an integrated overburden shield. This shield detects overloading and turns down the component responsible for heating to combat heat-up cases. This unit is also intelligently fitted with a hanging loop for apt storage.

The support stand is also part of this tool’s structure. It provides the tool with immense stability, ameliorating the execution of tasks requiring both hands. It is devised to have an airflow of 18 CFM and dependable heat power of 1550 watts delivered by a 13 Amp motor.


  •       Ergonomic design enhancing compactness.
  •         Has an LCD layout for temperature modification.
  •         Has an integrated overburden shield.
  •         It is fitted with a hanging loop.
  •         A significant length of the cord (10 ft)
  •         It is built with a cord shield safeguarding the cord from tear.
  •         It is fitted with a support stand.


  •         Relatively heavier compared to other heat guns (7 pounds).
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6.DEWALT Heat Gun (D26950)

The D26950 DEWALT Hot Air Station is one masterly heat gun you would definitely want to get your hands on. Why so? You know faulting or wearing of a tool soon after purchase is probable and can occur unpredictably, meaning that tool performance is interfered with.

In such cases, you need not sweat. The DEWALT brand provides you with a servicing deal at absolutely no cost that runs for up to one year. You are also granted the liberty to return the purchased tool incase of failure confirmed by a warranty of three years.

This unit is fitted with a resourceful variable temperature control dial on its back end. Through this dial, you can set the desired temperature within the range of 120 and 1100 degrees F, making the tool appropriate for innumerable tasks. The autonomous overburden shielding mechanism turns down the heating component preventing flaring.


  •         The brand provides you with a free of charge servicing deal running for one year.
  •         Brand gifts you with a warranty cover extending up to three years.
  •         It has a resourceful variable temperature control dial.
  •         It features a wide temperature range (120 to 1100 degrees F).
  •         It has an autonomous overburden shielding mechanism.
  •         Inclusive of accessories in purchase package, e.g. fishtail and core nozzle.
  •         Equipped with a creative support stand for stability.
  •         Hasan integrated a hanging ring for storage purposes.
  •         It has a lightweight of 2.1 pounds complemented by a compact design.


  •         It has no manual on the temperature setting, demanding to figure out for yourself.
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7.DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Heat Gun (DCE530P1)

This cordless hot air gun of the DEWALT brand is one nonpareil implement you ought to add to your tool-set. It is a cordless tool; therefore, the inconvenience resulting from cords is narrowed to null. It is fitted with a singular LED light located at its foot that plays a prime role in meliorating visibility when working in dim spaces.

It utilizes a DCB205 5Ah Li-ion battery, which is included in the purchase package. This battery is notably prodigious such that it grants the tool with a phenomenal runtime of about 42 minutes in one charge and when used with the low-temperature option. This tool features a maximal temperature of 990 degrees F.

Are you wondering whether it is favourable for a hands-free task operation? The answer is yes. It is fitted with an exclusive lock on/off option that enables the tool to remain running in an application constantly. Its lightweight of 3 pounds enhances its handling. Its cordless nature makes it most suitable for use in tight spaces.


  •         It is a cordless unit.
  •         Bears LED light for illumination of dim working spaces.
  •         It uses a powerful DCB205 5Ah Li-ion battery.
  •         Has an exclusive lock on/off setting.
  •         It is accompanied with various attachments like the hook nozzle, among others.
  •         It has a button for maximal and the lowest temperature setting.
  •         Battery and charger are included in the purchase package.
  •         Light with a weight of 3 pounds and an airflow of 6.7 CFM.
  •         Compatible with other 20V batteries of the DEWALT brand.


  •         Relatively slow in heating up.
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8.NEU MASTER Cordless Heat Gun

The Most mind-boggling feature of the NEU Master hot air gun is its super-fast cooling down system. After running while executing an application, it is expected for a mechanical device to heat up, whereby in some instances, it results in accidental burns. With this unit, the cooldown system counters this setback.

This tool is capable of cooling down in just 5 seconds after you shut it down, enhancing your safety. It also features an idyllic swift unclasping lever that moves rotationally. This lever enables you to swiftly change the nozzle to match the application you wish to execute.

Included in the purchase package are three different types of nozzles to get you started on a variety of applications. It has also adopted a brilliant technology that encompasses cellular heating. This technology is responsible for rapid and consistent heating of air, making the tool impressively dependable.


  •         Super-fast cool down system.
  •         It has an idyllic swift unclasping lever.
  •         Offers a 30 day free of charge service deal in case the tool becomes faulty.
  •         Inclusive of three nozzle types in the purchase package.
  •         It has adopted an extra technology for rapid and uniform air heating.
  •         It is a cordless appliance.
  •         It bears an LED light for illumination in gloomy work environments.
  •         It is fitted with a sturdy 4.0Ah 20V LI-ion battery and the tool’s charger.
  •         It has an integrated metallic hook for storage convenience.


  •         It demands constant holding of the trigger throughout an application.
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9.Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit

The packaging of this unit is highly admirable. It is presented in a carriable kit, which is very commodious and handy. It firmly accommodates the tool itself and its accessories, playing a prime role in safety and portability.

The Milwaukee heat gun is a tool that capitalizes on extra technologies to the fullest. There are two technologies adopted in the engineering of this tool to support the capitalization; the REDLITHIUM technology and the REDLINK intelligence. The first technology is implemented in modelling a powerful M18 XC5.0 battery.

The latter technology, in conjunction with the superlatively executing heating coil, results in the laudable attainment of a functional and reliable temperature in just six seconds. The highest temperature scales at 1000 degrees F. It has an impressive ergonomic design such that its housing is customized in a way that there is no contact with bear damageable tops.


  •         It is presented in a commendatory carriable kit.
  •         Has extra improvised technologies to improve performance.
  •         It is fitted with a top-rating heating coil.
  •         Maximal temperature ranges at 1000 F.
  •         It has an impressive ergonomic design.
  •         It is a cordless tool that is intuitive to use.


  •         It lacks a variable temperature control dial.
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10.AMENKER Heat Gun 6.6ft Cable Dual-Temperature

Are you looking for a hot air gun that is propitious for all your home improvement tasks and other solo endeavours like decorating a piece of art and drying off the paint? The AMENKER heat gun should be your top preference. This tool is the crackerjack in light-duty applications that need the hot air effect.

It features a grand double temperature setting that allows you to set the temperature anywhere between 0 to 300 degrees C range in relation to the application. You will not have to worry about cases of overheating as it is fitted with an automated temperature monitoring gadget in the circuit.

The gadget detects above optimum temperature and autonomously swings into action by discontinuing the current. It is a corded appliance gracing you with a 6.6ft cable for flexibility in operation. The contrivance comes with a warranty period of 12 months that entails a 100% refund policy if you find it defective.


  •         It has a firm stainless steel housing that sits on surfaces without toppling over.
  •         Rapidly attains maximum temperature (in seconds).
  •         It has an ergonomic design with mechanisms of mitigating internal heat.
  •         Intuitive to use the tool.
  •         Suitable for numerous DIY projects.
  •         It bears a lengthy cord for flexibility.
  •         The brand covers you with a warranty of 12 months.
  •         Incredible steel housing for durability.


  •         Deficient of temperature adjustment mechanisms.
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The Best Cordless Heat Gun Buyers’ Guide

You can concur that heat guns, which are also referred to as hot air guns or hot air stations, play a monumental role in daily projects. Seldom do more than two days pass without an application demanding the use of a heat gun emerging. It is a fundamental appliance that you ought to add to your tool-set.

Before affirming the decision to purchase this tool, are you sure that you have fathomed on what projects and applications you can employ this tool on? You are obviously not purchasing the tool just for the sake of purchasing, right? Here are some projects you can use the tool on/in;

  •         The removal of paint to avoid the use of chemicals.
  •         Drying out paint.
  •         Slacken weary and rusted screws or bolts.
  •         Eradicate moisture from a damp material.
  •         Thawing pipes.
  •         Applied in lighting up your grill.
  •         Removal of adhesive material by softening.
  •         Welding and bending PVC or plastics.

The listing above has not exhausted the applications of this appliance. So, it is essential to note that the listing does not limit its uses. Now that you are well acquainted with some of this tool’s applications, there is a pertinent bit of information you are missing.

The missing particulars are the factors to consider when making a purchase decision. Think of them as gauge meters that you adopt when scrutinizing heat guns for purchase to help you discern the par excellence tool. Below are some comprehensive factors for consideration.

Power option

The top rating heat guns featured in this catalogue are corded while others are cordless. It is, therefore, of the essence to consider the means a tool is equipped with for powering it. For a tool to induce heat, it is no miniature task and demands immense power, which in turn demands a supreme power source.

For the corded heat guns, they utilize electric power that poses no big a deal. Top drawer corded heat guns operate on a voltage of around 120. The element of consideration in the corded versions is the cable or cord length. You ought to pay an ounce of thought to length as it determines how flexible you will work with the tool.

Cable length ranging between 6 to 10 ft is considered suitable and relevant. The cordless category of heat guns has various elements to consider: battery power, battery inclusiveness and tool compatibility.

You should examine if the tool of interest is compatible with other batteries other than its original ones. If it is, count it as a plus for you. Battery power is highly regarded as it is responsible for granting either an impressive or unreliable runtime. Like with the best cordless hot glue gun, consider units with battery power ranging between 18V and 20V.

The battery inclusiveness element can be elaborated as to whether the battery pack is included within the purchase package or not. Taking this element into consideration informs you in advance on whether you need to prepare yourself financially for extra costs.


Looking out for a warranty deal in your tool of interest is vital. It is not always guaranteed that after purchase, a tool will remain in a perfect functioning condition. The unit may get faulty, raising the need to service it to correct the fault.

Different heat gun brands vary in the warranty they provide. Some give 90 days, one year and others even a whopping three-year warranty. Other brands have a friendly customer service system whereby they even go to the extent of refunding all your money in a case where you return their product within a designated period.

Weight and ergonomics

Weight is a principal factor of consideration. Mass, among other factors, holds some significant weight in the handling of a tool. Hot air guns with the weight falling between 1.5 pounds to 4.5 pounds should be considered. You don’t want to execute an application and thereafter feel exhausted, right?

The ergonomics of a tool present a very credible factor of consideration. It encompasses how the tool is designed to boost activities like handling, usage and storage. Touting for integrated components boosting the aforementioned processes is therefore fundamental.

Such components include; hanging loop, ring or hook that will aid in the storage of the tool. The support stand is also another germane component. They are integrated into tools to provide support and stability whenever you opt to position the unit on its backside to either cool down or execute hands-free operations.

Other components which are not mandatory yet majorly significant include LED light for illuminating a dark working space and rapid cool down system that cools down the unit in just 5 seconds after shut down for security and safety purposes. A tool inclusive of either or all the discussed components ought to be considered.

The below video shows how you can strip paint using the best cordless heat gun


The verisimilitude of using hot air to accomplish various tasks has been confirmed through heat gun appliances. Whether you are doing touch-ups on your paint job, loosening rusty unwanted screws in your home or warming your RC engine for a startup, turning to a the best cordless heat gun implemented for assistance is the right way to go.

Personally, I would opt for the MILWAUKEE ELECTRIC TOOL 2688-21 M18 heat gun. Isn’t it fascinating that it has adopted two technologies? REDLINK intelligence technology and REDLITHIUM battery technology. The incorporation of these technologies translates to prodigious merits while in operation.

However, my pick is not to impose that the rest of the featured heat guns are not up to par with the MILWAUKEE M18 heat gun. They present very worthy alternatives that will get the job done in a fulfilling and magnificent way. I wish you a productive perusal that will contribute immensely to your motivated purchase decision.


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