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7 Best Cordless Hammer Drills of 2023 [REVIEWS & BUYERS’ GUIDE]

The cordless hammer drills helps you with the power to beat the most robust screws into position. However, shopping for a drill requires significant experience and knowledge of the top features that offers convenience and efficiency on different applications.

 We have shown you through the article what makes a convenient and efficient best cordless hammer drill as well as a guide that will help you learn the features you should look for when making a purchase decision. 

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Best Cordless Hammer Drill Reviews 2023

1. DEWALT 20V Cordless Hammer Drill

The Dewalt 20v Cordless Hammer Drill is characterized by a brushless motor that delivers 535 unit watts of max power to ensure superior performance in fastening and drilling applications. The brushless motors enhance efficiency in this model since there are no brushes rubbing against anything and there is no energy lost due to friction. It makes the tool more energy-efficient hence a longer run time.

 The model is fitted with a three-mode LED lighting system with 20 seconds trigger release. The lighting system allows you to work continuously even within the dark conditions as it illuminates the working surfaces. 

DEWALT 20V Cordless drill is characterized by a three-speed transmission that can help perform varied functions. The first speed setting is low speed/high torque mainly used for driving screws. The second speed setting is medium speed/torque and you can use it for drilling or driving. The last third setting is the highest speed and is used for driving or drilling fasteners. Thus the model gives you the luxury of working on different applications. 

The drill can blow up to 4600BMP. The rate is effective and this makes it efficient for use especially when drilling holes in light concrete and wood.  The speed of drill of this model goes up to 1100 RPM. You can also adjust the speed based on what you are working on.

 Another essential aspect of this model is its vibration control. The drill is equipped with the latest technology used to counter the vibrations especially on its handle. The feature will give you stability and comfort in using the model.

We have attempted to answer some of the questions people always seek when they want to buy this model.  For instance, whether the model has enough room for the long drill bits- the model has enough space that makes it effective to accommodate 7” long bits and 10” chisels.

Also, some people have raised concerns about whether the drill can work with a 20v 9.0Ah battery as it always comes with a 20v, 5.0Ah battery. Yes, it is true the drill can work with this battery. However, you need to ensure that the battery matches the shape of the original battery of the drill.

If you are looking for a model that can go for a whole day, then this would be the perfect choice for you. The drill has an active counter vibration that makes it easy for you to use the machine.


  •         Three-mode LED light
  •         Light-weight
  •         High-torque power and speed
  •         Excellent Transmission
  •         Brush-less motor
  •         Extended run-time


  •         Not suited for heavy drilling
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2. Skil 6445-04 120v Corded Hammer Drill

The SKIL 6445-04 120v can help you drill tough surfaces with concrete. The 7.0 Amp motor is energy efficient and thus provides the needed torque to penetrate hard surfaces. 

The drill has a high speed, running up to 3000RPM, facilitating faster drilling. Its speed is variable and this makes it easy to enhance or reduce the speed based on the drilling process or surface.

 The drill has ½ inch keyed chuck and this is effective as it can allow for large diameter bits.

The model is equipped with an assist handle that allows for more controlled and accurate work. We would recommend this drill especially to the home owners who perform repairs within the homes due to its limited power.

The model has a removable grip, with an adjustable depth and this makes it effective for use even if you are a left-handed user.

As a user, there are various features desirable in using the tool. The drill’s engine is powerful enough to help with simple masonry works and other related applications. Also, its ability to reach up to 3000RP and 50000BPM is amazing bearing the fact that it has less power.

 Its side handle is an added advantage for acquisition. Apart from the ability of the handle to turn 360 degrees, it can be reversed for use by the left handed individuals. The variable speed trigger also makes the model convenient for drilling and ensures accuracy which is to your advantage.

Most clients would go for this drill model because of its price. It is affordable and means you can get value for your money when you purchase it, especially due to its wide applications. 

Despite the impeccable features, the model is not applicable for the heavy duty jobs since the device always overheats when put under high torque performance. It is thus advisable that you do not put the model into heavy duty usage to avoid the machine breakdown and motor failures.


  •         Affordable
  •         Decent power
  •         Variable speed
  •         Rotational side handle


  •         Not suitably for heavy duty jobs
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3.Porter-Cable 20V MAX Hammer Drill

The Porter-Cable Max hammer Drill model comes with an LED light that makes it suitable for you to work even in areas with no sufficient lighting systems. The LEDs help illuminate the working surfaces. 

The drill runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that offers you enough juice to drill homes and drive screws quickly and most effectively.  Its two batteries charge relatively quickly, about 40 minutes.  However, it does not come with this battery that requires you to purchase it separately.

 The model allows you to switch between two-speed settings based on whether you want to drill a hole or sink a screw. For instance, you can use a high setting of 1600rpm to drill holes, while the low settings of 400RPM permit you to use the drill as a screwdriver. This further confirms its versatility and convenience.

The tool has an adjustable gearing with 22 clutch settings that provides versatility based on the task you will be performing. Through clutch variations, you can also ensure that you have not damaged the material you are working on or stripping the screws by over-drilling and using too much torque. 

The model does not only work well but provides you with other advantages such as low price, and this will ensure that you get the value of your money.


  •         High BPM
  •         LED light
  •         Light weight


  •         Battery not included
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4. Milwaukee M12 Cordless Hammer-Drill

The model is easy to use and comes with a handle that offers you a stable control.

The drill is made using durable materials that provides you with a long lasting drill option that allows for long run-time.

The model also has a 3/8 hammer that provides you with the ability to drill several different types of bolts and other nuts.

The model comes with a brushless motor that gives you an enhanced performance. The brushless motor minimizes friction, reducing wear and tear, hence reduced maintenance cost.

The model has a superior run time for a battery of its size. Moreover, its light weight and compactness enable you to use the tool in situations where there is no extra space in a toolbox that you carry around.  


  •         Compact
  •         Brush-less motor
  •         Lightweight


  •         Quality Control issues
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5. Hitachi 18-Volt Hammer Drill

Being lightweight and compact, the Hitachi 18-Volt Hammer Drill offers you comfort with an overall weight of 5 pounds (battery weight included). The small weight ensures mobility and portability when using the tool.

The tool is designed for heavy-duty tasks and you can apply it in masonry, hardwood and other hard-to-drill materials.

 The model can be used both as a screwdriver and drill as it combines its speed with power, having the ability to reach up to 1800 RPM while producing up to 460 inch-pound of turning force. The high speed and power results in versatility of the model making it easier for use. 

Moreover, the drill has 22 clutch settings that you can choose from and this enables you not to strip screws or damage the surfaces you are working on.

 The drill allows you to conveniently fasten  the bits by hand due to its half-inch chuck. This limits the worry of forgetting or losing the chuck when you are high up the ladder or raised surfaces of work. 

You can work on any surface at any time of the day using this tool since its LED lighting system helps enhance the lighting at your work environment,  improving safety. 

Hitachi 18-Volt Drill offers you convenience of access to the bits you usually use since it has a storage for the bits, enabling easy and convenient access.


  •         Lightweight
  •         Decent clutch


  •         Poor durability
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6. Bosch PSR 18 Li-2 Ergonomic Hammer Drill

The model is an exciting drill designed with a dual-grip that will help you especially with the work that requires an extra hand in the drill. The extra handle is designed to facilitate drilling without influencing its performance.

 The drill is fitted with a sensor that will help you enhance your safety when using it. The sensor is set up to stop the motor from running, preventing kick back of the drill when it hits a foreign object from the material you are working on. The sensor helps detect sudden jamming.  

Its battery produces a 2.5Ah, a rating that is convenient for use in various settings whether in penetrating the willing materials, wood or in masonry. The battery charges faster and this is important because it will help reduce time wastage when the tool stops.

 Moreover, the machine is convenient for use because it is integrated with the brushless e-motor. The brushless motor reduces the risks of wear and tear due to reduced friction and this helps reduce periodic replacement of the machine parts. The motors are also energy efficient and this helps enhance the run-time of the machine.  

The model is characterized by two gears depending on the type of screwing you are involved in, that is, whether low or high speed screwing. For instance, you can use the first gear when you intend to screw with a slow speed and the gear is always used for screw driving. The second gear is used when a high speed is needed, especially when you are drilling into tough materials. 

The operations of the gears are simple with this model. When you want to switch the gear, you only need to release the trigger and allow the drill to come to a stop and then slide the gear switch to your preferred setting for use.


  •         Brush-less motors
  •         Dual Grip
  •         Two gear settings
  •         Multiple torque settings
  •         Key-less Chuck


  •         Could be more robust

7. RYOBI 18V Cordless Hammer Drill

The model is effective for tough screwing jobs and you can use it to loosen tight bolts. The RYOBI 18v Cordless Hammer Drill has two speed settings, high (1600RPM) and low (440RPM). Even though this is not the highest speed based on the drills we have reviewed, it is an effective tool especially since the low setting speed efficiently turns the drill into a screwdriver.

The variation in clutch setting helps enhance safety of the materials you are working on. You can effectively change the position of the machine to fit in the working surfaces. You can set its clutch depending on one of its 23 positions to help you increase or adjust its torque and this prevents you from damaging the surface material. The numerous clutch positions gives you a massive control when using this model.

The model can use both the lithium ion and nickel-cadmium batteries rated 18v-volts. However, lithium batteries are preferred in these drills because they are lightweight and compact while producing the same power as with the other types. 

The model comes with two batteries and this gives you an opportunity to charge one while using the other and the batteries have a longer life.

In our research, we tested this by tapping the trigger in position and trimming how long the drill would run before the battery power ran out. For the model, the battery took 45 minutes while in use and this puts it among the top models.

When looking into the best cordless hammer drills,  RYOBI 18V Drill offers you the best option as it is one of the most affordable drills you will get in the market today. Besides, it gives you the best user experience.


  •         Lightweight
  •         Good clutch
  •         Double setting speed
  •         Affordable


  •         Not suitable for heavy drilling 
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Best Cordless Hammer Drill Buyers’ Guide

The hassle of choosing the best cordless hammer drill can be lengthy and tiresome. Most people fail to make the right purchase decision because they fail to identify the top features that characterize the hammer drills. 

However, while here, you need to worry less because we have researched and illustrated some of the top features that you need to consider when choosing the best cordless hammer drill. Below are the primary features you need to consider before you buy a cordless hammer drill.


When buying any Drill model, speed/RPM is an essential element that you must consider. The speed helps determine the type of materials that you can cut using the device. Also, the speed will determine how effectively or conveniently you will cut through the variety of different materials that you choose. The speed of most of the drills are measured in rotations per minute (RPM) and the higher the RPM, the thicker the materials you will cut. 

 Most drills come with the standard speed ratings and the variable adjustment speed options that will permit you as a user to configure the overall power that your drill will depend on and on the type of project you want to work on. 

You can choose a high or low speed from the settings depending on whether you want to drill a hole on a material or you want to use the drill as a screwdriver.

Power Rating

The power rating is measured in volts. This rating helps determine the maximum amount of the power that you will apply based on the project you work on. For example, if your project involves working with thick materials or other sorts of dense objects, you should go for a drill with a high power rating such as a 7.0 Ah. The overall power rating of the selected drill will determine how long it can run without getting recharged.

An important aspect you should consider based on the power rating is the capacity of the battery. An 8V hammer drill will have a higher power rating than a 2.0V. Thus, when looking for a drill with higher power rating, you simply need to look for the battery voltage. 

The larger capacity battery offers you more power and this will give your model more amps and will last longer when you use it and thus an essential aspect that you should consider when buying a drill. Most drills, for instance, Dewalt and Milwaukee, offer you a high-output and high capacity batteries that will offer you an endless supply of power to accomplish your ultimate goal.


Torque is the amount of force you apply to turn an object. It is a crucial factor to consider when buying a drill. Torque determines how well you will control your drill bit into any kind of material that you work on.

 The torque determines the thrusting force that the drill applies to the material and will determine how convenient and effective you use the drill. The drills in the market today offer you the ability to change and adjust the amount of torque offered by your drill and this is important especially when you work with distinct types of materials. 

You need to choose the drill with the right torque size that can execute the different projects you will be working on by your model.

Moreover, you should learn about the adjustment of the torque. You should look for a drill with a factory-set clutch that will enable you minimize the sudden bit jams realized when you operate with a high torque.

Weight and Size

Your ability to move the drill and how stressful it will be on your hand when you are using it is determined by the weight and size of the drill. Different organizations produce drills of different weights and sizes and the availability of these varieties in the markets requires an analysis before you decide on what size of the drill you buy. For instance, if you will move your drill on a consistent basis, it is important that you go for a drill with a very light weight and that which does not have a heavy battery since the battery on different drills can add to the overall weight of the drill. 

You should consider the overall weight and size of your drill before making a purchase decision to ensure you have made the right choice based on your anticipated activity.

The chuck sizes for the drills range between 7mm to 14mm. Most of the products we have reviewed have chuck sizes of 10mm that will enable you to handle many jobs. However, the 13mm drills are a better choice if you are working on wider holes since the wider the chuck size, the larger the bits it can accommodate.

Brush-less Motor

We believe that the brushless motor is an essential element of consideration when buying a drill. If you have to choose between a brushed motor model and one with a brushless motor, we recommend that you always go for the brushless. The brushless motors reduce the periodic replacement and always hold up better against dirt and dust. This helps reduce the cost of maintenance for your model. 

Also, brushless models are more efficient due to the reduced friction caused by the brushes caused when they move around a central core that causes wear and tear. The efficiency implies that the model uses less power, hence can last longer with the battery of the same size as those with the brushes. The feature does not affect the prices much and therefore when you are making a purchase decision, then the brushless motor model will give you the effectiveness and the convenience you need when using a tool due to its low weight, efficiency and low-maintenance.

Dust Extractor

The dust extractor enables you to collect the dust formed when using the drill, improving the efficiency and convenience in using the drills. The aspect is vital when you are choosing the model of drill to buy since it will guarantee efficiency, making you drill safely and swiftly.

LED Light

There are other special features that we identified in the different types of drills we have reviewed. For instance, the LED light that enables you to work even in the dark conditions is an added advantage to certain types of drills. LED helps you as a user to see your area of work.

Also, apart from the integrated LED lights, most hammer drills also have flashlights within the kits to help you with the illumination of the surfaces.

 Even though this feature may not be necessary when you are working in an open place, it is of great value when you work indoors and can provide you with the convenience of not having to carry a flashlight. It thus increases your visibility in your working area.

Drill Handle

The hammer drills come with a handle that provide you with more control when using it. The handle is vital especially when drilling holes. Also, the handle helps prevent unnecessary slip and damage that can cause damage to the wall or any other material around the drill area. 

The handle offers a second place to grip and this gives you extra control. Also, a case, even though negligible to some people, it protects your tool when in storage or transit and also offers you an extra place where you store extra parts and bits, and this makes it necessary for this type of tool.


Most people fail to recognize this essential feature when buying the drills. Different manufacturers have different tool warranties and the specifications on the warranties vary depending on the manufacturer and the model of the drill you have bought. For instance, the lithium-ion tool warranty of Hitachi offers protection against the defects in the material and workmanship from the purchase date. 

The warranty is extended to its batteries with a two-year warranty. However, of importance you should ensure that you do not tamper with the tool in terms of repairs. The warranties become void if you alter the tool without taking it back to the place of purchase.

 You can always communicate the warranty issue through email to the manufacturers.

Keyed Chunk

Most drills come with key-less chucks that facilitates easy and rapid change of bits. However, the best cordless hammer drills should have a keyed chuck. The advantage of buying a hammer with the keyed chuck is that it can tighten manually and this means that you can ensure a bit will stay in place even when you are involved in a rigorous bouncing and bumping during operation.

How to Use A Cordless Hammer Drill

The knowledge of the tool you are using or the instruments you have at your disposal is very essential when you are operating most hand tools. Also, it is important to know how to operate them and the specific application you intend to put them to.

Using Cordless Hammer Drill involves eight simple steps


The first process in using a cordless hammer drill is to identify whether you need it to execute the role you have at hand. In some cases, the task may require just a simple tool instead of using a hammer drill. The identification is essential since it helps you save time.


Measurement is the second aspect you need to consider once you have identified you need a hammer drill for your application. You should obtain proper measurements of the hole that you need to make on the surface of the material.

A person assembling best cordless hammer drill for use i a wooden material


The process involves marking out the surface of the measured area and the exact dimensions can be chalked out by the use of a protector or by using a scale with a sketch pen or marker.

Select the bit

The next step is to select the right bit for the job that you intend to execute. In a case you do not have prior knowledge or experience when choosing the bits, you can get help from someone with the experience. Alternatively, we have provided a video to help you through this process. 

Attach the Bit

You should ensure that you tighten the bit to the point that it stays in its place. The practice will help prevent unnecessary loosening of the bits from positions.

Plug it in 

The socket is then plugged in to the nearest socket. However, since most of these cordless hammer drills are battery-powered like cordless chainsaws, you should ensure that the batteries are fully charged. As a safety measure, you should ensure that the drill is far from your body.

Protective Gear 

Before using the hammer drill, you should ensure that you put on a protective gear. Also, ensure that you have covered your eyes, and your skin is not exposed. You should also ensure that you have gloves on.

Begin Drilling 

After taking all the precautions and having the right measurements, you should begin drilling. However, you must ensure that you clean all the initial mess and drill again. The drilling should continue until you have the depth and the results that you desire.

The below video illustrate how to operate a cordless hammer and the various settings involved

Main Brands

We advise that when you want to buy a power tool you need to ensure that you do not totally buy from an unknown brand. We believe that this is a huge risk. It is crucial that you narrow it down to some of the top brands before you go shopping for the drill of your choice. 

Also, choosing the brand requires that you have the features we have discussed in the article in mind. The primary brands that manufacture the hammer drills are Dewalt, Makita, Black and Decker and Porter-Cable. You can find a great quality product when you explore these brands with the features we have identified, and with this, you can find the best drill model within your budget.


If you are looking for an expensive and powerful tool, you need to make the best decision to get value for your money. The selection of the hammer drill is not always easy since there are numerous numbers you need to consider. 
There are plenty of factors that should be of concern when you are making a decision ranging from a depth gauge to the power factor. The drills have become more impressive in the recent markets with robust packed features to a small portable machine.

 However, with our elaborate review in the buying guide, we believe that you will get the best information in our in-depth buying guide. We advise that you take a good look at the article and be sensitive to the best features that fit your area of application to make the wisest choice during your purchase.

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