A picture of PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, a powerful model among the best lightweight cordless models

10 Best Cordless Drill Under $150 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Metalworking, woodworking and other fabrication projects are responsible for most of the structures and objects that surround us. For instance, the buildings, houses and offices in which we live or the shelves we arrange and store items were constructed through assembling either wood and/or metal besides other construction materials.

For this reason, assembling wooden, metallic or plastic materials is a primary requisite. Hobbyists and professionals like joiners or those in metalworking assemble these materials by drilling and/or driving fasteners to hold pieces together. For this reason, you need a drill or driver.

The cordless drill is the most excellent choice for such applications. It is a rotary power tool that is handheld and uses battery power to create holes and drive fasteners in either soft or rigid materials with a bit. Following is a compilation of the best cordless drill under $150tool and its particulars.

A woodworker using Dewalt model, an example of the best cordless drill under $150 to drill through a wood material

Best Cordless Drill Under $150 Reviews

1.BLACK+DECKER (LDX120C) Cordless Drill/Driver

Topping this compendium is the drill from the renowned BLACK+DECKER brand. Its most premier feature is its slip clutch that bears 11 settings granting you unmatched precision and control by allowing you to regulate the torque to match an application.a picture of BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill, one of the most reliable units among the best cordless drill under $150

It is fueled by a single 20V Mac Li-ion battery that graces the tool with superlative runtime. Additionally, its compatibility with batteries of other gardening and power tools of the 20V MAX family is commendatory. Weighing only 3.15 pounds complemented by its compactness makes it appropriate for use in clumsy spaces.

 This ideal tool boasts of having an incredible speed ranging at 650 RPM and a torque of 115 Inch pounds that will help you adeptly drive and drill through any material. With the exquisite variable speed feature, you will swiftly countersink without the worry of ruining the material.


  •         Has a chuck size of 3/8 Inches.
  •         The battery and one LCS20 charger are included in the package.
  •         Comes with a single, double-ended bit.
  •         Fitted with an LED light for illuminating a dark workspace.
  •         Has an ever ready to use merit.
  •         Covered by a warranty of two years.
  •         Excellent battery life of up to one hour.


  •    Has a wide grip making it tricky to work with for people with small hands.
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2.DEWALT (DCK240C2) 20 V MAX Cordless Drill

This singular tool possesses a high-calibre motor that produces immense power of 300 Units Watts Out (UWO) that drives it to execute a wide array of tasks. The grip region is customized with an ergonomic design to ensure tight clasping giving you maximal control over the tool.An image of DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit, one of the most efficient units among the best cordless drill under $150

It runs on two 1.5 Ah 20V MAX Li-ion battery packs that guarantee you of high performance. Fascinatingly, this unit is compatible with all accessories, chargers and batteries of the 20V MAX family. Its lightweight (2.8lbs) ensures less fatigue.

It is inclusive of the variable speed feature that has two settings, 0-450 RPM and 1500 RPM. This makes it agile while executing a wide range of drilling and driving applications. Adding icing on the cake, this deal is inclusive of two products, an impact driver (DCF885) and a DCD77A cordless drill/driver.


  •         Enables single-handed fixing of the bit.
  •         Fitted with a hex chuck measuring ¼” that supports bits of up to 1 Inches.
  •         Bears three LED lights at the front to enable visibility in dark spaces.
  •         The LED lights are customized to delay for about 20 seconds, offering illumination devoid of shadows.
  •         Inclusive of a belt hook to promote portability.
  •         Sturdy grip of bit courtesy of the ½” single sleeve ratcheting chuck.
  •         Comes with a 20V MAX charger and a carrying bag to easily tote the tool around.
  •         Boasts of a warranty of three years.


  •         Costs slightly above $150 billing at $159.
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3.DEWALT (DCD771C2) MAX Cordless Drill/ Driver Kit

This is yet another decent drill from the DEWALT brand. This tool is fitted with a stalwart motor capable of delivering prodigious power of 300 UWO. This steers the tool to accomplish a vast array of applications.A picture of DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, another powerful unit among the best cordless drill under $150

With the variable speed feature that has two settings, 0 to 450 RPM and 1,500 RPM, you can consider both driving and drilling jobs a breeze. The transference between the two varying speeds is impressive and promotes accuracy and control. The chuck adopts the efficient keyless mechanism to fasten and loosen.

The handle has a width of 1.9” making it user friendly as it enables full wrapping around to ameliorate your grip and accord you ultimate control. The chuck measuring ½ inches is of the single sleeve ratcheting type to facilitate sturdy bit holding to avoid instances of the bit falling around.


  •         Fueled by two 20V MAX Li-ion battery cells with a capacity 1.3Ah.
  •         Designed with wondrous compactness for maneuvering through tight spaces.
  •         Lightweight (3.64 pounds) to minimize fatigue to the user.
  •         Boasts of a sensational torque of 530 Inch pounds.
  •         Backed up by a warranty of three years.
  •         Has a steel housing to promote durability.


  •         The inbuilt LED light projects a shadow on the work area.
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4.DEWALT (DCD777C2) 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

This drill towers over the aforementioned tools in aspects of speed and motor. It boasts of reaching an unparalleled maximum speed of 1750 RPM. The motor is designed with the monumental Brushless technology that contributes to extending the motor life and amplifying the unit’s performance.DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill, an example of the best cordless drill under $150

It is fitted with an onboard LED light to illuminate a gloomy work environment for visibility. This light delays for about 20 seconds soon as you release the trigger. The handle has an ergonomic design to promote comfort and firm grip for control and balance.

It delivers reliable power of up to 340 UWO. It sources its power from two 20V MAX Li-ion batteries making it a member of the fantastic 20V system. You will be dazzled by this tool’s massive torque of up to 500-inch pounds.


  •         Has a lightweight of 2.6 pounds to meliorate handling.
  •         Utilizes a wattage of 200 watts.
  •         Inclusive of a charger and two battery packs.
  •         Comes along with a kit bag for easy portability.
  •         Has a keyless chuck.
  •         The ½” chuck is of the single sleeve ratcheting type.
  •         Has two-variable speed settings, 0-500 RPM and 0-1750 RPM with a swift transmission.


  •         Bills slightly above $150 ($158).
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5.PORTER-CABLE (PCCK604L2) 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit

The PORTER-CABLE manufacturer presents you with one colossal offer. This product is inclusive of two tools, ½” drill/driver and a ¼” impact driver. Exhilarating, right? Driving large nuts demanding high torque and other heavy-duty driving tasks will be a breeze with the impact driver.An image of PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill Combo Kit an example of energy efficient best cordless drill under $150

The compactness and lightweight of either of the tools are exceptional. The drill measures 8 ¼” in length and a weight of 3 ½ lbs while the impact driver measures at 6 9/10” and 3 1/3 lbs in weight. Both their handles are ingeniously crafted to enable convenient handling.

The impact driver is an emblem of power. It has a torque of 1450 Inches pounds, a speed range scaling between 0 to 2800 RPM and a BPM ranging between 0 to 3100. You can swiftly and speedily load the chuck to change the bit with one hand. These tools run on 20V MAX Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.3Ah.


  •         Fitted with an LED light to meliorate visibility.
  •         Provides a compartment for storage of bits.
  •         High-yielding drill motor delivering 283 UWO.
  •         The drill has 2 variable speed settings, 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM.
  •         Comes packed in a contractor bag for systematic transferability.
  •         The battery of either tool is interchangeable.
  •         Comes along with Phillips head screwdriving bit.
  •         A PCC699L charger and a bit tip that is double-ended is also included.
  •         Backed up with a warranty for three years.
  •         The drill features a 24-position slip clutch.


  •         There is no charge indicator on both tools.
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6.MAKITA XPH012 Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

The MAKITA drill is one dynamic cordless drill. It is a bastion of power. Fitted with a brilliant 4-pole motor, you will enjoy a sensational torque of up to 480 Inches pounds. This will see you execute tough drilling and driving tasks smoothly.An image of Makita XPH012 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless, an example of the best cordless drill under $150

It boasts of being powered by an 18V (BL1830) LXT Li-ion battery with a capacity of 3.0Ah and a slide-style type. Interestingly, with the battery included, this implement weighs only 4.0 lbs to ensure the user does not suffer from fatigue.

Having a length of 8 1/8” supplemented by superb ergonomics promote effective handling and enable manoeuvring through tight spaces. The variable speed feature with 2-speed settings, 1 to 400 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM is significant in helping you match the speed to the application.


  •         Comes with one (DC18RC) 18V Li-ion quick charger.
  •         Emerges as a pretty versatile tool; can be used as a hammer driver-drill or a drill.
  •         Incorporated Star protection technology that enables the communication between battery and tool.
  •         Compatible with MAKITA 18V LXT and compact batteries imprinted with the star sign.
  •         On a lower setting, it delivers a BPM ranging between 0 to 600 BPM.
  •         On a high setting, it delivers a BPM ranging between 0 to 22,500 BPM, making it apt or drilling through concrete.
  •         Boasts of a supersonic charging period.


  •         Production of this tool has been halted.
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7.CRAFTSMAN (CMCK200C2) 20V Cordless Drill Combo Kit

As the combo name suggests, you are gifted with two units, a drill and an impact driver. The drill is fitted with a potent motor that delivers massive power of 280 UWO suitable for challenging drilling and driving tasks.A picture of CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill Combo Kit, 2 Tool (CMCK200C2), a reliable unit amongst the best cordless drill under $150

The drill measures ½” and has variable speed feature with 2-speed settings, 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM to match speed to the task. The ¼ “ impact driver delivers a spectacular torque of 460 Inches pounds complemented by a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM. It also boasts of an optimum BPM of 3,100 for steering you through onerous tasks.

Both units are fitted with an LED light to illuminate a dark workspace. The handles of both units are customized with an over mould design to ensure tight and comfortable grip for effective tool handling in tight spaces. These magnificent products come along with a contractor bag for the convenience of transportation and storage.


  •         Drill tool has two-speed settings,0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1500 RPM.
  •         Drill also has ½“ ratcheting chuck for sturdy bit gripping.
  •         Impact driver bears a 1/4” chuck for fast release.
  •         The entire package is backed up by a warranty of three years.
  •         Bit switching on the impact driver is achievable using one hand.
  •         Two 20V MAX Li-ion batteries included.
  •         Fast charging 20V MAX Li-ion charger also included (60 or fewer minutes).


  •         Lacks a battery status indicator.
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8.BLACK+DECKER 18V Drill/Driver (GC1801)

The most marked attribute of this BLACK+DECKER tool is its battery type. It is fueled by an exceptional HPB18 18V NiCad battery of the slide style type making it easy to remove and reinstall. One DC plug charger is included for charging purposes.An image of BLACK+DECKER GC1801 18-Volt Drill/Driver, an example of the best cordless drill under $150

The clutch allows up to 24 position settings to help you avoid overdriving nuts and stripping. Granting you more control is the variable speed feature that allows you to match the speed that suits the material being drilled or driven screws.

With only a weight of 1 pound, it will be super convenient for you in handling this tool as the lightweight reduces fatigue for the user while still enabling you to access those hard to reach areas.


  •         Accompanied by accessories like six brad point bits.
  •         The deal includes ten 1-Inch screwdriving bits.
  •         Inclusive of nine 2-Inch driving bits.
  •         Comes along with four nut drivers.
  •         The slot that holds the bit is magnetic.
  •         Tool and other components packaged in a carrying bag for portability.


  •         Not clear on warranty details.
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9.BOSCH Cordless Drill/Driver (PS32-02)

This BOSCH drill is one eminent tool that will definitely help you get more bang for your buck. It utilizes a motor designed with the Brushless technology that helps boost performance and motor life.

The 12V 2.0Ah battery that powers this tool offer considerable runtime that will give the consistency needed in accomplishing demanding tasks. The speed can remarkably scale to 1300 RPM. To stay in the know of the fuel status, you will use the onboard fuel gauge to achieve just that.

It bears a 3/8-Inch universal chuck of the single sleeve type. This chuck has an auto-lock feature for a guaranteed grip of the bit to prevent falling off. To confirm that you have totally locked the bit, you wait to hear a click sound.


  •         Has 2-speed settings, 0 to 400 RPM and 0 to 1300 RPM for precision.
  •         High transference between the two variable speeds.
  •         Clutch bears above twenty position settings for efficacy on a wide task array.
  •         Handle with user-friendly design for a comfortable grip.
  •         The length of the head is minimal (6 ½ “) for accessibility of tight spaces.
  •         Has a reception for a bit holder/belt clip to promote portability and easy bit storage.
  •         Comes with a carrying bag for easy transferability.


  •         Slightly low torque (180 Inch pounds).
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10.DEWALT (DCD710S2) 12V MAX CORDLESS Drill/Driver Kit

This 7 ½ inch long DEWALT drill has incredible compactness as corroborated by its length. It is powered by two 12V MAX Li-ion batteries with a capacity of 1.1 Ah each making them have prolonged runtime. Luckily, they are included in the purchase deal.

It also has a clutch with 15 position settings for accuracy. The variable speed feature wit two-speed settings that employ speedy transmission are essential for maximizing torque and complementing precision. It is fitted with an onboard LED light to increase your visibility in dark work areas.

Having a weight of only 2.4 pounds inclusive of the battery, you will enjoy the handling and lightweight of this tool that promotes its practicability. It also boasts o having an interface of the belt clip for ease of transferability. Sealing this awesome deal is the warranty that covers this tool for three years.


  •         Embraced the money refund policy that runs for 90 days.
  •         Sold together with a carrying case for ease of transporting the unit.
  •         The deal is inclusive of a fast charger and a belt hook.
  •         Has the significant variable speed feature with two-speed settings.
  •         Fitted with a 3/8 inch chuck that supports bits of up to 1 inch.
  •         The integrated LED light eradicates shadows on the workspace.


  •         Slightly low battery power (12V).
  •         Has a relatively low torque (189 UWO).
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Best Cordless Drill under $150 Buyers’ Guide

Driving fasteners like screws and nuts, creating holes on metal, plastic or wood whether for quick retouch projects in your home or for professional wood, metal or machine assembling projects demand the use of a tool that will help you execute such projects with dire exquisiteness for stability and firmness.

A cordless tool is an indefectible tool to add to your tool shed. It is a brilliantly designed power tool that derives power from a battery, uses a motor that delivers power (torque) to propel a bit that achieves drilling and driving through rotary motion.

This buyers’ guide section delves in the particulars of the germane tool and sheds light on the significant details you should be in the know of. The best cordless drill under $150 has vital components that make it such a reliable implement. Below are some of those components;

  1. a) Clutch – this is a collar-like structure that is positioned behind the chuck. It mostly bears clutch settings, and by adjusting it, you regulate the torque that the drill delivers in relation to the material you are working on.

For instance, your drill might drive fasteners or drill extremely deep holes, you employ the clutch to adjust to a lower setting that suits your drilling or driving preference.

  1. b) Chuck – this is the component that holds the bit or where the portion where the bit is fixed. The chuck size varies with different drills. It contains jaws that clasp the bit. Chucks can be keyless or keyed.
  2. c) Bit – this is an accessory that is inserted in the chuck and is referred to as the rotating component. It is the component that spins to bring about drilling or driving.

This component in the broad sense can be categorized into two, screwdriver bits and drill bits. Both categories also come in different types as there is a variance in the type of materials to be drilled, different hole types to be drilled, and different types of screws.

Now that you are acquainted with some of the prime components of this implement, your comprehensiveness on this tool is certainly sublimed. However, that alone cannot serve as a go-ahead signal of purchasing a cordless drill. In order to procure yourself the best cordless drill under $150 for a pocket-friendly price, there are some factors you ought to consider before making the purchase decision.

Clutch and its elements

The clutch can be referred to as the torque regulator. It is a vital factor of consideration because as you drill or drive nuts through different materials, there is a change in density and solidity. The power needed to drill a hole in plastic is not similar to that needed to drill through metal.

Therefore, in order to adjust the power that suits the material you are working on, you need a clutch. This articulately accentuates the importance of the clutch. Check to see if the tool of interest has a clutch.

Others include clutch settings expressed in terms of positions ranging between 15-position to 24-position. This is an added advantage as precision has been improved. By employing the clutch, instances of damaging nuts and stripping are totally eliminated.

Chuck type  

As mentioned earlier, the chuck is a very cardinal component of this unit. It is a component that is responsible for holding the bit/rotating component in an application to prevent it from falling around. What does chuck type mean? It can be elaborated as either keyless or keyed.

Elucidating further, a keyed chuck is the type that requires an extra tool to fasten and loosen when replacing the bit. A keyless chuck is a type that does not require a tool and instead allows easy, toolless and single-handed loading. You ought to consider tools with keyless types of chucks.

Chuck size

The chuck size is another factor that should not escape your attention. Different drills have varying chuck sizes. Top drawer tools have chuck sizes falling between 3/8“, ½” or ¼”. The larger the size, the more the bit variety it can support.

It is, therefore, in essence, to consider the type of applications you intend to use the cordless drill on. This will, in turn, influence the chuck size that you will settle for. For instance, home projects and other light-duty tasks, a chuck size of 3/8 Inches will be quite reliable.


This counts as a prominent factor of consideration. All the featured units rely on battery power to function. Like with the best cordless hammer drill, the battery determines the runtime and performance. It is important to note that battery voltage corresponds to power; the higher the battery voltage, the more the power.

You should highly regard units with battery voltage between 18V and 20V. This assures you of a super reliable runtime and high performance. You may also tout for battery capacity instead and consider batteries within 1.1Ah and 2.0Ah. If you intend to employ your tool of interest in demanding tasks, it is recommended that you purchase a tool with batteries of higher capacity or voltage.

Other elements like inclusiveness in the purchase package together with a charger, whether the charger is fast in charging and ease of removal and reinstallation are some of the other crucial factors that you should highly regard and scrutinize.


As highlighted earlier, the motor propels the bit. For this reason, you should highly regard this component. It is responsible for delivering torque (the rotary power produced by the drill) that makes a unit suitable for either drilling or driving applications.

Torque is expressed in Units Watts Out (UWO). You ought to consider units with torque falling between 280 and 340 UWO for guaranteed excellent performance even through the toughest applications.

However, some units have a lower torque of up to 189 UWO. This does not make them any less excellent as such tools will be ideal for light-duty and other less demanding applications.

The video below helps illustrate how to use the best cordless drill


The cordless drill tool is an epochal implement in the construction and fabrication sector. This article has done the muscle work for you and made a compilation of the best cordless drill under $150 available in the market.

Fascinatingly, we have not just done a normal review but rather raised the stakes and centred it under the $150 parameter that is a pocket-friendly price for many and still guarantees you of landing yourself the best cordless drill at an unimaginable price.

The most exciting detail for me is the fact that some purchase deals gift you with two different tools, mostly an impact driver in addition to a cordless drill/driver, with a price below $150. This is not, however, meant to sideline the other tools as they are equally competent. Hope you find this article useful and grab the best cordless drill that is ideal for you.

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