8 Best Cordless Chainsaws Under $200 Reviews & Buyers’ Guide

A garden or yard typically has mispositioned or fallen limbs, unneeded tree trunks, or untended fence lines or hedges from time to time. All these are not desirable as they tend to deteriorate the elegance of your yard or garden. Is there a tool that would come in handy to help you correct such unpleasant situations?

Yes, there is. Equipping yourself with the best cordless chainsaw under $200 is the way to go. It is a cost-effective unit that is crafted with teeth fitted to a chain that moves in a rotary motion propelled along a guide bar.

Into the bargain is the fact that this chainsaw grace you with cordless convenience without compromising power. So whether you are limbing, pruning, preparing firewood, or a professional doing construction work, arming yourself with the best cordless chainsaw under $200 will be such a huge relief for you. Navigate further for more details on the best units available in the market.    

A man using DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw, one of the best chainsaw under $200 model to cut through a log of wood

Best Cordless Chainsaws under $200 Reviews

1.DEWALT (DCCS620B) 20V MAX XR 12” Chainsaw

This DCCS620B unit paragons the stupendous heights of high-quality that the DEWALT brand achieves when manufacturing tools. Equipped with a brushless motor, this unit’s efficiency, motor life, and runtime are remarkably ameliorated. This, in turn, means that you will get to have elating and satisfactory results.

There’s a knob purposed for adjusting the bar by tightening and also adjusting the chain by tensioning and aids in setting the appropriate force to be applied in clamping. The intriguing bit about this knob is that it needs no tool to aid in the adjustment making it exemplary practical, and easy to use.

Weighing 8.8 pounds, this implement boasts of having a lightweight logical style that is significant in minimizing hand fatigue and facilitating applicability. You have been saved the hassle of sharpening upon delivery for first-time use as this unit is pre-sharpened when delivered.


  • Compact design for comfortability in use.
  • Toolless knob adjustment.
  • Reliable chain speed of 25.2 ft/second.
  • Bears a 12 inch Oregon bar and chain that nethers kickback.
  • Suitable for a variety of outdoor and construction tasks.
  • Features a 0.43 chain gauge.
  • Compatible with batteries in the 20V DEWALT family with capacities of over 5Amps.


  • The package is devoid of battery.
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2.DURO 14” 40V Max Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

The Duro chainsaw is a powerhouse to reckon with. Being a cordless unit, it relies on a super potent 40V Max battery. This battery provides immense power that is comparable to that delivered by a 32cc gas chainsaw. Additionally, this battery has a remarkable capacity of 4Ah and only takes about one hour to recharge fully.

These brilliant features are all fitted in a compact tool with dimensions of 67.5*16*33*cm, making it ideal for applicability. The battery also has more merits as it bears a gauge with four indicators to help you become aware of the battery status.

This unit’s efficacy is elevated such that it delivers above 150 cuts per charge on 4*4 pine lumber. Its charger brags of an incredible lightweight feature making it idyllic for out use since it is easy to tote it around.


  • Safety mechanisms integrated.
  • Dual lock that comes in handy before chainsaw operation.
  • Translucent oil tank with a capacity of 135 ml.
  • A full oil tank guarantees you 20-40 minutes of smooth working.
  • Auto oiling system.
  • There is an integrated trigger release lever to avoid unexpected involvement of the chain.


  • Unit is a bit weighty (5 kgs).
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3.BLACK+DECKER (LCS1240) 40V Max 12” Cordless Chainsaw

Are they fallen limbs, branches that need pruning, or trunks that need pilin is ag giving you a headache? This phenomenal tool from the BLACK+DECKER brand got your back. Fitted with a 12-Inch premium chain and bar, consider most cutting applications undemanding.

This implement has irrefutable performance as corroborated by its ability to deliver above 60 cuts on the standard per single full charge on 4*4 pine lumber. You will find this unit’s handle with an entire wraparound design essential by providing you with a comfortable grip that will contribute to working for prolonged hours and enabling you to cut in different angles.

It is fitted with a potent 40V Max Li-ion battery that brags of an exceptionally prolonged runtime and battery life. You will also find the chain’s toolless adjustment by tensioning quite mindful as it makes the whole process fast and a breeze.


  • Features an automated oiling system.
  • Allows unexacted cutting in several orientations.
  • Tool-free chain adjustment.
  • Compatible with both 40V and 36V line of tools.
  • Has a chain speed of 5 m/s.
  • Battery and charger included.


  • Delivered without oil/lubricant.
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4.RYOBI 10” ONE+ 18V Cordless Chainsaw (P546)

This RYOBI chainsaw is a tool that excels at handiness compared to other tools of its class. Its spectacular lightweight of 7.48 pounds can demonstrate this. This lightweight feature makes it excellent for use for long hours while ensuring minimal exhaustion of the user.

Another outstanding feature is the three-year warranty you get to bag after purchasing this tool from authorized sellers. This way, unforeseen breakdowns and replacements of the tool will not be a bother to you.

It is also fitted with a 10″ bar and chain that is effective in cutting large-sized trunks. Integrated for more effectiveness is an oiler with a push-button that enables lubrication of the bar and chain to avoid damage in use and promote prolonged chain life.


  • Chain adjustment by tensioning achievable using installed side access.
  • Warranty cover of up to three years.
  • Eased chain and bar lubrication through the availed oiler with a push-button.
  • Easy adjustment of the chain via the provided side access.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Compatible with 18V ONE+ batteries of other RYOBI ONE+ implements. 


  • Trigger lacks a lock-on button.
  • The battery and charger are absent in the purchase package.
  • Has a currently unavailable status.
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5.REMINGTON 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

This implement, unlike its previously highlighted and elucidated counterparts, is quite unique. It lacks a cord and does not rely on battery power for fueling it but rather utilizes gas as its chief power source. The integrated two-cycle engine graces this tool with immense power and minimal vibration.

It has also embraced a technology that facilitates a super-fast startup by enabling an easier, smoother, and faster pull to get you working right away. The adjustable chain oiler is automated and provides the correct lubricant amount to the chain, thus facilitating smooth and safe cuts by maintaining the vision of the lubricant level.

This tool’s ergonomics are top of the line, exemplified by the ingeniously crafted handle that augments maneuverability, comfortability, and balance when in use. For more productive handling, it features a 3-point anti-vibration system that helps mitigate the irritation accompanied by vibration,


  • Tool-free passage to the air filter and spark plug.
  • Warranty cover of two years.
  • A scrunch and 2-cycle engine oil are included.
  • It is fitted with a 16 “ premium bar and a lessened-kickback chain.
  •  Sturdy adjustment system mounted on the tool’s side.
  • Auto lubrication system also allows for manual adjustment of oil flow.
  • Long-lasting poly chassis.


  • Slightly heavy (21.5 pounds).
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6.ARKSEN 22-Inch 45cc Gasoline Powered Chainsaw

This unit also belongs to the gas-fueled cordless class of chainsaws. It is crafted with a potent 45cc 2-stoke gas engine that graces it with massive energy making it exquisite for numerous tasks in your yard, farm, or garden. It is also a depiction of resilience as all challenging tasks are executed deftly.

It also brags of an efficient, clean air-intake system courtesy of the engine. This system ensures that dust does not enter the engine. If it does, it allows for easy removal for cleaning purposes. The engine has an Eco-boost feature that amplifies power while saving on the fuel being consumed and reduces emissions.

User’s safety has been embraced by incorporating a low-kickback chain. Your comfort has also been considered and implemented through the anti-vibration feature. Starting up this implement is unforced courtesy of the integrated assisted startup feature.


  • Quick halting control for heightened safety of the user.
  • Automatic oiling mechanism.
  • Appropriate for heavy-duty applications.
  • The oil tank capacity is 250ml.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 550ml.
  • Bears a fast release filter for air.
  • Maximum speed scales to 3400 rpm when idling.
  • It is fitted with a 22″ guide bar making it capable to cut up to 21″ length.


  • Requires assembling
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7.Greenworks 12” 2.0 AH Cordless Chainsaw

This is one high-yielding product that will impress you. Inclusive in the purchase package is a mighty G-MAX 40V Li-ion battery that provides noteworthy power coupled with the absence of memory loss soon after recharging.

It comes with a sturdy 12” chain and bar made of steel for prolonged chain and bar life. Adjustment of the chain by tensioning is tool-free making it quite easy for you to even make the adjustment while working for optimal cutting results. The ergonomic handle has a full wraparound design allowing you to deliver cuts in multiple orientations.

The automatic oiler feature is no exception to this unit. It autonomously delivers lubricant to the chain and bar when required to promote longevity and keep them in good working condition. The oil tank is translucent to help you get a clear vision of the oil level.


  • Chain pitch size is 3/8” to achieve correct requisites for trimming and cutting tasks and at the same time ensuring the least kickback.
  • Lightweight design (6 pounds).
  • Compatible with either the 4.0Ah (29472) or the 2.0Ah (29462) batteries of the G-MAX line.
  • Automatic oiler system.
  • Delivers 75 cuts on 4*4 lumber.
  • Boasts of having an electric start.
  • G-MAX 2.0Ah Li-ion battery and charger included.


  • Has a currently unavailable status.
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8.CRAFTSMAN (CMCCS620M1) V20 Cordless Chainsaw

The Craftsman chainsaw is one well-made unit for a variety of cutting tasks. It is fitted with a 12″ bar and chain making it appropriate for use on logs or trunks of up to 10″ thick. Making this deal even much better is the warranty cover provided that lasts up to three years.

You, therefore, will not need to incur additional charges in purchasing a battery and charger as the two are included. The battery is reliable and has a high capacity of 4.0Ah, gracing you with adequate power to get a certain task done completely. It also brags of having a chain pitch size of 3/8”.

It has adopted a bubble level system that is significant in achieving precision and uniformity. It also is inclusive of the auto oiling feature for proper maintenance of the bar and chain. Adjustment of the chain by tensioning is tool-free and quite practical.


  • Delivers about 60 cuts on 4*4 treated pine per full charge.
  • Member of the versa-track wall organization system.
  • Friendly customer service with a cash return guarantee for 90 days.
  • Battery and charger included.
  • It is equipped with a 20V motor for optimal and satisfactory performance.
  • The battery is compatible with other V20 Craftsman units.
  • Compact design for easy use in tight spaces. 


  • The tool is not delivered with oil.
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Best Cordless Chainsaw Under $200 Buyers’ Guide

Going cordless is one of the most prudent decisions you could make as a professional or a DIY enthusiast. The most common boon is the freedom that comes with using cordless implements and not being limited by a cable, and escaping the nuisance of dangling or trapped cords. 

The best cordless chainsaw under $200 is no exception to this cordless category. It is the most convenient tool for outdoor cutting and trimming projects. It will also come in handy if you have a project that is situated in an area that is not within the proximity of electric power.

Why would you need the best cordless chainsaw under $200? Where would you use it? To help you affirm you are looking for the correct tool, below are some applications where this unit is used.

  • In construction projects for cutting lumber.
  • For trimming branches.
  • For cutting fallen limbs.
  • For cutting tree trunks.
  • For pruning the fence line.
  • In the management of storm destruction.
  • For preparing firewood.

The above-highlighted projects are just but a few of the applications you can employ this unit on. The listing has not exhausted this tool’s uses as it can be used for many diverse tasks within the wood cutting and trimming context. 

Are you in search of a chainsaw that is cordless and still does not sacrifice power at a friendly cost? You need not look any further as this article provides you with exactly what you have been looking for. 

Suppose you zero in on the title of this conspectus. In that case, you will notice that it delves into the best cordless chainsaw units that are under $200. The products are not similar and possess varying features worth noticing. Below are some factors to consider when purchasing this tool to ensure you land yourself the choicest deal.

Cordless type

This is a principal factor of consideration despite going for cordless convenience. Chainsaws can be either gas-powered or battery powered. Both are cordless; the difference kicks in at the source of power fueling a unit. 

Battery-powered chainsaws derive their power from batteries. It is therefore important to consider the battery capacity and voltage. Consider units that feature a voltage ranging between 20V and 40V for optimal performance. Units with a battery capacity of 4Ah or above are highly recommended as this translates to more power. Also, pay attention to whether the battery and charger are included or not.

Gas-powered chainsaws utilize gasoline. Opting to settle for this type of chainsaws means that you will need to incur additional gas fuel costs each time you use the unit. Also, consider the fuel tank’s capacity as it should be sufficient enough to hold a considerable amount of fuel that will enable you to accomplish a demanding project.

Auto oiling system

All chainsaws have components that do the actual cutting, i.e., the guide bar and chain. To maintain both the chain and bar in good working condition, these two components need lubrication. Lubrication also aids in delivering smooth and safe cuts as well as an extended chain life.

For this reason, it is pertinent that you hone in on the system that supports lubrication. Most if not all units have an oil tank that holds the lubricant. If the oil tank is automated, this is an added advantage as the unit will independently oil the bar and chain at its own convenience and when needed.

Bar and chain

These two components are of utmost importance. Like with the best cordless chainsaw models, factors like size, material, and pitch are essential scopes that will give a credible basis of scrutiny. Under the scope of size, the type of projects you intend to employ your tool of interest will be a determining factor. For basic home applications, bar sizes ranging between 10″ to 16″ will be appropriate for you.

For professional and other heavy-duty tasks, bar sizes ranging between 18” to 22” will be suitable. Under material, it is recommendable you settle on good quality and long-lasting chain. Premium, Oregon, or stainless steel bar and chain will satisfy just that.

The chain pitch is used to refer to and describe the chain size. Chainsaws vary and are manufactured with different chain pitches ranging from the smallest ¼” to 404,” which is the largest. However, the most common chain pitch is 3/8″ and is suitable for a vast array of applications.

Chain adjustment

It is expected that when a chainsaw is in operation, the chain stretches and may start to sag on the guide bar. Excessive loosening of the chain when in use may pose a potential hazard to the user in the event that the chain is thrown off by the bar.

To curb this potentiating danger, chainsaws have a mechanism in place to help in the adjustment of the chain by tensioning it. This mechanism is a crucial factor of consideration as it ought to be effective and easy to effectuate. Implements with tool-free with chain adjustment should be highly considered.

A video showing how to safely use a cordless chainsaw


Outdoor cutting activities that were previously considered challenging are no longer a cause for concern. With the best cordless chainsaw under $200, wood harvesting, pruning, or other related activities will be a walk in the park and help achieve uniformity and sleek results in a much shorter time.

However, this germane power tool can pose a safety threat if not correctly used. It is important to highly regard caution measures like putting on eye protection, wearing non-skid safety shoes, not cutting with the blade’s tip to avoid events of kickback, not running while holding the unit, or operating with a single hand, among others.

I am confident that all the featured best cordless chainsaw units under $200 are top-notch products that will indubitably satisfy your needs. All you have to do is settle for one with most if not all features that fulfill your requisites, and we have done the heavy lifting for you. All the best as you make an informed purchase decision.

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