8 Best Cordless Chainsaws Under $200 Reviews & Buyers’ Guide

It’s common to encounter misplaced branches, fallen limbs, or neglected fence lines and hedges, which detract from the overall appeal of the space in gardens or yards. Fortunately, there’s a solution to address these issues.

Consider investing in a top-quality cordless chainsaw priced below $200. These chainsaws offer excellent value, featuring teeth attached to a rotating chain that moves along a guide bar.

What’s more, these chainsaws provide the convenience of cordless operation without sacrificing power. Whether you’re trimming, pruning, cutting firewood, or working on construction projects, having the best cordless chainsaw under $200 can greatly simplify your tasks.

For more information on the leading models available in the market, continue exploring below.

A man using DEWALT 20V MAX XR Chainsaw, one of the best chainsaw under $200 model to cut through a log of wood

Best Cordless Chainsaws under $200 Reviews

1.DEWALT (DCCS620B) 20V MAX XR 12” Chainsaw

The DCCS620B model exemplifies the exceptional quality standards associated with the DEWALT brand’s tool manufacturing prowess. With its brushless motor, this unit delivers significantly enhanced efficiency, motor longevity, and runtime. Consequently, users can expect highly satisfying results.

A knob is provided for adjusting the bar by tightening and tensioning the chain, ensuring the appropriate clamping force without the need for additional tools. What sets this knob apart is its toolless adjustment feature, making it exceptionally convenient and user-friendly.

Weighing in at 8.8 pounds, this tool boasts a lightweight and ergonomic design, minimizing hand fatigue and enhancing usability. Additionally, users are spared the inconvenience of sharpening upon delivery, as this unit comes pre-sharpened for immediate use.


  1. Sleek design for enhanced comfort during use.
  2. Tool-free knob adjustment.
  3. Dependable chain speed of 25.2 feet per second.
  4. Equipped with a 12-inch Oregon bar and chain to prevent kickback.
  5. Suitable for various outdoor and construction applications. •
  6. Features a 0.43 chain gauge.
  7. Compatible with 20V DEWALT batteries with capacities exceeding 5 amps.


  1. Battery not included in the package
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2.DURO 14” 40V Max Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

The Duro chainsaw is a formidable tool in its class. As a cordless device, it relies on a highly potent 40V Max battery, delivering power comparable to a 32cc gas chainsaw. Moreover, boasting a remarkable 4Ah capacity, this battery recharges fully in just one hour..

  • These impressive features are packed into a compact tool measuring 67.51633 cm, ensuring versatility and ease of use. The battery further enhances usability with its four-level gauge, providing clear visibility of the battery status.

    This unit’s performance is exceptional, delivering over 150 cuts per charge on 4*4 pine lumber. Its charger is remarkably lightweight, making it perfect for outdoor use, as it can be easily transported.

    Pros: • Incorporates safety mechanisms. • Features a dual lock for added safety before chainsaw operation. • Includes a translucent oil tank with a 135 ml capacity. • A full oil tank ensures 20-40 minutes of uninterrupted operation. • Comes with an auto oiling system. • Features an integrated trigger release lever to prevent accidental chain engagement.

    Cons: • The unit is somewhat heavy, weighing 5 kgs


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3.BLACK+DECKER (LCS1240) 40V Max 12” Cordless Chainsaw

Are fallen limbs, branches in need of pruning, or trunks requiring cutting giving you a headache? Fear not, as this exceptional tool from the BLACK+DECKER brand has got your back. Equipped with a 12-Inch premium chain and bar, it makes most cutting applications effortless.

This tool delivers undeniable performance, boasting the ability to complete over 60 cuts on standard 4*4 pine lumber on a single full charge. Its handle features a wraparound design, providing a comfortable grip for extended use and enabling cutting at various angles.

Powered by a potent 40V Max Li-ion battery, this chainsaw offers exceptionally long runtime and battery life. Additionally, its toolless chain adjustment system makes tensioning fast and effortless.

Pros: • Includes an automated oiling system. • Allows cutting in various orientations. • Offers tool-free chain adjustment. • Compatible with both 40V and 36V lines of tools. • Boasts a chain speed of 5 m/s. • Includes battery and charger.

Cons: • Delivered without oil/lubricant.

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4.RYOBI 10” ONE+ 18V Cordless Chainsaw (P546)

This RYOBI chainsaw stands out for its exceptional convenience compared to others in its class. Its remarkable lightweight of 7.48 pounds exemplifies this quality, making it perfect for extended use with minimal user fatigue.

An additional standout feature is the three-year warranty provided by authorized sellers upon purchase. This warranty ensures that unforeseen breakdowns and replacements are not a concern for the user.

Equipped with a 10″ bar and chain, this chainsaw is highly effective at cutting large-sized trunks. To enhance its effectiveness, it features an oiler with a push-button for easy lubrication of the bar and chain, preventing damage during use and extending the chain’s lifespan.

Pros: • Chain tension adjustment is easily achievable through the installed side access. • Comes with a warranty cover of up to three years. • Easy chain and bar lubrication with the provided oiler and push-button. • Straightforward chain adjustment via the side access. • Lightweight design for enhanced maneuverability. • Compatible with 18V ONE+ batteries from other RYOBI ONE+ tools.


  • Lacks a lock-on button for the trigger. • Battery and charger not included in the purchase package. • Currently unavailable for purchas
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5.REMINGTON 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

This tool, in contrast to its previously discussed counterparts, possesses a distinct characteristic. It operates without a cord and does not rely on battery power; instead, it utilizes gas as its primary fuel source. Its integrated two-cycle engine provides significant power with minimal vibration.

  • It incorporates technology that enables rapid startup, ensuring an easier, smoother, and faster pull to initiate work promptly. The adjustable chain oiler is automated, delivering the correct amount of lubricant to the chain for smooth and safe cuts while maintaining optimal lubrication levels.

    The tool’s ergonomics are exemplary, featuring a well-designed handle that enhances maneuverability, comfort, and balance during use. Additionally, it includes a 3-point anti-vibration system to reduce the discomfort caused by vibration, enhancing productivity.

    Pros: • Tool-free access to the air filter and spark plug. • Comes with a two-year warranty. • Includes a scabbard and 2-cycle engine oil. • Equipped with a 16″ premium bar and a low-kickback chain. • Durable adjustment system mounted on the tool’s side. • Auto lubrication system with manual oil flow adjustment. • Long-lasting poly chassis.

    Cons: • Relatively heavy (21.5 pounds)

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6.ARKSEN 22-Inch 45cc Gasoline Powered Chainsaw

This unit also falls into the category of gas-powered cordless chainsaws. It features a robust 45cc 2-stroke gas engine, providing ample power for various tasks in your yard, farm, or garden. Its durability ensures that it handles all challenging tasks adeptly.

It boasts an efficient, clean air-intake system engineered into the engine, preventing dust from entering. If any dust does manage to get in, the system allows for easy removal for cleaning purposes. The engine is equipped with an Eco-boost feature, enhancing power output while conserving fuel and reducing emissions.

User safety is prioritized with the inclusion of a low-kickback chain. Comfort is also addressed through the anti-vibration feature. Starting this tool is effortless thanks to the integrated assisted startup feature.

Pros: • Quick halting control enhances user safety. • Automatic oiling mechanism. • Suitable for heavy-duty applications. • 250ml oil tank capacity. • 550ml fuel tank capacity. • Features a fast-release air filter. • Maximum idle speed reaches 3400 rpm. • Comes with a 22″ guide bar capable of cutting up to 21″ lengths.

Cons: • Requires assembly. • Currently unavailable.

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7.Greenworks 12” 2.0 AH Cordless Chainsaw

This remarkable product is sure to leave a lasting impression. Included in the package is a powerful G-MAX 40V Li-ion battery, offering impressive power without the risk of memory loss after recharging.

Equipped with a robust 12” chain and steel bar, this chainsaw ensures longevity for both components. Chain tension adjustment is tool-free, allowing for easy adjustments even during operation, resulting in optimal cutting performance. The ergonomic handle features a full wraparound design, enabling cuts in various orientations.

The automatic oiler function is a standout feature of this unit, providing lubrication to the chain and bar as needed to maintain their longevity and optimal performance. The translucent oil tank allows for easy monitoring of the oil level.

Pros: • Chain pitch size of 3/8” for trimming and cutting tasks while minimizing kickback. • Lightweight design at 6 pounds. • Compatible with 4.0Ah (29472) or 2.0Ah (29462) batteries from the G-MAX line. • Automatic oiler system. • Provides 75 cuts on 4*4 lumber. • Features electric start. • Includes G-MAX 2.0Ah Li-ion battery and charger.

Cons: • Currently unavailable

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8.CRAFTSMAN (CMCCS620M1) V20 Cordless Chainsaw

The Craftsman chainsaw stands out as a versatile tool for various cutting tasks, boasting a 12″ bar and chain suitable for logs or trunks up to 10″ thick. Adding to its appeal is the generous three-year warranty provided for added peace of mind..

Included in the package are both the battery and charger, sparing you the need for additional purchases. The reliable 4.0Ah battery offers ample power to tackle tasks efficiently, complemented by a chain pitch size of 3/8″.

Featuring a bubble level system, this chainsaw ensures precision and uniformity in cutting. The auto oiling feature maintains the bar and chain, while tool-free chain tension adjustment enhances practicality.

Pros: • Provides approximately 60 cuts on 4*4 treated pine per full charge. • Part of the versa-track wall organization system. • Friendly customer service with a 90-day cash return guarantee. • Battery and charger included. • Equipped with a 20V motor for optimal performance. • Compatible battery with other V20 Craftsman units. • Compact design for maneuverability in tight spaces.

Cons: • Tool does not come with oil.

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Best Cordless Chainsaw Under $200 Buyers’ Guide

Opting for cordless tools offers a level of convenience that’s hard to match. The absence of cords not only provides freedom of movement but also eliminates the hassle of dealing with tangled wires. The best cordless chainsaw under $200 exemplifies this convenience, making it ideal for outdoor cutting and trimming tasks, especially in areas without access to electric power.

Why would you need the best cordless chainsaw under $200? Where would you use it? Here are some common applications:

  • Construction projects involving cutting lumber
  • Trimming branches
  • Removing fallen limbs
  • Cutting tree trunks
  • Pruning fence lines
  • Dealing with storm damage
  • Preparing firewood

These are just a few examples of the versatile applications of this tool. Its utility extends to various wood cutting and trimming tasks.

If you’re in search of an affordable cordless chainsaw without compromising on power, look no further. This article presents a range of options under $200, each with unique features worth considering.

Factors to consider when purchasing a cordless chainsaw:

Cordless type: Consider whether you prefer a battery-powered or gas-powered chainsaw. Battery-powered units offer convenience, but pay attention to battery capacity (ideally 20V to 40V) and whether the battery and charger are included. Gas-powered chainsaws offer power but require additional fuel costs.

Auto oiling system: Look for chainsaws with an automated oiling system to ensure proper lubrication of the chain and bar. This feature helps maintain cutting efficiency and extends the lifespan of these components.

Bar and chain: Consider the size, material, and pitch of the bar and chain. Bar sizes ranging from 10″ to 16″ are suitable for home applications, while larger sizes (18″ to 22″) are better for heavy-duty tasks. Opt for high-quality materials like premium or stainless steel, and choose a common chain pitch like 3/8″.

Chain adjustment: Ensure the chainsaw has an effective and easy-to-use chain tensioning mechanism. Tool-free chain adjustment is preferable for quick and hassle-free adjustments during operation.

A video showing how to safely use a cordless chainsaw


Outdoor cutting tasks that once seemed daunting are now easily manageable with the best cordless chainsaw under $200. Whether it’s wood harvesting, pruning, or similar activities, this tool ensures efficient and precise results in less time.

However, it’s crucial to prioritize safety when using this powerful tool. Proper precautions such as wearing eye protection, non-skid safety shoes, and avoiding cutting with the blade’s tip to prevent kickback are essential. Additionally, refrain from running while operating the chainsaw or using it with only one hand.

I’m confident that all the featured cordless chainsaw units under $200 are of high quality and will meet your needs. Simply choose one that aligns with your requirements, as we’ve already done the research for you. Best of luck with your informed purchase decision!

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