11 Best Cordless Angle Grinder Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Dealing with metal or metallic materials can be quite demanding. While physical strength is crucial, it’s not always the sole determinant of success in such tasks. The idea of manually cutting metal or relying on a conventional saw might seem far-fetched, wouldn’t you agree?

But imagine if there were a solution to make metalwork less burdensome. Best Cordless angle grinders models provide a way to tackle the challenging aspects of working with metal.

A cordless angle grinder is a handheld, battery-powered tool used for cutting, grinding, and refining metallic materials. In the forthcoming review, we’ll delve into the top-rated cordless angle grinders and offer a buyer’s guide to assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

The best cordless angle grinder in use to cut through a metallic object

Best Cordless Angle Grinder Reviews

1.BOSCH GWS 18V-45 18V 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder

The exemplary, BOSCH angle grinder boasts a high-performance motor that demonstrates its exceptional capabilities. This motor utilizes a four-brush design, enabling the unit to reach an impressive Rotations Per Minute (RPM) of 10,000 under no load conditions. Such a remarkable disc speed ensures effortless cutting through dense metal.An image of the BOSCH GWS 18V-45 18V 4-1/2-Inch Angle Grinder, one of the best cordless angle grinders available in the market

The ergonomics of this tool are commendable, thanks to the side handle designed for vibration control, featuring dual positioning. This handle enhances maneuverability and reduces fatigue during task execution while maintaining control over the tool’s steering for added security.

The durability of this unit is greatly assured by the intelligently integrated Electronic Motor Shielding System and BOSCH’s Electronic Cell Protection technology, making the tool twice as long-lasting. Weighing just 5 pounds, its portability is beyond doubt.


  • Features a high-performance four-brush motor for lasting motor durability.
  • Capable of reaching a speed range of 10,000 RPM.
  • Equipped with a side handle for vibration control.
  • The handle can be adjusted for movement to either the left or right side.
  • Lightweight design of 5 pounds enhances portability.
  • Powered by a robust Li-ion 18V battery.
  • Utilizes CoolPack technology to keep batteries cool.
  • Incorporates a quick tool-less switching mechanism.
  • Includes a resilient wheel guard to prevent bursting.
  • Designed with a restart protection shield to prevent unexpected and hazardous startup.
  • Provides precise and smooth cutting and grinding results.


    • Battery and charger not included in the purchase package.
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2.RYOBI P421 4 ½ inch Angle Grinder

The RYOBI brand also stands out as a strong contender, particularly noted for its versatile handling capabilities. Its side handle can be adjusted not just in two, but three distinct positions. Additionally, it features a 90-degree rotary grip reinforced by a trigger, ensuring exceptional handling.A picture of the RYOBI P421 4 ½ inch Angle Grinder; also a top model among the best cordless angle grinder that you can add to your tool collection

  • Complementing its handling features is a rubberized grip conveniently positioned near the trigger, providing excellent control even when hands are oily. A notable inclusion in the purchase package is the type 27 wheel for grinding, facilitating the commencement of your home projects.

    This unit is notably compatible with One+ Li-ion batteries and NiCad batteries from the RYOBI brand, promoting a cost-effective approach. The integrated pin wrench and spanner attachment enable effortless disc replacement in case of wear or when switching to a different disc type.


    • Onboard side handle adjustable in three positions.
    • Features a 90-degree rotary grip.
    • Includes a rubberized indented grip.
    • Comes with a type 27 grinding wheel in the purchase package.
    • Compatible with select RYOBI brand batteries.
    • Equipped with an integrated pin wrench and spanner for easy disc changes.
    • Ready for use straight out of the delivery box.


    • Sold separately from the battery and charger.


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3.HITACHI G18DSLP4 4-1/2 Angle Grinder

It’s worth noting that the HITACHI brand has transitioned to METABO HPT while maintaining its exceptional power tools, including the angle grinder. The capabilities of this unit are truly remarkable, capable of abrading concrete, grooved stone, and other tough materials with ease.An image of HITACHI G18DSLP4 4-1/2 Angle Grinder. The unit is among the best cordless angle grinder that can be a useful addition in your workshop

  • One of the fascinating features of this tool is its compatibility with all 18V slide-type Li-ion batteries from the HITACHI brand. Imagine the convenience of having an additional set of fully charged batteries on standby in case the ones in use run out. Furthermore, upon purchase, you’re provided with a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term peace of mind.

    The handle of the grinder is intelligently covered with elastomer for enhanced comfort and grip during operation. Powered by a robust motor, this appliance is well-suited for demanding projects. Additionally, it incorporates an innovative shutdown mechanism, the Overcurrent Shielding Circuit, to protect the motor from overloading conditions.


    • Capable of executing remarkable projects.
    • Compatible with all 18V slide-type Li-ion batteries from the HITACHI brand.
    • Includes a lifetime warranty.
    • Features an elastomer-covered handle for improved comfort.
    • Powered by a robust motor.
    • Incorporates an outstanding Overcurrent Shielding Circuit.
    • Equipped with a preventive null voltage safety reset system.


    • Currently not available in the market.
    • Does not include a battery in the purchase package
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4.RYOBI P423 Grinder and Metal Cutter

If you’re seeking a tool with an exceptional disc changing and setting mechanism, the RYOBI P423 is the perfect choice. Engineered with an onboard spanner that securely latches onto the unit during storage, the likelihood of misplacing it is virtually eliminated.An image of RYOBI P423 Grinder and Metal Cutter, an example of the best cordless angle grinder

  • The onboard placement of the spanner ensures easy access during disc replacements. Additionally, a dial allows for effortless adjustment of the cutting angle or depth in relation to the material. The rubberized clenching handle enhances maneuverability, even with slippery hands.

    Navigating tight working spaces is made easy with the side handle, which can be adjusted to three different positions. This tool is compatible with 18V battery models such as P100, P103, P102, P107, P108, and P105 from the RYOBI line.


    • Features an onboard latched spanner for convenience.
    • Includes an integrated dial for easy modification of cuts.
    • Rubberized clenching handle for comfortable handling.
    • Side handle can be adjusted to three positions.
    • Compatible with select batteries from the RYOBI line.
    • Equipped with a powerful motor boasting an extensive 10,400 RPM.


    • Battery not included in the purchase package


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5.MILWAUKEE Electric Tool GIDDS2-2473523 M18 18V GRINDER

The MILWAUKEE Grinder is equipped with an outstanding Powerstate Brushless Motor, ensuring optimal performance even when working with the densest metallic materials. You can tackle heavy-duty tasks with ease, thanks to its powerful motor.A picture of MILWAUKEE Electric Tool GIDDS2-2473523 M18 18V GRINDER, another vital model of best cordless angle grinder

  • Handling this unit is effortless, as it features a slim body design that enhances grip by allowing you to firmly grasp the tool around its entire circumference. Switching accessories such as the guard is made simple and efficient through a tool-less system, enabling fast and effective changes.

    Motor longevity is prioritized, and to enhance motor lifespan, an overload protection system has been implemented to ensure durability. Additionally, a reliable battery pack is included in the purchase package for added convenience.


    • Features an exceptional Powerstate Brushless motor.
    • Slim body design enhances handling.
    • Tool-less accessory switch system for efficient changes.
    • Includes an overload protection system for motor longevity.
    • Battery is included in the purchase package.


    • Does not include a grinding wheel.
    • Relatively heavier, weighing about 14.87 pounds
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6.SKIL 20V 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder

The SKIL cordless grinder embodies power with its impressive features. It comes equipped with a robust 2.0AH PWRCore 20 lithium battery pack and a 20V charger, both included in the purchase package, eliminating the need for additional expenses. In addition to its regular uses, this unit excels at sharpening objects.An image of SKIL 20V 4-1/2 Inch Angle Grinder, an essential unit among the best cordless angle grinder

  • The power system incorporates an innovative temperature regulation framework, crucial for maintaining the battery’s coolness during operation. This not only enhances battery life but also extends runtime. Moreover, the tool boasts a rapid battery recharge capability, ensuring time efficiency.

    The side handle is ingeniously designed to be adjustable in three different positions, allowing you to approach tasks from the most suitable angle. It features a lock-on button with dual functions: a lock-on function for consistent tool usage and prevention of unexpected start-ups.


    • Includes a robust battery pack and charger.
    • Capable of sharpening and sanding objects, among other tasks.
    • Utilizes a creative temperature regulation framework.
    • Impressive battery life and runtime.
    • Fast battery recharge capability (only takes 5 minutes).
    • Adjustable side handle in three positions.
    • Equipped with a lock-on button with dual functions.
    • Tool-less accessory replacement.
    • Engineered with a powerful motor capable of spinning up to 8500rpm.
    • Features a soft start property for safety and includes a storage haft.
    • Covered by a 5-year warranty.


    • The battery pack may be slightly expensive


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7.MILWAUKEE 2780-21 M18 FUEL

The MILWAUKEE 2780-21 grinder model boasts remarkable upgrades, setting it apart in the market. One notable enhancement is its unparalleled power, delivering performance equivalent to that of a corded grinder. With such formidable power, you can confidently tackle any task that comes your way.An image of MILWAUKEE 2780-21 M18 FUEL, one of the best cordless angle grinder

  • Another notable upgrade is the incorporation of metallic housing and gear components, inspired by top-tier corded grinders and implemented to enhance durability. The utilization of REDLITHIUM technology on the XC 5.0 battery significantly extends runtime and battery life.

    The inclusion of REDLINK PLUS Intelligence imbues the tool with unmatched features such as overload protection, exceptional performance, and electronic clutching. Its slim body design ensures a comfortable fit in your hand, while the intuitive tool-less accessory replacement and guard adjustment system simplifies operation.


    • Offers immense power comparable to corded grinders.
    • Features durable metallic housing.
    • Equipped with a powerful XC 5.0 battery, providing four times more runtime.
    • Incorporates REDLINK PLUS Intelligence for significant benefits.
    • Designed with a slim body for optimal handling.
    • Utilizes a tool-less accessory replacement and guard adjustment system.
    • Includes a Powerstate Brushless motor.
    • Comes delivered in a portable case.


    • Grinding wheel must be purchased separately.


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8.MAKITA XAG04T Cut-Off/Angle Grinder 

The MAKITA cordless grinder has made a significant impact in the market sector with its innovative variable speed switching technology, setting it apart from the competition. This feature operates automatically, independently adjusting torque and speed to match the application being executed..A picture of MAKITA XAG04T Cut-Off/Angle Grinder, an example of the best cordless angle grinder

  • In the event of immediate wheel halting, this tool incorporates Active Feedback-sensing Technology (AFT) to promptly shut down the motor. The motor itself is commendably built, featuring BL Brushless technology that effectively eliminates carbon brushes, providing a cooling effect and extending motor life.

    The motor is electronically monitored to optimize battery power usage, extending runtime by approximately 50% on a single charge. It intelligently utilizes energy proportionally to the application, adjusting energy usage as applications change.


    • Features innovative variable speed switching technology.
    • Incorporates Active Feedback-sensing Technology (AFT) for motor shutdown in case of wheel stoppage.
    • Powerful motor with BL Brushless technology.
    • Efficient motor design eliminates carbon brushes for a cooling effect.
    • Compatible with other slide-style 18V Li-ion batteries from the MAKITA line.
    • Includes a soft start-up feature for safety.
    • Equipped with a rubberized handle for improved tool handling.


    • The product may be slightly expensive
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9.METABO 18V 4-1/2inch Angle Grinder

The METABO cordless angle grinder is synonymous with the renowned engineering prowess of German automotive manufacturing. This unit, proudly crafted in Germany, carries with it a prestigious pedigree. Its engineering encompasses a range of automated, manual, and hybrid programs, ensuring versatility and adaptability to various tasks.An image of METABO 18V 4-1/2inch Angle Grinder, an example of the best cordless angle grinder

  • A notable feature is its built-in circuit designed to shield the unit against crashes, enhancing durability and reliability. Additionally, it is equipped with an air filter and air cooler system, aimed at providing a cooling effect on the batteries, thereby extending battery life.


    • Constructed in Germany, symbolizing quality craftsmanship.
    • Offers a range of automated, manual, and hybrid programs for versatile usage.
    • Incorporates a crash protection circuit for enhanced durability.
    • Features an air filter and air cooler system for battery cooling and extended battery life.
    • Provides exceptional runtime and robustness for heavy-duty operations.


    • Slightly heavier, weighing about 12.8 pounds.
    • Not abundantly available in the market


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10.MAKITA XAG12PT1 Angle Grinder Kit

The MAKITA XAG12PT1 is a remarkable tool that harnesses the power of double 18V LXT Li-ion batteries, delivering exceptional power output. With two batteries at its disposal, this tool effortlessly handles even the toughest sanding or grinding tasks with ease.
An image of the MAKITA XAG12PT1 Angle Grinder Kit, one of the best cordless angle grinder you can have in your tool collection

  • One standout feature is its specialized braking system, capable of bringing the wheel to a halt in a matter of seconds (4.5 seconds or less), providing users with ultimate control over the tool. The inclusion of variable speed switch dial technology allows for precise speed adjustment according to the task at hand.

    Another unique feature is the electric torque monitor, which automatically shuts down the motor if the wheel stops, enhancing safety and preventing potential accidents. The motor itself utilizes the BL Brushless mechanism, effectively removing carbon brushes to provide a cooling effect and extend motor life.


    • Utilizes double 18V LXT Li-ion batteries for immense power.
    • Equipped with a specialized braking system for quick wheel halt.
    • Features variable speed switch dial technology for precise speed adjustment.
    • Includes an electric torque monitor for added safety.
    • Motor incorporates BL Brushless mechanism for extended motor life.
    • Boasts a disc rotary speed of up to 7,800 RPM.
    • Comes with a warranty covering the tool, charger, and battery for up to 3 years.


    • The back paddle trigger lock-on button is absent.


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11.BOSCH GWS18V-45PSCB14 Angle Grinder kit

The BOSCH cordless tool sets a new standard by integrating Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to enjoy the convenience of the BOSCH Toolbox app on their smartphones at no additional cost. Through Bluetooth connection with the BOSCH GCY30-4 module, users can easily customize settings and provide feedback.an image of BOSCH GWS18V-45PSCB14 Angle Grinder kit, one of the best cordless angle grinder unit

  • Equipped with an EC Brushless motor, this tool delivers exceptional runtime and power, drawing power from a robust Next-gen CORE18V battery pack—an upgrade from the previous generation 6.0 Ah battery, which offered 80% less power. Despite its impressive capabilities, it remains highly portable, weighing just 4.4 pounds.

    The tool features an integrated user interface with a speed regulator for adjusting speed according to the application, as well as a battery status indicator and tool response indicator. Advanced features such as drop control and a soft start system are also included.


    • Bluetooth connectivity for easy customization via the BOSCH Toolbox app.
    • EC Brushless motor ensures excellent runtime.
    • Powered by a solid Next-gen CORE18V battery pack.
    • Highly portable, weighing only 4.4 pounds.
    • Includes a speed regulator and battery status indicator.
    • Features a drop control interface for added safety.
    • Incorporates advanced electronics like kickback control and a soft start system.


    • Warranty coverage of three years only applies to the tool itself.
    • The paddle lock-on button is absent
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Best Cordless Angle Grinder Buyer’s Guide

Angle grinders, also known as disc grinders or side grinders, stand out as unique instruments among handheld power tools. Their remarkable ability to work with metal makes them indispensable for DIYers, plumbers, artisans, electricians, and other related experts.

These tools excel in fabricating tasks related to metallic materials, including grinding, sanding, polishing, and cutting metal. However, they come with potential safety hazards during operation, such as disc bursting, kickback from binding on an object, accidental start-ups, and guard failure.

While these risks are relatively rare, it’s essential to be aware of them. Familiarizing yourself with these risks underscores the importance of considering certain factors when selecting a tool to ensure it is suitable for safe usage. Some of these factors include:

  1. Accessory Changing Methodology: Cordless angle grinders rely on various accessories for effective performance, including guards, grinding wheels, and cut-off wheels. These accessories often need to be switched depending on the task at hand. Guards play a crucial role in deflecting debris and sparks, as well as protecting against potential injuries. When selecting a grinder, consider the accessory changing methodology. Many top products feature a tool-free method, which is highly convenient. Others may include onboard spanners for quick and effective accessory changes. Both methods are worth considering for ease of use.
  2. User-friendliness:Opt for a tool that prioritizes user safety and comfort. Look for features such as drop control, which immediately shuts down the tool if it falls, and kickback control, which reduces the risk of the tool jamming unexpectedly. A soft start property ensures a smooth start-up process, allowing for preparation time. Rubberized grips and slim bodies contribute to user-friendliness by enhancing handling and maneuverability.

The video below gives some measures and ways to operate a cordless angle grinder


Cordless angle grinders have become indispensable tools in the field of metal fabrication, offering versatility in tasks such as polishing, cutting, sanding, and grinding metallic objects. Some units even excel in applications involving materials like concrete and grooved stone.

One notable feature of these tools is the inclusion of a side handle in their design. While some brands offer side handles adjustable in two positions, others provide handles adjustable in three positions, enhancing maneuverability. The purpose of the side handle is to provide users with greater control over the tool.

These versatile tools can be effectively used for various home improvement tasks, including removing loose paint or grout, cutting tiles, and eliminating rust, among others. I trust that reading through this article will assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

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